12 Mayıs 2021

Teasing Evolved

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(Continuation of Teasing Continues.)

I had slowly reinvented the way my dad and brother saw me. Before I was seen as a shy girl that made sure to cover up as much as possible. Now I would walk around in nothing but a tank top and a thong when only one of them was home. On separate occasions I had gotten my dad to play with my breasts and got my brother to dry hump me while bent over. Conditioning them to have me on their minds all day everyday was the best decision I ever made.

It was early in the morning and Jack was already gone for the day. This was the perfect time to wake dad up with some breakfast. I knew he had a business trip to leave for tonight so this was the perfect way to send him off. Taking off my top I put on my apron and was ready to cook for daddy. The smell of bacon filled the house and within minutes daddy was awake and downstairs.

“Mmm smells good Tess,” he said coming up behind me and grabbing my waist.

“It tastes just as good as it smells daddy. I promise,” I said biting my lower lip.

As the bacon cooked I started the biscuits then finally the eggs. Serving daddy his plate I made sure to bend over just right giving him the best view down my apron. Slowly getting back up, daddy thanked me for breakfast.

Turning away I perked up my ass waiting for daddy to spank me. This was the first time I ever made it obvious to spank me. Seeing my ass ready for him, he gladly gave me a good spanking. Before he would give me light tap spankings. Now daddy was slapping my ass so good it made a slight echo through the house.

As he ate his food I changed back to my tank top making sure to face away from him so he couldn’t see my bare chest. While cleaning up the mess I made, some water had splashed from the dishes onto my white top making it cling to my body even more and slightly see through. I knew daddy loved the view I was giving him as his eyes never left my body. He always made a point to try and hide the fact that he was staring at his daughter until now.

When he was done eating he put his dishes in the and thanked me for breakfast. Coming up behind me I felt his arms wrap around my waist as he gave me a hug. He gave me a kiss on the cheek as I moved my head for him letting him know I wanted more. As he kissed down my cheek finally onto my neck I felt his hands started to move further down. Right as his hands met my thighs I turned around to face him.

“I hope you enjoyed breakfast daddy.” I said getting on my tip toes to give him a hug back and a kiss on the cheek.

Being on my toes daddy’s hands were right on my ass. I knew he wanted to give me a squeeze and feel how good his daughter’s well toned ass felt. Leaving his arms and walking away I felt his hand slap my ass one more time. This time it was nice, hard and filled with plenty of sexual frustration.

When I got to my room I saw just how see through my top was and daddy’s hand print on my ass. That handprint let me know just how bad daddy wanted me. He is much bigger than I am and could have easily taken me in the kitchen. I was glad to see he was staying at my pace and for that he definitely would need a nice reward when he got back from his business trip.

Dad was going to be gone for a whole week, this meant I could tease my brother all day long without fear of dad catching us. The first few days were my average teases. I would bend over for my brother get him to smack my ass and hug for for inappropriately long amounts of time. By the fifth day however I had a very special night for my brother planned.

I started making a nice dinner for the two of us had a movie planned and even some alcohol. Because I was making the drinks I made sure to make his extra strong and my almost near virgin status. By the time we had dinner Jack already had 3 extra strong drinks compared to my two light drinks. He was starting to feel it as he was talking a little louder and staring at me more obviously. We took a few shots together and I could feel the heat in my face letting me know I was getting buzzed.

We sat next to each other during the movie I picked. It was an okay movie, however it had one scene in particular I wanted my brother to see which is what made me pick it. During the scene the guy received a lap dance. With Jack’s being horny from me all day long and seeing a lap dance I knew he would want one too. I waited for the one scene I wanted and finally half way through her dance, Jack finally spoke up.

“Wow that girl can really dance.”

“What? No way.” I said egging him on.

“Are you kidding me that girl is hot.”

“She is okay I guess, and besides I’m sure I could dance better than tuzla escort her.”

