12 Mayıs 2021

Stepmom Strips Naked for Stepson Ch. 01

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Stepmom sexually teases stepson while trying to sexually seduce him.

Author’s Note:

This is the first chapter of a two-part story, this is a true story as told to me by Jake about his stepmother, Rachel. Even though sex between a stepson and stepmother is not deemed incest, sex between a stepson and stepmother when they’re living under the same roof is, indeed, deemed incestuous. The story is about the strip club that Jake bought in loving memory of his Dad, John.

# # #

Jake survives his father’s death with the help of his sexy, whore of a stepmother.

A regular at the club, an affable man who liked everyone and everyone liked him, having worked there for 30-years, John did handywork, repairs, and maintenance for the strip club owner, Saul Silverman. He was responsible for installing and maintaining the strippers’ poles, helping to build the bar, constructing booths, installing lighting, plumbing, the alarm, the sound system, and creating private rooms for the girls to (ahem) talk. Suffice to say that with continual views of topless and nearly, naked women, better views than a high-rise overlooking the city or a condo overlooking the ocean, John loved working at the strip club.

“Hi. I’m John,” he said removing his carpenter’s cap and politely bowing slightly at the waist when meeting someone new. As if he was their long-lost uncle, he greeted every new stripper in that same, respectful way. “Whether replacing a bulb, adding an outlet, fixing a chair, or replacing a mirror, let me know if you have anything broken. I’ll fix it for you,” he said with a smile while ogling their bare breasts and their nearly, naked asses.

“Hi John. I’m Trixie.”

“Hi John. I’m Crystal.”

“Hi John. I’m Tiffany.”

“Hi John. I’m Bambi.”

“Hi John. I’m Lexi.”

“Hi John. I’m Ebony.”

“Hi John. I’m Sushi.”

Obviously, fictious first names, John didn’t care what name they called themselves as long as they told him their names. Knowing their names made their acts much more personal when they stood on stage and stripped off their clothes as he watched. Knowing their names gave him something to call them when dreaming about them, sexually fantasizing over them, and masturbating while imagining them naked and having sex with them later that night.

If John’s spirit continued to live on anywhere, haunting this place when he was alive, his presence was still felt there now that he was dead. Like father like son, before Jake left to go off to war and after he returned home, John regularly took him to The Silver Pole Strip Club to meet the strippers and to have sex with them. Much like his father in many ways, Jake revered sexy women and shapely women. He was mesmerized watching strippers and whores slowly remove their clothes to expose their beautiful, naked bodies while dancing to music around a pole.

“This is my son, Jake. He just returned home from the war. He served two tours of duty, one in Iraq and another in Afghanistan,” said John with pride while introducing his son to the strippers. “Take care of him and show him a good time,” said John stuffing hundred-dollar bills in their costumes.

# # #

Now, a constant worry, after losing her much older husband, Rachel, John’s widow, feared that her stepson would evict her from his father’s house. Wanting to gain favor with Jake by making herself indispensable and an integral part of his life, something a morally, modest, and normal stepmother would never do, Rachel volunteered to audition as a stripper. She volunteered to strip herself naked in front of her stepson while dancing around the silver pole. Only, with Rachel loosely fitting the label, she was more of a whore and a stripper than she was his father’s grieving widow and/or Jake’s loving stepmother.

Not fooling him, with his eyes wide open, Jake knew the whore his stepmother was. With his father only dating and marrying whores that he met at the club, he knew she was a whore. His birth mother, Donna, was a whore. John’s second wife, Linda, Jake’s first stepmother, was a whore. Now, John’s third wife, Rachel, Jake’s second stepmother, was a whore, too.

A smart man, taught by his savvy father, who was accustomed to being around strippers and whores, Jake saw right through Rachel’s ulterior motives. Eager to strip naked for her stepson, she seemed too ready and too willing to do virtually anything to please him and to gain favor with him. No doubt, she’d even be willing to have sex with him for her to continue living in his father’s house, now Jake’s house.

As much as his father was proud of him for serving his country, Jake was proud of his Dad for being an important fixture in a strip club. Located in an area outside of the town limits, after a politically imposed, decency ordinance forced them to move when demanding that they go dry and, eventually, go away, the strip club was the only thing out there. Always in the middle of the sexual action, Jake’s father canlı bahis practically lived at the strip club. Yet, only human, and with him a normal, horny man, his father had a thing for whores and strippers.

