14 Haziran 2021

Teasing the Girl, In Public

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What a week! We were both so tired of the week we had to get out and let off a little steam. So, I decided we should go out for a while, and since it was so warm out, we should take the motorcycle.

I had been buying you all sorts of little sexy outfits I liked to see you in. Things that the bitch of an ex-wife I had would never wear, but you were more than happy to model them for me.

Things, clothes, lingerie, skirts, baby doll tops, thigh high stocking with garters, thigh high boots with spiked stiletto heels, that hugged your legs…all kinds of little things, but you just blew me away when I saw you all dressed up, like you did every time.

There you stood before me with that leather skirt on; the back of it was shaped to show off that ever so sexy tattoo you have on your lower back. Black fishnets on, with those black fuck-me boots, and that sexy white baby doll shirt, showing that sweet little belly of yours. You had that hair pulled back, showing that face of an angel you have. Damn, you made my cock swell.

You turned around wiggled that ass of yours for me, showing off how good you looked. It was all I could do to keep from stripping you down right there and stuffing my face into that box of yours. But I would wait; I had an evening planned for us.

You asked me what we were doing, and I told you we were just going out to the local hangout bar to meet up with a few friends, and listen to a band for a bit.

It wasn’t the greatest club out there, but for our medium sized down it wasn’t bad. It was a split-level, and on the main floor a sunken pit area and the band played above that.

The band that night was a Nine-Inch Nails cover band. You kind of smirked, but agreed to go anyway. I rolled that ever sexy red Ducati out of the garage, you climbed aboard, and with the push of a button, it rolled over and rumbled to life.

As I revved it slightly to warm it up, you could feel those vibrations on your scantly clad little pussy, hitting you right on your clit. I thought I could feel you get a small shiver back there as I revved it. So we departed in the warm night air.

Well, the club was pretty crowded, as I had expected. The band was shrouded in fog machines, blue and red lights, and a couple of laser shows going We had a couple drinks, talked to a few friends, then the band started.

They were pretty impressive, very loud, and very clear; the sound was punching everybody right in the chest. They opened with a deafening version of “Head Like a Hole”.

I took you out to the dancefloor and pretty soon you felt that familiar feeling, my hands gripping your sweet ass. I pulled you close, making sure you could feel how hard I was as I pressed against you, watching that luscious body of yours sway.

Soon I was kissing your neck, breathing in your intoxicating scent, and my hands were getting bolder, squeezing you tighter, and even working around to the front of you from time to time, almost touching your sweet little pussy.

I worked you back into a corner, where I thought nobody could see, and started feeling up under your skirt. I had my hands on canlı bahis your fish net covered ass, feeling your hot skin, and you were clenching that ass as my hands roamed over you.

This was making me harder, and I squeezed your ass and pulled you into my hard on, making that little mound of yours grind against my stiffening member.

This sensation was great, but I wanted to touch that bare skin on your ass. So I tried to work my hand down the waist of that little skirt, but it was just too damn tight! Good thing the zipper was in the back.

Slowly I started unzipping it until my hand fit comfortably between your skirt and those black stockings. I pinched your ass a couple times; you giggled and jumped a bit.

I repositioned my hand so now I was inside of your stockings, against your hot, tender white ass. As we danced close I held my hand right on the crack of your ass, resting fingers on both cheeks, with my middle finger between them.

Now your head was buried against my neck, and I could feel your hot breath running across my skin. With each new grasp of my hands on your ass you would let out a little moan.

With each beat of that NIN cover band, my hand met their tempo, and worked your little butt over.

They were playing “Closer” now. Every time that chorus started “ I want to fuck you like an animal, I want to feel you from the inside, I want to fuck you like an animal….” I would work my middle finger a little lower down your crack.

Your body was so hot now, you were lightly sweating all over and I could feel your heat pressing against me.

Very soon I ran my finger across your sweet rosebud, lightly tickling it and again you lightly jumped forward, leaning into me even harder. I reached just a little farther and found the opening to that sweet pussy of yours. My God, it was soaking wet, it was dripping with your nectar.

Instinctively, I inserted my finger in you and you bit me on the neck as you moaned with pleasure. I let you wiggle with my finger in you for a minute, and then I slid it out, gathering up some of your juices and rubbed them across your pink little puckered rosebud.

I rubbed that slippery juice all over those tender wrinkles, and at the right moment, I started inching my finger into your quivering ass. It gave way, and I slid past the first knuckle, on my way to the second.

Finally the base of my finger was pressing against that tight little ring muscle of yours. You were moaning into my ear, telling me what a nasty, nasty son of a bitch I am, making you get all hot and bothered with all the nasty things I was doing to you, but you loved it, and we both knew it.

With that middle finger assault on your anus, I then decided to double penetrate you, and I slid my index finger back into that pussy of yours, and rubbed both fingers together through your walls.

Now you almost screamed into my ear that I was a bad motherfucker and I was about to make you cum all over my fingers. Out of the corner of your eye you saw another couple grinning as I was fingering you, and that was it, you clenched your pussy and your ass and you bahis siteleri came all over my fingers.

