17 Mayıs 2021

Story Telling Leads to More

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Readers-As usual-NO oversized dickeys or boobs. NO Anal or other cruel acts upon the female body. All characters are 18+


This story actually began when an e-mail friend turned me on to Literotica. I found most stories to either be not to my taste or poorly written. But then there were those that were so good and so arousing as to defy description.

After reading a bunch of stories I decided to try my hand. I wrote a “First Time’ story. Somehow with all the writing and editing and rewriting etc. one copy strayed and my wife Barb happened across it. I found out about that a few days later.

At that point we had been married for about fifteen years. Our sex life was still pretty good and we still managed several encounters each week. The best one’s usually started when I would come home and find Barb pantyless. Usually she would be in the kitchen. I would grope and kiss her and that would usually get that evening off to a good start.

One day I entered the kitchen and found Barb stirring something on the stove. I began my usual exploration by fingering her pussy and kissing the back of my wife’s neck. I found her pussy bare and more wet and more responsive than usual. Barb reached back and groped my penis and whispered. “Darn, I’m sorry that it’s so long till bedtime.”

I was sorry too but unfortunately we both had meetings to attend that night. As a result we didn’t manage to be showered and naked in bed together until just after 11:00 PM.

It was just an instant after we hit the bed that our bodies were pressed together from head to toe. We were both trembling as our sexual parts began to home in on each other. We both knew that it was to be an extra special encounter. In between kisses I managed to ask.

“Not that I’m complaining but what brought this on?”

Instead of answering me Barb countered with a request. “Don honey, will you tell me about your first time?”

I was somewhat surprised but answered quickly.

“Yes, but only if you tell me about yours. Turn about is fair play and I really would love to hear about all your exploits.”

As we were talking we worked our way into our usual and most favorite fucking position. Which was with both on our sides with Barbs legs up and around my waist. That allowed for maximum penetration and we both loved it.

“So tell me hubby dear.” Said Barb after we were settled. Tell me about your first time.”

Before I started I again asked Barb what had brought on the question. She told me then that she had found my story and wanted to know if it were a true story. She asked she said because one scene reminded her of her own first time.

Of course I asked. “Which scene was that?”

“I’ll tell you when the time is right.”

I told her. “My girlfriend during High School was Shirl.” I said. “Then just after graduation she had trouble at home and took off for parts unknown. We ran into each other one night about three years later and ended up screwing.”

“I want to hear all the details.” Barb said while she rode my cock and it slid in and out of her ever tightening cunt.

“Not now. Not until you tell me what brought this on.”

“Like I said. Your story, well, one incident in it reminded me of my first time. The first time I actually got laid that is.”

“So tell me.” I said.

“No. You first.” I decided to surrender.

“As I mentioned, I began to tell the whole story. “Shirl ran away. She was a good dancer and got connected with a traveling dance group. She became very close friends with a girl name of Jean. Over the next couple of years they would show up once in a while for a day or two. She would always be with her friend Jean. We were never close enough to each other to do more than wave or shout “Hi.” across the street.

“I didn’t know that she was even in the area when I happened to stop in a local road house which featured a dance band on Friday nights. It was about 11:30 as I wandered around to see if anyone I knew was in attendance.

“AT first I saw no one until I happened to see Shirl. She was in a booth with her friend Jean and two guys. I nodded my head at her and completed my survey and left. I was out the entrance and half way to my car when I heard a voice call ‘Don’.

“I turned and looked and it was Shirl and she walked toward me and said.

‘Don. Please take me back to town.’

“As we drove toward town I offered to stop and get a pizza or a hoagie at another local landmark. We did that and were just beginning to eat our pizza when Shirl’s friend Jean and the two guys walked in.

“They took another booth and Jean walked over and handed Shirl her purse and sweater saying nothing except ‘Hi Don.’ to me and returned to her male companions.

“I didn’t question Shirl. Our conversation was of the ‘Whatever happened to…….?’ or ‘Did you know that ………………?’ type until we got back into the car. When I pulled up in front of the building where her mother lived Shirl invited me up.

“Mom is away but I have my key and canlı bahis I need your company.” She said. “Which is how we ended up necking on the living room couch.

