24 Haziran 2021

The Club

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You could hear the loud thumping music from outside the club as you waited in line to get inside. It was a note from John that brought you here in the first place. You and John had planned a night out for the entire week, both needing some time away from home. But when you got home from shopping for a new outfit, all you could find was a note that he had left you.

It read:


Get ready for tonight as usual. One request I will make is that you go commando tonight so make sure you are showered and shaved. =) When you are ready, leave, and then text me and I will text you back with directions as where to meet me.

Love me.

While you are showering, the water feels even better than normal. Not sure if it’s just the excitement of not knowing what lay in store for you. The water flowing over your body feels like hundreds of silk ribbons caressing your body. Running your hands over your soapy breasts makes your already responding nipples harden completely. Your own silky touch sends electric pulses through your body, exploding between your legs. Unable to resist the feelings, you sit down on the seat of the shower, showerhead in hand. You move the showerhead over your body. You start at your neck, right below your ears, massaging your soft skin with the pulsing water. You slowly lower the massager to the tops of your breasts, your eyes closing as the water pulses against you then flows down your body in a constant caress. You move the massager in slow, sensual circles around your entire breasts, getting smaller and smaller until the pulses are engulfing your nipples, making them ache for attention.

While you give attention to your large soapy breasts, your other hand lowers it’s self between your legs. With your eves closed it almost seems like it’s another’s hand touching you. Shock waves are sent through your body as you touch your swollen clit. As soon as your finger touches your clit your heartbeat quickens and you breathing becomes deeper. You’re now moving the massager all over your body. Making sure that it touches every part of you as you continue to rub your clit and slide a finger into your wetness. You can’t take it anymore; you slide the massager down to your already wet pussy and gasp as the pulses of water join your finger on your clit. As the waves of ecstasy overtake your body, the sensual pulses push you over the edge as you begin to have one orgasm after another. They seem to just roll into one another. Leaving you sitting in the shower, exhausted and dripping from your entire body.

Finally after enjoying the wet caress of the shower, you snap yourself out of your orgasm induced trance and get out of the shower. The air hitting your dripping body gives you a huge rush through your body. Felling energized you focus on getting ready. The side effects of the excitement you are feeling for the night make it hard to concentrate on the make-up. Your pencils and brushes dancing softly on your face give you the chills. After what seems like hours of getting ready, you’re finally ready to leave. You text John as you head out the door and he tells you to head towards Scottsdale and that he’ll text you with more specific directions in a little bit. You try to take your time driving even though you are so excited. Heading up the 101 you receive a text from John, giving you directions to some Scottsdale club that you’ve never been to before. You find a close parking spot and step out into the cool night air. There is only a slight breeze out tonight but it sends a chill through you as soon as it reaches you. You can feel it caressing your skin, gliding up your legs, underneath your skirt to your panty-less womanhood. It almost seems like it is entering you.

The loud thumping of the music from inside the club grabs your attention as you step into line. Once you step inside the club, you can sense that from the look of the crowd, that you are probably not the only one on a sexual quest tonight. The deep thumping bass goes through your entire body with each thundering pulse. On John’s text, he told you to go in and sit at a small reserved table with your name written on a white card sitting atop of it. You look around but with the music, all the people and noise, you can’t seem to find it.

You walk up to the bar and ask the bartender. You find yourself gazing down her small white t-shirt immediately. It looks as if she is about to be in a wet t-shirt contest from her outfit. She is about 5′ 8″‘, just a bit shorter than you; looks about 125 130 lbs; she has long jet-black hair that looks like it reaches to the middle of her ass; she is wearing a short flowing shirt that seems to twist about on its own; she has thick, strong looking legs; and finally bch to what caught your attention in the first place, what looks like a beautiful set of DD’s struggling to free themselves from that oh-so-small t-shirt. She leans into to you to answer your question, giving you and ever better view of her amazing chest. She points to an area near the wall. It’s secluded and dark. When you turn back to her, you notice her looking just as intensely down your displayed cleavage. You smile and thank her. She replies, “No, Thank YOU!” as she looks canlı bahis you up and down once more before returning to work.

