13 Haziran 2021

The Commuter Train

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This story has been co-written with A_Jerotica6969, who has been inspirational.

For Bob, the train commute into New York was a necessary pain. Up early, rush out of the house, stand on the freezing platform, not knowing if the train will be on time. Today he notices a woman standing not far from him, face in her iPhone. Winter coat unbuttoned in front. Blouse with full globes straining against the fabric. Knee length satin skirt tightly hugging nice thick thighs. Flat shoes. She glances up and catches Bob in the middle of his appraisal. Instinctively she starts to pull her coat around herself, but his shy smile disarms her. With a slight smile of her own, she goes back to her iPhone, fingers tapping and swiping.

The train arrives. She boards 3-4 people ahead of Bob. He works his way down the aisle, looking for an empty seat. When he spots her, she is on the aisle, with an empty spot next to her. Her eyes meet Bob’s briefly. She shifts across the seat toward the window in a motion that spreads her legs enough to give him a glimpse of her smooth inner thighs. Feeling invited, Bob takes the now empty seat next to her.

Tracy is acutely aware of the man who has just sat next to her. Quite handsome, she thinks, as she wonders if he really likes the way she looks. She dresses for her plus size, accentuating legs and bust. Her satin skirt is tight across her lap. Her nipples strain against her shirt, aching to be touched, sucked, bitten.

She guesses he is about 6’2, 185. Greying around the temples, quite distinguished. She notices the nice size bulge in his pants. Hmm, maybe he really likes the way she looks! She wants to just reach out and touch him. Feel his skin against hers. Her heart is racing and she is wishing the setting was not so public.

Bob flashes a quick smile as he sits down, which Tracy returns, with her soft mouth and beautiful white teeth. He felt the beginning of an erection when he glimpsed her inner thighs, and it starts to grow as her nearness and warmth start to take effect. Unsure whether to try to start a conversation, he sits for a minute staring at the back of the seat in front. Trying to look as though he is simply settling into his seat he shifts a bit towards her and lets his left knee drift towards hers. Was that a slight movement of her right knee in his direction? Tentatively he moves his knee a bit more until it just grazes hers. He is ready to move back at the first sign that this is unwelcome. Ahhh, almost imperceptible pressure back from her. His enlarging manhood strains against his pants. He moves his foot over until it touches hers. Their legs are touching one another from foot to knee. The return pressure of her nylon-clad, smooth-skinned leg is agonizingly sensual. He wants to feel his entire body tight against hers. What can he do? What should he say?

Tracy güvenilir bahis finds the feel of his leg against hers amazing. She puts her hand on the seat between them, lightly touching his upper thigh. Is that too much? What will he say? She slowly moves her pinky finger giving him a slight caress. She can’t believe she is being this bold. This is not like her, yet she cannot hold back. She raises her heel a little to rub her leg against his. Adding more pressure to her finger, she moves her hand back to stroke his ass. Just a little. Just to let him know she is here and interested to see where this is going.

Ummm. Bob is totally turned on by her hand between them, stroking, and her leg against his, rubbing. The tent in his pants has become cavernous. Only the seat across the aisle has a view of them, and the people in it are not looking. He wants to slide his hand between her legs to her sweet, warm, moist pussy. But he realizes that would be crazy in this setting.

He glances down and sees her nipples outlined by her blouse. They are large and erect and infinitely ripe for sucking. Her left hand is in her lap. There is a wedding band on it. He catches her casting a furtive look at his lap, taking in the massive bulge and the wedding ring on his finger. He moves that hand between them and rests his fingers on her thigh, gently stroking.

The train starts to slow for its next stop on the way into the city. In a minute new passengers will be boarding, filling up the remaining seats and standing in the aisles, where they can clearly see Bob and Tracy. He turns towards her. “Would you like to read a section of my paper?” His voice almost croaks with excitement at this first verbal contact. She turns her head, gives him another sweet seductive smile, and says “Sure, I’ll take the Arts section.” He fishes it out of the Times and reaches across to hand it to her. After she takes it from his hand, he boldly cups her right breast and quickly pinches her nipple.

The train stops and fills with passengers. Their hands are now in their own laps. The only contact is their legs pressed against one another, each of them moving slowly up and down in rhythm with the train as it starts up again. He turns to her again. “Do you usually take the 7:20?” he asks. Tracy hesitates for a minute before answering, as though considering what she wants to convey with her answer. Finally, she says “Not always, but I will be on it tomorrow.” The message is clear, and Bob’s pulse rate jumps. He responds “So will I. I hear it’s going to be quite cold tomorrow. I think I will wear a heavy winter coat. That might be a good idea for you too.” Again, she smiles the sweet seductive smile. “Yes, I have just the coat I need” she says.

The train pulls into Grand Central as they finish their conversation.

