16 Haziran 2021

Tell Me What You Want

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**This is the first of my scenarios between Anna and Micah. It is my first foray into writing again after a very long absence. Enjoy. Comments appreciated. **


I’m standing in the kitchen, my hands immersed in warm soapy water washing up our dinner dishes. I feel Micah come up behind me- his large hands moving over the tops of my shoulders in a slow and easy caress.

“You should let me do that.” he murmurs, his hands moving over my upper arms to my wrists as he presses his chest into my back. The sensation is exquisite, and I cannot help the shiver of reaction to him. He notices and takes a single step closer, the edge of his goatee tickles my earlobe.

“Tell me what you want.” he urges softly, his breath tickling my ear before trailing softly across my neck. His fingers sliding around my wrists. My breath is shaky, soft as I let it out slowly. This man. This man has no idea of how much I want him. How I’ve fantasized about this exact moment.

He tightens his grip on my wrists; pressing his hips firmly and inexorably against the curve of my ass. I can feel his arousal thick and firm- a promise just a whisper away from the heat of my core. The thick press of him a sensation I’ve longed for from any man, but especially this one as of late. A sensualist to the core, my words simply dry up as I attempt to speak, my cheeks flushing a warm rose as I battle between embarrassment and desire. All I can let loose is a shaky breath as he nuzzles my neck before his teeth sink in at just that right spot.

“Dear God, Micha-” the words torn from me as I shudder, my nipples peaking to hard little points, breasts already swollen now painfully tender as his tongue caresses the flesh from my shoulder up to my earlobe, my entire body shuddering at the liquid silk feel of his tongue on my skin. His fingers tighten around my wrists as he holds me pinned against the counter. I know he can feel my pulse pounding, but know he won’t carry it farther until I voice what I truly desire.

“Tell me, Anna.” This time his cheek is pressed soothingly to mine. Already, my body is trembling- like a slow shiver starting from my core and moving toward my extremities. I turn my cheek so I can nuzzle him, and I feel his smile as his goatee moves scratching…yet soothing against my sensitive skin. He turns just enough to offer the gentlest of caresses with his lips on mine. I cannot help the soft sound of pleasure that escapes my throat, my hips desperate to grind back into him. Let my body tell you of what I desire. The terror of speaking my desires aloud nearly strangling me. Not yet. Good women don’t do say things like this unless… He deepens the kiss, his tongue gentle as it slides into my mouth, one of his wet hands coming to cradle my head and the thought trails off. Holding me still and safe as I savor his taste in my mouth of coffee and cigarettes. He is familiar and controlled and safe.

He gave me enough space to turn and face him, our foreheads touching, breath shared as I whispered, “If I do- I won’t be able to control myself.” He rubs his lips across the tip of my nose before offering a soft, sweet kiss. I couldn’t help the melting sensation in my core as I pressed against him. His 6’2″ body found it easy to cradle my 5’9″ frame- his limbs thick and well-formed as if someone had taken a once whisper lean boy and filled him in with years of training and experience making him sturdy and comfortable…and able to take the kind of loving I was desperate to give. “Kiss me.” I sighed, my hands moving up his chest as I leaned up. He used one hand to cradle my head as I pressed my entire front against him, his mouth slanting down to meet mine. He held me still, his thumbs caressing the sides of my face as his lips caressed mine before pressing in with a kiss unlike any I’d experienced so far. It was firm and still tender. Overall- the feel of his tongue was sensuous. Need balled tight in my belly. I knew what came from kisses like this.

He guided me to the kitchen island, his large hands lifting my short sundress as he eased my body up onto the island. Then, he was between my thighs- and only his pants kept him from sliding against my bare clit. Those hands of his canlı bahis caressing my hips, then my thighs as the kiss grew in intensity, the sounds in the room only those of my whimpers and our heavy breathing. His hips jerked against me as he broke the kiss with a growl. “You were bare…all night?” he asked through gritted teeth.

“Yes.” I admitted softly, cheeks flaming hot- both from arousal and embarrassment. Slut. Always a slut. The thought slid through my mind quick as a flash. My stomach dropped as I realized I might have gone too far. Teased too much. You’re too much. My body shaking now from shame and hormones. Micah groaned softly, his black and gray peppered hair falling in soft waves around us as he laid the gentlest of kisses against my forehead.

“Anna…be glad I didn’t know, pet.” he said softly, before gripping my hips and yanking my hips firmly against his erection. His lips meeting mine, stifled my cry of surprise and pleasure, his hands large and calloused against my soft skin- holding me still as he ground against me. The kiss became hungry, his teeth nipping at my bottom lip. “Tell me why.” his voice low like his growl only…only it made things lower on my body tighten in anticipation. Foreheads resting together, I ran my fingers through his dark waves to soothe us both.

