16 Haziran 2021

The Coffee Table

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Sliding the key into the door of the hotel room I hear the latch click and the door opens stepping inside slowly. The room dark, bright streaks of light stream through the edges of the curtains allowing a little light into the room, but I set my bag down and stand quietly as the door closes behind me allowing my eyes to adjust to the darkness of the room. I grin inwardly as I see you sitting in the corner on the couch. You have dressed for the occasion, and you look beautiful.

You were dressed in a dark blue silk night shirt and a matching thong. Dark seamed stockings covering your legs which helped to set off the sexy pair of high heeled pumps dangling on your feet, their strap hugging your ankles tightly. Your hair and make up done with attention to detail, perfect in every way, and a shade of light lipstick setting off your pretty lips. I step to the closet without saying a word and hang up my coat. Turning back into the room I walk over to sit in the chair across the room. “Hello beautiful” I say with a smile, “come to me”

You know exactly what I want today. Crawling on your hands and knees to me without saying a word you crawl up my body, your firm silk covered nipples grazing up my body. You lips find mine, our tongues meeting and dancing in that passionate embrace that only we share. You break off the kiss and your hands trail down my shirt undoing the buttons one by one, following the cool air of the room on my chest with your hot lips. Reaching my pants, you undo them and sit back patiently. I stand and your hands move to my waistband, removing them and freeing my cock. I kick them off and finish removing my shirt as I sit back down in the chair. Your mouth moves directly to my cock, your painted finger nails tickling my balls, as your tongue outlines the head of my cock.

My hands grip the arms of the chair, a moan escaping my lips as your mouth engulfs my cock. It has been too long since we had been together and your efforts were beginning to take quick effect on me. You feel my cock begin to swell and my body tense as my release is close. You take me farther into your mouth than you ever had, your chin resting on my balls as you mouth clamps down on my cock. I can’t hold back and my hot salty cum begins to explode forth filling your mouth as you try desperately to swallow it all. My orgasms canlı bahis şirketleri subsides as I look down and see that a small trail of cum escaped your mouth and had run down your chin. You lick me clean and then scoop the pool of cum off of your chin with your finger and suck it clean as well.

I tell you to stand and you do without hesitation. Turning so that I may see every part of you. Standing quietly in front of me my eyes burn your flesh. I stand and begin to walk around you, your eyes shut and your breath quickening as I slowly allow my hands to touch the soft silk of your night shirt. I undo the silk sash holding your night shirt together letting it fall open slightly. Taking it and laying it on the couch, I take your hand and lead you over to the coffee table. Laying you down on your back on the coffee table I take you hands and tie them to the legs to the table. Moving down your body with my fingers, allowing them to run lightly over the smooth skin of your legs, I take one ankle and tie it to the bottom leg of the table.

Spreading you wide I take the other ankle and bind you spread eagle on your back on the table. Taking more rope I begin to loop it around the table tying your torso to the table, then looping it around your breasts to bind them. You try to move but you are only able to lift your head inches off of the table. Walking over to the dresser I open my bag and bring an armful of items over to deposit next to me on the couch. Taking two silk ties I cover your eyes, leaving you to wonder what will be next. Moving over near your head I began to run the tip of my cock over your lips, your tongue darting out to gently lick the head. As I start to apply gentle pressure you open your mouth wide to allow me to slide my cock deep inside, but instead I pull back and place the hard rubber of a ball gag in your mouth and buckle it quickly into place. Your mouth strained to adjust to this new feeling of helplessness as my fingers trailed up and down your skin, never touching any spot that would start your clit throbbing, but teasing you close enough to cause you to rise up and urge me on for more.

Kneeling next to you I take a piece of ice and slowly begin to run circles around your nipples, making them strain out as if they could stiffen further. As I removed the ice and proceeded canlı kaçak iddaa to switch breasts my lips caught your now cold nipple and my tongue slowly lapped it deep into my mouth warming it. I continued this way for what seemed to be an eternity, and then ending this torture by icing them agian, but this time giving you no warm release. Moving silently through the room I pick up my belt and return to you. I gently run its smooth leather tip over your pussy and suddenly flick it down, making you scream from behind the gag, as the leather meets your skin. Repeating this over and over, spanking your inner thighs and your swollen pussy, until I see the juice from your sweet hole begin to flow down your ass.

Scooping up some ice, I quickly bring my hand to your pussy making you gasp, as the coldness meets the heat of your reddened skin. As your clit swells harder and harder from the cold your hips begin to rise, and your breath quickens, as though you were begging me with your body to give you some sort of release. Suddenly my tongue is at the bottom of your dripping pussy sweeping up through your folds and circling your clit. You moaned out, hoping this was the release you needed. My tongue flicking lightly over your clit, and then moving down and shooting deep inside your dripping cunt. I reached over and grabbed the gel, and a dildo lubing it as my tongue continued to drive you into fits.

Positioning it I slid the cold plastic cock deep into your ass as I caught your clit between my lips and sucked hard on it. Your body rigid as you tried to make sense of all the feelings that your body was sending you. Your legs began to tremble as your orgasm built and just began to scream through your body, and I stopped just at the edge, leaving you crying out behind the gag. Kneeling between your legs I began to rub ice on your pussy again, which didn’t help at all as far as you were concerned, but then you felt the heat from my hard cock as I began to rub the tip all around your dripping pussy. Smacking your clit with it over and over again. Bringing you closer and closer to the edge. Stopping once again before your orgasm came, I crept up next to your face and leaned in close to you, running my tongue up your neck and whispering gently in your ear.

“You have been good my pet, now I am going to fuck you until canlı kaçak bahis you pass out, then I will rest, and fuck you some more. By the end of this night you will know what it means to be fucked senseless and will show what a naughty little fuckslut you are.” Kissing your nose softly, I stood and began to smack your face with my cock as my hand pulled your hair, holding your head still. Releasing you, I knelt back down between your legs spread wide by their restraints and begin the agonizingly slow insertion of my hard cock into your wet hole. Feeling your pussy clutch my cock as I slid in inch by inch, my hand smacking your clit with each slight spasm of your pussy around my cock. Sliding all the way in until my balls rested on the end of the dildo now forced deep inside your ass. My thrust began slowly but soon were rocking you hard as our groins met. Reaching up to clutch your breasts in my hands as I fucked you hard and deep, each thrust sending shivers of desire, lust, and passion through your body. You began to shake as your orgasm overtook you.

There would be no stopping it this time and I thrust hard into you, grinding my pelvis into your clit, letting the feeling of your muscles as they milked my cock satisfy me for now. As you began to come down from your orgasm I started again, slow, short strokes, followed by hard deep ones, changing tempo and depth to keep you guessing. My own orgasm churned as your pussy continued to spasm around me in aftershocks, your juices dripping down to cover my balls. Feeling my cock swell and knowing that my release would come soon, my tempo increased until my balls were swinging so hard that the dildo in your ass jumped with every thrust. You began to come again and I slammed hard into you once again, until I was just at the point of explosion, and then pulled out and stood up, my cum rocketing from the end of my cock and raining down over your body. The hot splatters sending more shivers through you. Standing up I walked up next to your head, taking your hair in my hands again. I wiped my cock along the side of your cheek, depositing the remaining drippings of cum there and wiped my cock with your hair.

Bending down close to you, I whispered..”I love you, but there is more to come bitch”. With that I inserted a huge vibrator in your pussy and set it on a really deep low hum, knowing that it would take a long time of its building to send you to orgasm. You by now were exhausted and near delirium as you body was assaulted yet again, and then suddenly you heard the door open… To be continued…maybe 😉

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