16 Haziran 2021

Stolen Vows Ch. 04

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Despite my long absence, I have not forgotten these two, or any of you who enjoyed their tale of forbidden love. Here, at last, is chapter four.

Molti baci.


Gabriel paced like a caged tiger around the rustic kitchen as she spoke, shaking his head in denial repeatedly. His countenance was furious.

Laura seemed very small and fragile as she sat in the hard wooden chair beside the table. Her hands were clutched together in her lap, her eyes were red-rimmed and shining as she regarded him.

“Please — just hear me out.” She pleaded softly. Her stillness and the gentle way she was talking was a stark contrast to the raging emotions she felt inside.

They’d been talking most of the day and into the night, going around and around about the visit from his mentor.

“No. Stop this. I won’t leave you. They cannot make me.” His voice was raw and he dragged a slightly trembling hand through his tawny hair.

“I’m not telling you to–” she began, but he unintentionally cut her off, as if he had not heard her.

“I have a choice; don’t you see? It is one of our greatest gifts: free will. I exercise that will to follow my heart. How can that be wrong?”

“It’s not about wrong. I don’t care about right and wrong. Those things are just abstractions — they don’t mean anything. What I care about is you — who you are. I want you to be true to yourself. Don’t allow me to alter who you are. I could never live with that.” It actually physically hurt her to say these words. She unconsciously rubbed her throat with one tired hand.

He moved closer to her and leaned in: “Listen, my love. Please. I’m telling you that I’m being true to who I am right now. I’m finally really present, right here, right now.” He pointed down at the floor where he stood for emphasis.

“It’s like I’m finally awake. My old life, my old plans — they were for a man with a different destiny.” He paused, looking at the floor as he wrestled with his next thought. Laura waited patiently for him to land on what he was trying to say. In her head, she just kept thinking ‘how much I adore this man — how I wish I could take this agony from him.’

“I studied immunology at University because I wanted to make a difference. None of that changes by removing the collar.”

Laura’s head popped up at this new information. “You studied medicine?” She asked, her eyebrows raised softly.

Gabriel smiled at her, realizing that they hadn’t really told each other much about themselves. Shaking his head slightly, he said: “Bioscience, my love. Well — as an undergraduate it was Bioscience and Divinity — a double concentration. My intention was to focus on infectious diseases. During my work toward an MSc at Oxford, I did field work as part of my research. That is what sent me to Central America.

“But I loved being in Guatemala, treating those villagers, because it was real. It wasn’t theoretical. It wasn’t philosophical. It was secular. I didn’t love being there because I thought it pleased God. It was the most human thing I’d ever done. I realize now that I want to be part of this world — and I’m happy to let the next take care of itself. I don’t want to hide anymore.”

She was deceptively calm when she replied: “I agree – don’t hide. Not from the world, not from them, not from me, and especially not from yourself.” He began pacing again, running his hands through his already disheveled hair. She feared his reaction, but felt bound to venture one last point.

“All I’m saying is that you should consider returning to Guatemala, Gabriel. You made this promise long before you met me. It’s not about the Church. It’s about the work you do — it’s about the children—”

Wheeling around, he cut her off: “Why are you doing this?!”

Laura had trouble swallowing, her throat felt ragged, like it was on fire. She forced herself to not look away from his beautiful, haunted eyes, even though it felt like a stabbing pain in her breast.

“Because I don’t want you to regret me. To regret us. Ever. And I worry that if you walk away from everything that used to be important to you, a day will come when you will.”

Gabriel stopped moving and closed his eyes. His jaw clenched and he fisted his hands at his sides. “Or do you mean you fear that you will?” He asked quietly.

This pulled Laura from her chair with a muffled sob. She threw herself at him, standing on tiptoes, wrapping her arms around his neck as she pressed her lips to his. Gabriel exhaled noisily and caught her against him, fairly crushing her in his embrace as he kissed her back with desperation.

“Nothing. NOTHING could ever make me regret you. I love you.” She spoke these words against his neck, curled against him, her body shaking.

“So that’s done then, yeah? We love each other and are meant to be together. I don’t need to test my feelings for you. I already know, my sweet girl. Finally, I know what I want — what I’m supposed to be.”

