16 Haziran 2021

The Bad Girl 02 – The Encounter

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The Encounter

Melynda approached the post happy hour bar a few moments later than she’d intended, looking for the man. No one perked up at her arrival even though a couple of guys looked her over. She didn’t mind the stares, not at all, in fact the wanton gazes excited her. When the bartender approached she commanded, “Peach wine spritzer.”

Before the steward had the bottle of white uncorked, a rather good looking gentleman walked past the hostess station. When he caught her eye, she recognized him from the picture she’d seen on his dating profile. “Mel?” he asked.

She returned, “Matt?” and held her hand out for the shake. It was warm, perhaps suggestive, but no one watching thought it was anything but professional. She liked him straight away. Tailored suit, cream shirt, double stripe tie. He was a bit under six feet, not a problem since she herself, without heels, only measured five feet four. Dark eyes, pug nose, full lips, a dark cut of hair, the face was shaved which was good. She didn’t care for men who sported a three-day old beard simply because they didn’t like shaving.

She was just as interesting to him. The dating site had said she was in her early forties, twelve years older than he, and although shading the truth in this instance was more likely than not, her age seemed fairly accurate. Lips glossy with a neutral shade, dirty blond hair fell around her face. Her high necked, sleeveless paisley blouse was filled with her breasts. Black skirt, he didn’t bother to look at the high heels she’d spent twenty minutes deciding to wear. A small bracelet, watch, an ankle bracelet. Of course he noticed the wedding band, but her on-line profile had made that relationship obvious. In fact, her openness that she was married made her even more desirable, somehow.

“So,” he started, “you live near here?”

“Twenty minutes away. How often do you get to town?”

“Twice a month, maybe. It depends. Sometimes I stay for a day or two, other times the whole week. It depends on what the business needs.”

To her, the voice seemed a bit high. Was it because he was skittish, or was that just normal? She, of course, had no reason to feel nervous, she’d ridden this tilt-a-whirl dozens of times before. “How long will you be in town?”

“Just tonight. I’ve got to be in Cincinnati Thursday.”

“That’s too bad.”

“But I’ll be back next month,” he promised.

The small talk was clumsy, as two people meeting for the first time was wont to be, but Melynda expected that. After all, when you search for potential friends on the Internet, you don’t expect geniuses. Finally they hit upon a subject they were both familiar with, Mid American conference schools.

“Yeah, I graduated from Akron, business major. How about you?”

“Oh, I went to Ball State.”

“Hey, I went over there for a basketball game. Spent the weekend, there were some hot babes over there!”

“Yeah, some hot guys too.” The subject was discussed for a few minutes.

From the way he looked at her, how he stroked her arm in response to her touches, she knew he was interested in her package. And the dryness in her mouth, the heavy thumping of her heart, the little tremor she got in the crick of her neck gave her the signal that she also was inclined.

“Are you married?” Melynda asked impulsively.



“Yes,” he divulged, figuring honesty might be the best policy. “We’re not getting along that well, when I’m out of town I think she fucks around on me.”

“How do you feel about that?”

“I don’t know. Sometimes I’m jealous, but sometimes it sort of turns me on.”

“Have you talked about it with her? Asked her if she’d like to have a three-way?”

“Wouldn’t that be weird?”

“Might be fun for both of you,” she laughed. Switching topics, to one much more germane she bent towards him and whispered, “Do you like to eat pussy?”

“Love it,” he replied.

She was watching for a rise in the tent of his pants, was heartened when she saw the evidence. “That’s good, there’s nothing I like better than having my pussy eaten.”

“Nothing?” he teased.

“Well, canlı bahis I love fucking, too. When someone’s real deep inside me, pounding away, yeah, I like that. And I adore it when a thick cream pie is left in there.” In Matt’s lap, the fabric of his pants strained, she knew he was game. She leaned to him, her breasts surrounded his arm, she whispered into his ear, “Do you want to leave a big cream pie in me?”

“Yes,” he wheezed.

“Let’s go then.” His hotel was just across the street, they jaywalked briskly, breezing through the sterile lobby, not caring if the check-in clerk noticed them. One man sitting at the bar was people watching, thought to himself, ‘Wow! She’s gonna get laid!’ The elevator ride was ticklish, each of them thinking of what was to come, a bit embarrassed at the situation. Matt fumbled with the key to his room, inserting the plastic and getting the red light a couple of times until finally, thankfully, the green glowed and they were in the room. As soon as the door was closed, she pressed him against the wall, put her lips against his.

He had never had a woman quite as headstrong as this, he cooperated as best he could. Her mouth was open, her tongue searching for his, her hand was at his belt, unzipping the pants, disturbing the briefs so that she held his naked penis. It was then that she first discovered a lie of his, it wasn’t the monster she’d seen in the photographs he’d sent her, it was at best normal sized. She wasn’t disappointed, all men lie as if theirs was the greatest, the best. Melynda expected she’d have a good time with it, nevertheless.

