17 Mayıs 2021

Susan and Diane

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It was one of those long boring parties that her mother had insisted Diane and her twin sister, Susan, attend. Her mother’s friends lived in the next ‘whites only’ suburb and considered themselves the elite; you know the type, the richest, the biggest house and, Diane had to admit, the best food and drink. Diane could not help laughing at the woman she called Rich Bitch; RB for short, she had everything including a husband nearly twenty years older than her. She was the epitome of a trophy wife, attractive, sensual and a real bitch, her only purpose was to look good, sexy, while he got on with making money. Diane sat down and stared around, there was her widowed mother, a teacher, her fucking teacher up until today! Today had been her last day at school and Diane was looking forward to her gap year and her world trip. A couple of months of full time work and Susan and Diane would be off with enough money to enjoy themselves.

Her mother was chatting idly to RB’s husband, probably about school; he was on the school board. He appeared to be undressing her mother with his eyes and Diane could not say she blamed him. RB was definitely in fourth place when it came to beauty, if she included herself and her twin sister. Both Susan and Diane had inherited their mother’s great looks and their father’s dominant personality, together with his sexual obsession for beautiful white girls and women.

Diane continued to scan the party; she realised that her family, were the only Negroes, thinking about it, Diane was surprised they were even invited. Diane’s gaze eventually fell on RB, she was obviously looking at Diane and as their eyes met, RB turned away. Well, Diane thought that was the third time that has happened today, a sure sign of lust. Within seconds, RB looked back and this time Diane held her gaze. She smiled at Diane and Diane smiled back confidently, raising her glass cheekily to her lips. When RB did the same and sensually licked her lips, Diane thought shit; she is trying to get into my knickers. Diane smiled and wandered off around the party trying to find her sister, and on her guard for any seduction attempts.

It was a hot summer’s day and the guests were starting to get into the large swimming pool. Diane decided to give RB a sight she could fantasize about when her husband was fucking her later in the day. Diane smiled to herself; probably he would be fantasizing about her mother and her about me, she mused. Making sure she was looking, Diane mischievously removed the tie around her dress and in one fluid movement pulled the dress over her head to reveal her perfect body; the intimate parts hidden by only a brief bikini, which was the exact colour of her skin. At first glance, one would have thought she was naked. As her head reappeared from under her dress, Diane found herself looking at RB’s stepdaughter, Carol, whose eyes were wide and her finger was moving in and out of her lips. Diane smiled at her, then ran and dived into the swimming pool.

Being a good swimmer, Diane did laps of the pool, her head buzzing with the possibility that RB and Carol were both lesbians. As she considered her options, her sister Susan dived in and, stroke for stroke they went up and down the pool together. Finally, they paused and Diane told Susan what had happened, while Susan casually played with Diane’s clitoris under the water. As Diane held her breath as an orgasm shook her body, Susan revealed a plan to enslave the daughter, but as they went to get out of the pool, they saw that storm clouds were literally gathering and everyone started to go inside as the first flashes of lightening rent the air. As the storm intensified, most of the guests went home, but it was still too crowded to make a move on Carol. Disappointed the twin sisters found a quiet corner on the veranda and, being bored and slightly intoxicated; both eventually dozed off in the humid evening air. Susan awoke much later, it was dark and the party had obviously ended. As Susan looked around, she saw a sophisticated lady, in her early forties, she knew only as Karen. Karen was peering into the house as though she were spying on the occupants.

As Susan stood up, Diane stirred and watched as her sister moved toward Karen. As she approached Karen, Susan realised Karen’s hand was between her legs playing with her cunt. Amused, Susan crept up behind her and peering into the window, she was confronted by the vision of RB fucking her stepdaughter’s cunt with a large strap-on dildo, and enthusiastically fisting her arse; while Carol’s father rammed his prick in and out of her mouth. Karen raised her hand to the door handle and instinctively Susan grabbed her and pulled her away from the French doors.

Marching Karen around to the side of the house, Susan said, “You have got to be fucking joking lady, they would eat you alive and spit you out in little pieces!” Karen stared at Susan but Susan continued to hold Karen up against the wall as Diane joined them. Karen, confronted by two black girls panicked and struggling she suddenly ripped the necklace from her neck and the rings from her fingers and thrust illegal bahis them at Susan. Karen then yelled, “Here, that’s what you two want isn’t it, you niggers are all thieving bastards!”

