24 Haziran 2021

The Night Nurse

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Female Ejaculation

Nancy Knopping was shocked when she discovered her husband’s infidelity. Married just two years she assumed her husband Rick was just “Busy” all those times he didn’t come home right after work. The pretty brunette found out the hard way when she discovered incriminating photos of Rick and a coworker engaged in all kinds of lewd behavior. Rick really had no excuse. Nancy had to assume he didn’t love her anymore if he ever did in the first place.

Now, two years later, Nancy was starting a new career as a nurse at a suburban Los Angeles hospital. It was something she’d always wanted to do: Help other people. The work was rewarding. Well, it would be rewarding some day. As a new employee Nancy ended up doing a lot of the jobs the more experienced nurses preferred not to do. Like emptying bedpans and giving sponge baths! Ugh!

But Nancy was glad to be working in her chosen field and knew that complaining would get her very little in her first few weeks at the job. She had to earn her way up the ladder at West Hills Hospital and, if bedpans and sponge baths were necessary then she’d deal with them.

One morning a young man, only a few years younger than Nancy’s 24 years was admitted. He’d been injured in an industrial accident and both of his hands were badly banged up. He’d broken two ribs as well and was pretty sore all over. Bill or “Billy” as he was called by coworkers and family, was a good natured boy and was somewhat chagrined by his accident.

“Aw it was my own damn fault!” He’d sheepishly admitted. “Shoulda been looking where I was goin'” He was a big strong guy and Nancy could tell he was going to have a tough time laying out in a hospital for what promised to be a fairly long stay. Nancy got to know the lad as she was required to empty his bedpan every day. At the end of Billy’s first week, Nancy’s superior, Wilma, told her it was time to learn how to give a sponge bath.

“Now you have to just accept that he’s just a man like any other and he needs to be cleaned up so he won’t smell and be embarrassed here. Most men are actually shy about being bathed by a woman but if you do it in a matter of fact way, they get used to it pretty quick.” Wilma instructed. “Just wash him down, stem to stern, and then dry him off real nice with a clean towel. Nothing more to it than that.”

Nancy assumed that Wilma would wash Billy herself to demonstrate how it was done but she quickly found herself with a sponge and a pail of soapy water in her hands! The pretty young divorcee began to wet the sponge when Wilma reminded her to remove Billy’s hospital gown. “Can’t bathe a man with his clothes on now can we?” She calmly remarked.

Nancy quickly complied and then Billy’s solid young frame was exposed to her. There were bandages covering both of his hands and his midsection was black and blue from the blow he’d suffered.

“Careful right there,” Wilma instructed, pointing to the bruises.

“And don’t get the bandages wet.”

Nancy began to wash the young man somewhat self consciously. She hadn’t seen a naked man since her divorce and, honestly, Rick wasn’t exactly a stud muffin to begin with. Billy, on the other hand, looked like he worked out every day…which he probably did at his construction job. She washed his legs, underarms and, gently, his chest.

“Now, don’t forget ‘The Rest’ of him honey.” Wilma joked. Knowing what she was expected to do, Nancy moved the sponge to Billy’s large but flaccid penis. “Work him good there now honey!” Wilma smiled. “That’ll remind him of why he wants to get better! Heh heh!”

Both Billy and Nancy were now beginning to blush at Wilma’s earthy comment. Nancy rubbed the sponge all over Billy’s penis and, uh oh! It began to swell right before her eyes! The bed ridden young man was getting a hard on!

“Hah! I thought you’d like that Bill!” Wilma cracked. “Never met a red blooded youngster that didn’t!”

Billy was mortified! There wasn’t much he could do about it, however. His penis seemed to have a mind of it’s own. The beautiful young nurse that had captured his imagination the first time he’d seen her that confusing day when he’d ended up here was now massaging his cock! Even when she moved the sponge up onto his belly his penis continued to grow. He watched Nancy’s face as she began to towel him off wondering “Where has she been all my life?”

“OK now ‘Mr. Stiffy!’ Wilma finally said, “You calm down now and maybe getcha forty winks ‘fore dinner.”

“I’m…I’m certainly learning new things here.” Nancy admitted to herself. “That wasn’t so bad I guess.”

“I was just funnin’ with you in there sugar.” Wilma said quietly as they walked down the hall afterwards. “Sometimes you have to go a bit beyond the call of duty so to speak to help these people. That young feller, I guarantee you, never spent a day of his life in a hospital and now here he is: All banged up and dependin’ on us to make him well. A little thrill like that will keep his spirits up you know? Give him somethin’ güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri to look forward to.”

