14 Haziran 2021

The Bet

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I sat in the dark, waiting for the hurt to pass, as it always does. Waiting for my heart to stop thudding painfully in my chest. Waiting for the last tear to fall. Wishing his drunken tirades were something in the past. Wishing he was in the past. Thank heavens there were only the six of us at Benny’s place.

Tonight, Steve sucked down a third of a bottle of crown and proceeded to denounce me. After all this time, I didn’t even let it show, just one more bullshit round of life to deal with and move on from. It’s not my fault he didn’t realize who was there, watching.

Then again, maybe he did realize, and that’s why he started in on me. My skirt’s too short, my heels too high, my everything was just plain wrong in his eyes. As soon as Benny took him off for a little space, I downed two swallows of hearty Jameson’s, feeling the fire burn it’s way to my belly. I looked up, finally seeing him, holding the Jameson’s bottle, ready to pour me another.

I’ve always been attracted to him, he’s adorable. Blond hair, brown eyes, incredibly delicious body. We’d danced together a couple of times at weddings. Once, I know I felt him, huge and hard against me while we swayed, drunkenly, to some love song. I’d felt all those tingles women talk about, the pulls, the heat. After that dance, we’d gone out on the veranda of this function hall, still arm in arm, and in the deepening dusk, he’d kissed me. A really awesome smackeroo. If my gal pal date hadn’t been looking to me to drive her drunken puking ass home, I’m absolutely certain I’d’ve fucked him that night.

Even then, things weren’t all that great between me and my boyfriend. I’d’ve fucked his brains out and kept fucking his brains out till oh, I don’t know, a million years from now? But, I did my drunken good deed, drove my pal home, drove myself home, and replayed that kiss, that bump and grind as I masturbated, wishing it was him. It’s been three years since that wedding, but I still remember his taste, like cherries, sweet.

I nodded to him for another shot, and he refilled my glass. I glanced around Benny’s “conversation pit”, seeing Benny and his lady of the month, getting hot and bothered, and seeing Charlene joining in their games, really got through my fog. I looked back at him, behind the bar. canlı bahis He was watching me, seeing the heat rise to my cheeks, seeing my flush rise, seeing my breathing start to run ragged. I downed the shot, reached across the bar, grabbed his shirt, pulled him to me and kissed him. Cherries, sweetly intoxicating.

His tongue teased mine, his lips devoured mine. His hands reached across the bar, filling themselves with my breasts, groping, squeezing, pinching.

“I’ve wanted you for a long time girl.”

“I know. I’ve wanted you too. Wanted to feel you, all over, in my hands.” I said, reaching over and down to stroke the bulge in his khakis, groping at his hidden meat. He groaned as I stroked. “In my mouth,” I whispered against his jaw, “in my pussy…” he took my mouth with his, overpowering my thought.

“I need to get you outta here.” he said, disengaging himself, coming around the bar, to stand before my stool, between my legs. “This skirt really isn’t short enough for me.” he grinned, lifting it higher on my thighs, “…and this blouse, definitely not low cut enough for me.” he said, pulling it from my body, tossing it across the room. “And these shoes…with these thigh high stockings you’ve got on, these are the sexiest things I’ve ever seen. I think of you a lot, wearing these stockings, and only these stockings as you ride me.” he rubbed tight against me.

“I thought you wanted to get outta here?” I whispered as his fingers trailed over my uncovered body. He leaned me back over the bar, and sucked at my nipples through the filmy silk bra, warming and chilling my nipples, making them hard, making them ache, and making me ache.

His hands roamed my body, committing every curve to memory, every dip, and every hollow. His tongue and mouth followed his hands. Rubbing, sucking, stroking. From where I lay sprawled, I could see Benny, Charlene and Drina in the mirror. Charlene was riding Benny’s tongue, Drina was riding his cock, and the girls were in a steamy lip lock, stroking and pinching each other’s nipples.

This was usually what happened at Benny’s. And usually, the boyfriend and I were long gone before this act happened. I reveled in this freedom, this sexual upheaval, this hedonism. He raised me from the bar, stood me beside him.