“We necked and I could feel her become more and more passionate. Shirl was wearing a low cut blouse that buttoned down the front. I began to kiss her neck and then her throat and at the same time started to unbutton her blouse. I kissed my way over to the place where her bra covered her skin and then began to peel her bra strap off her shoulder.

“Then I bared her breast as I kissed my way toward her nipple. Shirl was making all sorts of little moans and gasps and I knew then that she was very hot and that I was going to get laid.

“I wanted to take it slow and enjoy each step along the way. I completely unbuttoned her blouse and then removed it and her bra and began to devour both nipples.

“Shirl told me later that she came while I did that but I wasn’t smart enough at the time to notice. Now that her top was bare and I didn’t need both hands I slid my hand under her skirt and up to the bare skin above her knee.

“Now I was getting eager. I slipped my finger under the leg band next to her pussy and slid it in between her pussy lips. I had done this before and I finger fucked her for a few minutes. There was no doubt in my young mind that she was ready.

“Then I took my finger out and reached my hand up to the waistband and begin to work her panty off. When I got my hand around the back I pushed them part way down and then played with her hot rump for a minute.

“About then Shirl got impatient and lifted her ass up off of the seat and I reached up and slid her panties down and over her knees and then over her shoes. Shirl pushed me back and began to fumble with my belt buckle.

“I got the message and set a record getting my pants and shorts down around my ankles. Shirl spread her legs and pushed herself forward until the cheeks of her ass were at the edge of the seat. I kneeled on the floor and slid my hard dick into her hot slippery cunt.

“It was, as I said, my first time. It was an incredible feeling and I didn’t move for a minute as I enjoyed the sensation. Then Shirl put her and on my waist and said. ‘Don’t waste time damn-it. Fuck me and fuck me now.’

“I came in just a minute or two but luckily for Shirl it being my first time and being so ready I didn’t even soften.

“I got into the rhythm of it and this time I lasted. Shirl came a couple of times before I let go what was probably the biggest load of cum in my life.

“So that’s the story. She was home for about two weeks. We did it a few more times until she left town again. The next thing I heard was that she had married and was living in a nearby town.”

“Where is she now?”


“The way I heard it. She and her husband had an argument late one night. She left, driving off much too fast. About ten minutes later she rounded a blind curve and ran into a stalled truck and was killed.


“OK. Now tell me about your first time.”

“I don’t know if I should tell you. You might get mad.”

“Why would I get mad? You certainly didn’t do anything I didn’t do.”

“It’s not what but who.” She stopped as I looked her in the eyes. Finally she screwed up her courage and said. “It was with Tommy.” Then she added. “My cousin Tommy.”

“So? Why do I care if was Tommy. He seems like an all right guy to me.”

“But it was incest. Cousins aren’t supposed to screw.”

“According to some jerks nobody is supposed to screw. Except them of course. Anyhow cousins may marry so it’s not incest. Plus he’s really your mothers cousin isn’t he?”

Barb nodded and then began. “To start off with we kissed one night when we were in the same bunch playing ‘spin the bottle’. My spin pointed at Tommy and the gang wouldn’t let us off the hook. So we kissed. After that we actually necked sometimes when we got the chance.

“So then there was the time when we were about 19. We were going up the stairs from the basement rec room and Tommy goosed me. That wasn’t to unusual he had been doing that for years. But this time he missed a little and his finger hit me in right in my pussy instead of on my ass cheek where he usually did.

“I was in a bad mood for some reason and I turned around and tried to slap him. He caught my hand and then asked why I did that. I came right back at him and said. ‘No passes buddy. Necking yes, passes, no.’

“We were in the hall by then, facing each other and alone in the house. Tommy was on his way home. He looked at me and said. ‘Do you really think that was a pass?’ I said ‘Hell yes. I think that you want to get into me.’

“He looked at me and then quietly said. ‘Well yes Barb, I do want to get into you but that was no pass. If I were making a pass I would do it like this.’ Then he grabbed me from behind and kissed my neck. He reached around me and he put two fingers against my pussy. He pressed just hard enough to partially separate it through my dungarees and began bahis siteleri wiggling his fingers.