“Some of the best women I know are whores and strippers. If asked, they’d give you the shirts of their backs and the bras off their tits,” said John with a laugh. “They may not make for the best wives or mothers but they know how to make their man happy. With them all sexy women who know how to use their hands, their mouths, and their pussies, they surely make for the best lovers. As long as you hide your money and keep them away from your horny, jealous friends, you can’t go wrong marrying a whore.”

Like father like son, Jake had a thing for strippers and whores. As much as he loved watching strippers strip themselves nearly naked, he loved having passionate and dispassionate sex with whores for money. Unlike his Dad who had a penchant for younger whores, Jake had a thing for older whores. Whereas his Dad preferred women in their twenties, perhaps, looking for the mother he never had, Jake preferred women in their forties. Only, not wanting his stepmother to sucker him in as she did with his Dad, he was careful around Rachel. Sexy and attractive, she was as volatile as she was connivingly dangerous.

As always, with everything she does, she had ulterior motives in wanting to remove her clothes for her stepson. If hired as a stripper, while working at the club, she could possibly steer other strippers away from him, and him away from other strippers. Perhaps, while still living in his house, she could eventually entice him to have sex with her to allow her to keep a roof over her head. Obviously, more interested in the man than she was in stripping, now that her husband was dead, buried, and out of the way, she wanted Jake all to herself.

# # #

Just like old times, with her always flashing him, sexually teasing him, and making sexual passes at him, even when his father was still alive, seeing her without her clothes wasn’t such the big deal as it once was. Seeing her without her clothes when she was sexually teasing him, wasn’t such the subtle, sexual hint that it used to be. Not needing to be a mind reader, he knew she wanted to have sex with him. Yet, no one’s fool, Jake knew her ulterior motive was to ingratiate herself with him so that he’d allow her to stay in his house rent free.

Unlike the first time seeing her in her panties and bra, topless, and/or naked, he used to always masturbate over Rachel while imagining having sex with her. She was his stepmother, and even though they were both mature and consenting adults, it was still hot to see his father’s wife without her clothes. After seeing her without her clothes so very many times, he had grown accustomed to seeing all that he shouldn’t see of his stepmother. Now, the only time she got to him and the only time he masturbated over her was when he was alone, lonely, horny, and had been drinking.

‘Make love to me, Rachel. Fuck me. Suck my cock,’ he said to himself while stroking his cock over imagining his stepmother naked and having incestuous sex with her. ‘I need to cum in your sexy mouth. I need to cum in your warm, wet pussy.’

With her having no shame, morals, and/or modesty, as if she was his wife or girlfriend instead of his stepmother, sexually teasing him, she always walked around him while wearing a short, sheer, sexy, and virtually see-through nightgown. Pretending she didn’t know he could see as much of her nearly, naked body as he could, she routinely stood in front of the bright light of the TV. She routinely stood in front of the opened refrigerator door with the kitchen light off. As if she was naked, with the sun streaming through, she stood in front of the living room window in her nightgown.

While pretending she didn’t know he was looking and/or watching, she routinely walked around the house in her panties and bra, topless, and/or naked. Never had he seen as much of his stepmother’s nearly naked and/or naked body since his father died. Only, with timing everything, taking her up on her offer to have sex now was, clearly, out of the question and a bad time. Besides, she didn’t want him, as much as she wanted to remain living there. Only, with plenty of strippers at the club wanting his favor, he wasn’t as easy as was his father.

With so, very many, other strippers willing to give him sex, he didn’t want to latch onto a whore who had already been used by his father. Since he returned home from war and because he was his father’s son, as if he was a celebrity, he had become a favorite man with the strippers. They were all willing and eager to have sex with him for free. Hoping Jake would make their dreams come true, they all hoped he’d take them home and marry them in the way that his Dad took Rachel home and married her.

