12 Mayıs 2021

Soulmate Siblings Ch. 02

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Big Tits

Hi, everyone. Welcome back to Soulmate Siblings. Sorry it has taken so long, but I was considering where to take this story, and I have plans to write not one, but three sequals to this story. This story will concern Jack and Jasmine attempting to seduce their sister, Jade. Three will follow soon after and will be released in two parts, and when you finish this story, you will probably understand why. The fourth and final story will bring Jack and Jasmine’s story full circle. So, be patient, and enjoy Soulmate Siblings Ch. 2!


“Well, it has been a while, but my sister Jasmine and I are finally back with a new story to share with our loving fans.”

“Took you long enough, you lazy ass.”

“Jasmine, it isn’t my fault that you can’t get your body off my cock long enough so I can do any recordings.”

“You know, you could just say no.”

“Yeah, but let’s face it, Jasmine. You are too nice a fuck to say no to.”

“LOL. Hey, Jade, you aren’t so bad yourself. You are the only girl who has ever got me wet. I mean, you eat pussy like a pro.”

“And can you believe it? Jade was the shy, quiet bookworm in the family before we got to her.”

“Hey, Jack, not that your little commentary is fascinating and all, but shouldn’t we introduce me to the reader so it wouldn’t be confusing for them?”

“Yeah, okay. Here you go, Jade.”


(Jade walks up to the mic. A loud slapping sound is heard. Jade gasps in mock shock, watching her brother patting himself on the back for slapping her ass.)

“Slapping my ass? Jack, isn’t that really juvenile?”

“You know, for Jack, that is actually more mature that his usual. Could be worse, Jade. He could stick his face between your breasts and pretend he is a motorboat again.”

“You know you love when I do that, Jasmine.”

“Again, pleading the fifth.”

“Hey guys, whenever you are finished…..”

(chuckles) “Sure. Go ahead, sis.”

“Thanks. Hi, everybody. My name is Jade. Jade Elizabeth Collins. It seems like my siblings-a term I am using very loosely right now-left me out of the story last time. So, now, I got to undo the mess they made by bringing you up to speed on who I am.

Now, before you ask, yes, we are all fraternal twins. I was born last. So, it’s Jasmine at the front, me at the rear, and Jack is sandwiched right in the middle.”

“Why haven’t we tried that yet? I would love to be between you guys, like a human sandwich.”

“Jack, shut up. Is that all you think about is sex?”

“And you have sex with me how many hours ago, Jade?”

(sighs) “Point made.”

“Thank you.”

“Anyway, I was every bit as intelligent as my siblings were in high school. I had a 4.0 GPA, as well. But where my siblings were involved in the social circle, I was, as my brother said, the quiet bookworm who kept to herself and only had a few close friends. People seemed to like me okay, but I am obsessed with schoolwork and didn’t care much about social activities. Just not my thing.

My measurements are the same as my sister’s: 34-24-34. You wouldn’t know that though if you went to our high school, as I like to wear clothes that don’t flatter my body much. I dress for comfort’s sake, not fashion’s sake.”

“Yeah, but with that body, sis, that is a thing of the past. Seriously, think of all the guys we could have fucked in high school. You are as hot as me, sis.”

“Thanks, Jasmine. There are two things about me that make me stand out from Jasmine, however. One is my hair color. I was a brown-haired brunette, like my brother, but I dyed it red, to try a new look. I liked the look, so I kept it.”

“Yeah, trust us, she is a natural brunette. We checked.”

“Jack, that’s private, you perv.”

“Sorry, Jasmine, I had to.”

“You are such a dick, sometimes.”

“Yeah, but you love me, anyway.”

“Not entirely by choice.”

“Anyway, as I was saying, there are two things that distinguish me from Jasmine. The other thing that makes me stand apart from Jasmine are my eyes. I have jade green eyes, which I inherited from my mother. My brother and sister both inherited their eye color from my dad. If a member of the opposite sex did notice anything about me, it was my eyes. That is, also, why my name is Jade, of course.

There. I think we are up to speed. What do you guys think?”

(Jack starts snoring sarcastically. Jasmine smacks him upside the head.)

“Wake up. She’s done.”

“I’m just kidding. You did fine, sis. Well, let’s begin telling the story, shall we?”


