17 Mayıs 2021

Steve Stevie Steven Ch. 04

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Disclaimer: As you read this story, keep in mind that I try to include something for everyone, and some people are always looking for mistakes. So, if you find any errors, please remember that they are there for a reason.

All persons appearing in sexual situations are at least 18 years of age.

This is part 4 of a 5-part series. The story is complete and each chapter should arrive 1-2 days after the previous. Thank you for reading.

I would say it’s probably time to really focus on suspending your disbelief. No one is this lucky.



A conversation with Jasmine’s mom.


By the time Friday night rolled around I was completely exhausted. Mom had warned me that she might go a little crazy for a while because it had been so long for her, and she proved to be correct. After the quickie in the kitchen on Monday, she made appearances in my bedroom Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday after dad had gone to bed. Suni was getting a little frustrated, but we did manage a couple of quickies after mom had gone back downstairs.

While no kid wants to think about his parents having sex, I have to say that I can see why my dad fell for my mom, and I also wonder how in the hell he’s not still hot for this woman. I hope that’s not me when I get to be that age.

As much as I had enjoyed cumming on my mom’s face, I actually preferred to shoot inside of her, so it was condoms for me again for that week. She had gone to see her doctor on Monday and been put on birth control injections but they wouldn’t be guaranteed to be fully effective for about 30 days and we weren’t taking any chances. Of course, when she told me to fuck her ass on Thursday night, there was no condom needed.

Jasmine and I had experimented with anal play a few times. She enjoyed when I licked and fingered her there, and she had even returned the favor a few times. We had tried for full-on anal sex but I only got about a third of the way in before it became too much for her. She says she wants to try again but seems a little gun shy (which I totally get, you know). But thanks to my mom, I learned that anal sex is a distinctly different experience than the regular kind, and I plan to keep working on Jasmine to try it again.

Friday night I took Jasmine out to dinner and a movie. She asked me to come over for a barbecue tomorrow, noting that her mom would be there but her dad was out of town on business. That seemed like unnecessary additional information, since I had spent time over there many times and she had never made a point of telling me this. I simply acknowledged what she told me and we went on with our evening.

We ended the evening parked along Stevens Creek, a popular make-out spot. There were a couple of other cars scattered along the shoreline as well, and I have doubt that they were all doing what Jasmine and I were doing. We made love in the back seat, the gurgling sounds of the active creek providing the soundtrack. It was an evening of gentleness, tenderness, and romance. It was more about expressing our love for each other than getting each other off, and I know Jasmine felt it as much as I did.

“I love you, Steve.”

“I love you too, baby.”

“We’re together forever, right?”

“Of course.”

“You know I don’t mind you fucking your mom and sister, right.”

“You’ve made that pretty clear.”

She adjusted her position and looked me in the eyes.

“I know, but I wanted to make sure you knew it wasn’t just an ‘in the moment’ thing. I really don’t mind. I enjoy being with Suni, too, and it’s okay if this goes on for years, even after we’re married. Just as long as we’re together.”

“Okay, baby. I understand, but I also want you to know that if you change your mind you don’t have to be afraid to tell me.”

We spent another hour or so at the creek’s edge before packing it in for the night. There was still one car parked when we left. I dropped Jasmine off at her house, confirming the plan for the barbecue the next afternoon.

When I got home I found the house dark, so I knew mom had already gone to bed. In my bed I found Suni, who had obviously been waiting for me and had fallen asleep as she waited. I quick peek under the covers revealed her to be nude, which was not a surprise. I considered taking a shower but decided against it, knowing that Suni enjoyed Jasmine’s taste and smell so would be okay with it. She woke as I climbed into bed.

“I was waiting for you.”

“I know. Sorry I’m so late.”

She grabbed my cock and began stroking it hard.

“Did Jasmine leave anything for me?”

“I think so.”

No sooner had I said that than Suni’s lips were wrapped around the now hard shaft. She paused just long enough to point out that she ‘could taste Jasmine’ before resuming her blow job. Soon, she swung her leg over my head, putting her wet, furry pussy in my face. I had her climaxing within minutes, and I had a bit of a struggle breathing for a few seconds as she squeezed me with her thighs before releasing canlı bahis me. She rolled over on to her back.

“Fuck me, Stevie.”