“Because…” I answered so, so softly… I want you so bad I can barely taste it. I wanted to rub my clit against you all fucking night long. Make me yours. The thoughts drying in my mouth as I whimpered and shifted my hips to rub my clit firmly against him. I could speak through my body, but the words were too dangerous. Turned and twisted against you. My fingers gripped his long, dark hair at the scalp. “I want you, Micah.” I whispered into his ear- his hands holding me still, as he strained to control us both.

“Tell me.” he bit out. “Don’t do it. Tell me, Anna. Use. Your. Words.” His mouth at my ear. Our bodies so close. I shuddered. Only sluts talk like this. Only worthless, ugly, disgusting… I will those thoughts away. Micah was here. Micah was safe. And… for now… he would be mine.

“Micah-” I pleaded breathlessly. I strained against his hold. I wanted him lost in the moment like me. I wanted to control his lust- lord it over him. Why couldn’t he be as sensitive as I was to this? To us? All he had was his control and it drove me fucking crazy. I wanted this courteous, sensitive soul to lose his shit. Instead, I made some small animal sound trying to press myself against him more. Just…a little more… With a huff, he eased back and spanked my mound with his hand. I swore I saw sparks. He continued spanking my mound and clit to emphasize each gritted word.

“Tell. Me. What. You. Want.”

The orgasm hit me hard- and kept going- my thighs jerking as my core tightened and pulsed around the emptiness. It only fueled the raging hunger inside me. Flipping the switch inside where that treacherous little voice inside fled in terror. “YOU!” I cried. “God- Micah! You. Inside me. Thrusting. Licking. Tasting. Fucking. Taking.” I shook, feeling the overwhelming desire and shame at my outburst.

His own hands trembling, he pulled me up, pressing my burning core against his still clothed and throbbing erection. His hands cradling my skull again as he kissed me, deeply and yet tenderly. Instead of amping up the eroticism- those hands kept stroking, holding, and petting. Anchoring me to the moment and to him. I wrapped my legs around his hips. His hands edging up my dress, my trembling hands attempting to unbutton his shirt. I loved that his chest- when I finally got those damn buttons open- was covered in wiry gray hair. The sensation of his bared skin against my breasts a moment I swore to savor forever. He slowed our kisses down farther, the caresses became long, firm strokes. “What else, Anna?” his voice rumbled as his mouth moved down my neck to my chest. His touch firm, reassuring. Claiming.

“Your mouth. On my nipples. Suckling from me.” My face flushing a bright crimson, voice hoarse. He eased farther down, leaving soft open-mouthed kisses on my pale skin. Then his mouth began an even slower seduction. I sank deeper against the cool granite beneath me. bahis siteleri His tongue a hot and wet contrast as he drew circles with his tongue, coming gradually closer to the aching buds of my nipples. His gray eyes met mine- my fingers tangled in his hair. “Please Micah.” I whispered, arching up towards his mouth. I watched those large gray eyes crinkle in humor. He held me down easily, his control causing the tight ball of anxiety inside me to ease.

“Tell me, Anna.” He said softly, lazily tonguing and kissing around my areola . The tension building between us beginning to peak slowly. I stroked my fingers through his hair, soothing us both.

“Suck my nipples, Micah. Put them in your mouth and nurse from me.” He smiled slowly, those large hands petting me, soothing me. I felt the burn of arousal and a sense of centeredness I’d felt only once before during a sexual encounter. His mouth closed around one beaded nipple and pulled hard. He alternated between hard sucking and soft, languid pulls. I cradled his head against me- riding the sensations until I felt the sharp edge of his teeth. Instinctively, my nails bit into his scalp and shoulders. I cried out each time the pressure steadily increased, my core pulsing and tightening in response. My clit a hard bud that pulsed in time with my racing heartbeat. “I need–I need–I need-” I panted over and over- my hands clawing at his shoulders and back as his teeth bore down just past the edge of pain while he suckled. My entire body straining upward and away from the orgasm looming over me. This man would take me over.

“Micah, PLEASE!” I cried- my mind overwhelmed- hands and body pulling at him- wanting him- needing… something. How could a man dominate while being so fucking careful? His touch possessive and firm. Calming. Then those magic fingers discovered my core. Three of them working inside me- spreading me wide- filling me up. His mouth covered mine, muffled the cry of surprised pleasure as I felt the unfamiliar burn of fingers spreading me so very wide compared to what I was used to. “Oh God. Micah. Please fuck me. Fuck me. Please. Make it hurt.” the words becoming a litany. A prayer. Get me out of my mind. Help me control what I felt no control over. I needed this man inside me. I needed the erotic pain to help me cross the threshold.

“I’ll take you, Anna.” he said, voice strained and hoarse. I tightened around his fingers, swearing I felt the vibration of a growl as I felt those fingers move swift and hard so deep inside me it felt like I detonated. I couldn’t control the spasms of my fingers nor the cries forced out of my deepest self. For long moments we lay there- catching our breath as he turned me slowly, my body limp, shifting me on the counter so my breasts felt the shock of cold stone against heated flesh. The whiskers of his goatee tickled my spine as he lathed open mouth kisses on my fevered flesh. His hands firm and careful as he spread my hips wide- his bared erection parting my folds until I felt his heavy tip ease inside my tight, quivering core. His mouth latched on to my shoulder as he thrust into me. My breath froze at the invasion. I didn’t realize how big he was until after he stopped his movements-and I felt his balls and pelvis against the curve of my ass and thighs. He eased me up, so his chest pressed against my back, my head resting against his shoulder. Our fingers intertwined as his arms wrapped around me. Firm. Secure.

