14 Haziran 2021

Taking Advantage

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She was such a cute little violinist. I forgot her name, but it was something like Meghann. She had kind of an eastern european look, with long black wavy hair and a beautiful innocent face with full, perky lips and large innocent eyes. She was very petite, but with an incredible little ass (she always wore tight jeans that showed it off well) and full perky round tits, to go along with her lovely little face. The moment I saw I wanted to fuck her, along with probably every other red-blooded heterosexual male at the Conservatory. (About half the men there were actually not red-blooded heterosexual males).

I asked her out, and quickly realized that she was incredibly young, incredibly inexperienced, and incredibly boring. Conversations with her were forced and uninteresting, and I found out that she was fairly religious, though I never found out how devout she really was. However, this didn’t stop me from getting her back to the room that I rented in an apartment building downtown.

Once there, we ended up sitting together on my futon, and I put the moves on her. She responded willingly. She was so small that she ended up sitting in my lap, and as I kissed her, tilting her head back in my arms and covering her mouth with mine, she struck me as being overwhelmed with what was going on, as if she was in shock, or that she thought that this was something that she should be doing, that everyone else was doing, so she might as well try it.

To me, it felt like I was kissing a little doll, or a little inexperienced girl. However, I was still horny, and I wanted to feel her woman’s body, so I lowered the futon and began undressing her. She didn’t stop me, though she didn’t undress me either, I did that myself. She had an incredibly tight, young, nubile body. After I took her shirt and bra off, I kissed her tits, and slowly slid down to her stomach, kissing all the while. Next I played with her panties while distributing soft kisses everywhere, something that I knew turned on all the girls I had been with. It must have been working, because she didn’t protest when I slid her panties off and continued kissing around her pubic mound, getting closer and closer to her sweet little pussy.

I finally began running my tongue over her lower lips and then finally inserted it in between them, licking her clitoris. She still didn’t seem very responsive, but I had a huge hard-on and was enjoying myself. I continued licking while I took off my underpants and canlı bahis şirketleri lay on my side with my cock resting against her leg, but she made no move to touch it. I decided maybe I’d slow things down for a bit and give her a chance to warm up a bit more.

I told her I’d give her a massage, and she rolled over onto her stomach, giving me a good view of her shapely pert little ass. I straddled her and began rubbing her shoulders, while my cock slid gently between her two butt cheeks, caressing and hinting of possible things to come.

I grabbed a bottle of lube that I kept on my shelf, and began oiling up her back and shoulders, while also stroking my own cock and getting it oily and slick with the leftovers. I oiled her down her back, and then began rubbing it into her buttocks as well. She was still fairly unresponsive, but continued to let me do as I wanted. I had had enough with the foreplay, and decided to go for broke.

I parted her ass cheeks enough to see her slit, and still straddling her, guided the head of my penis towards her warm valley. She started to squirm beneath me, but all of my weight was pinning her legs down, and the tip of my penis reached her opening and started to slide in. She froze her squirming, and I took that as a sign that things were o.k., and began working the tip in slow circles, trying to slowly open her up. She was probably a virgin, I realized, and remembered the only other virgin I had fucked and how incredible it had been- how warm and tight that pussy was.

I felt my shaft sliding in a little deeper, but now there was an impediment to its progress. Ah-hah! I remember how difficult it had been to finally break through the previous virgin’s hymen. Now I had more dick control, though. The previous time had taken so many mistakes and prematurely blown wads.

I began exerting more pressure, and she began to moan, soft little whimpers. I pulled back and pushed harder, all the while trying not to get too wrapped up in seeing her sweet little ass beneath me like this while I plundered her treasure, my hard cock slowly stealing her maidenhood. The blockage continued, so I pulled back even further and gave a slightly more forceful exertion. This time she gave a sharp inhalation of pain and squirmed beneath me.

I realized I was going to have to do that again. I pushed as far as I could (still only a little bit of my tip was in her) while still inside, then pulled back for an even more aggressive canlı kaçak iddaa thrust. This time as I thrusted I felt something start to give, and she gave a little cry of pain. I pushed hard against her, and then pulled back and thrusted strongly once again. This time I broke through, and she gasped as my cock slid deeper into her, deeper than any object had ever been before.