Laura looked up at him, her eyes swimming bahis firmaları with tears. He brushed her hair away from her face before continuing: “I’m supposed to be the man by your side.”

She burst into tears, pressing her face into his chest. How? She wondered. How was it possible for two people to be so much in love in such a short time? How did she deserve this kind of gift? What price would they both have to pay for it?

He held her, rocking her gently, as the storm of her emotions blew itself out and subsided. As Laura became calm in the circle of his arms, she had a foreboding that this discussion was not yet over. The pull of his prior life would not be so easy to ignore. A man like Gabriel could not go from living for the good of others, to only living for himself, quite so easily.

But she pushed away those fears and sighed contentedly in the feeling of his warmth, the scent of his skin, and the sound of his beating heart beneath her cheek. She couldn’t bear to see any more pain in those deep green eyes. Not tonight. For now, he was hers, and she was his. She’d take that for long as it was possible and just be grateful.

“Come to bed, my love.” Gabriel spoke into her hair. She let him tip her face back up to his and smiled up into his beautiful eyes.

“I’ll go anywhere and do anything you ask, my love.” She leaned up to meet his smoldering kiss.


Their lovemaking that night had been poignant, full of desperation and the need to reassure one another. So as a result, it was achingly tender and intimate. Gabriel drifted off to sleep finally, feeling his heart swell with the certainty that this union between them was sacred. The woman at his side was the personification of beauty – a living angel. He was convinced in himself that he was exactly where he was supposed to be.

Laura was moved to tears by their passion for each other. While the emotional side of her fully submerged into his body, his touch, his profound sensuality, the cerebral side of her nervously fretted, waiting for the sword of Damocles.

Her life up to this point had been punctuated by disappointment, and she was — admitting this fact to herself — badly damaged by her failed marriage. She had not had much luck in love — the romantic kind or any other. Her parents died, one after the other, when she was still in high school. Her mother from breast cancer, her father from the grief and alcoholic oblivion he plunged himself into thereafter. There were no brothers or sisters. She had to move far from her childhood friends then to live with her maternal grandmother, where she stayed until leaving for college. Already in her eighties, her grandmother was a quiet, tired, sweet soul — but was not the same after the death of her only daughter. Laura used to think it was like living with a ghost. And when that fragile, dignified lady finally left her just after graduating from University, Laura’s sense of estrangement became like a bell jar that enclosed her. Self-imposed isolation became a rather unhealthy habit.

Just before her 25th birthday, she met a charming young man at the magazine where she worked. Named Colin, he was a midlevel manager in the publishing side, managing a part of advertising sales. She was but a junior writer and fact-checker, flattered by the interest shown by this suave, older man.

He lavished her with attention and actively courted her, and for the first time in almost a decade, Laura felt connected to someone. She felt wanted. Desired. Loved. Her work friends smiled nervously when she told them of the romance, and Laura missed the exchanges of worried looks they shared. Too inexperienced to see the signs, she believed Colin wholeheartedly when he declared that she was the only woman in the world for him. Laura never questioned his insistence that she add him to the large bank accounts afforded by the trust fund she’d inherited upon her parents’ and grandmother’s deaths. Her vague sense of anticlimax after the wedding was unsettling, but she put it down to nerves and inexperience. She pretended she didn’t notice his change in behavior.

Laura never saw it coming — the betrayal, the lies, or the physical brutality when she asked too many questions. Once Colin had found a wealthier replacement for Laura, an older widow this time, he hastily divorced her, having already run through more than half of her inheritance.

This trip to Italy was meant to be an escape — a respite from the shameful loneliness she felt in New York. At least here, in a sprawling, ancient city where she knew no one, she had a legitimate reason for being alone. She’d half-heartedly tried dating in the two years since the divorce, but never really let anyone come close to her. Not until now. And just her luck, she thought, that the man who was able to finally touch her heart was a man with whom she had no business — no right — to fall in love. But fall in love she did. It made her realize that she’d had no concept of the feeling before kaçak iddaa now.

She worshiped Gabriel for the faith he placed in what they had. She loved his goodness and his fierce protectiveness. He was everything a man should be: keenly intelligent, principled, kind, sexy and strong. He was also pure and unblemished. She felt unworthy, but adored him, body and soul, nonetheless.

