16 Haziran 2021


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She was lying on the bed, thinking he would be home soon. She had been waiting for him. His one simple text message 15 minutes earlier had gotten her damp between the legs. “When I get home, I am going to fuck you like you have never been fucked before.” She wanted to know what he had in store for her, he wouldn’t say, he didn’t answer when she text him back.

He was teasing her, making her wait, turning her on. God he turned her on, all kinds of things were going through her mind, all kinds of things that were starting to make her wet. Her hand wandered down her body, over her top. She felt her nipples through the thin material, they had already gotten hard. She gave them a little pinch and felt the pleasure surge through them and down towards her slick pussy.

Her hand continued downwards, she had only a lace thong on. She ran it over the top of the material to feel how wet she was already, and then slid it inside. Feeling for her clit which was engorged, throbbing, wanting to be touched. Pussy lips slick with her juice. She gently rubbed her clit, back and forth, closing her eyes, god that felt good. Her other hand reached up to pull her top down to free her tits to play with them while she rubbed her clit…damn…

A noise, a door closing. She opened her eyes to see him standing there, one hand on her erect nipple, one hand in her wet panties. He dropped his jacket on the chair and just stood there looking at her. “Did I say you could start without me?”

He didn’t look too impressed. “Um no,” she managed to say.

“I didn’t think so, stand up,” he said. She slid her hand out of her soaked panties, and stood up before him. Tits hanging out her tank top, fingers slick with her juice, he grabbed her hand, and shoved her fingers in her mouth. “Like how you taste? Huh? You’re going to pay for playing with yourself without me. You don’t do anything unless I tell you to, understood?”

She nodded, pussy throbbing. He knew she loved when he took control over her, only this time she had no idea what was going on in his head. “You look like a slut standing here, with your tits hanging out, and your juices over your hand… are you a slut?”

“Yes,” she managed to whisper.

“Yes what?” He bought his hand down on her left tit and spanked it hard, canlı bahis making her scream out, but it felt so fucking good.

“Yes I’m a slut.”

“Who’s slut?” he asked. Grabbing the other tit hard, pulling on the nipple, twisting it a little bit.

“I’m your slut,” she could hardly stand up, and he knew what was happening to her body right now, and he revelled in it.

“Yes you are, and don’t you forget it. Now strip for me slut.” She fumbled with her top, trying to get it off…She managed to remove it, wondering if her legs were gonna give way…Her nipples rock hard, he took one in each hand and pulled hard on them.

“Ooh god…” She cried out.

He looked at her deep in the eyes.” You love having these big tits squeezed hard, don’t you? You love it when I pull on your nipples like this don’t you slut?”

“Oh god yes,” she was squirming between the legs, she was so wet, he let go of her nipples and his hand went to her thong and he hooked a finger in the sides, starting to slide them off. Then just ripped them off her. She stood there naked before him…not quite knowing what to do.

She needn’t have worried. He was about to take control of her body in ways she never imagined, he instructed her to lay back on the bed.” Show me that pussy, slut.”

Her eyes wide…she opened her legs, never taking her eyes off him. Holding his gaze, she ran a hand over her pussy, using two fingers she slid between her folds. Opening herself up for him. Showing him, dipping a finger into her sex, all the while looking at him watching her play with herself, rubbing, pinching her clit, sliding her fingers deep into her throbbing wet pussy. He came towards her, held her thighs open wide, and flicked his tongue over her throbbing clit, grazing his teeth against it, causing her just a little bit of pain which made arch her back as she hit that spot inside her with her fingers that made her go wild and lose total control as she squirted for her lover. She knew he loved to see her pussy squirt, he was the one that taught her after all.

After coming down from her furious orgasm she opened her eyes to see him standing there, he had removed his pants, and was standing there before her, his huge dick hard as a rock, she knew what he wanted, she knew what she had bahis siteleri to do.