# # #

A week after his father’s funeral, not giving herself much time to grieve, Jake bahis siteleri came home to find his stepmother, Rachel, spread-eagled on his bed naked. Even though he had seen her naked plenty of times before, catching him by surprise, he couldn’t believe his eyes when he opened his bedroom door. Stunned to see her in his room and on his bed without her clothes, an understatement, he was shocked to see his stepmother naked. Unable to stop looking, staring, and leering, surprising even himself that he was sexually excited and sexually attracted to her, immediately, he had an erection.

“Rachel,” he said staring at her big, naked breasts, her naked, brown, trimmed pussy, and all that he could see of the sides of her naked ass. “What are you doing in my room,” he said looking around to see if anything was disturbed or missing? “Why are you naked,” he asked, as if he didn’t know, while continuing to stare at her erect nipples and her glistening wet pussy?

Sexually teasing him, as if she was a sexy model or a porn star, she gave him a sexy smile and a naughty look while sexily feeling and fondling her big, shapely breasts and fingering her erect, naked nipples. She looked up at him as if she wanted him and was daring him to touch, feel her, and have incestuous sex with her. Obviously, ready, waiting, and available, she wanted to have sex with him now as much as he wanted to have sex with her before his father died. Adding to his sexual desire for her, she was his stepmother.

Clearly, with her sexual signals not difficult to read, and with her already naked, visibly horny, and sexually aroused, she wanted him to make love to her before fucking her. Obviously, in the way she sunk her claws in his father, she wanted to sink her claws in his son. All he needed to do was to remove his erect cock from his pants and she’d stroke him and suck him before fucking him. All he needed to do was to make love to her in the way that he used to hear his father making love to her and she’d be his.

“I thought we could comfort one another over the loss of John,” she said with a sad, albeit insincere face while staring up at him with her big, brown, captivating eyes. “I’ve seen how you look at me. I know that if you gave me a chance, I could make you feel better. In the way that I made your father happy, I could make you happy, too. Now that we’re all alone in this big house, I can be all the woman that you want me to be,” she said continuing to finger her erect nipples while rubbing her moist clit.

She slid a slow tongue across her red, full lips while continuing to finger, pull, turn, and twist her erect nipples with one hand and rub her moist clit and fingerfuck her wet pussy with her other hand. Obviously, she wanted to blow him as much as he wanted her to suck his cock. Obviously, she wanted him to cum in her sexy mouth as much as he yearned to cum in her beautiful mouth.

# # #

Understanding how she could easily, sexually seduce his father and how his Dad could be emotionally taken in by her, for a forty-five-year-old woman, she had a killer body. With nothing falling yet and everything still in place, she had a sexy and shapely figure. Not nearly looking her age, looking more like a thirty-something-year-old woman than a forty-something-year-old woman, if he didn’t know how old she was, he’d never correctly guess her age. When looking at the whole package, she was a very attractive woman. Adding to her sexual desirability, she was his stepmother and he was her stepson.

Unlike most strippers who looked older than they are from abusing alcohol, taking drugs, and staying up late to party, Rachel wasn’t like most other strippers. She had a brain in her head. In addition to having a brain, she had commonsense tempered with years of experience. Her way of staying safe, she knew not only how to read a man but also how to read a situation. Able to sexually seduce his father into marrying her, she was pampered and taken care of by his Dad.

Obviously, with his Dad appreciating her God given talents, she lived a life of luxury. Seemingly, learning from the mistakes that he made with his first two ex-wives; he didn’t want to make those same mistakes with Rachel. Yet, a whore is still a whore. He could take the whore out of the whorehouse but, when scratching the surface, no doubt about it, she was still a whore.

Even though he wasn’t willing to have sex with her, forcing himself to look away, he had a hard time not staring and leering at all that she was showing and all that he was seeing. Baiting him, she continually sexually teased him. He was always catching quick glimpses of her up-skirt peeks of her panties, up-nightgown peeks of her naked pussy, down-blouse views of cleavage and bra, and down-nightgown glances of her naked breasts and nipples. Yet, with this prolonged, naked view of her, never had he seen his stepmother naked for as long as he was seeing her now.

With her so sexy, and with her just wearing panties, bahis şirketleri he usually caught her drying her hair topless in the bathroom with the door open. A large C cup or a small D cup, she had such full and shapely breasts. He usually caught her running from the bathroom to her bedroom nearly naked or from the bedroom to the bathroom naked. He was used to her deliberately flashing him. Deliberately giving him a naked masturbation show, one time while pretending she didn’t know he was home, he caught her on her back and on her bed with her legs spread while masturbating herself.