Diane could not help herself, anger coursed through her veins. She dragged Karen away from Susan and into the woods adjacent to the house. Sitting down on a fallen log; she forced Karen over her knee. Lifting Karen’s dress, she ripped her knickers off, and spanked her as hard as she could. She did not stop, Karen was howling in pain, eventually Diane’s anger did abate and she pushed Karen to the ground where she lay moaning.

Susan grabbed Karen’s hair and pulled her to her feet. Karen was shaking as Susan forced her towards her car.

Susan pushed Karen into the driver’s seat and said, “Handbag!”

Without hesitation, Karen offered Susan her handbag and Susan yelled, “Open it!”

Karen opened it and pleaded, “You can have the money, but please don’t hurt me, I won’t tell anyone, I promise, please”.

Diane, anger surging back, grabbed Karen by the throat, forced her hand beneath the woman’s skirt and jabbed three fingers into the woman’s cunt, vigorously massaging her clit with her thumb. She was amazed; Karen’s cunt was saturated as though she had just had a massive orgasm. Diane yelled, “Put your fucking jewellery into your bag, you shit! Karen’s jewellery dropped into her handbag and Susan shouted, “Close it! Now fucking go home!” However, Karen had grasped Diane’s wrist and was forcing Diane’s hand hard into her cunt, begging her to continue. Susan looked at the woman and laughing climbed into the passenger seat and grabbing Karen’s breast, squeeze then hard before playing with her nipples. Karen moaned in ecstasy, her cunt juices flowing freely saturating the back of the skirt she was wearing.

Diane laughed and said, “You white sluts all want to suck black cunt, don’t you?”

Karen nodded, but Susan, squeezing Karen’s nipples, said, “I did not hear your reply, you white piece of shit!”

Karen almost choked on the words but said, “Yes, I want to suck black cunt.”

Diane smiled to herself and said, “Do all white shit cunts want to be fisted by me, or my sister, or is it just your white arse?”

Karen lowered her head and said quietly, “I don’t know, I think, just my white arse!”

“Ok, this is what you are going to do. You are going to get naked and then you will crawl to me. The sisters released Karen, and she immediately started to strip, watching as Diane and Susan disappeared in to the woods. Once Karen was naked, she took a few tentative steps in the direction she last saw the Negro sisters. She had not gone very far when she saw Diane’s bright yellow dress hung on a tree and her heart leapt as she imagine Diane naked. Karen called out in the darkness and a voice only a metre behind her said, “If I let your white arse find me, what will you let me do?”

Karen spun around, but not seeing Diane or Susan, Karen fell to her knees and said, “Anything”.

Diane’s voice echoed through the darkness asking, “Will you let me fist your cunt, your arse?”

“Yes” Karen replied quickly.

“If I let you drink our cunt juice, will you be our obedient slave for life?”

Karen hesitated for only a heartbeat before saying, “Yes, I promise.”

Karen jumped, as Diane seemed to materialise out of the darkness directly in front of her. Karen crawled forward intent on sucking Diane’s cunt, but Diane said, “Stay where you are you piece of white puppy shit!” Karen halted and sat back on her heels, her head bowed.

Susan unnoticed appeared directly behind her, smiling she said, “Beg like a puppy!”

Karen knelt up and curling her hands in front of her boobs in a plausible imitation of a puppy begging. Diane laughed and said, “Not a bad reproduction, slut, but you should have your tongue out and be panting, like white puppy shit!”

Karen let her tongue slump from her mouth and began panting. Diane laughed and turning around she spread her arse cheeks and wiped her anus over Karen’s tongue, while Susan held Karen’s head against her sister’s arse. Then Diane said, “White puppy shits tongue black assholes!”

Susan forced Karen mouth on to her sister’s rosebud; Karen commenced tonguing Diane, which Diane found oddly stimulating, while Susan, enjoying the spectacle, started rubbing her clit. Karen eventually brought Diane to a mild orgasm and turning around, Diane presented Karen with her cunt, but as Karen came within inches of licking Diane’s cunt, she felt Susan grab her hair and stop her.

Diane said, “Are you our obedient slave?”

“Yes, Mistress” replied Karen.

“You will do everything I tell you to do?” Diane asked.

“Yes, Mistress! Please let me suck your cunt?” Karen replied.

“And” Diane continued, “Everything you have is ours!”

Karen was distraught with frustration and begged “Yes, Mistress. Please!”

“You may suck my cunt!” Diane said laughing.