She retreated two paces, raised her arms and pulled the top over her head. He gazed at the more than ample breasts, constrained only by translucent scraps of purple fabric, he could easily discern the tight nipples. And then the shoes were kicked off, the skirt was pulled from her waist, boy shorts disguised the object of his desire. She stepped back another two feet, to the edge of the bed, he gazed at his woman for the night, and she plucked the remaining snippet from her body. Now naked, her breasts were nearly round at the sides, just a little flat in the front. Her mons had been shaved; or perhaps waxed?

“Your turn,” she demanded. At her command he disrobed, his shirt unbuttoned, the undershirt pulled over his head, the shoes untied, the pants kicked into a corner. She inspected him, saw he was relatively lean, the chest hairs dark and not too thick, the legs strong, the prick leaping from his body, the balls tight and globular, the shaft adorned with angry veins, the head peeping from the foreskin, scarlet with passion. It would do, certainly, for what she desired.

She inspected the room, the bed, twin night stands, business desk with chair, wall unit with the television, and in a corner a stuffed chair and lamp. That was it!

He watched as she rearranged the corner, her ass was a bit short of roundness. She moved the armchair until it was a foot from the wall, then she sat on top of the chair, her own back against the wall. “You promised to eat me,” she reminded. He approached, she spread her limbs widely, as he bent to his task he gazed at the opening. The skin surrounding it was smooth, the first touch reminded him of silk, the lips folded and hiding the clit that must be there, the hole dark and surprisingly small. With both hands he moved the skin, the shiny clit was exposed, the pussy now deep and waiting. The area was dry, he kneeled uncomfortably on the cushion, brought his lips to the area, licked the nib. He heard her breathe faster, felt the hand on the back of his skull pulling it forward. Slowly she responded, when he snuck a look he saw the concentration on her face, as he cupped a breast his hand felt the pounding in her chest. At times she would shuffle her pussy lips to move his tongue into a better position, other times she would tell him what she wanted. His fingers dipped inside the pussy, after many minutes of labor it became wet with her juices. And just as he was beginning to tire, he heard the sudden squeal of her voice. He let her finger take the task of rubbing the clit, bahis siteleri with two of his own fingers he poked and prodded as she extended her orgasm. It seemed she would alternatively calm for a few seconds, then return to her out of body experience. It was obvious she knew her own body.

Eventually, the movements of her finger slowed, Matt pulled his fingers out of her cunt. “Wonderful,” she complimented, “a great appetizer. Now, let’s go!”

She pranced to the bed, laid down, motioning Matt to join her. Soon they were linked in an embrace, their lips meeting, her chest pressing into his torso. He felt her hand grab at his testicles, kneading them pleasantly, then she palmed the staff, finding it hard and ready. When she shifted and climbed over him he let his shoulders be pushed to the mattress. “Do you want me to fuck you?” she asked.


Now with her hand she pointed the cock at her pussy, the tip touched the soft skin, and she joked, “You’re sure?”


And with that she dropped quickly onto his iron prick, encircling it with her soft heat. Their pubic crests met, the head of the dick met the wall of her uterus. She smiled down at him, “You okay?”

“I’m wonderful,” he admitted.

“Okay, if you’re going to come, let me know.” She began slow movements of her hips, up and down, around. Melynda touched herself down there, her fingers brought her back to the blessed peak. Matt watched her, played with a tit, felt the skin of her stomach, held her waist. The friction on his wand seemed magical, and he realized he was close to coming. Quickly he turned his thoughts to which ball games were being played that night, forced himself to relax.

Melynda seemingly didn’t notice his predicament, she continued to grind, continued to climax. He watched her screw him, watched her eyes flutter, her breasts wriggle, her mouth open in heavy breaths and groans. She was on a roll now, using him, and since he hadn’t had real sex in a couple of weeks, it was almost impossible for the mental games to halt his own reaction. “I’m going to come,” he cried.

“Okay,” she acknowledged, and she paused her movements. “Breathe,” she commanded, “deeply.” He obeyed, was a bit surprised when the gulp of fresh air seemed to refresh his gonads. Thirty seconds passed, as well as the crisis, and when she saw him recover she returned to her movements. She was in control, and as soon as she dipped a hand to her clit and scraped it with a finger nail she returned to her state of elation. Again he watched, almost as a detached onlooker, as if his solid prick was a separate piece, but again after only three or four minutes he cried that he was close. She reacted by stopping all motion, waiting for him to relax. When she realized he was off the cliff again, she dismounted, laid beside him. They kissed, he fondled her breasts, tugged at her nipple.

