21 Nisan 2021

The Gray Angels

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Every hair on John’s body stood up when he heard the door close in the other room. But then, that’s a normal reaction when you are about to experience what is to be an extremely intimate and unfamiliar activity. A few moments later his whole body jumped when he felt someone grasp his ankles and pull his legs apart pair and climb up on the gurney between them. Then soft hot hands slipped slowly up his legs, caressing the tender skin as they slowing moved up to his belly. Then he felt a warm body settled down between his legs, pushing them further apart. Was it the redhead or the blond, he wondered.

His dick quivered slightly as talented fingers played over the tender skin, but it didn’t raise up. It did firm up a little though, when a pair of hot lips begin kissing and sucking and licking the inner thighs. After a minute or two, a hot hand wrapped around his penis and began gently jacking the loose skin back and forth. Damn, he thought, this woman’s hand are so soft and gentle. Why couldn’t Rebecca’s hands have done him like that, all these years. Then the other hand cupped his balls and gently toyed with them, keeping time with the other hand.

Almost forgotten feelings were stirring in John’s lower body and it strained upward to be closer to those hot magic hands. His dick was still only a little firmer minutes later, when then the hand holding his penis pulled the foreskin down away from the dark red head so tight it begin stinging. He muttered under his breath and tried to pull away from the hand, but he only sunk a tiny bit into the mattress. The pain was quickly forgotten when something sloppy wet and very hot sucked his dick deep inside. It’s her mouth, he thought, oh lord this is better then a pussy any day.

His upper body raised up slightly, as he tried to see through the wall dividing his body in half. If I could only see her, he thought, maybe it would really get hard again. Then the hot wet mouth sucked his penis even deeper and started bobbing up and down faster and faster. He fell back on the cot, no longer caring which woman it was. Then the head stopped moving and a magic tongue begin scrubbing the tender ridge around the head of his penis and he could feel the pressure begin growing in his groin. It had been a long time since he had felt that kind of heat building inside him, but he knew he would be cumming very soon and there was no way he could stop atalar escort it from happing. But of course, he wouldn’t have tried to stop it if he could.

“Oh yes,” he groaned and his body shook as his penis erupted with the first major orgasm he had experienced in a long time. Even though his penis was still only half hard, his body convulsed and waves of pleasure washing over him as it erupted. The mouth continued to suck and tongue his slowly shrinking penis until it was completely empty and flaccid again, before it pulled away. Moments later he heard the door in the other room open and close again and he was alone.

“Very good John, your blood pressure is still holding at 140 over 70. That new medication is doing the job for you and you’ll probably live at least another decade.” Doctor Lombard said as he looked up from the lab report.

“I may live a decade longer, but I sure won’t enjoy it with the side effects. I haven’t been able to get a hard on for nearly a year. How about giving me some of those Viagera pills they’ve been advertise on the TV? I have a buddy that says his doctor gave him some and they’ll make his dick stay hard for an hour or two.” John answered.

Sorry John, You can’t take those kinds of medications. They wouldn’t work because your penis only gets hard when you get excited and the blood pressure builds up in your penis making it become very rigid. The medication won’t let the pressure get high enough to make it more then a little bit firm and of course it can’t be used as it was intended. But, the good news is, that you can still have a very pleasurable orgasm from masturbation or oral sex, so you can still enjoy sex as much as anyone.”

“I never could get much out of jacking off and we tried the oral sex thing one time years ago, but Rebecca gagged and spit for five minutes and said she’d never do that again.”

“OK, did you ever have oral sex with someone else?” The doctor ask.

“You mean from a man?” John said as his face turned red.

“Yes, it happens more often then most people think. Anyway it was just a thought. A lot of people in their seventies, like you, can’t have an erection and many gay men enjoy performing oral sex even if the penis doesn’t get rock hard like a teenager. In fact some gay men prefer older men.”