“Just as I quit struggling and began to respond he stopped, pushed me away saying. ‘That would be a pass. If I do that then I am making a pass.’ With that he stormed out of the house.

She continued. “I walked around for the next two hours in a daze. Finally I made up my mind that I wanted to get laid and that I wanted Tommy to be my first.”

As she whispered her tale I again became super hard. Just as she got to the part about her responding to his fingering I came and I came hard. We slowed for awhile and then kissed for a minute and then I said. “So then what?”

“Enough already. Save some of that stuff for tomorrow when I will detail the main event.

Needless to say the next day the hours crawled by.

Somehow I survived until we finally crawled into bed the following night about 10:30. We coupled up again and without my prompting Barb started right in.

“Well.” She said. ” Tommy called that night and apologized and I did too. About a month later Tommy called me late on a Sunday afternoon and asked if I had a date. When I said ‘no’ he asked if I would be his date. Nothing fancy but it was his best friends sister’s 18th birthday and he really couldn’t beg off and he didn’t want to be there without a date.

“So anyhow, we went together and we had a good time. It was warm and I wore a light dress and we danced and when we danced we danced close. Most of the time we were pressing our bellies together. I could feel that he was hard a lot of the time and my panties were getting more and more soaked as the evening wore on.

“When we left and when we were driving past the airport and with all it’s flashing lights. I said to him. ‘Tommy. The overlook is a great parking spot.’

“Tommy did turn in and found a nice spot overlooking the field. We were the only one there. ‘This is the best spot around don’t you think?’ I said and Tommy looked at me and said. ‘You are an expert on make out spots then?’

“I only knew what I heard but I wanted to tease him so I said. ‘It is not quite as good as the one out by the falls but that one is usually crowded. This is perfect tonight.’ Then I pulled at him and he pulled at me and we kissed each other thoroughly.

“After a while he reached over and tripped a lever that made the seat angle back. Then Tommy was half on me and his leg was somehow in between mine. Then I said to him. ‘Tommy, show me again how I will know if you are making a pass at me. I won’t slap you, I promise’.

“Tommy wasted no time before his hand was under my skirt. Right away he was feeling me through my panties with those two fingers. It felt so, so, good.

“Then he slid his hand around the leg opening and began playing with my rump.”

“This is why I got so excited over your story. Remember in your story you speak of how good it was to slide your hand up under the leg opening of the girls panties and feel the bare hot skin of her rump?

Then she panted some words into my ear saying. ” I’m so hot remembering it and I need you to come inside of me again right now.”

I did just that. I was so ready after listening to Barb tell her story that I did come almost immediately

“So you did fuck?”

“Yes. He pulled at my panties. Like your Shirl I couldn’t help but make it easy for him by lifting my butt off the car seat. I remember they were peach colored to match my dress. I remember that so well. Then he finger fucked me some more till I was ready to scream for him to put his dick into me.

“Then he collapsed the seat some more, got on top and at last he put it in me. We fucked. We fucked twice as a matter of fact and I enjoyed every second of both times.”

“You said that you were a virgin but you had no problem being penetrated?”

“No. My Aunt Marg gave me a dildo for my 18th birthday and I broke my own hymen with that. She also got me started on the pill. ‘Just in case.’ she said. So it was a great and memorable night and your story brought it all back.”

By then I was hard again and ready to come again and we screwed and then fell asleep in a warm but sloppy bed. We got up about one in the morning and showered together and changed the sheets and fell asleep in each other’s arms.

The next day was Saturday and I had a golf date. This time I was a little unhappy about that. I really would rather have stayed home and tried to ‘get lucky’ again. I was off my game a little but still made a halfway respectable score of 94.

I got home about 2 o’clock and the house was very quiet. I didn’t pay much attention and went to the frig for a cold drink and a snack. With a bottle in one hand and a half a sandwich in the other I began to wander toward the bedroom thinking about a warm shower and a nap.

As I approached our bedroom I suddenly noticed the familiar sound of a vibrating massager. I entered the bedroom and Barb was artfully spread out on the bed with both hands busy. One was holding the massager against her clit and the other bahis şirketleri was doing other erotic things inside her cunt. She looked at me with half closed eyes and a coy smile.

