22 Nisan 2021

The Redhead

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My affair with the redheaded married lady was going great. We saw each other almost every night and the sex was great. She was very attractive and very much liked sex. Mid thirties, nice breasts 34, 35 C’s slim waist despite two teenaged children. Dressed nicely with a little bit of sensuality.

During our many talks she had learned from the talks and from mutual friends that I had had a past that included swinging and having a sex slave/slut. This seemed to intrigue her. It seemed the topic of conversations would always get back to various scenarios that I would share about my past sex life with the wonderful slut. This always led to great sex.

Finally I ask her if she wanted to be my slut for a night. Her eyes got as big as saucers but I could see the excitement behind the fear. She wanted to know just what it might entail. Wanting to create the most exciting situation, the only thing I would say was that she would have to do whatever, wherever and with whoever I desired and instructed.

I left it at that, letting it sink in and to see if there was enough trust for her to let go completely and delve into being someone’s slut. After numerous phone calls trying to get an idea what might happen the Redhead finally said OK, let’s do it. With the only promise being that I would not leave her alone and would insure she would not get hurt. These are conditions I would have set myself even if she hadn’t asked. So I went about figuring what and where we would get this adventure started.

On Saturday I instructed her on what to wear and where to meet me. I suggested she wear more makeup than usual; shave all her body hair except for the beautiful red hair on her head, and a subtle perfume. Her clothes consisted of sleeveless dress that buttoned up the front. Underneath she was to wear only a tiny garter belt and stockings. She very seldom wore a bra or panties anyway so of course they would not be worn on that night. She did not need the bra as her breasts stood up beautifully and her quarter sized nipples were always in a state of semi-erection. I think she fondled herself while driving because whenever she entered a room her nipples seemed to always be standing up hard against her blouse front.

I met her at Club 12 on Saturday evening. Her entrance was enough to make me very proud to be with this lovely submissive creature. The men and some of the women in the room were distracted by her aura. She exuded sex and apprehension as she flowed into the room. She came over to my table, stopped, did a 360 degree turn around and ask, “What did I think?” I smiled and let her know what I could see pleased me greatly. But to really start getting with the program she should go into the ladies room and un-button enough buttons on the top and bottom of her dress to allow some cleavage and upper thigh to show. She looked around and asks, “And come back in her in front of all these people? And I assured her that would make me feel very proud of her and show she was in the submissive mood required to start this erotic evening of adventure.

With that she turned went to the ladies room, returning about ten minutes later with much more daring entrance. The pleasure and fear was very evident in the blush overcoming her face. I got up took her by the arm and headed for the door, thinking how lucky I was and thinking of all the guys and some of the women wishing they were is my place. And they did not know this was only the beginning of a very sexual night.

We went La Mansion Hotel lounge on 410. On the way she took my hand and gently place it between her legs to show me how wet she was. I smiled and rubbed the moisture on here rock hard nipples which made her almost swoon. Since neither of us drink sitting at the bar was not our usual place. But we settled in and began to talk to the people around us.

She leaned over and asks what we were going to do? I shared we are going to find some one for you to have sex with. She stifled a throaty squeal and grabbed my arm and pulled it too her breast. The gentleman sitting next to her kept looking at her breasts and her legs, before finally asking her if she would like to dance. She asked if she was supposed to dance and I said of course but only to slow dance songs. She informed the gentleman of this and they talked until the next slow dance.

The guy next to me asks if that was my date, wife or what. I told him she was my wife even though she was not and for the night she was my slut who looking to entertain a man or men. The guy’s eyes got as big as pie pans and anadolu yakası escort his interest increased greatly. After explaining I like to watch my lady have sex with others he was beside himself. He had many questions and could not believe she would do anything I told her to do.

When she came back from dancing with her gentleman friend, she was very excited. She leaned over and shared that he had rubbed his erection against her the whole time they danced while cupping her buttocks. He asked her to leave with him but she said she was with me and had to ask. He did not understand this and when they got back to the bar and found out we were together he decided he did not like that scene. I ask her if she wanted to go with him and thought about it for a second and ask if there was something else for us to do. I assured her there was. Introducing the gentleman on my right, who was most anxious for her to not leave with the first guy? I shared what I had shared with the new guy and suggested that the redhead unbutton one more button on the bottom of her dress which would allow the skin of thigh above her stocking tops to show. She looked at me then at him then lowered her head as she with both hands undid another button. She gently pushed the sides of her dress to the side but the tops of her stockings where still not quite visible. Without being told she undid another button. This went a little beyond the point I had hoped to achieve, but still had a breathtaking effect on all three of us. Not only could we see above her stockings but her shaved mound was visible. With her legs closed we could not see much so I ask her if she would like to show our friend more. She asks, “What do you mean?” I shared she should open her legs enough for our friend to see between your legs!” She glancing down slowly opened her legs for us to have a great of a moist mound that just glistened with the bar lights.

