14 Haziran 2021

Susie Sells Papers! Ch. 03

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“It’s good to see you, Ms. Cox,” Fr. Gene Simon said on a rainy Spring morning. “Farnie told me you were. . .a remarkable young woman.”

Susanna Cox sat primly across from the other side of a large desk. Fr. Simon was a dignified man in his 70’s, average height and build, pastor of a blue collar parish in an older neighborhood. “Please, call me Susie. You’re very kind, but I’m just an ordinary girl who likes to see the men who give themselves in service of the Church. I’m here to help.”

He ran his fingers through his grey crewcut, and they trembled as they went. “It’s not very often that someone comes from the Chancery wanting to help me. Farnie says you’re a kind lady, gentle, sensitive, and. . .accommodating.”

She smiled at his discomfort, and bent over to rest her elbow on the desktop. Her pink blouse was unbuttoned enough for him to see down as far as her cleavage. Winking at him, she said: “The door’s shut, Fr. Simon, and we’re alone. You know why I’m here, and I want it as much as you do. You’re giving me twice my base rate and indicated you wanted something different. How can I help you?”

“Well, I. . .had a. . . couple of fantasies that might be. . .out of the ordinary.”

A broader smile. “Out with it Gene. I’m a naughty girl, and you can’t shock me.”

Chuckling, he said: “That’s my line, ‘you can’t shock me’. Forty five years in the priesthood, and I’ve heard almost everything in the confessional. Ever since they started face to face confession, I don’t know how many times I’ve had to hide an erection. . .”

“C’mon Gene. You’re wasting my time. If you don’t want it after all. . .”

Holding up a hand, he swallowed awkwardly and whispered. “I’ve got a thing for feet. Delicate feet in nylons, so soft and delicately curved. I would love to touch a woman’s feet, rub them, stroke them.”

“Sounds nice,” she purred, “Tell me more.”

“I wonder how they would feel around. . .around. . .around. . .my. . .my penis.” The last word was barely audible.

Leaning over closer, she whispered. “You want to feel a woman’s feet on your dick?”

Taking a nervous gulp of coffee, he nodded his head. “I can hardly stand the thought of it.”

She slipped around behind him and slipped off his suit coat. He wore a long sleeved black cleric underneath it, and she removed the white insert and unbuttoned the top two buttons. Deft fingers kneaded tense shoulder muscles, and light perfume found receptive nostrils. “You want to see my feet?” she murmured into his ear almost touching her mouth. Another quivering nod. “All right. You will. There’s a nice bulge down under your belt. Do you have a banana in your pocket or are you just glad to see me?”

He chuckled and relaxed a little. Lightly, she kissed his ear and got a tremble in return. A little more work and she moved around to sit on his desk in front of him, slipping off her heels, and hiking the hem of her red print dress.

A look of sheer bliss came over his face as he took one in his hand. Susanna’s feet were long and lean, pedicured and painted red, with graceful toes. Stroking it, he worshiped her foot from one end of the arch to the other. She closed her eyes and felt her panties get damp from canlı bahis his attention; she would need something herself if he went on like this too much longer. Lifting her foot, he sucked her big toe, nylon covering and all, into his mouth where his tongue played around her nail.

A shudder and she knew it was time to stop him and make his pleasure the focus. Pulling her foot away, she went down to unbuckle his belt, unzip his fly and gently remove his phallus. It was growing quickly, reaching medium length, over huge hairy testicles. Her hand began it tracery, and she gave the head a quick lick for lubrication before sitting down to caress it between her feet.

Balancing was difficult at first, but she got into a rhythm quickly, and he was so aroused that it took less that three minutes before he covered her nylons with white custard. She milked him dry, massaging him with the soles of her feet, and smiled at him. After he regained his senses, he ran his fingers through his hair again, and smiled shyly. “Was that what you wanted?”

He nodded his head. “I never imagined it would be so wonderful”

She laid a hand on his cheek. “You’re welcome. Happy to help.”

