14 Haziran 2021

Starfucker Ch. 02

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(Once again, not all the tags apply to this chapter. But even if you ain’t seen ’em yet … they’ll be here. All characters who are actually having sex are over eighteen. This chapter is a touch shorter than the last, but it’s got more nasty stuff per cubic inch.)


The Miata was incredible; it ate up the road like a hungry tiger and went exactly where I pointed it. On the way to the arena, I took the opportunity to blow off a couple of ‘Vettes and a Porsche at stoplights. It was wonderful watching their drivers’ expressions in the rearview as the Miata pulled away…

“Having fun?” Frank growled from the passenger seat.

“Well, yes,” I admitted.

Frank scowled; reaching into his shirt pocket, he pulled out a miniature pack of unfiltered Chesterfields and lit one. Then he climbed up the shoulder belt to the top of the seatback so he could see out.

“Okay,” he said. “First groupie lesson — parking the car.”

“What does parking the car have to do with being a groupie?”

“Practise,” he said, with an evil grin that looked positively Satanic on that face with that beard nose and eyebrows. “Turn in there.”

I looked; the parking lot he was pointing to was one of the close-in ones at the OmniTheatre, and “Event Parking”, according to the sign, was fifteen dollars.

“No way,” I said. “There are cheaper lots and there are even safe places to park on the street down here.”

“Yup. But you aren’t gonna pay fifteen dollars for parking. You aren’t gonna pay at all. Well, not money, anyway.”

“What do you mean?” I asked, though I suspected I knew… and the thought gave me sort of a warm feeling Down There.

I pulled into the lot, and there was a vacant parking space right behind the attendant’s shack — close to the gate, but out of sight of the street. I parked the car, looked up, and saw the attendant approaching. For just a minute I was worried — I knew him! He was in my English class! In fact, because he was the class geek and I was the class titless wonder, we’d both felt excluded enough a lot of the time that we’d sort of become friends. “He’s going to know me!” I breathed in panic.

“Know you? What the hell — did FG make those oversized tits out of part of your brain? Would you know you if you saw yourself and didn’t know you were you?”

“Uhhh… well…”

“Okay — First Groupie Lesson — ‘Strategic Flashing’. Wait to get out till he’s almost here, and then make sure he gets an eyeful as you swing your legs out…”

“Oh — sure!” I said with a giggle. “Poor Dexter; he’s liable to faint if I show him too much…”

“Don’t worry about that.”

I looked in the mirror; Dexter was coming up to the car, parking ticket in hand. He hadn’t really noticed me in the car, he canlı bahis was just doing his job.

Timing it carefully, I flipped open the door, and swung around to get out of the car. As I did, my miniskirt (micro, let’s be honest) slipped up until it was more like a wide belt. Not only did it show every inch of my legs up to the tops of my sleek sheer stockings, it showed my garter belt and… well, let’s say that I’m pretty sure that Dex had no trouble reading the descriptive text on the front of my thong, as bad as his eyes were.

“Now lean forward as you get out…” FZ hissed. I did, and the old t-shirt I wore was loose enough and the cutout neck opening was large enough that I was wondering if one of my boobs was about to pop out right between Fred and Paul’s pictures on the shirt.

Looking up at Dexter, I was amazed; he was standing there, white as a sheet, eyes huge behind his thick glasses. He was actually sweating. Most of the parking tickets he’d been holding were fluttering to the ground, except for the ones crushed in his shaking hand. “Look down” Frank hissed. I did, and I was amazed — Dexter had a sudden raging hardon; it must have popped up suddenly in response to… err… something he saw. With a sudden evil glee and an even hotter tingle in my pussy, I asked myself if I had any idea what could possibly have caused that… I thought I did.

“Okay — here’s the deal,” Frank hissed. “You don’t have any money, you need to park, and wouldn’t he be a sweetie and sort of look the other way.”


“And make him feel good. Looking at this geek, I’d bet he never even saw a real naked girl, and I’m certain he’s never touched one. With one hand you can get him to do anything you want…”

I thought about what he’d said, and then I got it. Grinning wickedly to myself, I walked up to my sweating classmate, letting my hips roll even more than FG’s modifications made them roll naturally. Stopping when I could tell that I was about an inch closer than he really felt comfortable with me being, I licked my lips (those wide slutty harlot red lips) with barely the tip of what I knew was now a small, pink and very pointy tongue, batted my eyelashes, and ran one hand down my hip to smooth the skirt (which, of course, led his eyes downward and reminded him of what he’d just seen) and asked “Hey, Sweetie, is it okay if I park it there?” I was amazed at the tone and effect of my new voice — you almost felt as if guys could fuck that voice all by itself and get off.

“Ummm, sure, ummm, ma’am…” he stammered, eyes rolling as he looked for an escape route. He backed up to preserve his personal space, and I stepped right into it again.

“How much for parking?” I asked.

“Fif… fifteen dollars,” he managed to get out.