You make your way to the crowd to the secluded area near the wall. You immediately notice the only open table and walk towards it. You see a small envelope with the words “Reserved: Jane” written across the front propped up on the table. You sit down and open it. Inside is a note. It reads:

Hey Babe, I’m glad to see that you made it. I can assure you that tonight will be a very exciting one. I should let you know that I will make sure that I take care of you tonight in EVERY sense of the word. =) Now, I will be joining you in a bit, so until then, just enjoy yourself and the atmosphere. I love you, Enjoy!

The note brings a sense of anticipation to you and you feel a warm glow inside you. The music seems to pulse with erotic notes and each one of them is traveling through your body. You find yourself rubbing your bare legs together under your skirt as you feel the music come alive. You can feel the air dancing under your skirt, making you moist. Suddenly you feel hot, warm breath on your neck and you close your eyes as you feel kisses caressing your neck and ear. Your breathing becomes heavy as you feel a tongue start to tease you. Suddenly you realize that you have no idea who this is. You struggle to open your eyes only to see John standing behind you. He has a look of pure lust in his eyes. He puts his hand under your chin and lifts your mouth to his as he continues to look into your eyes. Your mouths meet and you both lock in a passionate kiss. Your tongues exploring each others mouths. He pulls away, smiling at you. You catch your breath and come back to the reality that you’re sitting at a club, surrounded by hundreds of people. Turning back forward, you look across the crowd as John’s hands brush up and down your arms, taking time to pause at the inside of your elbow to tease you with the erotic sensations he knows gets you worked up. Enjoying the feeling of his hands on your skin, you notice a couple sitting across the dance floor. Your not sure but you think you caught them staring at you.

You glance back at the couple through the crowded dance floor. Watching them, you notice that they appear to be slightly younger than you, both looking Hispanic. The more you stare at them while John caresses your naked skin, the more you find yourself getting aroused once more. Almost feeling a sense of guilt for spying on them, the voyeur in you comes out and you reposition yourself to get a better look at this young couple. Sliding your chair to the side, you can see them talking, moving, touching in their seemingly quiet little booth. You can tell that they believe they are secluded from the rest of the club. You watch them as the guy pulls the girls towards him and starts to kiss her passionately. Your mind recalls when John had just kissed you like that not more than 10 min’s ago. Your lips part subconsciously, enjoying the kiss along with the couple. Your tongue moves slowly inside your mouth, mirroring the passionate kiss of the sexy couple. Your eyes wander down, following a hand moving slowly under the table. You see his hand caressing her knee, softly massaging, slowly moving up her thigh. As he seductively moves his hand up her thigh, you can see that the bottom of her skirt is going with it. You watch intensely as his hand finds her now exposed wetness. You see her legs slightly spread under the table, eagerly inviting his strong hand to continue. You are now wiggling slightly in your own seat and even slip your own hand down to your leg, slowly making you way higher. Once again your find yourself mirroring the young couple.

Your hand has now found its way underneath your skirt, trying to match the movements of the couple. You do not take your eyes off his hand as you see her legs open slightly more and him slide a finger inside of her. You follow and slide a finger in as well. The sudden rush of ecstasy causes you to loose focus and look around. You snap back to reality as you realize that you are still seated in a club with a hundred other people and are shocked to see that the couple you were watching are looking directly at you. Startled, you notice that your hand is still under your skirt under the table. You remove your hand and realize that his hand is still moving slowly underneath their table. The look of lust on her face tells you that they knew that you were watching the whole time. Knowing this sends a wave through your body. You look around the club to see if anyone else is watching them as well. You think that you are the only one that they are putting on this show for. It turns you on even more.

You look up at John behind you and he kisses you on your lips, sensually brushing his tongue across your lips, teasing you. He smiles sexily at you and hands you a drink. It’s a Screwdriver. You take a long sip and immediately feel your body tingling again. You look back towards your sexy friends and are surprised when you see them getting out of their booth. They both look at you as they get up. The sexy girl smiles at you and motions with her finger for you to follow them. They appear to be going to a more bahis siteleri secluded part of the club. You quickly turn to John and kiss him passionately on the lips, reaching down to his slacks and grabbing on his rock hard dick that is screaming for your attention. You look into his eyes with what can only be described as pure lust. Then you get up, grab his hand and pull him to follow you. As you make your way through the crowd your eyes search frantically for the young couple as you walk hurriedly in the direction that the left in. You can feel the cool air hit the moisture between your legs as you walk. The sensation only adds to your heightened arousal. Then your heart skips a beat and starts to pound inside your chest as you see them again, dancing together seductively to the erotic music.