Deep inside she carried the worry and guilt of turning him from the more selfless path he’d been so eager to tread before meeting her. She feared that the proverbial fiddler would come calling for his due, as usual, and was further determined that it would not be Gabriel who paid. She knew that she’d sacrifice herself in a heartbeat, if that’s what was necessary. As long as he would be okay.

Laura never prayed. She didn’t think there was anyone or anything that would listen. That fact should have calmed her fears, but instead it made them worse. She felt cursed. What was she missing? Why did she lack the faith that came so easily to others? So she sent forth a fervent message to Gabriel’s god, karma, Fate, or even the fucking Force — whatever was out there for someone like her. The message was: “Please spare him. If there must be any consequences for what I am selfishly stealing to be with this beautiful man, let it fall on me.”

Shivering a little in the darkness, she tucked herself closer to Gabriel’s warmth and finally fell asleep.


“Today, let’s just be normal people in love, in Rome.” Gabriel said as Laura brought him his morning cappuccino in bed.

She smiled, her eyebrows raised. “What do you mean, baby?” He looked perfectly rock star handsome, his hair mussed, his green eyes very bright.

He reached for her, careful not to spill their coffee, and pulled her onto his lap so that her knees straddled him. He admired the way her robe opened in front of him and growled, momentarily distracted. He blazed a trail of kisses from her collarbone to her neck. Then remembering he was just saying something, he continued.

“I want to go do all the things that lovers do in Rome. Let’s pretend we’re on our honeymoon.”

He caught one of her curls and twisted it gently around his fingers, gazing at the way the sunlight turned it into silken fire. The musical sound of her laugh made his cock hard. His eyes darkened as he looked into her gorgeous eyes.

“And I mean ALL the things…” He added, as he pulled her mouth down to his. She kissed him, closing her eyes and willingly surrendering herself to his delightful, playful mood.

He put their coffee cups on the bedside table, and rolled Laura back onto the bed, impatiently tugging the sheet and her robe out of the way so he could press himself against her.

Looking down lovingly at her, he brushed her hair from her face with the backs of his hands. Gabriel sighed happily, smiling down at her. She smiled back sunnily — basking in his radiance.

“I would love that.” She said softly. His breath caught at how beautiful she looked.

“You’re my angel.” He whispered, before leaning down to kiss her again. His lips were reverent against hers — light and gentle. She leaned up and returned his kiss with carnal abandon — threading her fingers into his hair. Groaning, he pulled his head up and looked at her this time with searing heat. His mouth swooped down then like he was a starving man, forcing her mouth open as his tongue forced inside. He half lifted her from the bed to pull the kimono off completely, throwing it carelessly aside before dropping down to attack one of her pert nipples.

She held his head closer, her head thrown back. Gabriel caught her other breast in his hand and almost roughly kneaded it. Laura moaned, pulling him out of his stupor. He raised his head to ask if he was hurting her. Panting, she shook her head and begged him to not stop.

He swept down and took the other nipple in his mouth this time, his other hand skimming her body until it found her now weeping pussy. Slipping two fingers inside her, he began to thrust in and out of her, reveling in her wetness.

“Oh… please, my love!” She gasped. Her body was aching for him, back arching to push her hips up to meet him. He let her breast slide out of his mouth with a soft pop, and looked up at her face. His nostrils flared, his jaw tightening as he saw her building passion.

“Do you like this, my angel? Do you like what I’m doing to you?” He growled at her. She was nodding, her eyes closed as she murmured the word yes over and over.

“Look at me.” He demanded quietly. She obeyed him immediately, raising her head slightly as she tried to focus her gaze on him. Her eyes were heavy lidded and her breathing was ragged.

“What do you want me to do?” He asked quietly. When she didn’t immediately answer, his hand thrust harder, drawing a long, low moan from her lips. “Tell me what you want, baby.” He felt exultant at his ability to drive her wild. But he wanted her to beg for him to fuck her — he kaçak bahis somehow needed her to say it.

She spoke between his violent thrusts. “Please…Gabriel… please… fuck me! I need you… please!”

