16 Mayıs 2021

Subjects 0 Ch. 02

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STATUS REPORT: Initial tests on Subject Alpha a success. All subjects seemed to be at a higher state of arousal than usual, to include Alpha and his sister. Need to get more data on what happened after Subject Alpha left the club. Perhaps we can convince Larry Cavettelli to hire Subject Alpha.


It had been two weeks since April had tried to teach Adam how to control his libido. Two weeks of near-complete success, and utter failure. Success, because he could control his urges more often than not. The only times he failed to control himself is when he remembered what April and him had done. Failure, because he hadn’t seen his sister since that afternoon, and she refused to talk to him. She hadn’t come home last weekend, and this weekend was shaping up to be the same.

Adam knew that what they had done together was wrong, but at the same time it had felt so great, how could it be anything other than right? He had called her, but she never answered. He emailed her, and knew she read the emails, but again, no replies. It didn’t seem to matter what he wrote, or said, she was gone.

His mom arrived home from work, and informed him that pizza was already ordered, and would be there soon. Adam couldn’t remember the last time they had had a home cooked meal. He wasn’t even sure if his mom still remembered how to cook.

“Have you heard from your sister? Is she coming over this weekend?” He heard her yell from her room.

“No. She won’t answer my calls,” Adam replied.

“What happened that weekend?” His mom asked as she came out of her room. She had on her usual evening attire, baggy jeans, and a loose gray shirt. “You have seemed calmer, but she couldn’t get out of here quick enough.” His mom had asked this same question numerous times, and Adam wasn’t about to admit to the truth. That they had fucked, and he had never imagined that such pleasure ever existed, as he had found that day.

“I told you. We got into a fight, and she stormed out.”

“I know you told me you apologized, but did you REALLY apologize, or just kinda? I hate to see you two mad at each other.”

“I tell you what, after we eat, I’ll go to her place, and apologize in person,” he told her in exasperation.

His mom walked over to him, and leaned down to give him a kiss on the forehead. “Thank you.” The front of her loose shirt dropped low, and Adam could see all the way to her belly button. She wasn’t wearing a bra. Adam had caught glimpses of her breasts before, but never this close, and only before that fateful weekend. With what April and he had done still fresh in his mind, his mom’s tits this close, kick started his libido. He stopped his hands as they started to travel up, and closed his eyes, turning the image of her smallish breasts into a blank white wall.

“Are you okay?” Her words seemed to come to him from a vast distance.

Opening his eyes, he looked at her again, and this time noticed a slight flush to her cheeks. “Yeah, just thinking about what I’m going to say when I get there.” He couldn’t believe he had almost molested his mother. What had happened with his sister was one thing, but he had never felt particularly close to his mother, and the way she had reacted to catching him masturbating… Well, his mom was definitely out of bounds.

“Let me know when–” His mom started, but cut off as the doorbell rang, “Oh, never mind.” She paid the deliveryman, and they sat down to eat.

Dinner was always a silent event. Adam never understood why mom insisted on eating together, since no one talked, but he was quite used to it by now. He couldn’t help but see her in a different light this evening, however. For instance, when the collar of her shirt slipped off her shoulder, he now noticed the pale skin that was left bare, the same shade as her breasts. She was always quick to pull it back up, but one time she had caught him staring, and then left it down the rest of dinner. And whenever their eyes met, they seemed to have a sparkle in them he hadn’t noticed before. He also noticed how she ate her pizza, and while he had never thought of eating pizza as a seductive act before, he did notice how her lips slid along the slice, and how they moved as she chewed.

Several times he had to close his eyes, and concentrate on the image of a blank wall, and each time it seemed to get more difficult to change the image.

“Are you okay?” Adam didn’t know what was more shocking; that she had spoken during dinner, breaking the usual silence, or that she actually seemed concerned. It wasn’t that she was cruel or uncaring, but usually she was so lost in her work, that even when she got home, her mind was still there. She rarely noticed her children, except when she caught them doing something she thought was wrong. “You look like you have a headache, the way you keep closing your eyes.” The surprises kept coming as she got up, and walked canlı bahis over to him, her shoulder still bare. “Would you like me to rub your temples?” She suited actions to words, and her hands on his head felt like fire and ice, paradoxically.