“Ohhh, bahis siteleri that’s too bad,” I murmured, moving again, until my tits almost touched his chest. He stepped backward and to one side again. “I don’t have any money with me…”

“Ummm, well, the rules…” he began, as he took the last step backward he could and found himself backed up into the Miata’s side. He was trapped and he knew it. His eyes darted frantically from side to side, looking for an escape route. From his place on my left shoulder (the one cartoons always show the little demon sitting on), Frank chuckled evilly.

I took one more step, and this time I felt my tits press firmly against his chest. I rolled my shoulders a bit, both to make sure he knew what he was feeling, and to put a little stimulus on my nipples where they poked over my bra.

Dexter froze like a deer in headlights, and his already huge eyes get even larger.

“Do you suppose,” I purred, moving in a bit more, for the kill, as it were, “that you could help me out with parking since I don’t have the money?”

“Oh, no!” he blurted “My boss is very strict and he…”

“… isn’t here right now,” I murmured in his ear. “But I am and you are…”

By now my hip was pressed against the front of his pants and I could feel his rigid cock through the thin layers of material. I rolled my hips again, not only pressing my nipples against him again (i liked that feeling), but also stroking my hip against his dick.

I thought he was going to faint.

“Oh, come on, sweetie,” I purred, turning so that his hardon was rubbing along the front of my mound, pressing tightly against him and gently humping my hips. “I could be really friendly for someone who was friendly to me and helped me out…”

“Ummm… well… maybe I could… ummm…” He was beginning to hyperventilate.

“Oh, come on,” I said, easing off for a moment on the pressure. He sighed with relief as he thought I was backing away, then jumped and gave a startled yelp as my warm slender hand slipped in between us and I lightly clutched his cock through his pants and began to squeeze it gently. “You could give me a free ticket… just one ticket,” I continued, giving an extra-sharp squeeze. “No-one would ever know, and I’d be ever so grateful…” and I stepped up the tempo of my manipulations.

“Ohhhhhhh… ohhhhh…” he moaned, his hips beginning to pump slowly in time to my hand’s motions. “Just one ticket, and I promise you I’ll make you feel so good…” I whispered on a warm breath into his ear.

“No… I… uhhh…”

“‘No?'” I said, stepping back a bit and stopping stroking his rockhard dick — but not letting go of it. “Maybe I ought to go to another parking lot.”

“Oh, no — don’t do that!” he gasped out, and frantically bahis şirketleri peeled off a ticket form the by-now rather sweat-soaked wad he was still clutching in one hand.

“Here — free. Only please don’t go now…”

“Awww. How sweet,” I purred, stepping back and pressing myself firmly against him along the length of our bodies, my hand trapped between us still stroking his cock.

I gave him a little, close-lipped peck on the mouth, and then leaned forward, stuck out my tongue, and licked the side of his neck from his collar to his ear, which I slipped my tongue tip into, then nipped on the lobe. At the same time I began stroking him even faster and more firmly with my hand, at the same time pushing my tits against him as tightly as I could, allowing the shirt to slip downward somewhat so that he could look downward and see all of the tops of the warm globes, right down to my hard, pointy nipples pressing against his chest.

That did it — two more strokes and I felt his hips jerk hard three or four times, he let out a deep, almost agonised-sounding moan, his eyes rolled up in their sockets and he slumped back against the car as if he were unconscious.

At the same time, I could feel his dick pulsing in my hand, and felt something warm and wet. I looked downward and the front of his jeans was dark and soaked. His hips jerked a couple more times, and the wet dark area spread some more. I caught a whiff of an odour that seemed as if it ought be familiar, though I couldn’t place it; when I raised my slightly sticky fingers to my face, I smelt it more strongly. Even though I had never smelt it before, I suspected what it was (and I was right) — this was only my first whiff, but by the end of the night I had become very familiar with the smell and taste of cum {even grrl-cum, for that matter, but we’ll have to wait till I get to the right part of the story for that… }

Stepping away from the semi-conscious form of my classmate, I slipped the ticket he’d handed me under the windshield wiper and started to head for the auditorium.

“Hey!” Frank said from my shoulder. At some point while I was giving Dexter his first hand job (mine too, of course) Frank had lighted another of his unfiltered Chesterfields.

“What?” I asked.

With an evil grin, he gestured toward the car, where Dexter was just getting up on his feet. “Doesn’t he deserve a little tip, too?”

With an equally evil grin, I’m afraid, I agreed that he certainly did.

Spinning back around, catching Dexter by surprise, I grabbed him, bent him back against the car, and proceeded to give him the biggest, sloppiest, wettest, deepest tonguiest kiss he had ever had or probably would ever have in his life.

Then I dropped him and he slumped against the red car again.

“Buh-bye, big boy!” I caroled as I swivel-hipped my way toward the OmniTheatre.

“Head around to the stage door,” Frank said. “It’s time for Groupie Lesson Number Two — ‘Getting In Without A Ticket’…”

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