24 Haziran 2021

The Hotel Room Ch. 03

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She jumped off the bed and rushed into the bathroom. He slowly stood and began putting his clothes on. She poked her head out of the bathroom door with a puzzled look on her face. “And just where do you think you are going?” She asked.

“Let me run out to my truck, I’ve got something special in there.” He said with a grin, grabbing his keys and walking out the door only half dressed. He was not gone long; long enough to run down the stairs outside the room (two at a time), open his truck to retrieve a shopping bag, and then run back up the stairs into the room. He shed his clothing again and walked to the bathroom where she sat on the edge of the tub.

She had one hand stroking herself between her legs gently and her eyes were closed. As he stepped into the room she acted startled and tried to play innocent as if she were doing nothing. “I got lonely,” she smirked. He took a moment to admire her naked body. Long tan legs accentuated a firm torso, wonderfully round C-cup breasts, and a face that a model would kill for. Her brown eyes were lusty and her brown hair framed her face in such a way that practically screamed sensuality. She was in her early 20’s and had never been married.

She took a moment to think back to the time when they had first met. It was in an elevator where she worked. He had come in to apply for a job at the same company and it just so happened that the floor she worked on was always packed with people. Therefore, in the elevator ride down she was pressed against more than one person but she felt the obvious hardness against the back of her skirt. While most people might find this offensive she was a pretty good judge of “character” and felt that this hardness was just the right size to ignore her morals. He’d never know but she wished she could have turned around and sucked him off right there in front of everyone.

After the elevator had reached the first floor she pressed back hard against him then turned around to get his number. She found she was staring into the face of a handsome man who shared some of the same characteristics that she did: brown eyes, brown hair, mild brown complexion, and with the gray suit he had on she could tell he wasn’t just some scum off of the street. They exchanged phone numbers and less than five hours later she had invited him over to her [studio] apartment for a night of bliss. She sighed at that part since she hated living in such a small place.

She was snapped back to reality by the snap of flint against steel. He had engaged a lighter to flame up illuminating the room’s dark corners. He lit 4 or 5 large candles, placing them in different spots in the bathroom and then closed the bathroom door. Their only source of light now was those candles and it was incredibly romantic. She began to grow wet again with anticipation and she could see his cock begin to rise again. She turned to start the water but he stepped against her and gently took her arm. She turned her head to look at him in confusion and her güvenilir bahis lips met his. Their lips mashed together in a wanton kiss and their tongues clashed, all the while their hands were grabbing, stroking, petting. The darkness of it all made her feel like they were the only two people on earth.

Breaking their kiss with a gentle kiss to her soft lips, he reached in and turned on the water. The shower was huge, which was one reason why he had chosen this Hotel, and large enough to toss the shower curtain down or aside, out of the way without worrying about a flood. He did so, creating a twin-side-bed’s worth of room in the shower, then took her hand to help her climb in. The moment her leg touched the water she flinched and let out a little squeal. The water was hot!! Almost too hot! She bit her lower lip and climbed inside, trying not to let too much of the water hit her. Her body must have already cooled down from earlier.

When she was all the way in and standing away from the spray he entered the shower, letting the steaming hot water rush over his head and shoulders. He looked like a wild beast with the enthusiasm he showed. She knew that the heat of the water would only make them both more excited but watching him was already bringing more warmth to the area between her thighs. Once he was appropriately wet he stepped against her and pulled her to him. He pressed her body into his, feeling her tits mash against his chest and his cock mash against her stomach. He kissed her lips softly, then her cheeks, then moved up to kiss the eyelids of her closed eyes.

She froze still as his hands directed her. He moved his head around to kiss her earlobes which made her shiver with excitement. He kissed and nibbled them to drive her crazy then licked and sucked her neck before moving back up to kiss her lips once again. He wanted to give her the special treatment that she deserved and this time he was definitely going to make her wait to finish. He kissed back down her neck and stopped at her shoulders, placing gentle wet kissed on her shoulders and collarbone, then moved his lips down between her breasts, placing gentle kisses at his favorite spot on a woman’s body.

His lips passed her nipples and moved down to her stomach. She trembled with delight as he teased her skin with his tongue. He licked down her thighs, kissed her knees and moved down to kiss her ankles and feet, then directed her to turn around. She did so slowly, knowing that the only reason she was standing right now is because he hadn’t touched her dripping wet pussy lips yet. She felt like she wanted to faint from the pleasure of this treatment. She had never had someone worship her body the way he did. Of course, she’d had boyfriends before but none had ever been able to make love to her this way.