Adam leapt from his chair, his second slice of pizza only half eaten. “I’d better go. I’m not really that hungry.” He started for the door, ignoring whatever his mom said behind him. His only concern was making it out, before she noticed the bulge she had caused in his pants.

Safely in his truck, Adam gave a sigh of relief. He closed his eyes, but it took nearly five minutes before he could get the image of his mother out of his head.

PERSONAL NOTE: Must be careful with Larry Cavettelli. He wanted to use the substance in the stripper’s body spray, but that would have ruined the tests. I understand the implications this can have for his business, but science must come first. Aerial dispersion is still considered the best option for now.


Carol shook herself as her son rushed out the door. She had never seen him act like that around her, but then she had to admit to herself, she really never did pay much attention to her kids. As long as they never got into trouble, or as long as she didn’t catch them doing something wrong, what did it matter?

But for some reason she found herself paying special attention to her eighteen year old son tonight. She hadn’t realized he had grown into a man. A fully grown and well developed man. Unbidden, the image of her son, his hand wrapped tightly around his large cock, sprang to mind.

What was wrong with her? All evening she had been having hot flashes. She was too young to be going through menopause, and it wasn’t that time of the month. She didn’t think of herself as a sexual creature, though she did know that a few of her coworkers had crushes on her. Sex just wasn’t important. Science, now that was something that got her excited! For eighteen years she had been married to her job, and always felt fulfilled with it.

Until tonight. There was no denying the physical reactions her body was having. Increased heart rate, clammy skin, she could feel her bare nipples rubbing against her shirt, and her vagina was definitely wet.

She sauntered to her room, and locked her door. She didn’t view masturbation as a bad thing (again the image of her son, grasping his throbbing hard on flashed before her), but rather as something necessary from time to time. She just couldn’t understand why Adam had to jack off so often. Why he couldn’t show more restraint.

More thoughts of her son, only made her vagina ache, and she efficiently stripped off her shirt and pants. She examined her image in the mirror, and had to smile. At almost forty, her body still looked as young as if she were twenty. Her B-cup breasts didn’t sag at all, she still had her slim waist, and if her hips were just a little wider, well, why not? She looked good, and even she couldn’t deny it. She took only a second to pull her brown hair back, and tie it with an elastic band, before she let her hands begin to roam over her slim frame.

Her fingertips teased goose bumps from her skin, and her nipples began to ache as they pointed straight out from her chest. She knew Adam would be gone for awhile, so she decided she was going to enjoy this. She watched the woman in the mirror with her sultry eyes as her hand began to dip lower and lower, across her abdomen, to the outside of her thighs, around the front, and then up. Already she could see her inner labia poking through and the tiny bundle of nerves at the top. Her fingers grazed the outer labia, sending shivers through her body at the anticipated pleasure to come.

Her right hand came up to her left breast, and began to circle her nipple, while she allowed her left hand to return to her wet crotch. She allowed one finger to slip through the middle of her lips, picking up some of her juices, and then ran it over her clit. As her finger finally touched that most sensitive of spots, a gasp and moan escaped her body.

She couldn’t remember the last time she had been this turned on. Was it something her son had said or done lately? No, he hadn’t done anything to illicit this behavior from her, and yet she couldn’t get the image of him naked out of her mind. Just like when someone tells you not to think of something, the image becomes stronger in your head, so too did the images get stronger in Carol’s mind. Despite her best efforts, she watched the woman in the mirror start to shake and shudder, moaning out Adam’s name as she came.

STATUS REPORT: Larry has hired Subject Alpha as a bouncer. He begins work tonight. We will refrain from using the substance, and see how things play out. Still need to figure out a way to monitor Subject Alpha in his domicile.


He bahis siteleri arrived at his sister’s apartment about an hour later. He had forgotten about rush hour traffic, and so it took longer than usual to get there.