“No way you can dance better than her Tess.” He said taking the bait trying to use reverse psychology on me. Little did he know I was the one playing him.

“Wanna bet?” I said standing up.

“Sure go for it.”

Going through my phone I pulled up some music to dance too. I stopped the movie and synced my phone with the speakers. Once the music started so did I. With no one to see me besides my brother I started to dance for him. The first song was fast and I acted like a goof ball. Jack was drunk and didn’t care how I acted because all he focused on was me shaking my ass for him. A few times I got close enough that he could slap my ass as I bent over for him.

Getting up he joined me in dancing for a bit as I would grind on him and his hands would explore my body. Jack got plenty of hand fulls gabbing my breasts and ass over and over again as we danced together. My treat was grinding against his dick feeling how hard I was making him.

Half an hour had gone by and my dance play list was running out. I heard the last song start which meant the real fun was just about to begin. Pushing Jack onto the couch I slowly moved to the center of the living room giving him the best view of me. The song was slow and so were my movements. Turning around I slowly lifted up my top and tossed it away. Looking over my shoulder I saw Jack was stroking himself through his shorts.

As I faced Jack I made sure to cover myself with my hands. You could see it in his eyes how badly he wanted my hands to move. With Jack being dead center on the couch I straddled him so my pantie covered pussy was pressed firmly against his dick. His hands moved to my ass as my hands moved to hold the couch behind him. Revealing my tits to my brother for the first time was filling us both with lust.

My hips started to move naturally as I began dry humping my brother. I could feel him flexing his legs and pulling me closer to help intensify the stimulation for both of us. Sitting up straight I felt his hands move up my body and onto my chest. His hands groped me softly until I placed mine overtop his and started to squeeze tighter. Feeling his hands take control of my chest as I pressed his dick against my clit was a dream come true. Only his shorts and my panties were in the way of the two of us crossing the ultimate boundary.

“So do you think I dance better than the girl from the movie?” I asked leaning forward whispering into his ear.

“Hell yeah. So much better.” He replied with a breathy voice.

Hear that was all I needed as I got up and walked over to grab my top. His eyes were pouting as his hands gripped tightly onto the couch.

“Come on Tess help me out.” He begged.

“Help you with what?” I asked putting my shirt back on acting obviously to the situation.

“Help me cum.” Jack said grabbing his cock. He was drunk and his filter was gone.

“Was my dancing not enough for you Jack?” I asked with a strict tone of voice.

“It was so fucking hot Tess.” He said continuing to stroke himself.

“Are you sure? How about feeling up your sister as she rubbed her pussy on your hard cock, was that not enough for you? Because if so Jack I can go upstairs and put some more clothes on if you like.” He knew I had the power and this was a reminder for him.

“No Tess, please don’t I love your sweet ass and sexy little body. It was enough.”

“If it was enough then why do you need more help, and why are you masturbating in front of your sister Jack?”

I watched Jack quickly move his hand away from his cock and took in several deep breaths. All I could do was smile knowing he was putty in my hands. Putting the movie back on I sat next to my brother giving him another drink. Before the movie was over Jack was passed out on the couch. Looking down at his crotch I saw his dick was still nice and hard.

Knowing Jack was black out drunk I pulled his shorts down and took out his cock. Getting on my knees in front of my brother I slowly stroked his thick cock in my hand. This was the first time I had seen his dick and was fully prepared to play with it. As I played with it I felt it grow slightly larger in my hand. Not being able to take it any longer I placed my hand at the base of my brother’s cock and the tip in my mouth. While I sucked Jack’s dick my other hand fingered my pussy to no end.

A little over half of Jacks cock fit in my mouth before I couldn’t take any more. Before he came down my throat I made sure to stop. I was a tease after all not a cum slut. Even though I didn’t let Jack cum I can’t say the same about my self. tuzla escort bayan After my orgasm I got up and took my two pussy covered fingers and placed them in Jacks mouth. Naturally my brother’s body reacted and started cleaning off my fingers with his tongue. With how much alcohol he had I was certain the last thing he would remember is the lap dance so everything from this point on would be a waste of energy.