Nancy had to admit, nursing was turning out to be a lot different than she expected. The patients, for the most part, were crabby and whiny and the visiting families were demanding and difficult. She’d been insulted, degraded, spoken down to and, quite honestly, infuriated in her short tenure at the hospital. The sense of fulfillment she had been expecting was elusive somehow.

But, it was a steady, good paying job and she knew she had to stick with it. The doctors seemed to like her anyway and Wilma, with her home spun manners and sometimes corse demeanor was, after all, a professional doing her best to show Nancy the ropes.

The following day she was serving dinner to old Mr. Hargrove who was having eye surgery the following morning. He was more than “Concerned.” Bob Hargrove was scared shitless!

Looking up at Nancy, Bob blurted out the truth: He hated to have anything touch his eyes. He’d never had contact lenses for fear of sticking them on his eyes. He hated eye drops. Never even opened his eyes in the shower! Now he was going to have a “Minor Incision” in his right eye after which a new lens was going to be “Gently” installed. “Young lady I don’t want nobody sawing a hole in my eyeball! They’re saying I’m gonna be awake for this procedure. What’s that going to feel like?”

“Oh you’ll be fine Mr. Hargrove!” Nancy replied. It was easy for 24 year old Nancy Knopping to say. Her eyes were perfect and glasses, contacts, cataracts and eye surgery were all in the future for her. “People have that operation all the time and it’s over in only about ten minutes.” She smiled.

Bob wasn’t buying it. Why, he was actually trembling as he attempted to eat his dinner. Just then Wilma ambled into the room. “Now how we doin’ tonight Mr. Hargrove? Better eat up ’cause tomorrow you’re gonna be able to see this slop we’re feedin’ you! Ha Ha!”

Bob looked up at Wilma and it was clear he didn’t appreciate the humor. “Now C’mon sugar, you cain’t eat nothin’ tomorrow morning before your surgery so you got to get some nourishment tonight. It ain’t so bad, honest!” Wilma watched the grey haired businessman and seemed to sense his fear. “OK now honey, I think I got just the thing to settle you down a bit.”

With that said she disappeared from the room only to return a few moments later. The aging head nurse emptied most of Bob’s water glass and then pulled a half pint bottle of Jim Beam Bourbon from her smock. She poured a good sized shot into the remaining water and quietly said “Now don’t go tellin’ nobody ’bout this y’hear?

Bob’s face brightened. “Gee…Gee thanks! He took the glass and downed it with a couple of big gulps. “Yeah. Thanks a lot.”

Nancy and Wilma watched as Bob finished his dinner and then settled back against his pillows. He took a deep breath and…he seemed to accept his fate. He’d get through this thing tomorrow one way or another. At least he could relax now and sleep.

Nancy found herself gaining admiration for her country born and bred superior. Somewhere along the line, she’d learned a thing or two about getting people well. “Sometimes the line gets…blurry.” she came to understand.

The next time she went into Billy’s room to bathe him Nancy was over her shyness about the procedure. She joked with the improving but still banged up 19 year old and set about sponging him down. She saved his penis for last and they were both eagerly anticipating it when the time came for his “Bath” there.

“Can’t forget ‘Mr. S tiffy’ now can we?” Nancy smiled as she said it. She was now expecting Billy’s cock to enlarge as she washed it and she wasn’t disappointed! She rubbed the sponge up and down his healthy young penis and Billy moaned in appreciation. He tried to lift his butt to meet her manipulations but his ribs hurt too much for that. So the young man just laid there as Nancy expertly cleaned up his now almost fully erect cock. It had been two weeks now in this hospital. Two full weeks. Bill Crandell had learned to masturbate when he was just 13 years old and hadn’t missed more than one day ever since.

Oh sure he liked a good piece of ass but that wasn’t easy to come by. So he did the best he could with the ladies but he was used to ejaculating every day! Two weeks now it had been! Two weeks! And here was this…this adorable doll massaging his naked body and he’s too fucked up to do anything but lay there!

Nancy dried off Billy the best she could and covered him up. She had to stop herself from giving the strapping young lad a kiss on the cheek as he smiled up at her in gratitude. “Who am I kidding?” She said to herself. “I could go for a good looking guy like him. I wish he was a bit older.”