Susan pushed Karen towards Diane and Karen hungrily began tonguing Diane’s cunt. Diane smiled to herself, illegal bahis siteleri Karen was an expert cunt licker and soon cunt juices were flooding from her. Diane was beginning to feel decidedly weak as her orgasm rush towards it climax. She screamed as she climaxed and squirted her cunt juice into Karen’s mouth. Karen kept licking and sucking the juices running from Diane’s cunt, Karen was in ecstasy, she had never tasted such beautiful nectar: she thought it must have been straight from Aphrodite.

Susan grabbed Karen’s head, forcing her around she rammed Karen’s mouth on to her own cunt, and soon Susan began to feel an orgasm building. Susan, like Diane orgasmed squirting her cunt juice into Karen’s mouth. Diane said, “Keep sucking my sister’s cunt, you dirty white cunt licker. You may reward yourself by masturbating on visions of your mistresses: you have my permission to cum!” Karen began to finger her cunt and within moments, Karen was shaking as a huge orgasm raked her body and her juices squirted onto the woodland floor between her legs. As the orgasm subsided, Susan released Karen and she collapsed on to the ground trembling, thanking her mistresses repeatedly.

As Diane retrieved her clothes and dressed, Karen knelt quietly almost reverently besides her. Then Diane pulled the naked Karen to her feet and guided her back to RB’s house. Positioning Karen so she could see the orgy through the French doors, she let her go. Karen’s mouth opened in horror at the scene unfolding before her. It was too much for her and she suddenly vomited into the flowerbed, begging her Mistress for forgiveness. Diane, inquisitive, looked through the window. Diane’s mother was led on her back on the table, two large nipple rings had just been inserted into her nipples and blood was running down her tits onto the table. Twine ran from the nipple rings to two hooks in the ceiling, the tension of the twine was distorting their mother’s breasts into two perfect cone shapes. Carol was whipping her mother’s breasts as Carol’s father was fucking her mother. As Carol’s father shouted, “You lying black nigger, you promised me both your daughter’s arses tonight”. Then Diane noticed that the Rich Bitch had shit in her mother’s mouth and her mother was happily chewing it as a massive orgasm rocked her very soul. Diane, almost joined Karen in the flowerbed, but steading herself took hold of Karen’s arm and quickly dragged her back to Susan.

The sisters were soon deep in conversation; they quickly decided it was time they left home. They chose to head for the town of the university they had both enrolled in the following year and forcing Karen to drive they returned home to quickly pack all their belongings. Dragging three very large suitcases to the car, gone were the thoughts of a world trip; they would get a job and save for university. Driving quickly away, Diane told Karen where they were heading and Karen beamed. Karen felt grateful to the anonymous black girl that had wrenched her away from the French doors and a life of heterosexual depravity, she had never imagined even existed.

It was a long way, but Karen seemed to know where she was going. They continued driving for most of the night in near silence but as they approached the university town, Karen turned off and Susan asked, “Where are you going?”

Karen smiled as she pulled the car into a long driveway and Diane gasped at the splendour of the house they were approaching. Karen said, “My Mistresses’ house has plenty of room. Only your white slave lives there; apart from when your slave’s daughter condescends to visit. She is at uni, Mistress, and although it is only a twenty-minute walk from here, she prefers to be with her friends.”

The car eventually pulled up in front of the house and, Susan and Diane, as Mistresses of the house, they were offered the master bedroom with its own private en suite. They quickly showered and changed. Susan and Diane decided to share the room and went to bed truly satisfied after Karen’s many ministrations had made them climax several times, however neither could resist just one more climax on the mouth of their sister. They slept peacefully until mid morning. As Susan showered and dressed Diane could hear voices and leaving the room she followed the sounds and discovered Karen and a very attractive girl sat talking.

As Diane entered the room, Karen jumped up and introduced Diane to her daughter, Joanne. Joanne was friendly but Diane sensed she was surprised. Diane thought it must be the Negro thing or her skimpy nightdress, but sat with them and as Susan joined them, they all had a late breakfast. Joanne’s initial surprise dissipated as they talked, but the two sisters sensed Joanne was sexually aroused by their lack of attire. As the day got hotter, Joanne suggested they all retire to the pool and swim.

Diane and Joanne were both dressed in tiny bikinis and both were secretly enjoying the sight of the other. Soon they were enjoying a play in the pool and both girls realised that the banter, playing and touching were increasingly sexually orientated. Both girls canlı bahis siteleri were becoming more playful and sexually excited as Susan walked along the edge of the pool, wearing the smallest bikini imaginable. Discarding the bikini top, Susan dived in, and as she surfaced, Joanne was sure Susan had brushed her hand between her legs, touching her vagina with the lightest of strokes and Susan’s tits had brushed across Joanne’s nipples. Joanne’s cunt convulsed at the feelings it aroused in her. As Susan finally stood, their lips were only an inch apart, and Diana’s voice whispered in her ear, “Did you enjoy my sister feeling you up?”