By the time Jack woke up I was stretching in the living room getting ready for my workout. The first sight Jack got to see was his sister bending over to stretch her legs out.

“Morning sleepyhead.” I greeted him continuing to stretch.

“Morning Tess.” He replied as he sat up.

Seeing him get up from the couch I gave my ass a little shake. I saw him smile as he slapped my ass and went up to his room to continue sleeping.

I had successfully conditioned my brother and dad to treat me like I was their secret girlfriend. Each one of them was slapping my ass, kissing my neck and groping me from behind while in private. When the other was around they acted like I was the old Tess that was shy and stayed in the shadows. Once we were alone though I was the new Tess that filled their wildest sexual fantasies.

After dad got back home from his week long trip I knew he would want his daughter. Jack had gotten home from work early so I had to put my plans on hold. Day after day both Jack and my dad we home together and it was getting frustrating. Both wanted to be alone with me and after a couple weeks I didn’t care which one of them was with me alone.

The most alone time I had gotten with either of them was about fifteen minutes. During that time who ever I was alone I would push them against the wall and make out with them. Each one of us would try to be sneaky as they would grab my ass when they would walk by and if I had enough time I would flash one of them my nice little tits.

Finally the day came when I was going to get some alone time with dad when Jacks friend asked him to help him move. A day like this was perfect for what I wanted to do next.

“Hey Jack, you said you were helping Brian move today right?”

“Yeah kinda sucks but you know gotta help him out.”

“No yeah sure I totally understand, I was just wondering if you guys needed any help?”

“Yeah totally that would be great, Thanks Tess!”

Jack let Brian know I was gonna be helping them move. I knew if I helped Jack then later tonight I would want to do some deep relaxing. While Jack and I helped Brian move I was able to get a few good teases in without Brain noticing. Using this time away from dad I made it seem like I was giving extra attention to Jack. The moving truck only sat two people so I made sure to sit in Jack’s lap while Brian drove.

After a long day of moving Jack and Brian decided to have some drinks. They invited me to stay but I politely declined as I was feeling sweaty and wanted to get home to take a bath. Taking the car back home I told Jack told me he was going to get a ride back in the morning and to not wait up. Knowing Brian wouldn’t see Jack gave me a long kiss on the lips before heading back inside with his friend.

My day with Jack was done and my night with daddy was about to begin. After I got home I noticed daddy wasn’t home yet either. I went upstairs and to draw a warm bubble bath. Dad’s tub was bigger, more comfortable and more noticeable as it was connected to his bedroom. As I lay In the warm water relaxing I heard daddy enter the room.

“Hey sweetie how was your day?” He asked not concerned in the slightest why I was in his bathroom.

“Jack and I helped Brian move today and I’m warn out. I hope you don’t mind that I used your bath tub, it’s just so much bigger.”

“Not at all Tess, use it whenever you like.” He said while taking off his shoes and putting them in the closet.

As I relaxed in the warm water daddy stayed in the bathroom and talked with me for a little while longer until he eventually he changed into only a pair of boxers and a t-shirt then went to lay in bed. Once I dried myself off and started to brush my hair, I knew that now was my time to act.

“He dad do you know of any good massage places around town?”

“Sure why do you ask?”

“Well I pulled a muscle and would like to get a massage to loosen me up.”

“I mean I can tell you of some places but they are pretty expensive, few hundred dollars.”

“Wow really that much.” I knew he was lying because I looked it up several times before. This was his way of trying to set me up so I would agree to him massaging me.

“If you want though I mean I can give escort tuzla you a massage like the professionals do right now and help loosen you up. I would even do it for free.”