He kissed her heels and ankles, then licked along both firm calves thoroughly before licking the back of her knees. This tickled her but it felt so good. He licked up the back of her thighs and briefly türkçe bahis dwelled on her gorgeous round ass before kissing the small of her back and further up. He kissed random spots on her back until he reached her shoulder blades and made sure to kiss those with no lack of attention before moving back up to her neck. His semi-hard cock was now pressing against her ass but she couldn’t do anything about hit. He kissed and bit the back of her neck and she leaned her head back into him, moaning with pleasure. He kissed her earlobes once more while reaching his hands around her body and cupping her breasts.

He did his best not to touch her nipples at first, just held her breasts in his hands and kneaded them a bit. It was driving her wild that every spot on her body was being touched except the ones she wanted most. She was intensely hot, she felt weak in the knees and she knew her pussy was on fire. She even felt a wetness between her thighs that was rarely that apparent. He began to give in and slowly stroked both her nipples with his thumbs, making her shiver all over again. He pinched her nipples between thumb and forefinger and kissed her neck again. It became more than she could take and she let out a long moan of ecstasy while her juices ran down her thighs. She was in shock, she could not believe that she had an orgasm without her pussy being even touched. No one had ever been able to do that to her before.

He did not stop there, he bent down onto his knees and directed her to bend forward, placing her hands on the ledge to support herself. Her ass was high in the air and her pussy was completely open to him. He saw trails of nectar running down her thighs and proceeded to lick on both sides until he was satisfied that he had cleaned them. He then focused his attention on her dripping slit. He stuck his tongue out and ran it along the length of her pussy from her clit almost to her asshole, then back down again, settling on her clit. He pressed his tongue against it, moving from side to side. He heard her moan that he had found the spot so he continued what he was doing. It did not take him very long before he was rewarded with a mouthful of pussy juice all over again. He licked and sucked her lips and pushed his tongue inside her to make sure he got ever last drop. She pushed herself back onto his tongue even more, driving herself wild with the unabashed and obviously wanton plea for more.

He felt her pressing back against him and knew that it was time to give her what she wanted. He stood and pressed the head of his cock against her pussy lips, rubbing it up and down to let her know that he was there. She moaned again and whipped her head around to look at him. “Put it in me, pleeeeease….” She begged to be filled up by him.

He began to push the head into her steaming cunt, slowly it was swallowed by her labia, he watched it go inside and she felt herself being filled up. More and more he pushed in with her moaning the whole time. She wanted it so bad she was güvenilir bahis siteleri almost screaming for it. She needed to be fucked and he was definitely willing. Once his cock was all the way inside and she felt him stop pushing, she squeezed her muscles around him and arched her back, moving forward and back very slowly in an attempt to rub his cock against her G-spot. She had only tried this once before but her partner had a small dick and it didn’t work.

This felt terrific for him to be squeezed so hard and rubbed against the textured front of her insides. He closed his eyes and let out a moan to let her know whatever she was doing, it was working. She moaned in tandem as his cock definitely was rubbing the right spot. On it went like this for minutes until she couldn’t take it any more. She wanted it hard and fast and she wanted to cum. She released her grip on him and cried out, “Fuck me! Fuck me hard!!!”

He grabbed her hips and immediately began pounding his dick in and out of her. He slid almost all the way out before pressing all the way back in. He was pulling her against him hard at the same time that he pushed and it was making a very audible slapping noise as their pelvises clashed. Again and again he slammed his huge cock into her making her moan and pant and scream with pleasure. She was pushing back against him as well as him pulling her back so he let go of her hips and grabbed a handful of her damp hair, pulling her head up to arch her back.

At that point he really let her have it. He rammed his rod into her harder and faster and she was screaming. She cried out in a long series of moans to symbol the orgasm she had always dreamed of. It came upon her like a wave crashing on the shore and she rode it for all it was worth. Her pussy spasmed and clamped around his cock so hard that he couldn’t help but begin grunting and moaning as well. He pressed his cock all the way into her one last time as his hot cum shot its way into her depths.

He slid his cock out of her and turned to face the water. Using the soap he began to lather himself up and clean his softening dick. When he turned back around to her he found her still in the same position, struggling to move. She was almost exhausted from the exhibition of sexual energy. He helped her stand again and pulled her to him, whispering into her ear how the heat of the shower would help her. He then turned them both around and her body was in front of the water. It didn’t feel as hot this time so she leaned her head back into the stream and let it caress her hair and face. He proceeded to lather her body up and give her a thorough cleaning all over.

While rubbing his hand between her ass cheeks to cleanse them, he whispered into her ear how he definitely needed this clean. She put a hand on his cock and found it was hard all over again. Her mind began to wander as she thought about the possibilities. She gave his cock a nice squeeze and rinsed herself off before exiting the shower just in time. As soon as she had stepped out he felt the water start to get cold, he didn’t realize how long they had been in there! He stepped out and toweled himself off before following her back into the bedroom with the rest of the stuff in his bag.

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