“Care to join me Donald dear? The kids are at mom’s for the night. How about you hide your car in the garage and take a shower and then join me? Meanwhile I will have erotic memories and practice having orgasms.”

Needless to say it was only about 11 minutes later that still half wet I climbed into bed beside her and took her into my arms.

“I’ve already had three. Barb told me. “So you should just stick it in there and shoot a load of cum into me and take the edge off. I plan a long session of story telling and orgasms.”

A few minutes later after fulfilling step one of her plan we remained coupled when Barb said. “OK. Now tell me about your first real fuck and then later tell me about fucking Shirl.”

Barb had been getting more and more excited as I spoke and was now fucking me had and near orgasm judging from the sound she was making.

About then she exploded into orgasm, her pelvis bumping mine hard and her cunt contracting again and again around my hard cock. I knew I couldn’t take much more and then Barb started whispering in my ear. “Come now Don, please. Please come. I want to feel your hot cum shoot into me just like you shot it into Shirl. God, you must have loved that moment.”

So I obeyed her order and came and because she was obviously so turned on that I couldn’t help pumping out quite a lot of cum into her hot pussy. When it spread around her insides she began to come too and her orgasm seemed to continue for a long time.

We laid in each others arm and kissed occasionally until we were rested and then Barb decided that it was time to clean off the drying cum and to freshen up. We both peed and then showered together doing those things to each other that couples do when showering together.

Back in the bedroom I saw that we had been screwing on a beach towel placed to protect the sheets. Barb tossed it on the floor as I stood behind her running my hands up and down her naked body and stopping now and then to gently pinch her nipples. “Your turn now babe. Tell me another.”

I told of a threesome that I once enjoyed with a married couple in their camper. I won’t tell it here as it might make a good story to write. When I finished and we both came down from our erotic highs it was time for supper.

Since we were hiding I managed to do a couple of steaks and some salad without turning on the lights. That finished we showered again and it was Barb’s turn again.


“There was an unusual ‘one nighter’ in Ocean City Maryland once.” She began. “Marilyn and I were staying at a boardwalk resort hotel. Our room was on the fifteenth floor. We threw on a light wrap over our suits and went swimming.

“We were back inside and enjoying the hot tub and it’s well placed jets when a thunder storm came up. Next thing the power went out and the Jacuzzi shut down as did all the lights except for the emergency lighting.

“Of course the elevators were not running either. We started to get cold so we found our way to the ladies and took off our suits and put the wraps back on to cover our nakedness. We looked each other over and decided that we were both looking pretty sexy. We re-entered the pool area and found our way to the bar and restaurant. The bartender said that the drinks were on the house so I ordered a Stinger with the idea that it would warm me up.”

As Barb spoke I knew how sexy Barb was when naked under a flimsy wrap. As I pictured her in a dimly lit bar among a bunch of people I became instantly as hard as the proverbial rock. We repositioned ourselves on the bed this time with her on top.

She lowered herself until I was deep inside of her. As she stopped her memories must have excited her as her cunt muscles squeezed my cock two or three times.

“Continue.” I said.

“Well time went on and there were candles and hurricane lamps and eventually a talented guy began playing love songs on the piano. Gradually people started to dance and just as I was in the middle of my second drink and discussing a sandwich order with the bartender I felt a tap on my shoulder and someone ask softly. ‘Would you care to dance?’

“I turned to see who was asking and I recognized a guy that I had passed several times while on the beach. He was nicely built and wearing a shirt and shorts. ‘Maybe later, I just ordered a sandwich and I’m so hungry that I’d be poor company.’

“So he stayed and we chatted until my sandwich came and I ate it. Eventually we got around to dancing. I forgot how thinly I was covered until I felt his semi hard cock press my lower body. I immediately became very horny. I pulled my body even closer and because my lips had been loosened by the drinks I found myself ask. ‘Did I cause that?’

Even now I can’t believe I said that.

“He promptly answered me saying. ‘Yes. And now it’s your duty to do something about it’ By then I was so hot that I was ready to do it right there on the dance floor. ‘Where?’ I asked. ‘How about my room. It’s on the third floor. We can walk.’ Without waiting for my answer he took my hand and we began walking toward the stairs.

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