It was short and sweet, but you came hard for me. As soon as you recovered you said you thought we should be heading out, so we said our good byes, and were out the door.

On our way to the bike in the dimly lit parking lot I popped you on the ass a few time and was telling you just what a naughty little girl you were and that you that you were really going to get it when we got home.

But, I wasn’t done with you here yet. We were almost to the bike and there was a truck parked there, with its tailgate down. You were still a little woozy from the first time that you came and you were fairly surprised when I grabbed you from behind, placed your hands on the tailgate and lifted up that little skirt exposing a very soaked little pussy.

I could barely see it in the light, glistening with your juices, but it was obstructed some with those stockings, so that had to go. In a quick motion, I tore a small hole in them, and the next thing you knew my mouth was devouring that sweet pussy of yours.

Your juices were flowing all over my lips and down my chin and dripping off. You were moaning and whimpering. Your knuckles were turning white as you were gripping that tailgate and enjoying the moment.

You thought you heard people saying.”Would you look at that!” and “Oh my god, I cant believe they are doing that” But, you were not sure what you heard because right at that moment you felt me slide two fingers into that wet love tunnel of yours.

You groaned, and clamped down on them, and I could feel your pussy muscles beginning to contract deep inside, you were on the verge of another orgasm.

You could feel your body spasming, I could tell too, so just to push you over the edge, I worked another finger into you and that was it, and you couldn’t take it anymore. You could feel your pussy beeing stretched to its limits, and you exploded with that feeling.

Once you calmed down, you had to have a cigarette, so I turned you around, and set you on the tailgate, and held you as you relaxed and breathed deeply.

Your giggle broke out into a laugh, and you told me how everybody thinks I am so quite, shy and reserved. How little they knew. Finally, we made our way to the bike. Your legs were a bit weak, we laughed about it, and then rode off.

All the way home your clit was so sensitve, and now it was hot, swollen and pressed firmly against that seat, allowing all those vibration to make it tingle.

I was thinking all the way home how I want to get a hold of those breasts of yours, to suck on those nipples, making them soo hard. Then thinking of the finale for the night, of my cock plowing in and out of that wet little pussy of yours, and just how I had planned to do that.

We made it to the garage, the door opened automatically, and we were in. We ducked a little to go under the hoist that was there to lift the bike when working on it.

We got off the bike, but didn’t go in the house yet, I said I wanted to check something. I asked you to help, and hold this cord bahis şirketleri for me, but that’s not what it was for.

I quickly wrapped your wrists with it, and lifted your hands over your head and tied you to the hoist. You were a little stunned, not frightened, because you knew I would never do anything to hurt you, but you were still shocked at the turn of events.

You started to ask me what I was doing, but I kissed you quickly, and deeply, tasting that sweet tongue of yours. Then I lifted that top off, and took one of your breasts into my mouth, sucking it very firmly and pinching your nipple with my lips and your other nipple I was pinching between my fingers.

That hand left your breast for a moment, and unzipped that little black skirt. It dropped to the concrete floor. I wasn’t as careful with your stocking. I tore them away, totally exposing your nude body, hanging in the garage as I masterfully sucked your sweet tits.

You were sure this was another time where I was going to tease the hell out of you before I ever stuck my cock in you, but that wasn’t the case tonight.

I reached up, and undid you from the hoist, but left you’re wrists bound, and layed you across a chair I have in the garage, with your ass planted firmly against my crotch.

You were still in oblivion from the titty massage my mouth and fingers had given you, but you could feel that I had dropped the old Levi’s and my cock head was exploring between the cheeks of you ass.

I parted your thighs with my knees, and took hold of my cock, and slid it up and down your wanting pussy. You wiggled all over it. I wasn’t going to waste anytime. I took hold of your hips, and sunk my cock to the hilt.

You screamed in pleasure as it hit bottom. At first I pumped you with long, slow strokes. Gliding in and out of that glory hole, feeling your pussy contract, milking my cock like your well-trained hands and mouth do.

You were moaning something like “Oh God, You Filthy Fucker, Fuck My Pussy, Fuck My Drenched Pussy…Oh yeah”; your body was just moaning, and churning. That little pussy was on fire. Finally I gave way to faster strokes, and you were pumping me back, slamming against me…

I knew I was almost to that point of no return. That’s when I let it all go, gripped your hips as firmly as I could, holding your flesh in my hands.and pumped you with blurring furry.

I was going faster than ever…balls were slapping your clit, and that pussy started to cum, all over my cock. At that point you were yelling, “Fuck Me! Fuck ME!!! Fuck ME!” over and over.

My ball sack drew tight, and I erupted within you. I was spraying so hard, so hot, spraying your cervix with my hot semen.

When you felt those spurts, you came instantly again, your pussy gripped me so hard that air was escaping around my cock every time you clenched me, making my orgasm even harder hearing that incredible erotic sound, your pussy farting, around my cock, with all those juices flowing.

You were totally spent on that one, hell, so was I! I remember helping you up, untying your hands, and carrying your beautiful naked body to the bedroom.

I laid you in our bed and curled up beside you…you rustled around a moment, kissed me, and ran your fingers through the hair on my chest a time or two, and we drifted off to a very blissful sleep.

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