Our friend immediately asks her to dance and away they went. On the dance floor they put on quite a show. I’m not sure there is any way to get any closer than they were. Basically rubbing, hunching and holding one another as hard as they could. He danced with his thigh between her legs which pushed her dress up to her crotch. Towards the end of the dance his right hand had worked its way into the top of her dress, where he was pulling on her nipple as they moved around the floor.

When the music stopped and they returned to the bar. The guy sat on her left putting the redhead between us. I asked where she had been and what she had been doing. She said you were watching, I saw you! I assured her that I did and I was but I wanted hear her version of where she had been and what she had been doing. The guy leaned in closer wanting hear it all.

She got totally red faced embarrassed but plunged forward with my request. I have been dancing with Mark to a slow dance and he was dirty dancing with me. I ask her what dirty dancing meant. Again she turned red or redder but went on. He was holding me close up against him and was pushing his right leg in between my legs, pushing his thigh against my privates. What privates I ask. She dropped her head and said “Against my pussy.” And? I ask. He rubbed my pussy with his leg and reached into the top of my dress and was pinching and pulling on my nipple. Her voice was quivering as she spoke. I asked her if she enjoyed it. We could see the glow of her smile as she looked up and back and forth between us saying she almost had a climax while dancing.

I ask her what she thought we should do about all of this. She looked up and said she did not understand. Why don’t you ask Mark if he would like to be able to have his pleasure with you? I could feel the sexual tension increase as she looked at Mark and ask him if he would like to go some where with us. He said he had a room at the hotel but was sharing it with three other guys. They were part of training team working for the company that owned the hotel. So we could not go to his room. They both looked at me wondering what to do next. I grinned and immediately suggested that the redhead might be excited about entertaining the five of us. The redhead’s head snapped around so fast I thought she might hurt her neck. And Mark just smiled unable to believe this stoke of good fortune. He asks, “What I meant?”

I shared that the redhead wanted to be the slut tonight and I really enjoyed her being the slut. I suggested she should ask Mark to call his roommates and ask if they would like to have ataşehir escort some company. She looked at me in disbelief but shyly ask Mark if they would be OK with that. Mark was gone to the house phone before the words died.

The redhead took my hand with her trembling hands and said was this entirely ok. I assured it was not only OK with me but I thought it was absolutely wonderful. She said she had never felt so turned on sexually. My response was how wonderful.

Mark came back and asks if we were ready to go up. I ask the redhead where you are going and what are you willing to do. She dropped her head again and softly said replied, “I’m going up to Mark’s room to be used by a bunch of men.”

I ask her how she felt about that. Excited is all she could say.

During the trip thru the lobby and up the elevator Mark was polite and mannerly to the point of nausea. It appeared he did not want to do anything to mess this up. While waiting on the elevator I leaned over and suggested to the Redhead, “Why don’t you give Mark a big sloppy kiss to calm him down. She smiled and wrapped herself around Mark right in the lobby in front of the elevator. Mark responded with vigor. The elevator door opened and the people coming off the elevator did not disturb them at all. I stepped on the elevator holding it until they finally stopped their embrace and realized almost everyone in the lobby was gawking at them. Quickly jumping on the elevator they fell back into another embrace which lasted until we reached our floor.

The Redhead’s nervousness was apparent by the way she grabbed both mine and Mark’s arm and pulling them to her breasts as we headed down the hall. Mark opens the door and with a large in take of breath the Redhead walked into the room. It was a large room but not a suite. One king size bed and two single beds arranged around for the four of them to live fairly comfortably or so it seemed. She moved into the room looking around as I moved over to the chair in front of the desk. I just sat there for a moment waiting to see what she might or might not do. I thing she was scared and excited to the point she did not have a clue what should happen next. Mark broke the silence by introducing her to his friends.

She shook each guys hand and then looked at me with the most questioning look in her eyes. I smiled and suggested she come over to me and let me help her get the evening started. Like a shot she was standing in front of me. I ask her to turn around and face her new friends. I reached around and begin to unbutton the last three buttons on her dress. I felt her shiver as I undid the first button and it became clear there was no bra holding up those beautiful breasts. The next button allowed the dress to open up almost exposing her hard nipples.

I ask, “Are you excited?” Her reply was nervous positive, “Yes, very!”

“Are your nipples hard?” “Oh, yes!” “Why don’t you show the guys?”