“June 3, 2012. 1:30 PM. The setting is my bedroom. I am currently involved in a intense situation. I would normally ask my brother for help, but, in this case, he is the one who is putting in this situation.”

‘Fuck me, little brother. FUCK ME HARD!’

‘Stop calling me little brother. I am only two minutes younger than you!’

‘Shut izmir escort bayan up and fuck me, Jack!’

‘Yes, ma’am.’

“Boy, he can be annoying at times, but he is a good fuck, so I keep him around.”

“I have to admit, I love fucking Jasmine. Today, her long legs were wrapped around my waist, her arms wrapped around my torso, her fingernails digging into my back. She was bitting at my earlobe as I hammered her pussy harder and harder with every thrust.

The sweat droplets begin pouring down her face and down that so sexy neck of hers. I begin sucking there, simply enjoying the screams she was making.”

‘Oh, Jack. No one fucks me like you.’

“I just continue my assault on her sexy little body, not giving her the satisfacftion of her knowing that I am flattered by her commment. She expect nothing less.”

“Yeah. Jack can be a little bit of a ass when I can him compliments. But, truth be told, I like it when I am the bitch, instead of the other way around. If he gets too big of a head, his sexual performance suffers, and I want him at his best. Sure it is a bit manipulative, but then again, I don’t have to fuck him, you know.

I tightened my pussy harder around his cock, causing him to gasp out loud.”

‘Fuck. I fucking love you tight pussy.’

“I swear, I had never felt bigger or harder in my life, and her pussy had never felt warmer, tighter, or wetter than right now. I wouldn’t last much longer.”

‘Jasmine, I’ m gonna…..

‘Me too. Cum with me, Jack. Shoot your load in my womb.’

“The moment of truth. Will it be as strong as before, or will he disappoint?

I need not worry.”


“Her pussy tightens like never before, milking my cock for all its worth. Her fingernails are digging in my back so hard, it fucking hurts, and yet, it is strangely satisfying.”

“He soon after hit his sexual peak. I shouted at the top of my lungs as he shot his seed all over my vaginal walls, not giving two shits if the neighbors who have lived next to us our entire lives can hear me fucking my hot stud of a brother.”


“I cut her off with a kiss, and it is as electric as always. We kiss the other with so much passion, I am surprised our hair doesn’t shoot straight up.”

“I simply can’t have enough of his lips whwen he kisses me. It makes me so hot, I want to cum again and twice as hard. The only reason I don’t is because whenever he makes me cum, it takes so much out of me.”

“Yeah, I have that effect on women.”

“Is he always such a pompous ass, Jasmine?”

“You mean there was a time when he wasn’t, Jade?”

“Okay. Enough trash talk. Let’s get to the part to when Jade comes in.”

“So, there we were, I was kissing his sexy, oh-so-kissable lips when we heard a faint, but significant, gasp.”

“And this is where I come in. I had been home for about eight minutes. I had heard them from outside the house, but I still couldn’t believe it when I saw it. There were two of the closest people in my life, fucking each other’s brains out! Jasmine was lying on her back, screaming in pleasure, as my brother slid his huge cock in and out of her gorgeous body. It would had been arousing, if it hadn’t been my siblings.”

“Not like it stopped you.”

“Jasmine, no interruptions. Anyway, you ever have a moment where you know exactly what to say, but the words don’t come out. Yeah, that is exactly how I felt at that moment.”

‘Jade, how long have you been home?’

“Jack slid out of our sister’s body and stood up, naked as the day he was born. Modesty be damned, as covering up certainly wasn’t a issue.

But just like the situation where you know what you want to say, but the words won’t come out, well, the opposite is also true. Case in point: the following.”


“Well, maybe that was over-doing it a bit, but I was pissed, and understandably so. At the time, I couldn’t think straight, mostly due to facts that Jasmine would bring to my attention in a few minutes, but at the time, all I could see was red.”

‘Jade, I’m sorry, but Jack and I…..

‘Are fucking perverts who need to get their asses chewed out by mom and dad.”

‘Jade,wait. If you let Jasmine and I explain…’


“Jade walked into the bathroom, slammed the door behind her, and locked the door so we couldn’t escort izmir get in. We heard the shower being turned on, Jade obiviously ashamed by what she saw. Thankfully, for us, Jasmine had quite the experience when it came to picking locks.”


