12 Mayıs 2021

Sutton Family Stories 10

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I awoke from a dream where my husband walked in on me getting fucked by my sons Aiden and George and several of their friends. They’d all been stood round my bed, my sons spitroasting me while I also wanked off two of their friends, Sam and Liam. The night before, I’d dreamt I was in the changing rooms at Aiden’s rugby club, lying on the muddy floor naked while the whole team took turns fucking me one by one, until I was left in a cum drenched pile with a very abused pussy.

“Are you alright, pet?” Brian, my husband, asked tenderly. “You work with a start there.”

“Oh nothing, just a weird dream,” I replied. But my pussy was wet and the horny devil inside me was on fire, even though I felt very guilty for having this addictive craving for sex with my own sons when my husband was a very caring, if rather dull, man.

Luckily it was Saturday and he was about to head off to golf. I put a dressing gown on and went downstairs to make breakfast and wait for him to leave. He kissed me tenderly on the cheek and went out, leaving me home alone with my boys for a few hours. Poor old Brian I thought, no idea what a needy whore his wife has become.

I was at the table, having deliberately loosened my gown, when Aiden was the first to come downstairs, dressed just in his boxer shorts. I was still amazed I’d created this well-built stud. The sight of my barely concealed breasts did the trick and I saw the bulge grow in his boxers.

“Hey Mum, you had breakfast yet?” he asked.


“You want some sausage?”

“Ah ha.” Maybe I shouldn’t be so easy, but he had what I need to sate the burning fire inside me. With that he confidently strode over to where I was sat and pulled his boxers down his thighs, his already thick, hard dick popping out with some precum glistening at the tip. It really was a beautiful dick, sculptured, rock hard, throbbing and popping out his trimmed dark pubes.

“You’ve not looked at me all week but now Dad’s gone, you’re desperate to suck your own son’s cock, aren’t you?” Aiden asked cockily as I started to lick round the head of his cock, lapping up his precum and gently caressing his big balls.

“Yeah, that’s it you horny little cocksucker, open up and get me in your throat.” I shouldn’t let my own son talk to me like this, but I felt powerless to stop him. I was addicted to his cock and wrapped my lips round the shaft, sliding them up and down and producing a moan from him.

After a couple of minutes of slow sucking, ataşehir escort Aiden announced it was time to fuck me and my heart skipped a beat. He grabbed hold and pulled me to my feet, then ripped my gown off. I was wearing a short nightie underneath and no panties, so when he roughly bent me over the kitchen table there was no barrier to slow him down. He teased me briefly, rubbing his cock along my slit, before giving a hard push and spearing into me. I was so wet he met little resistance until he was all the way in me.

“Yeah, you’re always so wet for me, you really get off on getting fucked by your son like this don’t you?” he asked as he slowly started to slide out then thrust back into me. I groaned in response. “Answer me.”

“Yes, yes, just fuck me, fuck Mummy please Aiden.” I whimpered in response. He began thrusting his cock into me harder and the table began to creak a bit. That’s when George appeared.

“Starting without me?” he asked.

“Don’t feel left out baby, come use my mouth,” I told him, and he wasted no time dropping his boxers and bring his rock hard dick to my mouth. Soon I was getting properly spitroasted, my two naked sons either end of me thrusting in and out while I was bent over my kitchen table with just a nightie on.

“You’re such a slut for us both Mum,” Aiden told me, slowing his thrusts down.

“Please, please keep fucking me,” I begged in response.

Aiden chucked, “yeah, we will, I’ve got an idea” and then pulled out of my pussy altogether, leaving me feeling empty. He looked told George to lie on the kitchen floor and me to straddle him. He had such a commanding voice that we both did what we were told, and soon I felt George thrust his dick up at my needy pussy. That’s when Aiden kneeled down, and I felt his dick at my arsehole. I yelped in surprise.

“Just relax Mum, it’ll go in easier,” Aiden told me and then started to push his dick inside my arse.

“I’m not sure about this baby, you’re too big.”

“Just relax, you’ll get into it. What can be better than fucking one son? Fucking both together” he told me as he slid all the way in. George was already deep in my pussy and now Aiden was deep in my arse. I’d never been double-penetrated before and I quickly found I liked it. I felt so full, and I was so at the mercy of these two strapping young horny lads, my own sons. I surrendered my body to them as they alternated thrusting in and out of my holes. All we could do was all moan and groan kadıköy escort at the pleasure.