You have a hard time making your way towards them because it is so crowded in this area, but it is also very dark with the exception of the flashing strobe light and beams of colorful lights that are swaying over the dance floor and people in unison with the music. As soon she see you again her eyes light up sexily and she positions herself so she can face you. Her boyfriends back towards you. There is a rail around the floor to separate the people dancing from the spectators. Most of the area behind the floor is vacant since everyone seems to be dancing. You see her back herself up to the rail behind her and she lifts her leg around her mans leg. Your eyes dart down as her skirt rises to show you much of her silky thigh. Unable to concentrate on dancing, you grab John’s hand and take him to a small table with stools behind your sexy new friend. Sitting down you face the dance floor so you can see your new friend. Before you know it, your hand has dropped down to your thighs and is softly caressing the inside of your thigh. John, who is standing behind you, follows your lead and starts kissing your neck. The feel of his lips against your skin is incredible. He whispers into your ear how he wants to take you right there in the club. This area of the club is almost completely dark so you don’t worry about being seen when John’s hand makes its way to your cleavage. His hand teases the top of your overflowing breast.

Occasionally sliding a finger inside the edge of your top to brush against your nipple that is now rock hard. Your friend on the dance floor sees this and smiles a knowing smile at you. She gives a quick glance around and realizes exactly how dark it is. Deciding that there is no way that someone will see unless they are directly focusing on either of you, she makes her way towards you. Your heartbeat quickens as she approaches the rail. She looks at you with lust in here eyes and seductively starts moving her hands over her own body. Licking her lips as John pinches your nipple, you imagine her mouth sucking on your tits. The thought sends chills down your spine. John, still kissing your neck and teasing your ear with his tongue, reaches forward and turns your head towards him. His lips immediately find yours and he thrusts his tongue in your mouth for one of the most erotic kisses you’ve ever had.

While John is kissing you, his hand wanders down towards your bare legs. His hands exploring you, moving slowly under the hem of your skirt. You close your eyes and let out a noticeable moan when his fingers find your wetness, immediately giving attention to your clit. His touch sends waves of ecstasy through your body and you open your eyes to try to regain your control. As soon as you do, you notice that your friend is still watching very intensely and has her own hand beneath her skirt. Seeing this turns you on even more and you open your legs to giver John better access to your pussy. John notices and slides a finger inside of you. You are looking directly at your new friend and you can see that she is trying to put on a good show for you. Your hips are moving in rhythm to John’s fingers. He is still fingering you while rubbing softly on your clit at the same time. Your friend looks as if she is making love right in front of you. Her body gyrating to the music, her right hand obviously rubbing her clit and her other hand giving attention to her tits. She looks at you and licks her lips. You can tell that she is getting closer to cumming and the sheer thought of her cumming for you starts you over the edge.

You move your hips faster into Johns’s hand. Bucking your pussy against his hand. You hear John whisper in your ear that he wants you to cum and your pussy starts to tremble. You can feel it inside you, flowing, closer. Suddenly you start to shake as you begin to cum. You look into her eyes and she looks so envious, wanting to cum with you. John slows down but continues to massage around your clit and lets you enjoy the full orgasm. When you are done, your friend motions for you to join her on the dance floor. You reach down and take John’s hand from under your skirt. Without ever loosing eye contact, you bring his hand to your mouth and suck your juices from his fingers as you look lustfully at her. She briefly closes her eyes, imagining what you might taste like. You stand up and tell John to follow you. Walking out to the floor you never take bahis şirketleri your eyes from her. As soon as you step out onto the dance floor, you feel the deep bass from the speakers massaging your entire body. You start to move with the music as you walk up to your friend who is still looking at you with animal lust. Neither of you say a word to each other.

