24 Haziran 2021

The Hanson Family Pt. 02

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Big Tits

This is a work of fiction.

All characters are at least 18 or older.


“Edward! Get in here.”

Naked as the day I was born I enter the shower with mom.

“Fuck me.”

My cock was half-erect already Thinking about screwing my mother. Fondling her breast, fingering her cunt, Rubbing my torso against hers. Mom was a hell-of-a-fuck.

Even at 48 mom’s 35 C cup breast didn’t sag in the least, nor did her butt which was as round and firm as it was at 18 and with the face of an angle, guys would line up to fuck her if she let them. Mom may have been a nymph but she a discriminating one and her lovers had to meet certain criteria’s such as but not limited to not having the stench of alcohol coming off them or exhaling it with each breath. Her feeling was that she was a good enough fuck that getting liquored up wasn’t necessary to fuck her.

Another was cleanliness. If you had BO, you’d be best to stay away from her and she had a keen nose so if you tried to mask your order with deodorant and cologne she’d see through your game pushing you out the door before your eyes blinked.

Also, don’t try to force her if you valued your nuts, she is an ex-Marine who knows more ways to kick your ass than can be named here. Many a jock has tried it and many a jock has crawled away holding his nuts and crying like an infant. Her disposition could change faster than a rattlesnake can strike so just when you thought you had it over her, bang the lightning would strike and you’d be on your ass.

I’ll mention one last one, there are others, is that you’d better be able to have an intelligent conversation before trying to screw her. She may have been a jarhead but she held a Bachelor’s and a Master’s in English Literature and she is still working on her dissertation to gain a doctorate so a candidate seeking to be her lover, had better be able to have an intelligent conversation if they wanted to make the jump to becoming a lover.

Given that and more, she is sweeter the honey and softer than a cloud. I realize that, as her child, my views of my mother are biased as one of her own, as kids when we came with a cut finger we got a hug and a kiss and not a “man up puke!”

So when she called me to her, I knew to immediately obey but knowing as well that even though she was miffed at me, she would still love me tenderly. This is why I had no hesitation going into the shower with her sliding my cock in the crack of her ass.

“Edward dear, mommy wants your cum either in her mouth or in her pussy, not on her back. Now put your cock in her mouth so she can get you hard.”

I moved to be in front of her, she took my cock kissing the head then licking it. Her talented tongue began to lick around the base of the head which increased my sexual tension causing me to grit my teeth. She mover her sweet lips back to my pee hole then inhaling pulling the head into her mouth then raising her head letting it pop out. She did this numerous times each time making my balls ache for release.

“Mother, I am going to blow my load if you don’t stop teasing my cock that way.”

“Is my Edward afraid he won’t be able to get it up again if his balls release if momma continues?”

“Mom I have already been sucked and fucked by two women today so far. You are the fifth pussy wanting a load, I can flood your mouth or flood your vagina, I can not do both. Decide where you want my load inside you?”

“Okay Edward, having put it that way, stick your tool into my vagina and fuck your mother. Fill mommy with cum.”

Mom reached down and directed my cock with her fingers to the hole she wanted me to plug with my hot cock. I accepted her invitation, I pushed forward penetrating her vagina then I began to push in and out of her. She was wet as wet that my cock slid in with no resistance. When she felt herself being entered, she let out a gasp and said, “O Edward.”

My rhythmic in and out movement pleasured both of us. Mother kept repeating, “O God Edward, I love the way your cock feels inside of me.” I kept repeating, “Mother you are so tight.”

She was tight. The walls of her birth demetevler escort canal closed in upon my invading penis, the head sent sparks of pleasure throughout me as it went across her ribbed muscles. The heat of her passion stimulated a feeling of cozy warmth into my body.

After a time, mom said, “Go faster Edward.” I picked up the pace at her request which increased the rapidity of my cock’s head rubbing across her ribbed pussy walls increased the desire within me for release.

By this time both mom and I were covered with sweat. Her pussy juice covered her bottom which transferred to my cock and balls. It was a very sticky but also a very enjoyable time for both mother and me.

I felt the tenseness building.

It is at that point she wants the son she’s fucking to fire his load into her.

“Did you enjoy that mom?”

“O baby you are a good motherfucker.”

Using her hands to vice my head in, she kissed me repeatedly. Then said, “Time to clean up and get moving.”


Each one of us boys had a different aspect of our father in us and at times that was Dad whom she felt plowing her. All three of us have experienced her calling out his name when one of our cocks was in her. “Olaf I love the way you fuck me.” Then as if jolted back into reality, she’d say the name of her son who was banging her.