Slowly she opened the top of her dress to show the guys her rigidly erect nipples. Slowly I reached down for the last button. She clasps her hands over her breast squeezing them as I fumbled (on purpose) with the last button. Finally, I unbuttoned it and let the dress fall the rest of the way open exposed her clean shaven mound that was so moist it was almost dripping. I stepped back and just let the scene sink in. The Redhead slowly moves her hands from her breasts and looked around at me and asks if she should finish taking off her dress? I ask if she wanted to be completely naked for these gentlemen. She looked around the room and asks if they wanted her take the dress the rest of the way off. To the man as if rehearsed they loudly share “Yes!” With that the Redhead reaches up and pushed the dress off her shoulders and let it fall to the floor. She was magnificent standing in her heels, thigh high stocking and garter belt. I ask her to walk around and let the guys feast their eyes on her. Which she did blushing from head to toe the Redhead sashayed through the room turning and letting everyone have a good look at her.

I shared that since she had tantalized herself and Mark to the point of explosion maybe she should help him out of his clothes. With this suggestion she moved over to the edge of the bed where Mark had sat and leaned against the headboard. Helping Mark out of his clothes was an awkward exercise they both wanted them off quickly. When he raised his ass of the bed to allow her to pull his boxers down, his rock hard cock sprang up like pole. The Redhead avcılar escort reached out and grasp his cock with both hands glanced at me then begin to lick the head of his cock. Slowly climbing up in the bed never taking her tongue off the head of his cock, she crouched on her all fours between his legs taking more and more of his cock into her working mouth. The other guys were staring in even more disbelief as she worked on Mark’s cock. I motioned to the guy closed to them towards her rear end sticking up in the air as she continued to work on Mark, who was moaning and holding the back of her head. The guy stripped off his shorts and climbed up between her legs, spreading them even further as he slid his now throbbing cock from her clit to her ass hole. The Redhead and Mark were both moaning now almost in harmony. The new guy finally found the right angle and with no fanfare thrust himself up to his balls into the Redhead doggy style.

This was too much for Mark and he unloaded, his ball exploding down the Redheads throat. The guy in the back lasted about three more humps and exploded himself.

The Redhead was totally caught up in the action and stepped off the bed and directly over to the single bed where there was hard cock number three waiting for her. She did not even give the guy chance. She reached down ripped his shorts down to his ankles, threw her left leg over his body and lowered herself down on his throbbing cock. She was going to make sure she got hers before this guy blew his load before she reached at least one climax. She rode him for dear life. Rocking back and forth on his cock until she exploded with her first orgasm. As she leans down over him to catch her breath he takes her right nipple between his teeth and the left nipple between his thumb and fore finger, biting and pinching her back to attention as he begins to pick up the tempo of his upward thrusts building towards his own orgasm. Which does not take long and he collapses under her.

She by now is recharges and wanting more. Sadly she is let down. When she move over to the last guy, other than me of course, he so excited he can hardly be still. She leans over and starts to take his cock into her mouth and he can’t stand it any more. What he has seen has just about blown him away. So as her mouth gets close enough for him to feel her breath on the head of his cock, he blow his load all over her face. The young man was so sad and embarrassed he was about to cry. She realized his embarrassment and gently took his cock in her mouth telling him she will fix it and sucked him back another throbbing erection. I have often wondered if she got his cherry that night. Once he was hard again she rolled over on her back pulled him on top of her and with her hands guided his cock into her cum filled pussy.

Now the young man was ready and proceeded to fuck the Redhead to at least two orgasms that the rest of us could count. She later told me she came about four or five times. The orgasms were running together so much she lost count.

When he finally came for the second time, making up for leaving her hanging the first time. He collapsed beside here with the biggest smile on his face you ever saw.

The Red head raised up on her elbows looked around the room and spied me sitting by the desk with a raging hard on. Smiling she came over knelt in front of me cupping my balls in her hands while licking my cock form base to head. Tantalizing me until she took my cock all the way down her throat, which caused me to explode almost immediately down her throat.

The guys not sure what to do next were quickly relieved to hear the Redhead say she would like to do that again. After a minor clean up she came back and lay down on the big bed and cheerfully ask who wants seconds. Each of the guys fucked her again. Each one more slowly building momentum to orgasms for the Redhead and themselves. As each would get thru fucking her to orgasm they would offer her their cock to be cleaned up with her tongue and mouth. She really seemed to enjoy taking care of this crew.

After everyone had had their fill including the Redhead, even though she acted like she could take and wanted more. She slipped her dress back on before going around to each of the four guys and gave them a long sexy French kiss insuring they tasted the evening. When on the elevator she leaned over and devoured me with a kiss that would not quit. That is until the doors opened and an elderly couple was standing and staring at us all wrapped around each other. We scurried to the car and I took her to her car. I don’t think either one of us wanted the night to end.

The next morning she called me saying, “I have never been so sore in my whole life but that was a wonderful experience.” She shared with me a few days later during phone sex that she often masturbates remembering that evening.

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