For some while he sat in his truck trying to compose what he was going to say when April answered the door. After five minutes had passed, and he still didn’t have anything, he used the mantra his sister had taught him. 1… 2… 3… Fuck it.

He was out of his truck and knocking on the door, not allowing himself to think. He would figure it out as it happened.

The door opened, and an attractive brunette answered the door. “Can I help you?” He hadn’t expected or even thought that someone else might answer, or even be here. Only now did he remember that she had a roommate.

“Um… Minnie, right?” He stammered.

“Yeah. Do I know you?” He could see confusion and doubt in her eyes.

“Sorry, I’m April’s brother.” Adam wasn’t sure, but for a second he thought she had glanced at his crotch. April hadn’t told her, had she?

“April’s not here right now,” her eyes narrowed as she looked at him, then she opened the door fully, and gestured him in, “but you are welcome to wait till she gets back.”

He stepped past her, and couldn’t help but notice her perfume. She smelled of vanilla, one of his favorite scents.

She led him inside to their TV room, and he sat on their plush couch, nervously fiddling with his shirt, as she joined him in their living room. To his surprise, she sat right next to him.

“April tells me you’re doing great in school.”

“Yeah, I’m passing all my classes. I guess I got my mom’s genes there.” He was nervous talking to her, feeling her body next to his, and felt foolish for his answer. He kept glancing around the room, not wanting to get caught staring at his sister’s cute roommate. He always had a thing for women in glasses. She continued to try and tease answers from him, asking him everything from what his favorite subject in school was, to where he thought he might want to go to college. He was really beginning to wonder if he should just go home, and try another night.

“So how did you enjoy screwing your sister?”

“It was great, I… Wait, what?!?” Adam brought his attention back, replaying in his head what she had just asked, and he had answered before thinking. Minnie started to laugh at his expression. “She TOLD you?”

“Of course she did! She was in such a state when she got back from that weekend, I didn’t leave her alone till she spilled the beans.” She got her laughter under control, but he could still see it in her eyes as she regarded him. “I must say, you made quite an impression on her, and that is saying something, considering how many men she has been with.”

“Oh? She’s been with a lot then?” Despite himself, Adam felt let down. Maybe what they had shared hadn’t meant anything to her. Maybe he had just been one more notch in her belt.

Minnie didn’t seem to catch Adam’s tone. “Yeah. Normally she can keep herself under control, but get a couple drinks in her, and she will fuck anybody. Hell, even I’ve done her a time or twenty.”

Adam was shocked at her candor, but then something she said sunk in. If she only lost control when she had a couple drinks, and they hadn’t drank any alcohol that weekend…

Minnie must have misunderstood the look on his face. “Didn’t know your sister swung both ways, huh? I’ve gotta tell ya, she knows how to lick a mean pussy. Did you get to taste hers? She wouldn’t give me any details, beyond the fact that you did it. Oh, and that you had the biggest cock she had ever seen. I tell you, she got me so horny that night, I almost raped her. I’ve never seen her so wild.” She paused for a second, and Adam thought he caught her looking at the large unmistakable bulge in his pants. Despite himself, this conversation was getting to him. “Odd thing, though. Like I said before, she has always been in pretty good control of herself, but since that weekend and that night, nothing: no sex, no masturbation, no men, nothing.”

What could that mean, Adam wondered?

Minnie just kept on talking, though, as if afraid to let there be silence. “I normally have excellent control except when it comes to your sister. There is just something about her that gets my pussy soaking wet. But I do have to know… Are you really as big as she says?” As she asks, her hand grips his cock through his pants, and begins to rub. “My hell, that’s hard! It must be hurting you in those pants. I would hate to be a bad host, and leave my guest in pain. We need to get you out of those pants immediately.” Suiting actions to words, she got his pants open, zipper undone, and down to his knees before he thought to stop her.

Seeing the hunger in her eyes as his cock sprang free though, he decided to help, rather than hinder. He removed his shirt, as she stared, glossy eyed, at his turgid bahis şirketleri penis. Her lips moved wordlessly as she adjusted her glasses on her nose, admiring his manhood. Finally she looked up to him, “May I?” A nod from him was all it took, and he moaned as her lips stretched around the circumference of the head of his phallus. She was kneeling between his legs, hair dropping into her face as she tried to force more and more of it down her throat. He held her hair back for her, and marveled at the sight of this four-eyed cutie sucking his cock.