Joanne was embarrassed but nodded.

Diane smiled and taking hold of Joanne’s wrist forced Joanne’s hand onto Susan’s naked breast. Joanne froze; her cunt jerked uncontrollably, as Diane began to massage Susan’s other breast, Diane whispered, “Do it like this, do it like lesbians do”. Joanne stared at Susan’s breasts, she knew it was wrong, even dangerous, but she could not stop herself, all she wanted was to feel that magnificent breast under her hand, just as Diane was doing. Joanne could not remove her hand, she could feel the nipple growing beneath her palm and her eyes were glued to Diane’s caresses of Susan’s other nipple. Slowly Diane pulled and twisted her sister’s nipple, the nipple seemed to harden more until it was erect, huge. Joanne’s cunt was dancing, all she wanted was to suck that glorious nipple, but her hand started to move around the nipple she was holding and Susan’s voice whispered, “Do yo like my nipples? Slut!

Joanne just nodded as Diane withdrew her hand from her sister’s nipple and pushing Joanne’s bikini top up, she began to caress Joanne’s nipple. Joanne moaned with sexual pleasure as a second hand, Susan’s, reached out and pinched her other nipple. Joanne bent her head to suck Susan’s nipple and as she sucked it into her mouth, she felt Susan’s fingers move under her panties and start to lovingly caress her clitoris.

Joanne was moaning with pure lust as Diane, whispered, “You are just another white slut hungry for black cunt, aren’t you?” Joanne nodded, not pausing in her sucking of Susan’s nipple.

Joanne gasp and then moaned even louder as Diane’s hand moved down the crack of her arse and then stopped as her finger pressed against her anal rose. As the finger entered her anus, she heard Susan whisper, “You are our slave now and you will obey our every command!”

Joanne suddenly stopped sucking Susan’s nipple and looked at Susan intent on ending this charade, but the fingers playing in her arse and her cunt were irresistible and Joanne moaned loudly before Diane’s hand forced her back to sucking her sister’s breast.

Joanne was slowly succumbing to a massive orgasm, she felt the climax almost upon her, her eyes were blurred and time seemed to be standing still, when suddenly Susan and Diane stopped their obscene massage. Joanne screamed in frustration, but Susan said, “Do you promise to love, honour and obey us in all things; white slave?” Joanne was on the edge of a precipice, she had no choice and she succumbed to her Mistress, “Yes” she said. Diane grabbed Joanne’s tits and squeezed, Joanne yelped as she heard Susan ask, “Yes what, white shit?”

Joanne could not think, her orgasm was still right there, but she said, “I promise to love, honour and obey both of you in all things. I am your white slave, Mistresses.” Relieved Joanne felt fingers slide into her cunt and arse and as the orgasm rushed to it climax, Susan moved to one side and Joanne made out the outline of her mother stood by the pool watching her. Joanne, her heart palpitating, orgasmed as pleasure surged through her very being and Joanne succumbed to the pleasure; she collapsed into Susan and Diane’s arms.

When Joanne started to become aware of her surrounding she realised she was lying on a poolside lounge, it felt strange, as the lounge was completely flat. As her eyes adjusted to the bright sunlight, she saw Susan by her side, her mother stood at her head, while Diane was lurking near her feet. Susan smiled at her and said, “The first test for our newest slave! Suck your mother’s cunt!”

Joanne was horrified and tried to sit up, but her head only moved a few inches before something tightened around her neck. Her hands flew to her throat and she felt a leather collar, she tried to swing her legs over the lounge but they too were restrained on either side of the lounge, her cunt wide open. To her horror, her mother was slowly lowering her cunt toward her face; cunt juice was dripping from her onto Joanne’s lips. Joanne turned her head to the side and a stinging slap on her tender cunt sent a wave of pain through her body. All she could think of was, that this was incest, the forbidden fruit. Then Joanne’s tongue licked away her mother’s fluid from her lips. It was the first time she had tasted another woman sex juices and she closed her eyes, inwardly praying that the juices would disgust her, but she panicked as she realised that they were sweet nectar to her. She thought, “God, my mother’s juices are as honey to me!” and slowly tentatively she turned her face to her mother’s cunt and started to lick her mother’s juices, but her mother’s cunt was moving away and although she attempted to follow, the restraint around her neck held her back.

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