I briefly pondered the change in my sister from the shy, reserved virgin of just a couple of weeks ago, the one that was nervous about even letting me see her naked, to the more brazen woman that would simply spread her legs and tell me to fuck her. Obviously, the change was of benefit to me now, but I wondered how it would affect things in the long term. Of course, she took to it so naturally that maybe it was just a matter of time.


I got to Jasmine’s house the next day just after 4:00pm. I had been here enough times to know that, with Jasmine’s dad out of town, I would be doing the grilling. Jasmine and her mom, whose name was Hannah, had already marinated some burger patties in a Worcestershire sauce mixture and they were chilling in the refrigerator. They had also made some cole slaw and had some baked beans ready to be warmed. The ladies themselves were relaxing in the hot tub.

“Hey baby. Go get your suit on and climb in. We’re gonna eat later.”

I went into Jasmine’s bedroom and changed into the swim trunks I kept at her house. I also kept a few changes of clothes here, just in case. I gazed out the window at the two pretty ladies in the hot tub. Hannah was about 40 and the similarities between her and Jasmine were plain. They both had long brown hair and athletic builds, though Hannah’s had settled somewhat. From the pictures I had seen, what weight she had gained, and it wasn’t much, had settled on her ass, giving her a more voluptuous look than Jasmine, though not as much as my mom or Suni.

They interacted easily. I knew they spent a lot of time together. Jasmine’s dad, Neil, spent a lot of time working and ‘hanging out with the guys’, though whenever I had seen him and Hannah together they seemed affectionate, though my parents seemed to have a passion that they lacked.

I climbed into the hot tub, sitting next to Jasmine and across from Hannah. As I put my arm around her, Jasmine immediately put her hand on my thigh, causing ‘Little Steve’ to start waking up. Moments later, Jasmine had her hand on the bulge in my swimsuit, which made me a little anxious, what with her mom sitting right there. We chatted a little bit before they got to what was apparently the point of the get-together.

“Steve, we’ve always agreed there would be no secrets from each other, but there’s something I’ve been reluctant to tell you because I was afraid how you’d react. But you’ve been so honest with me over the last couple of weeks that I realized I wasn’t being fair.”

“You’ve been keeping a secret from me?”

“I have, but I mean to fix that now.”

“Are you sure you want to do this in front of your mom?”

“Actually, it’s kind of her secret.”

“Baby, secrets about others aren’t included. You don’t have to share your mom’s secret. I’m sure there are things about my folks that I haven’t told you.”

“She thinks I should, that you should know everything. And, it’s kind of my secret, too.”

“Okay, I’m listening.”

It was here that Hannah entered the conversation.

“Steven, do you know what a marriage of convenience is?”

“Uh…isn’t that when, like, someone marries a U.S. citizen so they can stay in the country?”

“That’s one example, but there are others. The truth is that Neil and I are in a marriage of convenience.”

“What do you mean?”

“Neil works with the government, has since he was in college. He has access to very sensitive information and it is common knowledge that certain…lifestyles are not acceptable.”


“Baby, my dad is gay.”

I pondered that for a minute. I admit that I had no idea, though all the time he spends with ‘the guys’ suddenly took on new meaning. So, if he’s gay, does that mean…?

“Is he your real father, Jas?”

“Yes, he is,” Hannah answered. “Neil and I spent our honeymoon having sex as often as we could manage it. First, we had heard that a marriage wasn’t legal until it was consummated, and also we agreed that we would do it until I got pregnant. As it turned out, we got the job done on the honeymoon. Neil and I haven’t had sex with each other since we got the positive test.”

“But you guys seem so happy.”

“We are happy, Steven. Neil is a wonderful person and I enjoy spending time with him. And except for the sex, this is a real marriage. We make decisions together, particularly about Jasmine, and all of our assets are mixed together.”

“Does he have…a boyfriend?”

“Oh yes. You’ve met Norm a couple of times. They’ve been together almost as long as Neil and I have.”

“Okay, I guess I can see doing this 20 years ago, but times have changed. Heck, gay marriage is legal now so you guys could split up and be your true selves now. And I can’t believe you’ve gone all this time without… without…”

“Without getting laid?” I nodded. “Oh, I haven’t, I promise you that. But that’s the next part of the bahis siteleri secret. And Neil’s job would still prevent him from coming out of the proverbial closet”

“God, there’s more?”