After the episode with his mother, and now this, it didn’t take him long before he felt the churning in his balls that was the precursor to his orgasm. “I’m about to…” He cut off as she picked up the pace, and he started to shoot into the back of her mouth. She had barely been able to get the head in, and her drool leaked down his shaft as she tried to swallow his load. She licked him clean, as he finished. He was enjoying the feeling, and realized that he had remained hard.

“Oh, my! I’ve never tasted a man’s cum that tasted so great. I don’t understand why your sister would want to stay away from this wonderful cock of yours! Who cares if you’re siblings? If my brother had a member like this, I would be on it day and night.”

“You know why she is staying away?” Despite how horny he still was, he hadn’t forgotten his original reason for coming over.

“Of course!” Minnie stood up, and dropped her pants, and took off her shirt, but left her bra on. She swung a leg over him, as she kept talking. “She is afraid of it happening again.” She reached down between her legs and grasping his tool, began to rub it against her pussy. “She thinks you must hate her for what she’s done to you, and fears that if she was around you again, she might not be able to stop herself.” She began to press down, and his cock stretched her lips, making her moan. “In all honesty, it’s why I invited you in. You see, I am kind of a voyeur, and I wanted to see you fucking your sister. I wanted to see her lose control.” She was pushing down harder now, and Adam had to suppress a moan this time as her tight pussy started to spread over the head of his penis. “The way I seem to be losing control. I wanted to watch as you came in her. Her pussy never tasted as good as it did that night.” Adam remembered blowing his wad in his sister, and realized that Minnie must have tasted his cum in her that night.

STATUS REPORT: After Subject Alpha’s first night as a bouncer, I can see that we have selected an excellent person to test our substance with. He is rational and level headed. He knows how to think. We will have to use the substance on him again to see how he behaves.


Her lips finally snapped over the rim of her roommate’s brother’s dick, and they both moaned. Her bra covered tits were right in front of his face, and he pulled her brazier down to taste her nipples. They were large and pink on her smallish breasts, and she couldn’t stop an involuntary buck of her hips as his lips touched her sensitive areola.

“Oh, my Gawd. I have never had something so huge inside me!” She reached down between them, and felt how much was still outside. “No way! There has to be more than that inside me!” She grabbed the back of Adam’s head, and pulled him into her tit, as she moved her hips against him, gradually taking him in deeper, and deeper. She had never felt so full, so stretched, before in her life. She didn’t get around as much as April did, but these were her college years, and she did have some fun.

Minnie felt the younger man start to move his hips in time with her movements, and then she felt his teeth on her nipple. “Yeah, bite that teet. Keep it up, and you’re gonna make me cum all over that tree trunk you call a dick!” She loved to talk dirty, as it turned her on more, and delighted as she felt her pussy begin to convulse around his throbbing prick.

His hands grabbed her ass, and she could feel him thrusting now, inching deeper into her, helped by her recent orgasm. She felt like she was about to be split in two, but it made her feel so deliciously full that she wanted more.

“That’s it! Shove that pecker up my cunt. Make me cum again, you awesome stud. Yeah, fuck me, fuck me, FUCK ME!” Never before had she come twice so close together. While her pussy soaked his cock, she finally felt their pelvises touch. He was finally, fully, inside her. He felt like he was in her stomach, he was so large. Is this what April had experienced, she wondered? Is this what she was afraid of? If so, she was more than happy to take her place.

Adam stood up suddenly, and with his hands supporting her ass, started to drive into her. Minnie screamed in ecstasy.

STATUS REPORT: Great news today. Ron, one of the stripper’s now ex-boyfriend told us how things went that night back at their place. Subject Alpha is now mating with all three women. {What I wouldn’t give to be in his shoes.} NOTE: Previous sentence should be removed as it does not reflect on the scientific value of this experiment.

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