That Friday she was called in to nurse Wilma’s office and informed that she was being promoted to full time employee! It was more than a formality since lots of women güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri tried out for nursing and couldn’t make it. Now, she would be getting full health coverage and a modest raise. The only downside was she would have to work nights. It would be an adjustment to come in at four in the afternoon and work until midnight. But it also meant not much in the way of dealing with the family visitors who could be a pain. Nancy gratefully accepted her new position.

It was only the second night of her new assignment when she heard moaning coming from Bill Crandell’s room. Billy was supposed to be well on his way to recovery and she wondered what would be causing him to moan in pain. She crept into the darkened room and, at first, couldn’t figure out what was happening. Then her eyes adjusted to the dim light and she saw Billy’s bandaged hands pressing onto his groin. It took a bit longer for the young nurse to realize exactly why he was doing it.

“Oh my goodness!” She realized. “He’s a healthy growing boy and he’s been locked up in this hospital with his hands bandaged up for almost 3 weeks now! He must need release!”

Nancy considered going into Billy’s room and attempting to comfort him. But she quickly realized that someone telling him “It’ll be OK son!” won’t help his immediate problem. “Sometimes the line gets blurry.” She finally said to herself. The pretty young night nurse walked quietly into the room. She pulled the curtain for more privacy even though Bill had no room mate.

When Billy Crandell saw Nancy hovering over him at first he thought he was dreaming. His sexual frustration was getting the better of him now and to find the gorgeous dark eyed beauty who occupied his thoughts right there beside him was almost too good to be true. But it was true. And then she was removing his hospital gown leaving him nude before him.

“Not feeling well tonight are we?” Nancy started in her best imitation of Wilma’s homespun way of putting things. “Well let’s see if we can do something about that.” She probably should’ve called a doctor and arranged for a sedative. But the line was already too blurry for that. No. Twenty four year old Nancy Knopping was eager for some sexual release herself. She and Rick hadn’t exactly had a wild sex life but it was better than what she’d enjoyed since he’d left: Nothing! The handsome young construction worker was looking up at her hopefully knowing it wasn’t time for his bath!

Nancy unbuttoned the first few buttons of her starched white Nurse’s blouse so Billy could see her bra encased tits. Not gigantic. In fact Rick had teased her about her “Little mosquito bites” more than a time or two. But Billy didn’t seem to mind. She leaned down with the pretense of raising the bed a bit but she actually wanted to get her breasts right up in Billy’s face…where he could get a sniff of her feminine scent. “Now Billy you’ll have to be quiet OK? No moaning or anything OK?”

Billy nodded eagerly and then watched as Nancy backed away momentarily and reached up beneath her white skirt. With the lad looking on intently, she pulled down her white panties and then stepped out of them. Nancy held her panties up for Billy to see and then leaned over and placed them right on the pillow next to his face. Billy thought He’d died and gone to heaven!

Nancy then took a tube of KY jelly off the cabinet next to the bed and coated her hand with it. The pretty divorcee found herself thinking “I should probably be wearing surgical gloves for this operation!” The thought faded into oblivion as she approached Billy’s supine form and took hold of his thick young penis! Billy couldn’t help but groan when she did it but Nancy brought her index finger to her lips as if to say “Shhhh!”

Nancy then began to lightly stroke Billy’s penis with her right hand while cradling his balls with her left. Billy nodded his head up and down as if to say “Yes” while his pleasure increased. For her part Nancy found herself becoming increasingly aroused. She’d never given her husband a hand job and they usually made love under the covers in the dark. To feel this solid young guy obviously responding to her digital manipulations was extremely exciting to her. His cock was still growing. How big would it get? she wondered. There was only one way to find out!

So Nancy redoubled her efforts, sliding her hand quickly up and down Billy’s cock as she squeezed him a bit harder. She figured after three weeks of abstinence it wouldn’t take long to get him

off. And she was right. Nineteen year old Billy Crandell had had his fair share of girls but never one as fine as Nurse Nancy. He wished he could fuck her but his injuries still wouldn’t allow that. No. He had to “Settle” for this truly thrilling sexual encounter. His dream girl, Nurse Nancy, her soft warm panties right next to him on the pillow, her tits just barely covered and nearly visible. Oh this would do alright!

Nancy’s neglected young pussy was güvenilir bahis şirketleri wet now as she continued to rub Young Billy’s completely erect cock. What a mammoth hunk of flesh he had! She lad little to compare him to but he certainly put Rick to shame. Why, she could hardly get her little fist around it’s girth! “He’s going to please a lot of women with that thing.” She thought.