“Fuck this is hot, even better than I imagined,” Aiden told me. “You like your two sons double fucking you Mum?”

“She’s dripping wet mate,” George replied.

It was too hot and soon both boys were thrusting hard and I just let my orgasm wash over me before both boys shot their big loads in my holes with a roar. Aiden stood and I rolled off George. I was a bit sore and there was cum dripping out of both my pussy and my arse.

“You better clean yourself up before Dad gets home,” Aiden grunted, then went off to get a shower. I’d never felt more degraded, I was just a set of holes for my over-sexed sons to use to get off. I loved it.

The next day George was due to head back to uni for the next term. I’d enjoyed getting to know his body better over the last four weeks. He was a softer boy than Aiden in his mannerisms and took a gentler approach to fucking his mother, which was good given his cock was about an inch longer. I couldn’t believe it all fitted inside me.

I guess he was thinking about us being separated for a while when he came out to find me in the garden that morning. I was on my knees doing some weeding.

“Hey Georgie boy,” I said, smiling up at him as he walked towards me. “All packed up?”

“Yeah, Dad’s going to give me a lift to the station once he finishes his tea.”

“I’ll miss you but I’m sure you’ll have another fun time.”

“I’ll miss you too,” he replied tenderly.

“What will you miss?”

“Your cooking.”

“Anything else?”

“You cleaning-up after me.”

“Well aren’t I the good Mum?”

“Your beautiful face.”

“Ahh thanks babe.”

“Your big tits.”

“Naughty boy!”

“How you look with my dick in your lips.” George was getting carried away and there was now a bulge visibly growing in his chinos.

“Very naughty boy.”

“I’m horny Mum, I need to feel you again.”

“I don’t think we can baby, you’ve not got long, and your Dad is just inside the house.”

“Please Mum,” George asked beggingly. I’d never been able to resist the pouty way my younger son had of asking me for things. It’d been sweets when he was a kid, now it was sex.

“Be quick,” I replied, not quite believing what I was saying. We were in the garden at the side of the house. The neighbours couldn’t see us from their windows, but it was hardly massively private, and my husband could bostancı escort bayan finish his cup of tea and come looking for George at any second. George wasted no time unzipping his fly and pulling out his cock through them. There was glistening precum pooled at the end of his foreskin. I didn’t tease, I just wrapped my mouth right round him and started sucking. God, I loved his taste.

George wasn’t gentle this time. He held my head and started fucking my face. I felt myself getting wet as his dick slid between my lips, his balls slapping against my chin. “Oh fuck Mum, you’re such a good cocksucker, I’ll miss this,” he whispered. All too soon I felt his prick swell then blast after blast of his cum was coating my throat. I gulped and gulped to swallow it all down.

He slowly pulled his cock out from my mouth. It was still rock hard. “Does sucking your son’s cock make you horny Mum?” George asked.

“Oh yes, baby, it does.”

“Good, because I’ll miss your pussy as well as your mouth,” George said, while kneeling down on the ground.

“Are you mad?” I asked as his pushed me down into a kneeling position and slid my leggings down my thighs a little way.

“Yeah, mad with lust for the hottest Mum in town. All my friends always said you were a MILF,” George said as I felt his erection pushing insistently in my pussy lips.

“We don’t have long,” I said, not even trying to stop him.

“I know, but I need you so bad,” George said then started thrusting into me with abandon. I was in my garden, kneeling on the grass, with my leggings pulled down, getting fucked by my baby boy while his Dad was inside the house and possibly wondering where we were. It was a hot, fast fuck, neither of us wanting to take long but sometimes a quickie is all it takes.

“I’m getting close, I’m going to fill you up Mum,” he panted, then I felt the delicious warmth of him cumming deep inside me, triggering my own release.

“Oh baby, that was so hot,” I said dreamily as he pulled his dick out of me and stuffed it back in his chinos. I quickly pulled up my own leggings and stood up.

We were closer to getting caught then I realised as not 30 seconds later my husband was at the patio doors shouting for us.

“Sorry Dad, just saying goodbye to Mum,” George shouted back and started walking towards the house. I stood up and followed.

“Good lad, but we must get going,” Brian said as I stood next to my husband, with my son’s semen slowly dripping out into my panties. I’d need to get to the shower soon.

Just as I waved goodbye to George, my phone rang. It was my daughter Sarah. “Mum, guess what, Jack just asked me to marry him!” At least one of my children was living a normal, respectable life, I thought.

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