“…Safe…” I breathed. He was so deep inside me, nestled in an area no man had reached even though I tried to help them. Tried to tell them what I wanted, but they treated… they hurt me. I let their looks and their silence hurt me. I concentrated on Micah, on his soft breathing on my neck and shoulder.

“I will take you, Anna.” Micah whispered in my ear- his cock pulsing inside me. “Never to fuck-” he spat the words. “Do you understand?” He ground himself so far inside me hard enough that all I could do was groan, trying to ease up on my toes to get away from the invading force that was Micah. He held me cradled against him.

“Micah-” I protested as he kept grinding us together. His lips brushed my temple. Our fingers and arms gripping each other so bahis şirketleri tightly. He gave one hard thrust upwards, his grip becoming tighter- he shifted his grip from my hands to capture both wrists in one hand while his other hand came to my throat.

“I. will. not. fuck. you. Anna.” he said again- his mouth softly caressing my skin as he emphasized each word with the type of thrusts I longed for- my knees giving out. The sound of my name a sound of reverence. Can you cry when your body is this aroused? The tears burning the backs of my eyes, drawing my throat tight.

“Micah-” my voice high, breathy, and barely there. Overwhelmed and terrified of what he was saying. My safe place wouldn’t have me. Not how I needed. “…please…” I whispered. I could feel his heart hammering against my back. His touch firm and gentle. “I need…” I gripped his corded wrists. “I need…” and felt the enormity of the need swallow me whole.

He leaned us forward- his cheek resting against mine. The warmth of him a solid press around, inside, and against me. “It won’t be just for tonight, Anna.” his voice a firm promise as he held himself against me. My core tightened painfully around him- drawing him further inside me so abruptly that Micah gave a soft grunt. “There…” he breathe. “Is that what you want, Anna? Do you want me in your bed and body more than once?” Each fierce whispered word causing me to pulse around him until I felt like hyperventilating.

“Micah please. I need you.” I pleaded softly. My entire being trembling. How could he break through my walls this way? He rolled his hips- building up a slow, deep rhythm. His hand doing nothing but resting against my chest while his fingers collared my throat.

“Like this?” he asked in a gentle tone, slamming suddenly into me so hard the orgasm made me nearly black out. I felt the tension break through me, as scalding tears ran down my cheeks. He held me secure against him, tension singing through his entire frame as I knew he was holding back. “Tell me what you want.” he urged softly. “..Anna..” his deep voice taking on an edge of pleading. Longing.

“You. Now. Mine.” I moaned- as he tilted my face for a kiss. The kind of kiss that reached deep inside. “More than tonight.” I sighed against his mouth. He stroked my hair- his hips moving ever so slowly. “I want you deep inside me. So far I forget which part is you and which is me.” He wrapped me up in his arms, easing so gently from my slick and swollen folds.

“I’ll make love with you, Anna.” he promised, “But I won’t ever fuck you, do you understand?” That large hand again, resting on my chest with his fingers collaring my throat. I felt like I was being swallowed whole by the enormity of his words. I felt my entire being shaking from what I was about to do. I led him- silently and quietly to my bedroom.

“You swear it, Micah?” I asked, standing in my one sanctuary, beside the bed I’d only shared with one other man the one who had helped to warp my perceptions of my sexuality. Both of Micah’s large hands cupped my skull, his gray eyes staring into my blue ones.

“I swear.” The tears burned the backs of my eyes as I stared up at this man. I’d never felt more broken or hopeful than I did in this moment. I felt the drying tracks of my tears on my cheeks and felt baffled as the slightest of smiles touched his cheek. I gathered my tattered courage.

“Make love with me, Micah.” I said, as quickly as I could, so softly it felt as if I only breathed the words.

“Yes, love.” he said- with a slight smile- letting me pull him onto my bed. He braced his body above mine- as I allowed my legs to caress his softly furred thighs. His eyes held mine as he petted me towards arousal. His mouth pressing soft, open-mouthed kisses to my forehead, the tip of my nose, and my lips. He continued kissing between my breasts, down my stomach, to my mound. With the sigh of a deeply contented man- he settled himself between my thighs, exposing my clit to his hungry gaze. I couldn’t help the bubble of laughter that escaped.

He raised his laughing gaze to meet mine. “There we are.” he murmured before leaning forward, his eyes on mine as he began to lave his tongue from my core to my clit. I lifted my hips instinctively and received a quick, sharp smack on my mound. I gripped his hair on the sharp bite of pain. His eyes twinkled playfully. “No one ever said love doesn’t have a bite to it.”

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