# # #

‘She’s so sexy,’ he thought while wondering if she deliberately left her bedroom door open while hoping that he’d see and hear her pleasuring herself. He continued watching her masturbate herself. ‘I’d love to eat her pussy. I’d love to fuck her cunt,’ he thought. ‘I’d love to stick my erect prick in her mouth.’

“Oh, Jake,” Obviously, pretending that she was unaware that he was standing there watching her masturbate herself and listening to her having a sexual orgasm.

Clearly, she said all that she said for his benefit and for his sexual arousal. She said all that he wanted and needed to hear to sexually want her. No doubt, trying to sexually seduce him while hoping to tempt him to join her and have sex with her, she continued sexually teasing him.

With her bedroom light on, as if he was an intruder or a rapist, he stood in the darkened hall while watching his stepmother masturbate herself. The first time seeing and hearing such a graphically, explicit sexual show, she made him want her. She made him wish that she was his woman instead of his stepmother and his father’s widow.

‘Oh God,’ he thought. ‘Her nipples are so big and her pussy is so wet. I’d love to suck that, lick that, and fuck that.’

Then, when she began a sexual monologue deliberately, directly at him, tempted to enter her bedroom naked, he wondered if she knew he was standing in the dark watching her.

“Suck your stepmother’s big tits. Suck my nipples. Rub Mommy’s clit. Fingerfuck my pussy. Make love to me Jake before fucking me. Fuck my cunt, Jake. Fuck my cunt. I’d love to stroke and suck my stepson’s prick. I want you to cum in my mouth. I want to swallow your cum,” she said with sexual arousal. “Oh, God. I’m cumming, Jake. I’m cumming.”

Clearly, making her attempted, sexual seduction no secret, she knew he was there watching. Clearly, she knew that he could hear her. Obviously, waiting for him to step in her bedroom to offer her his finger, his tongue, and/or his cock, he couldn’t do it. She was his father’s widowed wife. She was his stepmother. He’d be such a cad to take sexual advantage of her in her time of need. Only, seeing her for what she was, a whore, he suspected that she was the one who was trying to take sexual advantage of him.

# # #

Yet, with her on his bed naked, he was stunned to see so much of her, actually, all of her. He stared at her large breasts and her brown, trimmed pussy. He couldn’t help himself from imagining fingering her, licking her, making love to her, and fucking her.

If he was any other man and she was any other woman, he’d be all over her. If she wasn’t his father’s widow and his father hadn’t just passed, he may have taken her up on her offer for sex. He may have been willing to give her the comfort that they both needed after their loss. With her willing to help him forget his grief, any other time but now, he’d love to have some sexual, quality time alone with his stepmother’s naked body.

Yet, out of respect for his deceased father, even though she was a whore, indeed, earning his respect at a time of her loss, she was still his father’s widow. If only in title, she was still his stepmother. Even though they weren’t blood related and sex between them wouldn’t be deemed incest, with them living under the same roof, a sexual relationship between them would be deemed incestuous, nonetheless. In memory of his Dad, even though he’d love to have hot, deeply penetrating, incestuous sex with Rachel, with his body just buried, he couldn’t do his father like that.

Granted, knowing his father, especially after he had already offered Rachel to him several times before, happy when Jake returned home from war, his father wouldn’t care if his son had sex with his stepmother. As if she was his sexy, sexual surprised gift to untie, his father had tied her to his bed naked with wide, red ribbons and big, red bows on her nipples and on her pussy. As soon as he opened his bedroom door to unpack, Rachel was ready and waiting for him naked then as she was ready and waiting for him naked now.

If anything, as long as he could watch his son having sex with his stepmother, his father, was as much of a voyeur as Rachel was an exhibitionist. Clearly, he wanted to watch his son lick and finger his stepmother’s, naked pussy. He wanted to watch Jake make slow and passionate love to her. John wanted to watch his son fuck his wife. He wanted to watch his wife stroke and suck her stepson. He wanted to watch Rachel make love to Jake and fuck him, too. Now, with him watching over him from the afterlife, he couldn’t do that to his Dad.

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