21 Nisan 2021

The PhD Student

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Nora pulled on her bra, jostling her full, 36D breasts into each of the individual salmon hued cups, before leaning over to pull on a rather plain black blouse. She reached down and hitched up a light grey skirt, hoisted its waist over her unexciting salmon coloured panties and tucked it in. She shuffled about, feeling the clothes settle into place, then turned towards the mirror.

Gazing into the glass, she reached around her body to straighten the fabric and consider her looks.

Aged 27, her neck length brown hair was matched by two round hazel eyes, set within a still mostly youthful face. Her body was slightly plump, with a mildly flabby ass and thighs that jiggled almost imperceptibly when she walked. Overall, she stood as a pleasantly attractive girl, who possessed a decent set of curves.

Nora pulled a brush through her hair and turned to face the door. As a second year PhD student, she had taken on work as a residential assistant in one of undergraduate dormitories in the University campus. It was an okay job, although some of the students could be kind of shitty. The first years were generally okay — a bit wild at times, but generally respectful. Some of the second and third years however could be annoying arrogant, acting like they owned the place.

It was a wednesday evening, so she didn’t expect too much activity as she left her single room and walked down the corridor towards the undergraduate dorms. The first dozen or so rooms that she passed proved her right: either the doors were closed and the inhabitants were asleep, or the students were working quietly or watching TV.

However, as she rounded the corner onto the third hallway, she could hear the sounds of loud voices and raucous laughter emanating from the other side of a half opened door.

She stepped towards the commotion, recognising to her contrition that the room belonged to Ryan Brigham and Alex Thompson, both second years and both conceited assholes. Ryan was particularly bad — she felt certain that he broke the rules just to show her that he could and make her chastise him. She had hoped that he might be out this evening.

She sighed resignedly, and walked towards the door. Perhaps, she thought with an air of disbelief, he wouldn’t be doing anything that she’d need to step in to counter. But somehow she knew it would never be that easy, he was going to be a pain in her side, as usual.

As she opened the door, the boy closest to her turned his head and looked at her. Sure enough, his dirty blond hair and slightly snide smile confirmed that it was Ryan, and she wrinkled her nose involuntarily in displeasure. He was dressed in a dark grey shirt and tanned brown khakis, and was seated on a ratty red desk chair in the middle of the room.

Behind him she could see Alex, perched on an easy chair, his russet brown curls and broad teenage shoulders visible behind the mop of Ryan’s tresses. They were, she noted with relief, just playing cards across a varnished beech wood table. Perhaps tonight would be easy after all.

They waved her in invitingly, and she followed with a sense of uncertain distrust. Ryan gestured towards a stool, pushed sloppily against the back wall of the room.

“Fancy joining us for a hand?” he asked, a slight ripple of disdain playing across his face.

“Umm, no. Thanks though,” she replied, definitively not interested in spending anymore time here than was absolutely necessary. If she could just leave now, she could still make it back in time for a couple of hours relaxing before bed. She edged back towards the door.

“Oh, come on,” said Alex, turning towards her, his face unreadable. “Just join us for one game, and then we’ll let you get out of here.”

“Yeah, just one game,” added Ryan, the slight leer still visible on his face. Maybe, she thought with half a smile to herself, it’s just a permanent feature. “Unless you want us to start drinking to amuse ourselves instead?”

“Fine,” she conceded. “Just one game, then I’m going. Okay?”

“Sounds fair,” replied Alex, with a grin.

“Now sit down,” added Ryan, an imperious edge to his voice. Nora looked at him with an irritated glare, but followed his instructions and sat down on the spare seat. “What are we playing?”

“Black Jack now,” said Alex, doling out the cards to each of the three players in turn. Nora picked up her cards and saw that she had two tens.

“What are you going to do?” asked Alex, turning to Ryan. He looked at his cards, and then called for several more. As he picked up the second card, he snorted with derision and threw them on the table. “I bust.”

Nora looked smugly at Ryan, and then opted to fold. Alex bust soon after, and she made to stand. “Thanks boys, I’m out.”

“Nah,” responded Ryan, reaching out impetuously and waving her back down. “Stay, at least for another few rounds. Otherwise it’s drinking for us.”