“I had never felt so betrayed in my life. Here were the two people I trusted most in this life, and they had been fucking each other’s brains out for several days now, probably. I just sat there in the shower, the tears in my eyes falling to the shower floor, becoming as meaningless as the water droplets descending from the shower head. In retrospect, I should had paid more attention to the shower curtain sliding next to me.

The next thing I knew, I feel something wet sliding up and down my pussy lips. I gasped, spread my legs, and saw my gorgeous big sister’s tongue running over my pussy lips. Wanting to shout at her to quit it, I had to admit, it was very arousing, and I found myself giving myself to it, my eyes rolling back in my head, and a few moans esacaped my mouth.”

‘He he, little sister is getting wet from big sister’

“I shoved to the other side of the tub with my foot, and held it there.”

‘Get the hell away from me.’

‘Oh, lighten up, Jade. You looked like you were enjoying it.’

“I scoffed at her, not wanting to give her satisfaction.”

‘Fuck you.’

‘Why won’t you just admit it? This isn’t what we were doing in there. This is about the guilt you feel.’

‘What guilt?’

‘You enjoyed it, didn’t you?’

“In retrospect, she was right, but damn, I wanted to slap her right then.”

‘I am not some sick bitch who gets off to her siblings fucking, thank you very much.’

‘I know for a fact you enjoyed it, and you know how?’

‘Pray tell, you manipulative bitch.’

‘Because you were already wet before I started licking you’

“Busted. And from then on, Jasmine had me, and the tears fell even harder.'”

‘Okay, Jasmine! You want the truth? Yeah, it was hot. That was the fucking hottest thing I have ever seen. But you know what pissed me off about it? The fact that apparently you are so hot, even our brother want to fuck you!’

‘And that is my fault? I don’t think so, Jade. You could had done something. That is your fault, Jade. I’m sorry, but you know it’s the truth.’

“Her words cut like a knife, but only because she did speak the truth. In my attempt to hide my arousal and not make this about me, she bought the wounds to the surface, and made me face the reality of what I had done. I reached for her, and hugged her close. She happily pulled me to her, and we hugged.”

‘Jade, I’m sorry, but instead of focusing on what you lost, why don’t you make some new memories with Jack and me?’

“I broke from her embrace and stared at her.”

‘What do you mean?’

‘Come have sex with us.’

“I must admit, I still not was used to the idea, but I had to admit, they were the sexiest people on Earth to me at that moment.”

‘Okay, I will.’

“Her response made me very happy, and we stood up and got out of the tub together. It was in that moment, I noticed something about my sister I had never noticed before: she was fucking hot!


‘Jade, you are fucking gorgeous!’

“I blushed at her comment.’

‘No, I’m not.’

‘Are you kidding? Let me look at you.’

“She shrugged her shoulders, and did a 180 for me.

She looked phenomenal. Her body was nearly identical to mine: perfect breasts that you wanted to bury her face into and the cutest nipples that you wanted to suck on all day. Her legs traveled for miles, and those hips were so sexy. That ass was so fucking cute, and that stomach was incredibly toned and curved in all the right places. She was a fucking hottie, and I had never knew it. I hadn’t seen naked since we were kids, like it had been with Jack, and this was a hell of a wake-up call.”

‘You’re fucking beautiful.’

“I swear, Jade almost began crying again, and I couldn’t help myself. I walked over to her and kissed her square on the lips, which she happily returned.”

“I can see where the hype comes in: Jasmine is a great kisser. It is so erotic and passionate, sending a stimulating tingle through my whole body.”

“You should have been on this end, sis. I swear, my clit became fully stimulated in that moment.

We stopped kissing and I will never forget this wicked little smile Jade made on her face.”

‘Let’s go get Jack. I want to fuck his brains out.’


“This is where I come back into the story.”

“Sorry, Jack. Didn’t mean to forget about ya.”

“Yeah, your cock must be so hard right now.”

“Okay, we will take care of that later. Right now, let’s continue the story.

Jasmine called me to the bathroom and told me to wait outside the door.”

‘Is everything okay?’

‘Yeah, just wait outside the door.’


‘And izmir escort close your eyes.’


‘Just do it, little brother.’

‘Stop calling me that!!!!!’

‘Do as you are told, and maybe I will.’

‘Okay. They’re closed.’