“That’s nice,” she breathed, and when he placed a hand between her legs, she let him toy with her cunt, regaining her sense of vitality. He enjoyed the power she seemingly had to come instantaneously. He felt the glossy interior, she raised her ass from the sheet to give him more leverage. At last Matt decided she’d had enough, rose to his feet, pulled her up and over, she pointed her ass at him.

One push, he was inside again, this time he was controlling the pace, the depth, slamming his dick deep inside her. When he was getting there he slowed, surprisingly she urged him, “Don’t stop! I’m ready, fuck me!” He obeyed, saying only, “I’m going to give it to you!” and when he heard, “Yeah, go ahead, come inside me!” he did. a tremendous spurt released from his hole into hers, she felt it, pushed back, tightened her vaginal muscles. He stopped to relish the tingle, started again for two more jets, stopped again, rose onto his tip toes and for nearly a minute completed his orgasm. He realized this woman made him come harder than his girlfriend ever had, perhaps the best of his life.

Only when he staggered away from her did she relax, crumpling onto her stomach, dipping a finger to dab her drenched twat, enjoying the sensation of the milky bahis şirketleri liquid dripping from her onto the mattress. He dropped beside her, they found humor in the setting, enormous laughs rang through the room, a passerby in the hall wondered what was so funny. The time had come for a break, both padded to the bathroom, he used a washcloth to rinse his well used rod, she let the battleground between her legs alone, relishing the burn of her freshly fucked cunt. When both were back in position on the bed, bottles of icy water in their hands, they talked.

“Man, you’re great,” he complimented.

“Thanks! You’re good too.”

“I’m not the first guy to tell you that, right?”

“I’ve got my admirers.”

“How many?” he pried.

“Enough. No, I take that back, there’s never enough. You feel the same way too, don’t you? I mean, if you could find another willing girl right now, you’d bang her, wouldn’t you?”

“Not right now, I don’t think I could go another round.”

“We’ll work on that. But how about tomorrow night. Suppose Kate Upton walked into your hotel tomorrow night? You’d take her, wouldn’t you?”

“Yeah, I guess I would. But I’d be happier if it was you.”

“Oh, that’s sweet. So, when you get back home, and you’re fucking your girlfriend, are you going to think of me?”

“She’s going to be so sore!” More laughter. “Can I ask a question?”

Hands began roaming the various bodies, as you would pet a cat. “Sure.”

“A woman like you, you can have your pick of guys, I suppose. Why me?”

“You’d be surprised, I’ve gone months without finding a guy to fuck me. But when we were chatting online, you were kind of charming. I liked that. So I decided to meet you and see what happened.”

“And your husband doesn’t mind?”

“No, it turns him on, thinking about me fucking with somebody else. He knew I had a high sex drive when we got married, we met at a swing club. Sometimes he lets me go have fun, like tonight, other times he’s there with me, watching me, maybe taking videos or pictures. Would you mind if he watched us?”

“I don’t know. Probably not. Would you put them on the Internet?”

“If you don’t mind. There’s lots of pictures of me out there,” she laughed. And then, she stopped laughing, for Matt’s finger was inside her again, she started seeing heavenly objects. When he kneeled between her legs, she said, “Put a couple pillows under my ass, okay?” He rearranged the bed, then placed his dick at the hole he’d known recently, they melded again. This time, although she was quite interested in the sport, she wasn’t as quick to orgasm, she paid more attention to his desires, tried to ensure he was pleased. Matt took his time, the thrusts were slower, he had no need to slow or breathe to delay himself. When modified missionary grew boring, she moved to the credenza, sat upon it, when he stood before her and impaled her again, she managed to put her calves over his shoulder, his hands under her butt controlled their dance.

After five minutes or so of that they returned to the mattress, she on her left side, he behind, below her on his side, this position seemed to renew her passion, she moaned and bucked. And then it was back to straight missionary, she flicked his nipples, rubbed the crack of his ass with a heel, he managed to coax another stream of fluid from his tiny hole, rising on his arms, shooting his sperm deep inside her womb.

There was a bit more cuddling, kissing, sincere compliments, and then, looking at the bedside clock, Melynda announced, “Oh, it’s late. I’ve got to go.” She started replacing her underwear back on her body, hiding the erogenous zones from his view, then pulled the rest of her clothing on.

“Can I see you again?”

“I’d love that. Next time you’re going to be in town, let me know.” Another kiss, “No, don’t get dressed, I can find the way to my car by myself.” She was out the door, into the elevator. Passing the bar, the man who’d seen her earlier leave with Matt caught a whiff of her, thought, ‘That’s a freshly fucked woman.”

As soon as Melynda reached the safety of her car she started texting.

‘I’m coming home.’ Almost immediately, she got the return.

‘have a good time’ her husband asked.

‘Great. He was good. Got 2 cream pies for you.’

‘you little slut’

‘Yes I am. And proud of it!’

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