“It’s not so bad,” interjected Alex, with a slightly chagrined look. “Just a few games. Two at cards isn’t much fun ataşehir escort at all and all the freshers are in bed or studying.”

“Oh, okay,” she agreed reluctantly. It wasn’t so bad after all, and perhaps if she played a few more rounds then they would be more reasonable in future.”

They played several more rounds, and Nora noticed to her slight surprise and pleasure that she kept on winning. She felt cheered that she had more of a grasp of the game than these two childish kids and found herself not objecting when the number of rounds extended into double figures. She found herself not minding their company as much, and began to relax and chat with them more freely.

After a few more rounds, Ryan reached back behind him and opened one of his desk draws. He pulled out a small wad of paper and an equally diminutive cube of hash brown resin. “Do you mind if we light up?” he asked, a slightly mischievous smile on his lips.

“Well…” she started, surprised and disapproving.

“It’s just a very small amount and we’re not doing anything else wrong,” he added, with a look that reminded her for a moment of a pouting puppy. “Come on, it’s just to relax us a little bit.”

“Okay, fine.” She relented, more irritated with herself for being such a pushover than put out by their request. “But not a lot okay?”

“Sure thing,” they both replied, rapidly shovelling up the small brown particles and tobacco leaves onto the paper, before rolling them into three nearly identically sized tubes. They each took one, and then offered her one too.

“Umm, no thanks,” she stammered, a little startled by their audacity.

“Your loss,” responded Ryan, disinterestedly, leaving it beside her as he dealt out another hand. She won again and laughed.

“Maybe we should up the stakes?” Ryan suggested as handed the cards to Alex for shuffling. She looked up at him sharply. “I’m not sure that’s a good idea. I don’t want to gamble any money.”

“Hmmm. Okay. How about this?” Ryan responded, pensively. “Both of us versus you. If you win, we’ll stop smoking these joints. If we win, you’ll smoke up with us.”

Nora thought about it for a moment. She had won nearly every game since they started. The terms of the bet didn’t really worry her much, she doubted she’d be the one implementing it, and she could certainly do with them voluntarily stopping smoking.

“Okay,” she agreed finally. “Deal the cards”.

Alex dealt them out and she looked at her hand. A jack and a three. This wasn’t good. She asked for another card, it came up as a ten. She sighed and threw her hand in. Alex and Ryan looked at their now shared cards in turn, and held on a 16.

“Looks like we win,” Alex said, a hint of triumph in his voice. He handed her the joint and she took it resignedly. Ryan held up the lighter and lit it. She inhaled it for a moment, and then spluttered. It had been a long time since she had last encountered dope and was not very used to its texture in her throat. She blushed a little, embarrassed by her lack of experience with the substance, and then took another drag, this time more successfully.

They played on for a further few more rounds, her winning streak returning. They rolled several more joints for her and she smoked them down. Then Ryan stopped the game again and suggested another wager of stakes. By this time Nora felt rather lightheaded and giggly, and so listened only half attentively while he outlined the terms.

“If we win, you do whatever we want. If you win, we’ll do whatever you want.”

She tilted her head in consideration, took another deep breath of fumes, and slowly exhaled. Fully endowed of all her senses, she might have dismissed the offer, but giggly and increasingly high the full implications eluded her. “So if I win, you’ll do whatever I want. Like not fuck around in the evening when I’m on duty?”

“Sure thing,” answered Ryan quickly. “Whatever you want. Sounds fair no?”. She again considered her winning trail to date, and then nodded in affirmative. “Hit me boys.”

Ryan laid out the cards in front of her, and she looked with dismay at the king and four she had received. With a tremor of suddenly nervous anticipation, she asked for another card, only to see with a look of relief that it came up as a seven. Twenty one. She was in the clear. She laid down her cards, a sense of smug satisfaction descending as she watched Ryan and Alex turn over their shared hand in turn.

Relief turned to shock as they revealed a perfect pair: ace and a king, an unbeatable combination. They grinned smugly at one another, and then scooped up the cards.

“Okay, okay, you got me,” she admitted reluctantly. “Now what do you want from me? To look the other way during your late night parties I suppose?”

“Umm, No.” Responded Ryan, with an acidity in his tone that reverberated even through her now hazy senses. “We want you to take off your top.”

She stared at them in disbelief. “You avrupa yakası escort want me to do what?”