“Yep. The other part of that, Steven, is that I’m a lesbian.”

I was glad no one had a feather because they could have knocked me over right there. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I had known these people for years and had absolutely no idea.

“Do you have a…a girlfriend, Miss Hannah?”

“I’ve had a few over the years but none I wanted to spend my life with. When I’m between relationships I find other ways to get my needs satisfied One-night stands and the like, though that’s not really my preference.”

“Wow, okay. I had no idea. But I still don’t see how this is something that Jasmine should have shared with me.”

“Well, on a broad scale, since you two are planning to get married, it seems like something you should know about your future in-laws. On a narrower scale, well, some things have changed recently that has made it as much hers as mine.”


“Honey, do you remember the first time we made love?” Jasmine asked.

“Of course I do. It was your 18th birthday and your parents took us to dinner, then left us to do our thing. They went to a movie or something and we went back to your house and made love on your bed. It was amazing.”

“And if you’ll recall, we decided you should leave before my parents got home, so you were long gone when they finally showed up.”

“I remember.”

“You had so worn me out that I fell asleep right there on my bed, totally nude and with your cum leaking out of me, apparently. That was how mom found me when she came to check on me.”

“Oh boy,” I said as I glanced over at Hannah, who gave me a smile and then took over the narrative.

“It was late and I sent Neil on to bed before coming to check on Jasmine. The truth was that I suspected something like this would happen. We didn’t leave you guys home alone by accident, you know. Anyway, I thought Jasmine might want to talk about it, how it felt and any feelings she was having. But, like she said, she was fast asleep.”

I was looking them both in the eyes, back and forth, and there was something more to this story, and they were definitely hesitant to admit it to me. They were having a conversation with their eyes, and all I could do was wait it out. Finally, Hannah spoke.

“Steven, please understand I’m not proud of what I did. I’ve always been aware of how pretty Jasmine is, and the truth is that it had actually been some time since I’d…had my needs met.”

“What happened?” I asked, with some suspicion that I knew but wanting to hear them say it.

“I…I took the opportunity to…clean up Jasmine’s vagina…using my tongue.”

“You went down on Jasmine?”

“I did. She looked so beautiful and sexy lying there, and your stuff was leaking out of her and I just became overcome with lust. I really couldn’t help myself.”

Jasmine was having trouble meeting my eyes, and I had known her long enough to know there was still more to the story.

“C’mon Jasmine. Enough with the 20 questions. Give it all to me. You know I love you and there’s nothing that’ll come between us.”

“You’re right, baby. I woke up while mom was licking me and it felt so good. For a minute I thought you had come back somehow, but while I was surprised to see it was mom I didn’t want her to stop. We ended up making love well into the early morning.”

“Is that it?”

They glanced at each other and then back at me.

“And we’ve been doing it 2 or 3 times a week ever since.”

I guess the look on my face showed the irritation I felt.

“You’re mad at me.”

“Yes, Jasmine, I am. I thought we had trust and respect for each other…”

“We do!” she interjected.

“…but I don’t feel like you trust me right now. I have no problem with you and your mom being lovers. Hell, I’m fucking my own mom. But I do have a problem with you having a lover, and a steady one at that, without telling me. You’ve told me about the other girls you’ve played around with but you kept this a secret and that upsets me.”

“You’re right, honey, and I’m sorry. As open as we are with each other, I admit I thought that might be a problem. When you told me about you and Suni I decided I needed to tell you, and of course when you started with your mom I knew I had to. Please forgive me, baby.”

I knew I would. Hell, I loved her and couldn’t imagine my life without her. Plus, how many women would be cool with me screwing my own mom and sister. No, she wasn’t going anywhere, but that didn’t mean I couldn’t have a little fun with her.

“That depends what you’re gonna do to make it up to me.”

“Do you mind if I take a stab at that?” Hannah asked.

I turned to look at her, assuming she was going to offer some suggestion. What I didn’t expect was to see her just finish unclipping the back of her bikini top and shrugging it off of her shoulders. Her breasts bahis şirketleri were very similar to Jasmine’s. They were small and perky, with dark areolas and very responsive nipples. And as if that wasn’t enough, she stood and sat on the edge of the hot tub, revealing for the first time that she had been sitting in the hot tub with me without her bikini bottoms.