“No way doc, a real man wouldn’t let ataşehir escort another guy suck his dick. Now having a woman do it would be all right. I could go for that.” John said with a smile.

“OK, in that case I may have just the solution for you. There is an organization I know of called The Gray Angels. Some of the psychiatrists in our area have patients who are addicted to performing oral sex. In order to help their patients avoid diseases and keep them from bars and harmful encounters, the psychiatrists and a few doctors founded the Gray Angels organization. It’s a group of those older men and women who love to perform oral sex and at the same time, help older people such as yourself who have sexual dysfunction problems.”

“You mean it’s men and women both, giving blow jobs to old men? Now that sounds more interesting.”

“That’s exactly what I mean John. Of course some of the women and men also help older women who can’t have normal sex. You see it’s a win win solution for everyone involved. The only patients we doctors recommend as the passive members of the program are certified to be disease free and free of mental problems. The psychiatrists certify that the active members are the same. That way every one involved, whether they are giving or receiving oral sex is totally satisfied with and there are no worries about complications. There is no danger of getting involved with another person because neither party knows who they were involved with.”

“What do they do,” John ask, “do it in a dark room?”

“No, anyone could smuggle in a tiny flashlight. An attendant leads the passive member, who is only wearing a hospital gown, and lays him on a wheeled gurney. After the member lays down on the gurney the lower section is rolled half way through a door into the next room which is empty. When you’re comfortable, the attendant flips a wall switch and a sliding soundproof panel comes down tightly around your midsection. It prevents either person from knowing who is the other room. That way neither member can see the other and everyone remains completely anonymous. Then the attendant flips the other wall switch and leaves the room. That switch opens the door in the other room and the active member comes in. After the members finish his part and both participants are satisfied, the active member is ushered avcılar escort out and the attendant, then releases the passive one from the gurney.”

“But what happens if something goes wrong?”

“Just press the call button on the gurney and an alarm sounds and attendants rush in.”

“Well it doesn’t sound very romantic, but it sounds like it could be very pleasurable. Are you sure you will get a woman if that’s your preference?”

“Of course you do. In fact you almost get to pick the one you want.”

“Almost get to pick?”

“Yes you will look through a one way mirror at some women in another room with their backs to you. Then you pick the two you like best and one of them will be the one doing the service for you, but, you’ll never see their faces or know for sure which one.”

“I suppose there is a big fat fee charged for this service.” John said, almost sarcastically.

“Actually there is only a minimal charge for the patients, I believe it’s five dollars per visit. However, to pay for the clinic’s expenses, Medicare gets billed for a therapy session each time a patient visits. Since visiting a decent prostitute for oral sex would cost at least fifty dollars and probably much more and you’ll run the risk of numerous diseases including AIDS which could cost you your life.”

“OK doc, it sounds great, how do I sign up.”

“Well, did you get a good one this time?” the redhead ask the blond coming back in the lounge. “Ooh baby, that old man’s dick wouldn’t get very hard, but I had him twitching so bad that it really got me twitching. I was really surprised when I saw the foreskin hiding the head, but that just makes it more sensitive. I was jacking off when he finally shot a load and I got off big time. He must have been saving it up for a year.”

“Isn’t this place the greatest? When I heard about the Gay Doctors Alliance, I had no idea they had came up with something like this. Here, we get all the straight guy’s dicks we can suck without any of the dangers. Besides that we aren’t out anything for cover charges and drinks at the clubs and don’t have to buy any fancy clothes except a couple of dresses and a wig.”

“Well it is a great place, all the dick you can suck and no worries about catching a disease or getting your ass beat up when some redneck sticks his hand under your skirt and finds your dick instead of a pussy while you are blowing him.” The one with the red wig said as the blonde’s hand slid under the skirt and found the hard dick.

“Are you wanting some of that?” The redhead ask.

“Not now, just wanted to see if it was hard.”

Hey Red, it’s your turn,” the attendant called from the door, “We got another live one ready.”

The End

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