“A deal’s a deal,” said Ryan firmly. “We won, and you have to do whatever we say. Now take off your top.”

Shit, she thought. Well, if that’s all the stupid little boys want, then fine. Let them take a look at her chest like a bunch of gawking thirteen year olds. As she thought about the idea, it amused her and she laughed out loud, bringing surprised glances from the two boys. She took another long drag from her joint.

“Fine.” She slowly, but purposefully pulling her blouse off over her head. As she did so, the contours of her bra, wrapped around her large but slightly flabby breasts, came into view. The boys looked on appreciatively as she removed the shirt entirely, and placed it tidily on the floor next to her. She looked at them both coolly, and then took another puff.

“Mmmm, very nice,” commented Ryan, sizing her up like a farmer at a pig market. “Now take off that skirt.”

“What?” she explained, startled and outraged. “I already did what you told me to!”

“We didn’t limit it to just one action,” interjected Alex, his normally neutral expression replaced by a look of intense lust. “A deal is still a deal.”

“Besides,” added Ryan, with the triumphant tone of a man who knows his opponent is beaten. “We both stopped smoking a while back, whereas you my dear are high as a kite. If you don’t take off that skirt, I am going to go and get the warden and bring him back here.”

Her jaw dropped. High as she was, the notion of being reported and losing everything was terrifying. They couldn’t, they mustn’t! She looked frantically at them, only to see their steely, lusty faces leering back.

Shocked by their request and terrified by their threat, she succumbed to panic and tugged her skirt off, this time kicking it into a messy heap beneath her chair. She sat there for a long, lingering moment, her amply sized breasts hanging heavily in her plain salmon bra, the crinkles of her plump ass and thighs spilling slightly out of her matching panties.

Then things began to move beyond her control. She felt Alex sidle up behind her, perching on the back of her stool, his legs opened up around hers. She tried to move away, but as she did she felt his hand tugging at the back of her bra, deftly clicking open the individual straps.

She twisted and squirmed, but even as she did she could feel the boy’s second hand wrapping around her waist and then moving down into her panties, reaching resolutely down towards her naked slit beneath.

She tried to react to this new intrusion, but as she did she felt the remaining bra clasp being unhooked and a firm hand yanking it insistently upwards against her arms. High and disoriented, she yielded to the momentum and her arms flew upwards, allowing the boy behind her to pull it off entirely.

She tried to struggle, but was confronted with a new dilemma, the sight of a massive rock hard cock standing rigid just millimetres from her mouth. She tried to recoil away from it, but found her head held fast between Ryan’s two powerful hands. He pulled her forwards, forcing his cock up against her lips and pushing them open with the tip.

At the same time, she felt Alex’s insistent hand reach its intended target. He began to brush his fingers along her clit, while lifting his other hand to grasp and caress one of her entirely exposed tits. Ryan’s hand was now pushing hard against the back of her head, forcing her to accept more and more of his massive bulging cock, even while his other hand reached down to grip and squeeze her other tit, groping hungrily at the chubby mass with his fingers.

She tried desperately to try to regain her senses and cognize what had happened. How had she ended up naked between these two cocky little shits? But somehow rational thoughts eluded her. Alex’s fingers were now moving deftly over her clit, stimulating it with intoxicating precision.

She tried to suppress a moan, an act which generated a sort of gurgling noise around Ryan’s monstrous cock and allowed him to move yet further into her mouth and throat. She felt her senses bulging with both incredulity and increasing lust at the length and thickness of Ryan’s throbbing shaft. The feeling of him gripping her hair and forcing her mouth deeper and deeper into her throat, and then beginning to move it back and forth, was so debasing. But at the same time, the enormous size of his shaft and the way he was using her was an incredible turn on, and she could feel her juices leaking out even more freely over Alex’s exhilaratingly nimble fingers as a result.

She could feel her tits being grabbed and squeezed and jiggled and played with, and her nipples and pussy responding in turn. For all that the situation was terrifyingly out of her control and would in any other context been horrifying to her, she found herself moaning more and more vocally around Ryan’s cock.

And so the bağdat vaddesi escort three of them stayed for several minutes. Alex sitting behind Nora, fingering her clit and pussy while massaging one chunky tit, and Ryan looming over her from the front, his hand gripping the back of her head while he fucked her chubby mouth.