Tracy türkçe bahis awakens the next day filled with questions. Should she meet him today? Should she show up in the long heavy coat? Should she take her wedding ring off? What should she wear? She is torn between her awakened desires and the feeling that the whole situation is way too crazy and sudden.

Now she is standing on the platform, waiting on the 7:20. She has on a lower cut top, but something still suitable for work. It is white with black and red designs on it. On the bottom, she is wearing a black flared skirt. She senses that something tight today will not be right. Underneath she is wearing a white bra, panty and garter set, silk with lace edging, and nude stockings. The red boots were an afterthought, but she thinks they are pretty sexy. She is wearing her black swing coat over top. This may allow some privacy. It may not. She is unsure what he has in mind.

The day is really cold and she pulls her heavy coat tightly around herself as she climbs the stairs to the train station platform. Her heart is beating fast, partly from the exertion, but mostly in anticipation of seeing him again.

At first glance Bob does not spot her when he arrives on the platform. Moving further along, he suddenly sees her in her long black coat with her lovely smooth facial skin made rosy-cheeked by the cold. He decide now is the time for boldness and walks up next to her. “Good to see you again. Cold isn’t it?” he says, as his eyes search her face. Again the sweet seductive smile. Tracy replies, “Yes, it is cold. I decided to wear my heavy coat.”

At this moment the train arrives and he boards it right behind her. As they walk down the aisle Tracy looks from side to side, but all the double seats have at least one person in them. Bob is desperately afraid that they will not be able to sit together. They reach the end of the car without finding an empty double. Tracy pushes open the door to the next car and there, to their huge relief, is an empty double three rows down on the right. She slides into it, with Bob following, trying to appear casual to the other passengers. They each take off their coats and lay them in their laps. The coats overlap one another, but prying eyes could too easily see what he hopes will happen. He swivels so that he is half facing her and puts his head sideways on the back of the seat. Bob says gently, “I think I will nap a little on the train ride. Do you mind if I put my coat partly across your lap? I don’t want it to fall off if I go to sleep.”

“Of course not,” Tracy says. So, with him half facing her and the window, their coats make a nice canopy over both of their laps and the space between them.

She puts her knee against his, again, and decides to make the first move. She puts her hand on his knee. Under güvenilir bahis siteleri their coats no one can really tell what’s going on.

She is caressing his thigh and slowly moving higher. His hand is now on her leg, pushing up her skirt. She is ready to recklessly go for it! She moves her hand all the way to his crotch and unzips his pants.

Her leg pressed against his gets Bob stirring, then her hand moving up his thigh to his crotch makes him instantly hard. He has to be careful not to disturb the coats or show obvious movements under them as he reaches down to start the slow sensuous journey up between her thighs. The skirt is perfect for allowing his hand all the way up to the warmth between her legs. The smooth feel of the nylons gives way to the beautiful texture of silk as he reaches the outside of her luscious mound. He notices with pleasure that her breasts are more revealed today than yesterday. They are full and beautiful. Her erect nipples are subtly outlined. He slowly strokes her pussy through the silk, moving back and forth across her clitoris. Tracy can’t believe this is happening, that he is actually stroking her clit in the train! It feels amazing to her. His firm, hard strokes are going to make her cum right there!

She begins to stroke his cock in time with his flicks against her clit. She prays that no one can see!

He moves his hand under her panties to her now moist pussy. She takes his cock out of his underwear. That seductive sweet smile appears again when Tracy realizes it is sheathed in a condom that he had taped and fixed in place just before leaving home.

Reaching into his breast pocket, Bob retrieves a handkerchief with his left hand and slips it under the coats to his right hand, to place it under her pussy to catch her juices.

Her stroking is making Bob ready to burst and he can feel her pussy spasms showing that she too is ready to cum. He wants to fuck her right now, but has to keep himself from moving too much and making their actions obvious. His cock explodes with spurts of hot white cum into the condom at the same time as her pussy tightens around his fingers and she lets out an almost inaudible moan. Both of them tense and hold still, letting their orgasms peak and then slowly subside into a warm glow. He would so much like to cuddle with her in post-orgasmic closeness, but can only think about how sweet it would be.

Again trying not to reveal their actions, they each ‘tidy up’ down below. He will remove the condom later. Before returning the handkerchief to his pocket, he brings it to his face and inhales her incredibly sexy odor.

Sitting back up straight, Bob turns and says “That was a nice start to the day! I’m Bob. Can I call you? What’s your number and when should I call?”

Tracy, still feeling the afterglow of her orgasm, tries to think rationally. Where is this going, she wonders? She wants more. She wants to cum with him again.

“Hi Bob, I’m Tracy. Here’s my cell number and it’s best to call me during the daytime, when I’m in my office.”

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