“You’ll be back soon?”

“Monday, next week.”

“Thank you.”

A quick kiss on the forehead, and she departed without a word.

Accessing her email from her cell phone, she found a note from her mentor, Fr. Christian Farnsworth, “Farnie” as Fr. Simon called him. Deciphering the message, it read:

Next, Monseigneur James Worth, St. Sebastian parish. Watch yourself, call me if he gives you any trouble.

The parish was in a upper middle class suburb, less than ten years old, and an award winner for architecture. She was ushered into the Pastor’s study after waiting 20 minutes, and after closing the door, he sat her down. “Ms. Cox, I know what your fee scale is, the one Fr. Farnsworth set up, and I’m telling you that it doesn’t apply to me. I’m a personal friend of the Bishop and in line to be Vicar General, so if you don’t do what I tell you, I’ll make sure you never work for the Catholic Church again.”

He grasped her wrist and flipped her over his knee. Pulling up her skirt, he began spanking her buttocks methodically, as she squirmed and tried to break free. “Yes, yes, keep it up. I like it when you try to get free. I’m stronger than you are; I’ll outlast you.” Through her blue panties, her buttocks started turning light red until he tired of the game and flung her to the floor.

Standing up, he unbuckled his pants and lowered his boxers, revealing a huge penis and gigantic balls. “Now I expect you to kiss this, and keep kissing it until I tell you.”

She lay there for a moment, hand to her face and she contemplated her next move. He was very handsome, tall and fit, a man in his early 50’s, with black hair that suggested coloration. It wasn’t fair, he was only paying for the basic service and should only get a silk gloved handjob, but an idea entered her head. Keeping her purse in reach, she knelt at his feet and mildly began to play with his flaccid member.

Relaxing, he let his hand stray to the side of her head as she took the huge tip of his cock in her mouth. “Oh, yes, you’re bahis siteleri good, you’re good you little slut. Suck my huge cock, slut, suck it, suck it.”

She worked her magic until she sensed his arousal had fully occupied his attention.

“Erk.” His eyes flew open and began watering as his balls were caught in a vise. “What. . .what . .what?” He croaked in an usually squeaky voice.

Susanna stared up at him, holding his balls in an iron grip as she spat out his cock. Her other hand got out her cell phone and hit a speed dial number. As the number rang, she gave his scrotum a twist, drawing another high squeak. “Tables have turned, haven’t they, Monseigneur? I think we need to renegotiate our arrangement. Hello, Chris? Yes, I’m with Jim, and he’s making some assumptions that are not consistent with the agreement. Would you like to speak with him?” Handing the phone up to him, she said: “It’s for you.”

Sheepishly he took the cell phone. “Chris? How’s it going?” Another twist brought a grimace to his face. “Oh, we’re getting along famously, she’s such a treasure. What? Oh, she’s got my nuts in a wringer, my God she’s strong! What did I do? Well. . .well. . .well, I thought she’d want to play, she’s so beautiful with such pert tits and a nice ass and I. . .I. . .I, yes, I spanked her, all right, Chris? Yes, I went too far. What? Did I ask for more than a hand job?” Another twist. “Ow, ow, ow, yes I did. Well, she’s got such a lovely mouth. What? What? No Chris, we go back too far, you can’t do that to me. Oh. I didn’t know you knew about that. Oh. Oh. No, of course I trust you, absolutely. Agreed, agreed. Sure, I’ll tell her the truth, I can hardly help it when she’s squeezing the shit out of my nutsack. Agreed, I’ll treat her like a queen. What? You know what I mean, dammit. Don’t get prissy with me. All right. Yes, I’ll be nice, I promise. All right. Bye.”

He handed the cell phone back. “I apologize for treating you so rudely,” he said calmly. “I was mistaken to try to take advantage of you, especially at our first session. I will give you 300 names and you have the option to continue our arrangement or not. I promise I will always treat you like a lady and all due respect. I will not try to intimidate you again.”