She looked up at Ryan as he fucked her mouth, to see his gloating eyes staring back down at her. The sight of his cold, arrogant face leering down at her made her feel humiliated, objectified, but most of all turned on. She had never been treated like this before, and something about the way that they were using her was appealing to something depraved deep inside of her.

Then suddenly, she felt Ryan’s grip easing on the back of her head and his cock being pulled back out of her mouth. Alex’s finger probed her dripping clit for a moment more, before that too was pulled away from her. She groaned loudly in disappointment.

“Don’t worry, my little heffer,” Ryan taunted her, a sadistic triumph echoing in his tone. “You’ll get what you need.”

With that, she felt the stool being pulled away from beneath her and her body being pushed down roughly onto the floor. She caught herself on her hands and knees and then tried to scrabble upwards. One of them — she thought Alex — caught her shoulders with his hands, however, and forced her back down.

At the other end of her body, she felt the other boy pushing down on her lower back, forcing her to stay on her knees. Even as she tried to fight back against this pressure, the boy’s other hand grabbed her now all but useless black panties and yanked them down around her knees.

She felt her naked, flabby ass being fully exposed to the open air for the first time and then moaned in spite of herself at the feeling and sound of a big, heavy hand landing down on it hard, smacking her bare cheeks. The slightly flabby skin jiggled embarrassingly in response.

“And now, my little piglet,” continued Ryan, mocking her again “we are going to roast you on a spit.” She looked up at Alex, baffled by the reference, but he only snickered in return.

“Are you going to fuck me?” she asked. There was a tremor in her voice, which she realised was only partially from fear. Even as she spoke, she felt herself bucking her ass upwards towards the boy behind her, urgently needing more attention to meet her need.

“Hell yeah, you little fucking porker slut!” responded Ryan, bringing his hand down in another hard smack upon her exposed buttocks. He grinned, and then reached half amusedly between her legs to feel the trail of pre-orgasmic slim that was oozing from her pussy. He licked it off his finger. “Do you want us to?” he taunted.

As he finished speaking, Ryan rubbed the massive bulk of his cock against her ass. Despite her best efforts to the contrary, the only thing that she could think about was quite how big it felt and how good it would feel to be impaled upon it. She estimated that it was maybe 9 or 10 inches long, and maybe 7 inches in girth, far bigger than anything she had ever experienced before. She knew that she desperately needed it inside her.

As she stammered, trying to find the right words, she looked up to see Alex’s erect cock now looming in front of her. While slightly smaller than Ryan, she estimated that his penis must be at least 8 inches long and way over 6 inches in circumference.

The realisation that she was going to be skewered between these two anatomical monsters brought a whole new wave of moisture dripping out of her vagina, and she felt her arms sagging in near disbelief.

“Yes,” she said, softly, not quite believing that she was saying it.

“What was that?” asked Ryan mockingly. “Speak louder chubbs.”

“Yes!” she cried out, loudly and urgently. “Fuck me. Fuck me you little shits. I need your cocks, please fuck me!”

Even as she spoke, she could not quite believe what she was saying. Here she was, a respected 27 year old PhD student with an outstanding academic and career record, begging for two 19 year old arrogant piece of shit wasters who she really hated, to fuck her like a dog.

And yet she did. She wanted it more than anything. She knew that they were going to make her cum, again and again. She knew that in just moments she would lose control of herself, would reach a peak of ecstasy and orgasm all over the bulging cock of a boy who she despised. She felt so humiliated, so debased, and yet she wanted it, needed it, more than anything in the world.

And so she squealed exuberantly like a teenage schoolgirl when Ryan grabbed her hips and slowly, but firmly forced his bulging cock inside her.

She could feel him stretching her pussy out with his massive girth, feeling her pussy opening so widely, straining to accommodate his monstrous size as he drove himself inside her, inch by inch, by inch, by inch. She felt like her eyes were going to bulge out of her head as she tried desperately to accept him all, moaning loudly like a sow in labour.

As he delved in deeper and deeper, she could feel Alex’s strong hands gripping her two dangling titties perniciously, gripping and manhandling them as though they were the udders of a cow. She opened her mouth to scream, only to find it immediately plugged by the bulging shaft of Alex’s own naked, throbbing cock.

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