You are almost a little scared from the way she is looking at you. Your heart feels like it will burst from your chest. As soon as you are close enough, she reaches her hand out to you. You extend yours and she pulls you slowly towards her while she moves her body seductively to the music. With her other hand, she reaches up and touches your face, pulling you closer to her. Inches from her face, she leans in to you. Her silky lips touch yours and she begins to kiss you. Her touch, ever so soft and gentle. Her tongue slowly entering your mouth, almost as if asking permission. You answer by opening your own and extending your own tongue as you pull her body to yours. Her kiss is so different than John’s but just as erotic. You no longer care who can see the two of you and your kiss her passionately, your hands beginning to explore her body. Her hands doing the same. Suddenly you feel an added touch. John begins to kiss your neck. The feel of her tongue dancing with yours and John’s teasing your neck and ear send you back to ecstasy. You let your hands drop down to her ass. She quickly reaches down and slightly lifts the edge of her skirt, granting you access to her body. Your hand slips under to find a firm, full ass. Feeling her bare flesh in your hands makes your pussy twitch under your skirt. Which now seems to have found its way up.

You can feel John behind you, back to work under your skirt. She pulls away from you and looks at you. Her eyes wandering from your eyes, down to your neck. Her hands follow her eyes and touch everywhere she is looking. Almost inspecting you. Her touch is soft, gentle. She makes her way down to your chest. Her fingers tracing the top of your shirt. Teasing you. She leans forward and kisses your cleavage. The sensation is heightened as John finds your pussy once again from behind. As soon as he slides a finger back into you, she pulls your top down slightly and takes your nipple into her mouth. You try to return the favor and reach down to take her tits into your own hands. You can feel that she is not wearing a bra and can feel her nipples poking through her top. She moans into your breast and presses her tits to your hand. She reaches down and joins John under your skirt. She quickly finds your clit and begins to give it attention. You close your eyes and lean your head back. Enjoying the feeling of both of their hands on your pussy. You reach back and find John’s hard dick. Begging to be set free. Wanting to feel his flesh as well, you reach back with your other hand and lower his zipper. You reach inside his pants and pull out his hard dick. He reaches up and grabs the back of your hair, pulling you to him. You can feel the heat from his dick on your bare ass. She immediately knows what she wants to happen next and reaches between your legs and finds his dick.

With one hand she spreads your lips and with the other she guides him to you. She leans you forward and takes your face in her hands once more. Your eyes open just in time to look into hers as she kisses you. At the exact same time, you can feel John sliding into you. Filling you with his throbbing dick. The combinations of her tongue in your mouth and his dick filling you up cause you to moan loudly. The dance floor has become more crowded and you are sure no one is paying attention to the few of you in the corner. John starts sliding in and out of you. Reaching around massaging your now free tits. Your friend taking the opportunity to take your tits into her mouth, alternating between the two. She is now working feverishly on your clit. Determined to make you cum right there in-between the both of them. John starts moving in circular motions, twisting his dick inside of you. She sees that you are close again and she takes a quick glance around. She looks at you once more and gives you a quick kiss on the lips as she lowers herself. Only this time she does not stop at your exposed tits. She makes her way down until she is kneeling in front of you. She lifts up your skirt and slowly leans into you with her tongue. Her tongue finds your clit. John is still thrusting into you from behind and the added feeling of her tongue is too much. You can feel her tongue move back and forth between your clit to John dick that is sliding in and out of your dripping pussy. She brings her attention back you your clit and your can feel yourself getting close once more. John is thrusting into you with slow steady motions and she is circling your clit with her tongue. She starts to flick your clit directly with her hot tongue as Johns thrusts get harder and harder. You can feel your orgasm building in the pit of your stomach. The lights, the music, her tongue and this hard dick pounding into is too much for you. You start to cum. Your body tenses up as she sucks your clit into her mouth, refusing to let it go. John is fucking you non-stop now. Pounding away with hard, deep thrusts. You cum all over her mouth and his dick. Your eyes open at the intensity of it. You see her John staring at you from the table in the corner. You cum again and again.

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