Nancy began to use both hands to please young Billy’s come striving penis. He had promised not to make any sound but it couldn’t have been easy. The room was now filled with the lewd sounds of her two small, lubricated hands sliding repeatedly up and down Billy’s frustrated young cock. It wouldn’t be long now.

Unseen by the illicit lovers, 48 year old Miles Procter was listening in from the doorway. The burly janitor was wondering why the curtain was closed in Billy’s room. “No reason for that at night.” He thought. When he approached the curtained off bed he heard the unmistakable sounds of sex coming from within. Unable to contain his curiosity, Miles peeked around the curtain and saw that young Miss Knopping doing a thing on Little Billy. He’d thought the two young people had been kind of flirting and here was the proof. Damn! She was fine! Miles had been eyeing her since she arrived at the hospital. Never got beyond “Hi, how ya doin’?” but she was never unfriendly to him.

Oblivious to the unseen janitor, Nancy continued to work Billy’s cock towards it’s inevitable conclusion. His impossibly hard cock was beginning to secrete drops of liquid out of the little slit at the top of the head. Knowing she shouldn’t, Nancy touched the tip of her finger to the clear flowing liquid and then brought it to her lips, tasting it briefly before returning to the task at hand.

Billy moved his head from side to side, eagerly drawing air through his nose each time he touched Nancy’s panties. She was so pretty. So nice to him. She was like an angel in the night, here to somehow save him from his three weeks of agony.

Then…Nancy actually felt Billy’s seed beginning to jet from his balls! His sizable manhood jerked in her hands and then she felt a jumping sensation from the bottom of his prick. Then…then it poured out! Gob after gob of Billy’s fresh young sperm splashed out onto his belly as he came. “Ooooo!” Nancy couldn’t help but utter as she saw the proof of his climax squirting out again and again. She watched his face as Billy finally began to finish and then, at last, he was done. Nancy had never seen that much sperm at one time in her life! What a stud! The few times she’d actually seen Rick ejaculate it had barely dribbled out. Not Billy! Why, his chest was covered with streams of bleachy smelling jism.

Not thinking clearly right then, Nancy grabbed her panties and used them to wipe up Billy’s sizable emission. Billy was now feeling a warm glow all over his body as he felt Nurse Nancy wiping up his come. Had this really happened? He wondered. The subtle but persistent pain he’d been feeling from his injuries seemed to disappear in the aftermath of his overpowering orgasm. “I love that girl.” He admitted to himself.

Nancy now realized that she needed to get rid of the evidence of what she’d just done. Yes the line sometimes gets blurry but it’s one thing to give a worried old guy a shot of booze to calm his nerves. It quite another to jerk off some lonely young boy who you are supposed to be nursing back to health! Her unsatisfying sex life with her husband and subsequent lack of sex had obviously caused an unnatural reaction in Nancy’s mind. She’d just lost control!

Nancy decided to stuff her panties in the trash bin down the hall so she lightly caressed Billy’s cheek in a genuine display of affection and then replaced his hospital gown and stepped outside the curtain. Looking back, she took a long last look at Bill Crandell, lying there in mellow satisfaction.

“Good night Billy!” She said softly. “Sleep tight!”

Shock wouldn’t begin to describe the sensation Nancy felt when she turned and saw Miles standing right outside the open door to Billy’s room. “My God! He saw the whole thing!”

“Eve’nin’ Miss Nancy.” Miles offered with a smile.

“Why…Miles! What are you doing here…now…uh…”

“Well, actually I work here ma’am. And I s’pose you know that too. Is the youngster feelin’ better?”

Nancy was shaking with fear now. She’d been caught! Caught masturbating a patient. Grounds for immediate dismissal if not worse consequences. She had to figure out a way to keep Miles quiet about this.

“Yes…Yes he is Miles. I…I had to…to counsel him a bit. He was feeling…some pain and…uh…”

Miles just smiled at the pretty young nurse. There was just no way to explain her way out of this mess but it sure was cute watching her try! “He needed some counseling then? Well, could I get some of that counseling? Cause you see I been feeling some pain too. Here…hand me those. You won’t be needin’ them any more tonight.”

Knowing she had nowhere to turn, Nancy handed her come soaked panties to the big black janitor. He wadded them up in his meaty hands and then led the shaking young night nurse down the hall to the store room. Miles hid Nancy’s panties in his back pocket, then used his keys to open the room.

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