12 Mayıs 2021


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I got home from school at the normal time, to find my dad home already. It was a bit of a shock, because he never came home early. I dropped my backpack at the door, and took off my shoes and socks. When I stood up, he asked me to follow him to his room.

“Do you remember our deal?” I had no idea what he was talking about. “I got your report card today…” Suddenly the ‘conversation’ came back to me. A lot of yelling, and the threat that if I didn’t pull up my English grades, I’d be spanked!

He couldn’t really be serious about it. I wasn’t six years old anymore. “Please, close the door and come here.” He was standing at the foot of his bed, with a leather belt in his hand. I closed the door, and suddenly noticed the surreal, pseudo-erotic feeling in the room. Everything had a pink hue to it, from light coming through the window shades, and onto the flowery bedspread, my mother’s decorating. The room was warm, almost stuffy, from the sun in the windows. With the door closed, it was like we were disconnected from reality, alone together in the universe.

I stammered some excuses, why it wasn’t my fault. All he said was to come over to the edge of the bed. I finally built up the courage to turn him down flat.

“No way, This is bullshit!” He started walking toward me, reminding me that I agreed to this, it was my choice, and now I had to deal with the consequences… I started to step away, foolishly away from the closed door. He now stood between me and the only way back to the normal world. I couldn’t get spanked in the normal world.

We stood, facing each other, waiting to see what the other would do. I was again distracted by the bizarre erotic vibe in the room. He had the belt, ready to spank, and punish my bottom. And this is where he slept with my mom. This is where she pleasured him, sexually. I wondered if he ever spanked her. I started to think about it…..

Too late. He made a move for me, and I was distracted. He caught the collar of my shirt, and dragged me over the high foot board of his bed. It was just below waist hight, so I lost my footing, and fell, bent over on the izmir escort bayan end of his bed. I saw his arm, reaching back for his first strike…

“Wait!” I shouted. My heart was pounding. I wasn’t sure what I was doing. I also wasn’t sure why he stopped, But knew I only had a moment before he stared again. “If I can’t get out of it,” I stood up, and guided him to a seat on the bed, “Do it to me like this…” I took the belt from his hand. He wasn’t sure what I was doing, but wasn’t sure if he should do anything about it. He must have been confused as I peeled off my T shirt, with the stretched out collar. But when I slid my jeans, and briefs to the floor, he must have been shocked.

My half-erect tool bounced around in front of him as my clothes came off, and as I laid across my father’s lap. I was as bare as the day I was born, with my bottom up turned. “It’s more… personal… More intimate this way.” I reached an arm behind me… “Dad, twist my arm up… To keep me from squirming.” He cautiously grasped my wrist and held it tight.

“Are you going to squirm a lot?” His voice was little more than a whisper. He wasn’t as sure as he was just a moment ago. “I might. Depends on how hard you hit me.” Thinking about him for a moment, “I guess I will…” I was whispering too. I took a deep breath, and said “Ok Dad. I’m ready for you.”

I lay there, naked, waiting to see if he would do it. It seemed like forever. I was terrified he wouldn’t do it like this. What would I do? I don’t think I could live after that. I had gone way too far. I ran through all the thoughts I had, until all that was left was “Please, please, please…” I started mouthing the words, then whispering as softly as possible. “Please… Please… Please…”

The sharp sting on my bare bottom caused my whole body to stiffen. The force of it rocked me back and forth on his lap. He had given me my first slap. It was broad, but sharply painful, and intense. The relief of getting it, the humiliation of getting spanked, my submission to him…. It was so surreal. The second one came right after the first. He held nothing back. escort izmir He braced his legs better this time, so my tender skin absorbed more of the shock. It was excruciating, and wonderful. I was getting my spanking from my father. I started crying, and thanking him through my whimpers and tears.

I lost count of the hits. I was too busy feeling it. I squirmed the best I could with my wrist behind my back. I ground my erection into his leg with all I had. I wondered if he felt it. Slowly, he slowed his pace. His hand must have been getting swore. I was on fire. He covered the backs of my thighs, and the round of my bottom with a bright red rash. It was like an awful sunburn, only it meant more.

After each swat, he stared caressing the area. It was like he was inspecting his work. After one, almost soft hit, his fingertip rested between my cheeks, on my anus. I felt the slight press in, and the sudden withdrawal. Then again, his hand came down in a different place, but his fingertips landed between my cheeks again. He must have moved his hand, trying to touch me there again. After the third time he touched me there, I had to do something.

I had never done anything back there before. Not even to my self. I hadn’t even thought of it. But now that he had started it, I needed to feel it.

I spit into my free hand, and when his fingers landed there again, I rubbed the spit against my hole, and his finger. Pulling his middle finger free of the others, I pushed the tip of it into my puckered hole. He took the queue, and started working it in. It was hard at first, but as he worked, I relaxed, and he slid it all the way in. The sensation was so bizarre. It was a “full” feeling, but I enjoyed it, maybe because I knew who it was. I felt him flicking it back and forth inside of me, like was touching a woman. He pulled it almost out, and slid it deeply back in, over and over again. I moaned with each twitch of his thick finger.

I was rubbing my member against the side of his leg and felt his on my hip, as he penetrated my back end. I was so close to coming. But I needed something more. I gasped izmir escort when he pressed a second finger into me, and when he wiggled two of his thick fingers in my bowels, I clenched my anus, and shot my fluid all over his lap. He pulled his fingers out, and released my arm.

“I think you’ve learned your lesson…” he mumbled in an akward voice. It was all he could think of to say.

“Almost” I replied, as I slid off his lap, and onto my knees in front of him. With one hand I opened his fly, and with the other, I pushed him onto his back. Reaching into his pants, I pulled out his swollen member. A couple of good strokes and it was rock hard. I popped the hot flesh into my mouth, and begin to suck. He didn’t fight it. He placed a hand on the back of my head, to guide me. He wanted me to please him, almost as much as I did.

I looked up at him, getting the most forbidden pleasure. I imagined my mother doing the same thing for him, and other things. I could almost picture her, straddling his head, with a mouth full of her, as he lie on his back….

I worked furiously, trying to get him to come too. As my head bobbed, I could feel my bright red bottom tingling. I couldn’t take his whole length in my mouth, so I worked on his head. I also reached into his pants and gently squeezed his scrotum. With that, he started moaning “I’m gonna come…. I’m gonna come…” And with another squeeze, I tasted the first drops of it… He pulled down on my head hard, gaging me on his tool, as his whole body clenched, and shot a hot load of it into my throat. I gaged, coughed and gulped desperately. I wanted to prove I could take it all.

I couldn’t. His member spurted over and over again. Warm come dripped from my mouth, to my chin and chest, and even some back on him. I still swallowed as much as I could. When he was finally empty, my dad collapsed back to the bed. He was breathing heavily, worn out from the act.

I got up, and picked up my clothes. I walked toward the door. As I placed my hand on the knob, I heard him say,

“Your mother doesn’t need to know about this. Maybe we should keep this between us.”

“Sure… But what will you do to me if I do something worse?” With a devilish smile, and before he could answer, I opened the door. He watched my bare, and bright pink bottom return to the real world… until next time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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