She sat up and kneeled before him, taking his length in her hand. At first slowly running her tongue up and down his rock hard shaft, gently sucking on the head, licking back down, back to his balls. Taking one in her mouth sucking gently, looking up at him while he stared down at her, holding her hair, he grunted, “suck it harder slut, show me how a slut sucks cock.” She loved when he ordered her what to do, she started to suck him in deeper into her mouth. Sucking him hard and fast while she worked a hand up and down his length at the same time.

She felt his fingers twisting through her hair as she sucked him, he grabbed the back of her neck, and started to fuck her face. He shoved his dick deep into her throat, grunting, loving watching her swallow his dick, making gagging sounds from the back of her throat. Him thrusting his hips harder so she took him all, her eyes watering from the force of it. He took his dick from her mouth, and wiped it over her face, she looked like a true slut now, covered in his pre-cum and her saliva.

He bent down, and lifted her to her feet, turned her around and bent her over, on her hands and knees. No words needed, he positioned himself behind her, holding his throbbing dick in his hand, rubbing it over her cunt, teasing her clit. Holding her hip with the other hand…then with one thrust, he was inside her. She screamed out in utter pleasure, he began to pump his dick in and out with force. Making her scream even more, bringing one hand down and spanking her ass hard. Yeh she knew this body belonged to him, he knew it…He loved to control her by fucking her, he knew exactly what she loved, and he knew exactly how to give it her.

He fucked her harder, loving how wet her tight little cunt was feeling around his dick, he gripped his fingers through her hair, pulling…hard…she moaned…” You like my big dick fucking you hard don’t you slut? Is this how you like to be fucked?

All she could do was scream out, “YESSSSSSS!!”

He spanked her ass again, “yes what?”

“Yes fuck me like this, fuck me like I’m your dirty little slut.” He thrust harder, grunting, leaning forward to grab her arms so her face fell down, and her ass was bahis şirketleri raised even more, he pulled both her arms behind her back and continued fucking her like this. She was unable to move, knowing she was about to cum so fucking hard around his dick, she could feel it building inside her, OHH my Godddd,” she screamed out. “I’m gonna cum!!”

He pounded her cunt harder ” Cum you little slut, cum for me!”

She lost control of her body, her actions…”fuckkkk!” she screamed loudly as her cunt exploded round his dick. Him feeling her juice dripping down his shaft, her orgasm seemed to go on for ever. He pulled out of her soaking cunt, and rolled her over onto her back. Pulling her arms above her head, and cuffed both wrists to the bed posts. He kneeled before her, spread her legs wide, and rammed his dick right into her again, deep, as far as he could go inside that slutty little cunt that he owned.

He loved fucking his slut, he grabbed her legs, and wrapped them around his waist. Reaching under and cupping her ass with his hands and raising her off the bed, so he could fuck her deeper. He was gonna cum inside her like this, her not able to move. He was gonna make her body cum the same time as he did. He loved when his slut came at the same time as him.

They both began moaning and screaming together. He pounded her more, his balls slapping against her. Her thrashing around, cuffed, him looking right into her eyes, holding her hips as he felt his own orgasm build up inside him, starting to grunt, feeling himself about to cum inside his slut. Filling her pussy full of his cum “ughhh cum with me, slut, I’m gonna cum inside you.”

She started to grip his dick with her cunt, wanting to milk him dry. Makin him groan, she could feel him cumming inside her, “fuck yessss oh my Goddddddd baby!!” His cum started to shoot inside her. He called her a slut over and over as he came deep in her cunt and her own orgasm took over her entire body, and she screamed, god it felt so fucking good.

He collapsed on top of her, panting, sweaty, breathing fast. Her chest rising up to meet his, he reached up and undid the cuffs. She wrapped her arms around him pulling him close, her legs still wrapped around him, “Mmmm welcome home baby.” He looked down at her smiling, pushing her hair from her face, all damp. Kissing her softly on her lips, telling her he loved her, as his breathing got slower, he held her and they eventually drifted off to sleep in each others arms.

The End

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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