“Predictable,” I thought to myself. “That would be great, let me go get my lotion!” I said out loud leaving his room.

When I returned to dad’s room with my lotion I still only had on my towel to show a slight innocence. He had moved the blankets and pillows out of the way making it easier for me to lay down. I set the lotion on his night stand for easy access and lay on the bed. Unraveling the towel daddy could now see my cute little bare bottom.

“Thanks again daddy, I really need this.” I didn’t but any excuse to get him to touch me was all I needed.

First he put lotion on his hands then rubbed it into my back. Even though I didn’t need a massage it still felt good to get one. My dads hands felt great as he made sure to rub every inch of my back. Working on my legs daddy made sure to spread them apart nice and far to get the best view of his daughter’s delicate pussy. Daddy took his time with my legs giving extra attention to my inner thighs. By the time my dad started massaging my ass he was pretty much spreading my cheeks apart to get the best view he had ever seen.

“Okay baby girl I’ve massaged your entire back side I’m all done.”

“What about my front side daddy?” I said turning over. “You said you would give me a message like the professionals do and they massage both sides.”

I knew that seeing his daughter fully naked in his bed there was no way he could say no. Grabbing the lotion he applied just a little more to his hands as I lay back down. First he started with my legs then worked his way up. My legs were once again spread for him, however this time he made sure to place himself in between them. Feeling his hands run along my entire body was driving me crazy.

I was lost in lust when all of a sudden I felt his hand around my neck. At first it scared me until I realized that he made sure not to choke me as he applied pressure to the sides of my neck. His grip felt amazing on both my neck and breasts. Leaning in closer our lips met and I felt that his dick had escaped from his boxers. He wasn’t inside of me but very close.

Knowing he was about to enter me I thought quickly and rolled us over so that way I was on top. Normally with my small size compared to his, I wouldn’t be able to accomplish said task. However I had caught him off guard giving me the edge. Now that I was on top I moved so his cock wasn’t right at the entrance of my pussy. I knew his sexual frustration would get the best of him so I needed a distraction. Kissing down his neck to his chest and eventually his lower stomach I know had his dick at the entrance of my mouth.

Licking the tip of my daddy’s cock was making him go crazy. He placed his hand on top of my head and I was ready for him to shove my face lower so I would start sucking him off. Feeling just the weight of his hand on the back of my head meant he knew to move at my pace and not his.

“Good daddy.” I thought to myself as I lowered my head taking as much of his dick in my mouth as I could.

I had only planned on letting him touch me but couldn’t help myself seeing how big his cock was for me. In teasing them I was also teasing myself. Just as they weren’t getting any sex I wasn’t either and it was starting to drive me insane. Continuing to work my dad’s cock I could feel him gripping my hair slightly. Figuring he was close I used my right hand to stroke the base of his dick while I sucked the top half. Just like Jack I couldn’t couldn’t fit all of him inside my mouth so I used my hands to work the rest.

“Te-Tes-Tess.” Was all I heard my daddy say I I felt his hand keep my head down before he came.

The first few waves of cum went right down my throat. After the initial eruption the next few waves weren’t as powerful and stayed in my mouth. Once he was done I took his cock out of my mouth and kept it closed as I looked up at him. Locking eyes with him I opened my mouth to show him most the cum he just gave his daughter. Sticking my tongue out I let in drip down onto my chest giving my tits a nice glaze. By this point he was exhausted and couldn’t handle any more.

“Can’t let this go to waist.” I said taking my index finger to scoop up his cum back into my mouth.

Once I swallowed as much as I could scoop up I stuck out my tongue one more time showing how good of a girl I was for daddy. Getting up I walked towards his door ready to leave and go to my room.

“Bye daddy, I hope you had as much fun as I did.”

By this point he was to tired to move and I needed to have a release my self. Once I entered my room I grabbed a vibrator and began playing with myself. I couldn’t help but want to tease my daddy and brother until I finally let them do more to me.

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