Hannah sat on the edge of the hot tub, spreading her legs. I noticed that, like Jasmine, Hannah shaved her pussy as well.

“Take that top off and come give mommy a lick, baby. We’ll give Steven a show to make it up to him.”

Jasmine flashed me a wicked smile before unhooking her own bikini top and tossing it aside. As she stood I noticed she had been without bottoms as well. Damn, was I set up.

Jasmine wasted no time putting her tongue to her mother’s hole. I watched as Hannah pinched her own nipples hard. I guess Hannah liked it a little rough because Jasmine was already thrusting fingers fairly hard in and out of Hannah’s clit, and she was loving every second of it.

I admit I was entranced. As we explored her bisexuality, I had seen Jasmine with other girls a number of times over the last few months, but none of those compared to the eroticism of watching her with her own mother. After a few minutes of ministering to Hannah’s needs, Jasmine moved on top of her mother in a 69, and I climbed out of the hot tub intent on seeing Jasmine get eaten by her mother. Hannah was an eager pussy licker and had Jasmine climaxing after only a couple of minutes.

“Steven, come put that fuck stick of yours into my daughter, would you?”

Hannah was still lying underneath Jasmine, which would leave her looking up at my undercarriage, as it were, and the thought made me a little uncomfortable. I hesitated, but Hannah moved to reassure me.

“C’mon Steven. I want to lick and suck your balls while you fuck my daughter. Trust me, you’ll love it.”

And she was right, I did. I’ve always loved fucking Jasmine, but the added sensation of Hannah’s tongue took me places I had never been. But the biggest surprise was when I felt Jasmine’s mom grab my cock, pull it out of her daughter’s pussy, and slide it into her own mouth. My God, my girlfriend’s mother was giving me a blow job, and I was loving every minute of it.

Over the next several minutes I went back and forth between being inside Jasmine and being in Hannah’s mouth. When I was finally ready to blow I gave a warning, and Hannah grabbed me and pulled me into her mouth, taking my jizz down her throat. This was a lesbian?

We disentangled ourselves and Jasmine immediately leapt into my arms and gave me long, deep kiss. As she pulled away she whispered “I love you so much” and then rested her head on my chest. When I opened my eyes I saw Hannah laying back on a towel on the wooden deck. Her legs were spread and she was stroking her slit. She waited until we made eye contact to speak.

“Am I gonna get any of that dick, Steven?”

“I’m sorry, but didn’t you just finish telling me you were a lesbian?”

“And I am, but even lesbians enjoy having a good fucking once in a while. They make strap-ons for a reason. Now come fuck your mother-in-law.”

I glanced over at Jasmine and she just gave me a smile and a nod. When Jasmine and I first started dating, I followed that well-known caveat to look at her mother to see what Jasmine would look like in 20 years. I was NOT disappointed. Hannah is a very beautiful woman and I was looking forward to this.

“On your hands and knees, please.”

I stood over her as she looked up at me. She cocked an eyebrow like ‘who are you to be telling me what to do’ but she got on her knees and wiggled her ass at me. I told Jasmine to spread for her mother and then buried myself inside Hannah’s hole to the hilt, eliciting a groan of pleasure. Like I did with mom, I gripped Hannah’s hips and fucked her hard.

“Yes, God, yes, Steven, fuck me!”

Hannah was trying to lick Jasmine’s pussy but was having trouble because I was moving her around too much. She finally settled on just fingering her, while Jasmine rubbed her own clit. I could again sense myself getting close and I asked Hannah where I should do it.

“Put it all inside me, baby.”

It was another surreal event in a series of surreal events. Cumming inside your future mother-in-law as she fingers your future wife is just something that never occurred to me as something I might experience one day. And it was amazing.

We regrouped in the hot tub, with no one bothering with any type of clothing. Really, what would have been the point. Having just had my dick in her pussy, I figured asking a few personal questions wouldn’t be out of line.

“Do you have sex with men often, Hannah?”

“Not so much lately. It’s probably been a couple of years since I did it with an actual man, as opposed to one of my lady friends with a strap-on. But there was a time when I was doing it quite a bit. When Jasmine was little, 6 or 7 I think, I was in a year-long relationship with a couple. She was bi and her husband was cool with her having a female lover. Eventually she asked if her husband could have sex with me and I agreed, and for the rest of our time together we all did it with each other.”

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