24 Haziran 2021


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I saw a woman in town today, walking down a street. I’ve wanted to get close to her for some time now, even though I hadn’t seen her around for quite some time. I have yet to do so, but if I did I would want to kneel behind her, gently and softly caressing her, barely touching her naked skin. Teasing her. Both of us naked without a care in the world. Starting at her feet and then moving my hands slowly upwards, over her ankles, calves, behind her knees, over her thighs to her hips. Touching and then kissing each side of her rear. Kissing that small pit just above it with moist lips. Kissing my way up her spine and letting my hands travel softly up over the front of her upper body, from the edges of her thighs up over her belly to her wonderfully squeezable breasts. Rising up a little with each soft kiss. Kissing my way all the way up to her neck and then kissing around her neck. Feasting on it like some vampire as I push her against me with my hands and thrust my groin against her rear with my hips. My staff pressing against her buttocks as she gives out little moans of pleasure.

Then she says that it’s her turn. She tells me to lie down on the bed, face down. In that vulnerable position she starts to softly explore me with her fingers, moving them all over the back of my body. All the way from my feet and up and out along my arms to my hands. Tickling my spine. She presses her body against me, pushing me down with her bosom and rubbing her nipples against my back from my bum and sliding upwards. She kisses my neck and nibbles on my earlobe before asking me in a whisper to do what I’m always eager to: to lick her most intimate and delicate flower.

On her request I roll on over to my back and soon I’m drinking from the fountain of Venus with my lover sitting on canlı bahis şirketleri my lips. My tongue going around looking for her buttons to push. Her hands digging into my hair. As I gaze in front of me the closest thing to my eyes is her mound of Venus, then her navel, then the underside of her beautiful bosom and then her smiling face and emerald-green eyes aimed straightly at me. I want to please her. To give her pleasure and deliver her into ecstasy. Seeing her and feeling her upon my lips is sufficient reward as I gently pull at a button which has hardened in my mouth. There really is nothing more beautiful than a woman in the throes of passion and at the peak of pleasure.

She rests lying next to me, slow hands playing as we lie side by side, face to face. I kiss her hands, her shoulder. She tells me she has another idea, another wish. I ask to hear it and fulfill it. She asks me to reach up with my arms, soon she’s tying my wrists together. She pulls them up above my head and ties them both to the bed frame. Defenseless I gaze at her. Gently she begins to explore me, softly touching and caressing me, barely touching the skin, all over the front of my body this time. Playing a little with the hair on my legs. Teasing and tickling me all over, her hands exciting me more and more. Pinching my nipples just for the sake of it.

She offers me her bosom and I’m eager to touch it, to taste and lick it with my mouth. She almost drowns me in it, depriving me of contact with the outside world for a few seconds or so at a time. I can feel her bush tickling my belly. Making me want to giggle, squirm and beg her to take me all at once. Her hands again starting to wander all over me as my staff gets firmer and firmer in her honour. One of her hands find it and she canlı kaçak iddaa starts toying with it, pulling it a little and watching me squirm. She kisses me as if to taste my sweet agony.

She edges backwards, letting my tip taste the entrance of her cave. Teasing both me and herself. Thrusting my hips to try and come further in but she moves away and avoids me. She’s as excited as I am but she still tells me to wait, smiling mischievously at me like I’ve been a naughty boy. She teases me some more, making me beg for it. Beg to be let inside of her. Finally she relents and slowly she takes my breath away, making my whole body tense up. Both of us moaning as she consumes me.

She kisses me like she wants to eat me from both ends, her breasts pressing against my chest, her whole body pressing me down into the bed. She owns me completely in that moment. When she starts riding she places her hands on my shoulders, gripping them tightly. I raise my legs to give her something to bounce off of. Our hips working like a couple dancing tightly together in perfect rhythm. Watching the pleasure she’s feeling expressed on her face adds even more delight to the pleasure I’m feeling. My buttocks keep clenching and relaxing with each thrust into her soft wetness, each move sending signals of lust, desire and pure passion up and down my spine.

She switches between riding me close and slow, kissing me and pressing her bosom against my chest, and riding me faster and harder, digging her fingers into my shoulders. She keeps me at the brink of insanity, sometimes teasing my lips and only brushing against them before kissing me with lava-like heat and intensity. Drowning me like a volcano of lust. The wilder it gets the more obvious it becomes that we cannot stop, that we might canlı kaçak bahis slow down just a little now and then but that we must see this through to the end.

She moves in close one final time, slowly riding me as she presses herself hard against me. Forcing almost all air between our two bodies away. Kissing me with forceful lips and predatory tongue. When she moves back up again she rides me like she’s loosing control. Caressing herself with one hand and holding me down with the other, grinding against me like she’s trying to put her pubic bone in contact with mine and start a fire by grinding them together. The faster she goes the faster I respond, she might be the rider but as her ride I want this as much as she does. She conquers and destroys me. I start shaking, my whole body getting tense and I know it’s rapidly approaching for me. By the way she’s moving it can’t be far off for her either. Her fingers digging deeper and deeper into my shoulder but I don’t notice any pain. I’m biting myself on the inside of my mouth, I want to scream but my jaw is locked.

I can feel it surging up through me, building pressure. Just one final obstacle to clear and then I explode. Forcing me to shut my eyes as it shoots through my body in wave after wave. A minimal moment after loosing myself I can feel and hear her doing the same, collapsing onto me she bites into my shoulder as if to keep herself sane that way. The sharp pang of pain is barely noticeable to me as the last few waves comes crashing in. Her every move on top of me adding pleasure and then agony as my member grows exceptionally sensitive.

I’m nothing but a wet puddle when it’s over, a mass of overcooked pasta without any rigidity left in my body except for that which is slowly draining inside of her. Panting as I lie there covered by her warm and sweaty body. With her first words she asks me if I liked her idea, I answer that I loved it. Her second comment is a rhetorical question on whether she should free me or keep me tied down in her bed…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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