Mom and dad had one of those legendary loves we all seek but few find. They met at a Nudist Convention while attending with their parents since both had turned 18 before the Convention. They were with other teens at a youth event. Their eyes met and that was that. Neither dated any other person and they married true to each other.

Mom will not accept that dad has disappeared even though it has been nearly seven years from the date that he was reported missing and, given the time, it is unlikely that he’ll reappear.

So when we have a family dinner, a place is set for dad at the head of the table.


Except for Sundays, Family dinners are either for birthdays or some other special occasion. So mom’s calling for a mandatory meeting with her sons spelled something was afoot.

After dessert and the table was cleared mom grabs her clipboard and her reading glasses and begins.

“My sons, there are three items I need to mention and we need to discuss. The first item is that your cousin Maria, who just finished High School, has been accepted at ________ State College. Both she and her father, my brother you will recall, have asked if it would be possible for her to stay here during the term. I agreed.

“Boys you know that she is sexually open as the three of you are but I do not want the three of you to take advantage of that to fuck her senseless during her stay. Her studies come before fucking Am I understood.


“Yes mother, we hear you.”

The Second Item is that your Aunt Janet has asked if she could stay here until her divorce goes through, I agreed to keep my sister with me until things got settled with her. As you know she has no children so she’ll need just one room which Andrew will volunteer for his aunt’s benefit. Also, boys, she will need help boxing up her things and moving them to a Storage Unit and she’ll need help moving her furniture in as well.

The last term is preparing for the Fitzgerald Seim-Annual Meeting and Orgy. We will be adding one new member your cousin Janet B. Fitzgerald who has just turned 18 since the last meeting. Since we have three Janet’s we’ve decided to use the letter of their middle name as the defining means of keeping junior two junior Janets apart.

I raise my hand, “Yes Edward?”

“Joseph’s intended has asked me about her becoming a member of the family fling. So brother, has she voiced a similar wish to you.”

“She has Ed…”

“Joseph I didn’t name him ‘Ed’ but ‘Edward.’ “

“She has Edward, I had already brought the item up with mother.”

“Now you all know the areas which are needed for the event and the physical plant preparations required so but please prepare with less horsing around, dikmen escort arguing, and general aggravation of me.”

“Hell, guys that will take all the fun out of it.”

“Language Edward.”


Thursday had rolled around so tonight I would be fucking Janice Thomas. Her sister offered us a spare bedroom in her house as a place to meet.

Janice had done her hair into long curly hair. “Do you like it?”

“Yes, it’s a big improvement over last week.” She was also wearing make-up and wearing stylish clothes. I wonder what charms she had underneath as I embraced her kissing her warm lips. She tasted better than last week when our tongues met and her kisses were more passionate.

I whispered in her ear, “I am looking forward to sliding my cock into you.” Janice whispered back, “I was awake all night after that foursome in your mother’s house. My pussy has felt empty and my body has been eagerly your kiss, touch, and penetration ever since.” “Then let’s get naked. Janice.”

With her back toward I reach under her skirt raising the hem to feel her pussy finding that Janice was wearing crotchless panties through the opening then slid two of my fingers through the opening and right into her vagina. She was sopping wet and her love juices seemed to be flowing out of her. There was a popping sound as I find fucked her. “Mmmm” moaned out of her. mouth.

“You are ready aren’t you?”

“Yes, stop teasing me and get naked do you can fuck me.” We finished stripping fast then after she lubricates me with her saliva, then she still tight for my cock to go all the way in, my cock is directed in awaiting love canal. She was still tight but far wetter and otter than our previous encounter yet finally I get into her balls deep. Pulling back I shove it into her making a gasp leave her mouth “O God that feels good. keep fucking me, Edward.” Then another doe 15 minutes before the hearing, “Fuck me faster, I am going to come.” The increased speed is beginning to push semen into my balls so that after she climaxes, I do. I feel my balls shoot load after load into her as Janice responds, “That hot seed feels so good, fill my cunt.” I did fil her cunt pass overflowing which drained down her leg.

I lay beside her looking into each other’s eyes and kissing then the blood being coming back into my tool, “Are you ready for Round 2, Janice?” “Yes I am Edward, fuck me again.” We fuck a total of three times that evening and once in the morning before we clean up and dress.

As we leave the room, her skirt molds her ass beautifully making me hard again. Quickly I bend her over the little table, raise her to skirt then lower he’s panties open my fly the plow her again. After filling her pussy I raise the panties leaving her with one for the road.