“I heard a lot of shuffling around that, at the time, kinda confused me, but then I heard that magicial word: “


“There in all her glory was my beautiful sister, Jade, and I swear, my cock was fully hard in seconds. Jasmine was right when she described her earlier, but still….fuck!!!! My sister was a hottie, and I didn’t even know it.”

‘Jade, you are fucking…..’

“She cut me off as she kissed my lips with a passion that rivaled my kisses with Jasmine. She broke the kiss by saying one of the sexiest things I have ever heard any woman, sister or not, say: “

‘You don’t have to say anything. Your cock said everything that needed to be said. But I want to more to your cock that stare at it.’

‘What do you want me to do with it?’

“She smiled a incredibly sexy smile and said the words tht would changed my life with her forever: “

‘I want you to fuck me with it. As hard as you fucked Jasmine.’

“She grabbed Jasmine’s and my hand and walked us over to the bed. She layed on the bed, and motioned me-very playfully-to get on top of her.”


‘Yes, Jade?’

‘Sit on my face. I want to eat you out as our brother fucks me good.’

“I must admit, I was looking forward to this. I had never had another girl eat me out before. I happily took my spot above her face.”

“I waited for the signal to go ahead to place my dick in her, and once she gave the go-ahead, I shove my dick into her pussy.

She was a tight fit. Quite possible, even tighter thatn Jasmine. I was amazed by how wet, warm and tight she was. I later learned that I was only her second screw, and if I wouldn’t had knew that, I would have gone easier on her. But I also learned that day that Jade liked hard. REAL HARD!”

‘Oh, fuck, Jack. That feels awesome.’

“Oh, yes. Yes, it does. Oh, Jade. We are never doing this without you again.’

“He couldn’t see my face, but, on the inside, I was smiling. I would never be left out of their lives again. I would feel loved by them, and in turn, show them how much I loved them.

The faster he fucked my cunt, the faster my tongue probed Jasmine’s cunt. From the sounds she made, she seemed to be enjoying it.”

‘Oh, Yes. Tongue fuck that cunt. Make me your fucking bitch. I LOVE IT. I FUCKING LOVE IT!!!!’

“I stuck my tongue as in as it could go, and she thrashed about on my face, humping my face like you needed to see it to believe it. At one point, I took some of my fingers and began rubbing her clit, causing even more gasps of pleasure from my adoring sister.

Meanwhile, my brother was moving faster and faster in and out of my body. My pussy was getting tighter and tighter around his shaft.”

‘Oh, that is almost too tight!’

‘What is the matter? Can’t fucking take it?’

“I heard Jasmine laughing at that comment.”

‘Looks like we are turning little sis into a slut.’

‘I already was one. Just needed you to bring it out of me.’

“Jack smiled at me and had this to say: “

‘I said almost too tight.’

“He proceeded to fuck me harder after that, and I felt the familiar urge to cum. My warmth tightened itself as tight as it could on his thick shaft.”

‘Guys, I am about to cum.’

‘Me, too. Your tongue is too much.’

‘I don’t have much longer, either, Jade.’

‘Let’s all cum together. NOW!!!’

“I felt my orgasms hit. My body shook itself uncontrollably as he continued to pump his shaft faster and faster into my orgasmic body. After eight glorious orgasms, that was it for me and I sighed in relief.”

“My orgasms hit soon after Jade’s started. Her tongue had done its job, as my own body spasm over hers, my soft thighs rubbing over her soft breasts. Running my hands over my breasts and tweaking my nipples, I experienced eight orgasms of my very own before I collasped from exhaustion.”

“Finally, my load shot out of my cock into Jade’s warmth. I shot wave after wave of semen into her hot canal as her incredible tightness was almost more than I could bear. Finally, I was finished. I slid out of her, and we layed togther on the bed we now all shared and uttered one word: “



“We didn’t know it at the time, but Jade filled a void that Jack and I didn’t realize was missing. Now, I can’t imagine our story without her.”

” I totally agree with Jasmine. Since that day, Jade has been with us every time, and every time has meant more than the last.”

“Wait. Do you guys hear that?”

“Yeah. It sounds like…crying.”

“You kids are in so much trouble. Get upstairs now!”

“Hi, Mom. Hi, Dad.”

End of Transmission…….For Now!


You might have a idea of where this story is headed. But before we worry about that, send me your comments and feedback on this chapter. I hope you enjoyed it. See you soon.

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