16 Mayıs 2021

Taking His Rightful Place – Final

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I was up before dawn the next day. I couldn’t wait to see Cliff heading down the road. Descending the stairs, I could hear Mom bustling about in the kitchen, and there was the drone of a newscaster coming across the radio on the kitchen table. As expected, I entered the kitchen to find old Cliffo with a newspaper in his face, and Mom preparing breakfast.

“Good morning, hon.” Mom said, drying her hands on a towel. “I’m making scrambled eggs. Do you want some?”

“Sounds good, Mom.” I said, giving her a kiss on the cheek. Later on, I thought, I’ll be kissing your pussy like that.

“Morning, Dad.” I said, taking a seat across from him. He peered over the top of his paper, mumbled something, and continued reading.

“These Walmart workers have got some cheek.” Cliff snorted. “If it weren’t for that company, they’d be eating out of garbage cans. But, no, they have to have more. Another protest. Union rabble-rousers thick as fleas among them, I’ll wager.”

“Gee, any good news, Dad?” I asked.

“Who knows. Maybe somebody’s lost dog got found.” he said, then slurped at his coffee.

“I’m ready any time you are, dear.” he flung at Mom.

“It’s coming.” mom said, and I inwardly chuckled as I foresaw that I soon would be cumming too – right into his pretty bride’s cunt.

“Conner, can you put some bread in the toaster, please?”

“Sure thing.” I said, slipping four slices in, and popping it down.

“Here we go, boys.” Mom said, placing plates of bacon and eggs before us.

“Thanks, Mom! Looks good. Where’s yours?”

“Right here. I just need to get something from the fridge. Go ahead and start.”

I put a slice of toast on Cliff’s plate, and began buttering one for myself. Mom came to the table with her plate and a small dish of what looked like butter.

“What’s that?” Cliff asked, and we were treated to a view of the food in his mouth as he spoke.

“Oh. It’s something I read about in a magazine. It’s a creamy protein substance – I think it’s soy-based. Anyway, you mix it into your butter. It’s loaded with good stuff. I forgot the name of it. Joyce gave me some of hers. I’m dying to try it.”

“Sounds like some fad.” Cliff grunted, while Mom began spreading the special butter on her toast.

“Mmmmmmm! It’s really good! Yum, yum!” Mom said, licking her lips and giving me a quick sideways glance. I was loving her performance.

“Care to try some, honey?” she said to Cliff.

“How much does that stuff cost, anyway? Don’t get suckered into another fly-by-night food scam, Barbara.”

“Whatever it is, it’s worth it.” Mom enthused. “God, it’s so tasty!”

“Calm dow, will you?” Cliff said, and reached for a fresh piece of toast.

“Send that stuff over.” he said, and I had to contain my mirth at this unexpected development. He dug out a large slab of the cum-butter and spread it on his bostancı escort bayan toast. He sniffed at it as it melted.

“Humpf. Smells like butter. What did you say it was again?”

“I don’t know, dear. I’ll have to ask Joyce. It’s soy-based, I think. And organic.” Mom said, as she gave me a little kick under the table. I looked over to where her hand had come around the side of the table so that I could see it. Then I saw why. Under cover of the the table cloth, she was giving Cliff the finger! That’s right, Mom!, I thought. Fuck his scurvy ass! Ha! This was some show!

Meanwhile, Cliff was gnawing cautiously at the edge of his toast.

“Hey. Not too bad.” he ventured, and I nearly burst out laughing. He started going to town on it and I sat and watched. Eat it up, jerk-off.

“Isn’t it good, dear?” Mom said, apparently hoping he had more to say. She was clearly having a devilish good time for herself.

“It’s really good for you. You should feel more energy today.”

“I’m gonna need it. Dealing with these knuckleheads in Hoboken.”

He slid the remainder of the cum toast into his mouth, and it barely fit. I watched him piggishly chew, feeling perverse delight in seeing him savor the product of my balls. We’d be doing more of this in the future, I thought.

As Cliff backed out of the garage, Mom waved to him from the open window of the kitchen. Little did he know, as he waved back, that I had my head up under her dress and was sniffing at her crotch. Mom took her free hand and held my head up against her warm cunt. Her breath was quickening.

“Drive safely, dear!” She called out, with an excited edge to her voice incongruous to the occasion. “Goodbye!” she called, as he swung the car into the street.

I came out from under Mom’s frock with the smell of pussy in my nostrils.

“It’s party time, sugar.” I said, taking her in my arms. I kissed her soundly on the mouth, and grabbed two handfuls of ass.

“I think you like my ass, Conner.” Mom said, nibbling at my lower lip.

“Are you digging for a compliment, dear?”

“Well, you did give me that name… sweet ass.” Mom said, blushing slightly.

“Do you have any idea how long I’ve been admiring it? Like, since puberty.”

“No! All those years? Well, you certainly were good at hiding it.”

“Yeah. I was digging on it especially in the summer, when you were in shorts or, even better, your two-piece swim suit. Damn! That was good!”

“Such compliments! And you just a boy. You were…what? Thirteen? Mercy me!”

“More like twelve, Mom.”

“You mean…middle school?” she said in disbelief.

“Let’s get back to the present, Mom. Let’s plan our time together. Okay?”

“Well, as long as there’s plenty of time in bed, honey. I want that to be the centerpiece of every day. My son fucking me in his bed.” ümraniye escort And with that, she moaned and ground her hips against me.