He rose up and crushed her mouth with his, as his thighs forced hers further apart. He lined his straining erection up at the now pulsing opening of her sex and shoved his way in, bottoming out completely as Laura’s screams of ecstasy were muffled by his brutal kisses. He felt her vaginal muscles clenching around his cock and made a growling sound in his throat, his tongue likewise forcing its way in to fuck her mouth.

She thought she might faint from the insanely pleasurable delirium, and clung to him with trembling arms as he took her, bending her to his will. Gabriel had never before felt this heady sense of proprietary control over another human being. The thrill of knowing how deeply she desired him — how willingly she submitted to him — was driving his lust to even new heights. ‘She is mine!’ he thought, as his hips rammed into hers and the head of his cock hit her cervix over and over again. He suddenly needed to hear her say it.

“Who do you belong to, Laura?” His eyes were fierce and his Irish lilt very pronounced.

She sighed before she answered, as if loving the question itself. “I belong to you, Gabriel… no one else. I am yours…” She breathed. He kissed her again before continuing.

“Are you mine forever, my angel?” He demanded.

“Forever, my love.” She answered. Tears rolled down the sides of her face, soaking into her mane of red hair.

“Do you want my cum?” He growled, and Laura moaned, wildly turned on at the way he was talking.

“Please, yes — give it to me!” She begged. Her hands slipped down to press his tight ass, pulling him even harder against her as his movements began to speed up.

“Then you have to cum first, baby.” He said in his velvety baritone. He shifted slightly so his body began to grind into her clit as he penetrated her, and Laura began to make a high pitched sound. She could feel the heat and electricity building inside her, that strange pins and needles sensation began to spread outward until she clutched at Gabriel and cried out, her body shaking as wave upon wave crashed inside her.

Gabriel felt her climaxing around his shaft and his own dam broke, he pressed his face to her neck and shouted her name, his teeth scraping her tender skin as he rammed so hard he lifted her body off the bed. He flooded her insides with his seed until he had no more, and only then did his movements begin to slow down and lose their violence. Laura’s arms and legs dropped back on the mattress, as she felt herself sliding into that pool of calm that follows an intense orgasm. Still pressed to her neck, he took in a deep shuddering breath and then slowly let it out. They were both covered in sweat, and now that their bodies were beginning to cool, tiny goose bumps rose on their skin.

After a few moments, Laura whispered “It’s never been like this for me before.”

Gabriel raised his head to gaze down lovingly at her, brushing the wet hair from her face before placing a sweet kiss on her forehead, her eyelids, her cheek and finally her bee-stung lips.

“Nor me.” He whispered back.


Laura let Gabriel sleep, slipping quietly out of bed to shower. Under the hot spray, she ran her hands over her body, luxuriating in the memory of his passionate lovemaking. Her nether regions were sore from his frequent attentions, and stung a little as she bathed herself, but that pain was a good one — a satisfying one. Gabriel wanted to have a romantic day in Rome, and she was excited to oblige him. She pushed her lingering fears to the back of her mind. There was no room for them today. Instead, she occupied herself with devising a plan for the day.

It occurred to her that he was in great need of clothes. He’d come to her only in his — gosh, what was the terminology, she wondered — his “vestments”? And would need normal street clothes. And a razor, she mentally added, gently touching her face — and other parts of her body — where his stubble had begun to chafe.

Laura quickly finished her shower and began to get dressed so she could run out and buy a few necessary items for him. She crept around as quietly as possible to avoid disturbing him. Just as she was putting on her boots, she heard him stir and call out to her.

Moving back into the bedroom, she smiled as she took in his contented form, elongated in a big stretch under the sheet that barely covered his athletic frame. He gave her a devastating smile that made her heart lurch.

“Hello beautiful. You’re dressed!” He said the last bit with a twinge of disappointment. His arms reached out for her and Laura’s feet moved toward him of their own accord. She sat at the edge of the bed as he sat up and drew her into his arms.

“I thought that I should run out and buy you some things — since you only brought the clothes on your back.” She made a weak attempt to tame his thick hair. Gabriel tugged her closer and gave her a long, sensual kiss. He inhaled appreciatively and told her she smelled divine. Focusing on her words, he replied.

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