A sigh as the pressure was released. “All right, Jim,” she said. “But remember, this could happen again if you’re not careful.”

“Yes, yes, yes, I can see that. You’re not like anybody I’ve ever met before. What can I do to make amends. It’s been years since I’ve been laid and I’m desperate. All this high office does is make it harder to. . .to. . .to. . .”

“I understand. Well, I can think of a couple of things. Since my butt is nice and tingly, I could use a happy ending myself. It’s been years, as you said. You’re now on the next level, so if you’re really nice to me and give me a good, screaming orgasm, I’ll give you that blow job. . . the next time I come by.”

“And the terms of this deal?”

“Take it or leave it. If you don’t get down on your knees and lick my cunt till I orgasm, I’ll leave and never come again, and Chris will no longer be your friend. If you do, I’ll give you another chance, and maybe I’ll enjoy sucking that big, bahis şirketleri bad, beautiful cock of yours dry someday soon.”

His eyes darted around as his penis shriveled to normal size. “All right. But get on the couch; I’ve got a bad back, and I need to be off my knees.”

Slipping off her blue panties and settling on a leather couch, she put her arms on the soft leather. “I’m ready, but you have to prove yourself before you get to play with my tits.”

He crawled over and up beside her, slipping under her skirt. Rubbing his palms over her shaven pubic mound, he stroked her inner thighs softly, licking the inside of her kneecaps with flickers of electricity. She relaxed, and murmured: “Good start, Monseigneur. Good behavior will be rewarded.”

Delicately, he probed her folds and she parted her legs slightly to accommodate him. The dew was beginning to collect, and he ran his index finger around her inner lips. She shuddered. Bringing his face close, he flicked his electric tongue on her emerging clitoris, bringing a cascade of dampness.

“I’ll give you a week to stop that,” she said. After several minutes of bliss, she continued: “Okay, Monseigneur, I will give you permission to insert a finger or two. Take your time, ah, ah, yes, keep it slow, keep it gentle. Oooh, where did you learn to do that? Another finger, please. See what cooperation gets you? Nice, nice. My oh my, what are you doing to me? No, I’ll let you know how long you need to do this. Don’t be a clock watcher. Did I give permission for a fourth finger?”

His head popped out and his probing stopped. “No, ma’am. Sorry ma’am. I promise I won’t do it again.”

Smiling, she husked: “Oh, don’t promise that. Didn’t say I didn’t like it. Four fingers feels nice. Little more tongue on the clit and pump that a while. Oh, yes. No, don’t stop that.”

After a few moments, she pulled up his head and held him by the ears. “You know, after four children, I’m feeling like I can take a little more. Make a fist for me.” He did and her eyes grew wide. “Well, we’ll have to take it easy, and you’ll have to take my lead as far as speed goes; this isn’t a porn video from the Internet. Slip in that fist up to your wrist slowly. Oh, oh, oh, that’s what I call full. Yes, now very slow, very gentle pumping. Just to the wrist. Nice, nice, nice.”

Squeezing her breast through the fabric of her blouse and bra, her eyes flittered shut. He kept up his measured pace, and she reached out to stroke his hair with her free hand, putting her thumb in his mouth to be sucked. Rotating her hips, she encouraged him to speed up the pace slightly, and again as her orgasm built.

Her breathing accelerated, her lips quivered, and soon she crossed the boundary of sublime sensation. Shuddering, her body writhed in pleasure for several moments before she pushed his hand away and rode the downslope of her bliss. Touching his face and letting him lick her nectar from her fingers, she smiled. “Apology accepted.”

Driving back to the office, she called Chris again. “. . .Oh, he was a lamb after that, made a beautiful apology. No, I won’t tell you what it was. I know what you’re thinking and you’re wrong. No, I gave him something. Let him keep my panties to jack off in. Seemed happy with that. What? Oh, how did I change his opinion so quickly? I just remembered something my mother told me. ‘When you’ve got them by the balls, their hearts and minds will follow.'”

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