“You bahis siteleri alright?” he whispered, gazing at me. I nodded, not able to speak. “You know that Benny slipped him a pill right?” Again I nodded. “It won’t knock him out for long. He and I talked a while back. He says he loves you but I know its shit. He did say one thing to me that caught my attention. He wanted you to do both him and me together.”

My eyes crossed, confusion flooded through my already overloaded brain. “Here’s what I want you to do. Go in, give him a blowjob he won’t forget…and I’ll be right behind you, eating this.” he said sliding his fingers under the waistband of my panties, pulling them off, sliding one finger teasingly inside. “Let’s see what happens…” I stood, wobbly, because he was still fingering me, leaned against him as he brought me to orgasm. “Mmmm, nice and wet. c’mon, I want to watch you suck his cock, as I eat you.”

I trembled, not from fear, but from wanting. We walked down the short hallway to Benny’s spare bedroom. It was dark, but I could see Steve laying on the bed, passed out. I crawled on beside him, unbuckled his belt, stroking him through his shorts, til his cock rose to the occasion. As my mouth latched onto his cock, I heard Steve’s muzzy voice groan. I felt his tongue trace a circle on my hip, felt his fingers slide in me, raise me to my knees, as I still sucked Steve’s cock, felt his tongue slither between my lips, his fingers plunging inside me.

“Whatthe…” Steve’s voice groaned, seeing me hovering, quivering over him. He watched his friend burying his face in my pussy. “Dude, she needs a righteous fucking, can you do that for her?” Steve groaned, as I licked his head, swallowed his shaft. I felt him rise up behind me, felt his fingers spread my lips wide, and felt him slide inside me. With each stroke I hummed and throbbed on Steve’s cock, until he couldn’t stand it, and let loose his release.

None too gently, Steve pushed me off his withering member, rolled out from under me, got up and sat in the chair. “C’mon, man, fuck her. She really likes it hard.”

Steve watched as we fucked, watched as his friend brought me to orgasm, more than he ever had, or wanted to. Watched as we shifted positions, as his friend’s cock went bahis şirketleri deeper in my hole, as his friend rubbed my clit until I screamed with pleasure, as I came all over him. Sometime during our marathon fucking, Steve left. Don’t know when, don’t care. All I knew was there is a hot, hard cock and I want to suck him dry. I want to swallow him whole.

And I told him so, and he let me. As I let him fuck me ragged, fuck me hard, fuck me slow and steady, fuck me til I screamed again, and again. Through our nap to wake and fuck some more.

“Mmmm, morning.” he said sliding inside my wet, drippy hole, bringing me right back to that high pinnacle of pleasure that feels almost like death, but makes you feel so alive. His mouth swallowed my moans, then my grunts as he pounded inside me, then my screams as he plunged me over the edge. His weight on top of me, should’ve been heavy but it felt just right. His eyes were tired as he gazed down at me, tired but twinkling.

“What? What is it?”

“Remember how I told you that Steve and I talked?”


“I bet him I could get you to do us both. He bet against it, said you were too tightly wound to do it. Said if I could do it, I could have you. Keep you. Said he’d move to Carrier the next day.”

I was stunned. Shell-shocked. Would I have done this if he, Steve, hadn’t pushed me so far away? I just had to grin.

“Y’know something? Steve didn’t think I knew what was going on at these parties. Thought I was wound too tightly? Charlene’s been telling me all the deets for months. How Steve would come back after he brought me home and how he’d watch, drink, try to jerk off, and get mad when he couldn’t keep his dick hard. Charlene even demonstrated for me a couple of times. Or should I say instructed me?”

“Instructed you?”

“Yeah, we had our own fling about three months ago. It was great and all, but I guess I prefer a big hard, throbbing cock to a strap on, no matter how well used it is.”


“Oh yeah…what?” He rose over me, slid inside.

“Feel that?”

“Oh, yes.” I breathed, feeling him fill me up with big hard throbbing man cock. Felt him toss me to the stars with every stroke, felt my quivers shatter his control as we rocked hard against each other. Felt his plunge over the edge with his throbbing cock shooting the path to ecstasy. Raising me up to impale me on him, to hold onto me tightly, before collapsing back to the mattress, to sleep the sleep of the well fucked.

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