17 Mayıs 2021

Swim Ch. 08

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Ellen is my sister. She is two years older than me but we look almost identical. Her daughter, Jane, is the same age as my son, Tom. They are both on the local college swim team.

I invited Ellen and Jane over to grill some burgers and hang out at our pool. When they got here I asked Ellen about the egg vibrator I had loaned her a few days ago. She told me that Jane had borrowed it but had brought it with her today.

I wanted to put the egg up my pussy before I went swimming but since Jane still had it I thought I would try out the We-Vibe that Tom had bought me a few days ago. When I took it out of my dresser drawer Ellen said she knew what it was and how it worked.

I took off my shorts and panties and sat on the edge of my bed with my legs spread ready for Ellen to put the We-Vibe in my pussy. Before Ellen inserted the vibrator she leaned in and sucked my clit to get my juices flowing.

When I was good and wet she slid one end of the vibrator in my pussy and the other end came up against my clitoris. I could see this was going to be a real experience. My g-spot and my clit at the same time!

Ellen picked up my iPhone and finding the App she turned the We-Vibe on low. My cunt twitched. There was a very nice buzz going on in my pussy.

Ellen turned it up to medium and I had to lie back on the bed. I could feel my orgasm approaching fast. When my sister turned the vibrator on escort ataşehir high it was all over. As the orgasm washed over me the intensity of it made me think I had died and gone to heaven.

My pelvis started bucking. My sister had to use all her strength to keep my hips under control. When my orgasm eventually subsided Ellen finally turned the vibrator on low.

With my pussy still humming I pushed my sister down on the floor and yanked her thong off and dove into her muff. Ellen and I had been fuck buddies since we were young. Although we much prefer a stiff cock up our cunts we often ate out together.

After I devoured Ellen’s pussy we put on our bikinis to join my son and Jane out at the pool. I was still vibrating when I pulled on my white string bikini. The We-Vibe was making my pussy mound more pronounced and I knew when my suit got wet everybody in town would know what I had up my pussy.


When my mom and Aunt Suzie came out to the pool my Aunt was walking funny. When she and mom sat down on the pool step it became very obvious why. The transparency of her bikini made it clear she had a vibrator in her string bikini.

When Tom and I went inside to get something to drink I grabbed him and told him to come to his bedroom. I needed to show him something. When we got there Tom asked me what I wanted to show him.

I bent over his bed with my legs spread kadıköy escort bayan and showed him my ass. I knew my Speedo was was pulled up tight against my pussy giving him a good view of my camel toe from behind.

I reached down to my pussy and massaged my clitoris. Looking back at Tom I saw his dick had revived since the blow job on the side of the pool. Rubbing my clit harder I asked him if he needed an invitation.

He came up behind me and pulled my suit bottom down. I kept fingering my clit. When he dropped his own Speedo my silk panties were still wrapped around his cock. I told him to leave the panties on his cock as he fucked me. I knew the panties were still wet from the pool and would slide in like a lubricated condom.

Tom pushed his panty covered dick up to my pussy and slowly entered my vagina. It felt good but he was too damn slow. I pushed my hips back and rammed my cunt on his cock as far as it would go. With Tom pumping his cock in my pussy I was in seventh heaven. When my orgasm came over me I felt his cum spurting in me right through my satin panties. I loved fucking doggie style.

When Tom finally pulled out of me I took my panties off his cock. Leaning down I took his dick in my mouth and cleaned up the leftover cum and pussy juice. Then, licking his cum from my panties I asked him to please stuff them back into my pussy. I sat on the bed with my legs escort bostancı spread while he slowly pushed them in. He made sure to finger my clit in the process.


When Jane and I were heading back out to the pool after a good fuck I found mom’s iPhone on the kitchen counter. I could see from the App that the vibrator was set to real low. When I turned it on high my mother fell off the pool step she was sitting on.

Watching out the kitchen window I saw that mom had her eyes closed and was just standing in the shallow end with her hands on the wall. Aunt Ellen was talking to her but I don’t think she was listening. When she looked up at me in the kitchen window she gave me a look that was pure lust.

When she started shaking in the water I knew she was having an orgasm. She always shook as she was cumming. Aunt Ellen could tell her sister was in the midst of an orgasm too and helped her over to the pool steps so she could sit down.

When her orgasm subsided she reached into her bikini bottoms and pulled the vibrator out of her pussy. Aunt Ellen took it from her and pushed it into her own pussy while it was still vibrating.

I handed the phone over to Jane telling her it was her turn. When Jane cranked up the vibrator I saw Aunt Ellen sit down on the pool steps and grab her pussy with both hands hanging on tight.

Jane left the vibrator on and gave the phone back to me. She went out to the pool and helped her mother sit up on the side of the pool. Pulling the bikini off Jane took the We-Vibe out of her mother’s cunt. And right there in front of my mother and me she sucked and licked her mother’s clit until her mother climaxed.

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