Her pussy was incredibly tight, and once my cock was in there, I let it sit there, admiring her plump little cheeks with my cock about 4 inches deep between them in her hole. I rubbed her back and shoulders, stroking her lightly as my cock sat there inside her, tightly sheathed, then slowly pulled it out, only to immediately plunge it back in, hard. Only this time further- another couple inches deeper, and she cried out again. I looked down and noticed blood on my cock- she had definitely been a virgin.

I pulled slowly out again, experiencing the sensation of her incredibly tight little cunt letting my cock out, and then when I was almost all the way out but not quite, I sank my cock into here again with great force again, this time putting all 8 inches deep inside her, and stretching out my whole body, so that I covered her completely. I pulled her hair back from her face and saw her closed eyes and flushed cheeks, and kissed her, kissed her neck, her ears, her cheeks, and began to ride her.

I started out with a slow rhythm, not pulling too far out, but grinding her in a circular motion, as I continued kissing her. I turned her head and found her lips, and covered them with mine, opening her mouth with my tongue and sticking it into her mouth and then rubbing it around just as my cock was doing to her pussy. I began sliding my tongue and dick in and out in the same rhythm, with my thrusts becoming slightly deeper and a little faster. We were both starting to sweat, and she smelled delicious. The scent of sex was in the air.

I let go of her mouth and let her rest her head on the bed again. I got in a push-up position and began fucking her harder. the sound of my flesh hitting her flesh in a steady rhythm filled the room. “Whap, whap, whap, whap, whap, whap, whap” went our flesh together as my cock slid in and out of her, rippling her tight little buttocks and widening her freshly broken in pussy. She moaned lowly. I gave her a final thrust and pulled out of her. I wanted to get her a good first fucking, and part of it had to be face to face.

I turned canlı kaçak bahis her over and began kissing her lips again, with my wet and slightly bloody shaft rubbing up against her wet vagina. As I kissed her, my cock found its way towards her newly explored valley, and I guided it back into her slowly, as I continued to kiss her lips. I kissed her neck and pulled back, preparing to sink my cock deep in her.

I searched out her lips again with mine, and as I sank my shaft all the way into her and put all of my weight on her, I again stuck my tongue into her mouth and played with her tongue. She sighed a deep sigh as I entered her and closed her eyes. I stayed deep inside her, grinding in circular motions, enjoying her tight fresh pussy. Then, while still kissing her, I began to fuck her in a steady rhythm. Oh the pleasure of it! To feel such a fresh young thing writhing in pleasure beneath me. To have her at my mercy as I again and again plumbed her depths. We continued that way for what felt like a blissful eternity, and I started to feel a tingling that indicated my orgasm was building.

I wanted her to have an orgasm too, during her first fuck. So I pulled myself up to my knees while keeping my cock inside of her, and began fondling her clit with my right thumb while continuing to slide my cock in and out of her. I grabbed one of her cute little feet with my left hand and began to suck her toes, something I loved loved loved doing. She cried out, and began to moan in a steady rhythm.

I think I had found the rhythm, and I continued sliding in and out, fingering and sucking. Her body began to twitch and flush, and she arched her back and began a slow “Ahhhhhhhhh…” I knew she was starting to come, and I wanted to prolong it as long as I could. I continued fucking her as she suddenly came, crying out and throwing her head back and grabbing the sheets. She rode my cock as wave after wave of pleasure hit her, and then as the waves started to subside and I increased my pace and thrusted deeper and deeper, I allowed myself to finally succumb to my orgasm.

It hit me in mid-thrust, and I pulled back out for one final thrust, to shoot my seed as deep in her as I possibly could. I let go of her foot, and rode her all the way up to the top of the bed, shooting load after load into her, with my cock completely submerged in her tight pussy. She gasped as the loads disappeared into her womb and slowly my cock, still deep inside her, twitched and dispersed its final contents.

I continued laying on her, enjoying the plunder I had taken. My heartbeat slowed down, and I dozed, my cock still inside of her and shrinking slowly. She didn’t tell me to get up or push me away. My little violinist.

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