“You don’t need to sell me on that, Mom.” I said.

“Can we go there now, Conner?” she said, and I was pleased at her subservient tone.

“Who’s the boss, Mom?” I said, kissing her forehead.

“You are, sweetie. Just tell me what you want of me. I like it that way, you know.”

“Well then, why should we fuck in my bed when there are so many other choices? We do have the place to ourselves, you know.”

“That’s true. I just don’t… well, what ideas do you have, Conner?”

“Come with me, girl.” I said, taking her by the hand. I led her into the living room. There, I began to unbutton her dress at the back, letting it fall and gather at her feet.

“all right!” I said, seeing her in her panties and bra. “Let me take a good look at this fine piece of tail.”

Mom turned toward me, color rising up her neck. She stepped out of her dress and slipped her shoes off.

“Conner, you make me feel like a tart when you use that kind of language.” she said, looking troubled.

“And?” I said, moving up to her and placing my hands on her hips. I could smell the

fragrance of her hair and freshly exposed flesh.

“Take my pants off.” I instructed.

Mom began loosening my belt as I ran my hands over her warm shoulders and down her back.

“Kiss me while you do that.” I said, and our lips joined while she unclasped the buckle. Body heat wafted up between us as Mom pulled down my zipper. She knelt and carefully helped me to step out of the pants. She folded them and placed them on a nearby chair.

“Remove my shorts, whore.” I said. Sooner or later, she would understand that I would call her whatever I liked, whenever I liked.

“Okay, Conner.” she said meekly.

“Make it snappy, cock-breath,” I ordered.

I could see, now, that this talk was not so unwelcome after all. Mom was becoming more and more compliant and, judging from the aroma coming off her cunt, more excited at being treated as my hot little slam-piece. And for me, what the hell, it was a kick turning the tables on Mom, who used to ground and lecture me as I grew up.

She obediently pulled down my jockeys, and my stiff, bobbing cock took center stage. Mom knelt and looked at it, her face inches away. I moved forward so that the turgid head was just below her nose.

“You like the smell, bitch?”

“You know I do, conner. I told you I did. It’s making me very hot right now.” she admitted. “And I can feel the warmth coming from it.”

With this observation, Mom began to rub her pussy through her panties. She blushed deeply as I stood and watched.

“I guess I really am a whore, Conner.” she said.

“Yeah. No kidding, Mom. But that’s what I like about you. A lot of girls escort kartal I’ve gone to bed with can’t seem to find their inner slut. Yours, on the other hand, was scratching at the screen door to come in.”

It was true. Mom was getting into being down-and-dirty, but what made that all the more tasty was that she was also lady-like and reserved. A lovely combination!

“Come on over here, Mom.” I said, and led her to the old man’s stuffed leather chair.

“This is where Cliff comes to forget about and ignore you every night.”

I positioned her so that she faced the chair, then I bent her forward so that her hands rested on the arms of the chair.

“Now, let’s imagine that your useless husband is sitting there. Talk to him.”

With that, I introduced my cockhead between Mom’s glistening inner lips, moving it around until it was coated with cunt juice. I felt the firm point of her clit on its sensitive surface. Sweet. Mom’s ass was gyrating beautifully in response to this, her labia caressing her lusty guest. I gave her a sharp slap on her right ass cheek, and she jumped. This was quickly followed by a moan of appreciation. I gave her another. Her ass looked nice with my handprints slowly forming on it. Mom looked over her shoulder at me.

“I like being spanked by you, Conner.” she said.

“I can see that.” I said. “How do you think old Cliff here feels about it?”

I thought I would get the ball rolling.

“Hey, old man! I’m fucking your wife on a regular basis these days. She’s my very own private whore.”

I began to enter Mom at this point, and Mom was oh so ready. I pushed slowly into the warm confines, her pussy walls giving me a firm embrace. She groaned loudly. Groan away, I thought. No one to hear.

“It’s true, dear. I’m your son’s woman now. I’m his whore.” she said.

“What’s that?” I said, going deep and holding it.

“Oh, Jesus! Yes, Cliff. Oh, how he does fuck me! And I love it so much. Mmmmmm! Why, the other night, we were in bed humping for hours!” Mom began to giggle. She was warming up to the game.

I was pumping steadily, imagining ass-head sitting there dumbfounded in his chair.

“Tell him some more, Mom. He needs to know. How about when you gave me a blow job?”

“I did, dear. I took Conner’s penis in my…”

“Penis? That’s not what you called it before.”

“I…I…took Conner’s biiigggg, sweeeeet, hot, juicy COCK into my mouth, dear. Oh! What a lovely cock! I love his cock, Cliff! I love sucking on it , and having it deep in my pussy! I’ve learned so much from Conner in these last few weeks, dear. I’m so proud that he’s my man.”

“That’s my girl.” I said soothingly. “That’s it. Show him who you really are. A woman who just loves a big hard dick inside her.”

“Not just any big dick, Conner.”

“Hear that, moron?” I said. “Mom has a special thing for my dick. Hope you don’t mind. Oh, and she’ll be spending lots of time in my room. Just thought I’d give you a heads-up.”

“Oh, Conner, dear.” Mom said, breathing deeply and with a fine mist of sweat forming in the small of her back. “We are such a happy family.”

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