On Saturday my brothers and I head to Aunt Janet’s to load things up most of it in her storage unit and what she was taking along in Joseph’s pick-up. A quick word about Aunt Janet, if anything gets hornier than mother. We knew that even on moving day, she’d want to fuck one of us but which one so we grab-assed about that before heading out the door. Joseph was driving his truck Andrew and I manned a small U-Haul following behind. What Joseph was thinking no one knows but Andrew and were speculating on when Joseph would man up and formally propose to his woman so Andrew and I could take her to bed and fuck her.

Aunt Janet was mom’s baby sister. Physically, they looked like twins but their personalities were 180 degrees from each other. Mother was somber and serious this is not to say that mother didn’t laugh or have a winning smile because she did but she saw life as serious business. Her sister on the other hand life is one time shot so make the best of it while you can live, laugh, and be happy because tomorrow it may end.

The other big difference between the two was mom’s cooking while very good didn’t hold a candle Mom could get by with drinking Wild Irish or Morgan David but Aunt needed the $25.00 a bottle stuff at least. to Aunt Janet’s. Aunt Janet net could make old shoe leather taste ankara escort like a gourmet delight and there wasn’t any baked which lay beyond her skill. Yet for the differences, light couldn’t get its way between the two.

Aunt Janet met us wearing this long sleeveless sundress when we came to her house. After kissing each of us she asks how mother was doing which was strange to me since the two talked every other day at least for at least an hour. but we told her she was good and was awaiting her sister’s arrival. With that, she told us her organization and us the key to the lock on her Rental Unit once we were inside.

“I know what is on your naughty boys’ minds so here I’ll show you,” She lifted the skirt to reveal her bare pussy then lowered the neckline to expose her breast. “Now that your curiosity is satisfied, go to work.”

Damn, she had a lot of stuff. The boxes alone nearly filled her storage unit but we managed to get all her belongings including furniture into the unit with a bit of space to spare. We next filled Joseph’s truck with the items she was taking to our house.

“Okay, guys it appears like we’re ready to leave. Edward will drive me and car your mom’s Joseph will follow Andrew to return the truck.” She then goes over to kiss each of my brothers putting their hands on her breast, “That should be enough sugar boys until we get to Molly’s. More later.”

After my brother’s leave, auntie opens the garage door to reveal a BMW S3. “Our ride Edward.. You drive.” She notices my eyes bug out, “I thought you’s like it.” When we back out the closes the door then slides the remote in before the door closes. “There asshole, open your property now.” I was shocked, given her husband, Uncle Leonard, was the OED’s definition of an asshole-jerk, I still thought she went a little far in getting revenge and I told her so. “Edward, you don’t even half the crap that cow pie did to me. The shame and humiliation he subjected me to when we were married.” then she looked at me with a mischievous grin, “I also changed all the locks in the house leaving the keys on the kitchen counter. The locksmith will probably charge him a pretty penny to open what I have locked. Now, let’s go honey.”

We use the Interstate to get clear of town but when we reach Exit 23A and I am told to pull off then turn right. At first, I didn’t recognize anything then a couple of familiar landmarks cleared my mind, this was grandpa and granma’s road. “You know where to turn in.”

Going up the old familiar drive brought back many memories. The best ones being grandma with arms wide open ready to hug and kiss her little cherubs exiting the car racing to see which one would be first into her loving arms. “Aunt we’re Trespassing on the Wichman’s land.” Her answer was, We would be if I hadn’t bought dad’s farm plus the others in the Section. This is all mine now clear and paid for. Let’s go inside.”

Once in I see that the old wood stove was still there but that was it. Downstairs was the playroom where the adults went to fuck, I didn’t know that at the time though. “Right here nephew, pointing with a spot, was where your father fucked me, becoming the second cock ever to enter my pussy. Let’s go up to my room” after getting up to the ground floor again, we enter through the forbidden gate, or at least it was forbidden to kids. We walk down the 2nd-floor hall, she points to a room, ‘this was your mother’s room where I had my first sexual experience when I went down on your mom and she on me.” Just across the way, she entered a room which was called “My Room.”

“Edward, fuck me, honey. Aunt Janet has been horny all day.” There was a queen-sized air mattress with blankets, “Don’t bother to strip just drop your jeans enough so we can fuck.” She lifted her skirt exposing her sweet pussy then opened her legs once she laid herself on the blanket. She was very wet allowing me to enter her with ease. We fucked for about a half-hour when she said, “It’s getting dark, get ready to fill your auntie pussy” I pumped her faster till I shot strings into awaiting love channel. Handing me a wipe to clean off with, she cleans herself off then stuffs some tissues between her legs to catch my man cream.

Back in the car and on the road, I ask “Aunt Janet, why is it that you always have money when you never seem to have a job?” She thinks a bit then looking at me, “I am a Porn Star nephew.”

To be continued

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