16 Haziran 2021

The Researcher Ch. 06

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This chapter is posted as Erotic Couplings due to the plot directed in a different direction, and a dream sequence. Hopefully the readers will continue to follow Maris ‘he will be mine, as well, you little slut’. Maris rolled about . . .

– – – – – – – – – –

In her dream . . . serge went to the door, to see the delivery woman walking away. On the stoop was a box. He opened the door, and as he picked it up serge saw Kate’s car pulling into the lot. A few minutes later she simply walked in to the apartment.

“Open it serge, it is from Maris and me, to you.” Kate stood after closing and locking the entry door.

“Your Maris has allowed me this one opportunity, as we need to determine if there is a spark in you.” Kate was now sitting on the sofa, and serge saw her long legs open, exposing her sex. She wore a short white dress and red heels; her shoulders were bare. His eyes tracked up her legs, noting her expensive sheer hose’.

“Nothing you haven’t seen serge, right?” Kate moved the short dress hem and the white tulle petticoat; he saw her moist bare pubis. “You have watched me fuck Maris, so looking at my pussy won’t be an issue, correct?”

Kate moved her finger along her labia, “After you see what we bought for you, you can come and kiss me here serge?”

He stood still, and considered the conditions, as Maris was away. He had not inserted the plug after his shower, but the specific dress requirements were now well established. His boyshorts were covered with the taut girdle, holding back his penis and tucked bits. He was not certain Kate knew of the dress requirements. He closed his eyes briefly considering whether he should disobey Kate’s direction. Then he bend down, on to his knees, as the box was near the sofa, and he ripped the box seal open.

“Listening is a very good habit serge,” she said as she leaned forward and looked into his eyes. “Go ahead, see what we have for you,” Kate said as she rubbed her pussy.

Inside there were a variety of smaller packages, and he picked up the one on top.

“Pink boxes for this trial serge.” Kate said softly. “Maris and I have select each for you,” but he was unsure, how could they have selected this day? Maris was unreachable, as the protocol for her meeting required that she terminate her cellphone.

“Oh my serge needs his mommy, huh? Well, she is mine, as you know, and therefore so are you. Please be a good, ahh, boy, and open the package.” She reached to take it from his hand, “Okay, I ‘ll do this one for you. There, you get that second one.” Kate removed seal and the item and let it hang from her fingers.

“What a lovely brassiere,” she dangled it near serge’s face, but he looked down now. “No young sissy, you have no choice here. Open the next pink box serge. You will love what she bought for you.”

He felt the weight, and while his eyes stay on Kate’s face, his fingers opened the ten-inch long pink box. Inside was a black feeldoe. He looked briefly at the cocktoy.

“Why didn’t Maris let me know of this visit Kate?” He was not required to call her Mistress.

Kate moved to her knees and came close beside serge, as her hand reached to touch his groin, and she felt the garment beneath his taupe pants; he was restrained with the boned girdle. Then she grasped the toy and moved to kiss his cheek, “there are quite a few other surprises serge. Take out the next one, please.”

Ten minutes later Kate was still wearing her dress, and serge had been dressed as well. Kate stood in the bedroom beside serge.

“I think this could be a revealing day for us serge. The fit of the dress is quite good. Maris knew you would be less than cooperative, if she were here. So we decided that it was my responsibility to determine, if there is a sissy in you. What do you think?”

Kate was now standing next to serge, with the two reflected in the tall mirror. He wore a similar white dress to Kate’s, and with the soft mounds on his chest, together with the flowing hair, everything was quite shocking to serge. Kate smiled, “Yes, now we will do your nails and face serge.”

Almost an hour later Kate was delighted. Though Kate didn’t understand serge’s look of complaint; serge had allowed her to complete the process, but güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri he was not aroused and Kate was somewhat frustrated.

“Maybe she was correct, a sissy does not exist in your head, but Maris fucks you. I think we will both see, how this next step goes serge. Having my cock inside you; maybe that is the real test, huh sweetie?” She held the feeldoe and smiled. Maris had pegged him that first time, late one night, weeks ago. She had used a similar toy, as Kate’s, but each of the five subsequent events with Domina was etched into his memory. He had truly enjoying being her fuck-boy. Now Kate was about to introduce her new toy cock to his bottom.

He looked quietly at the created condition, reflected in the mirror; that was him at this special moment, standing beside Maris’s lover. They both were in heels, yet Kate was slightly taller.

“Months ago, I got Maris to beg me to fuck her bottom, for I desired her. Today I will not beg serge, since it is my prerogative. I can stuff your tight ring to my content, for Maris, well, she has given me this day and night to determine if I need, or more correctly, if a crave, such a unique person in my group.”

In the reflection serge saw her hand reaching to touch his mons, “The girdle really helps, your are so flat here, no? I mean, you are a vision serge.”

He watched as she lifted her hem and her finger parted her sex, “I am quite moist.” Then Kate took serge’s hand, and moved it between her legs. “You have made a soupy mess between my thighs serge.” Kate moaned as she continued to hold serge’s hand on her wet cunt.

“Oh, yes, we must have a picture or two,” and Kate released his hand and turned to fetch her phone.

Kate used her app and quickly snapped six pictures of her and serge.

“I have sent these two, to Hannah, see serge?” she showed him the text, “and the others to Maris. We both know Maris won’t see them, until after I have fuck you though. Maybe you will arouse Hannah, hum? And she will leave the lab work behind, and join us?”

He was surprised by her directness, as she was a serious lesbian, “But Kate you are only into girls,” he said softly.

Kate reached to hold his wet fingers, “Well serge, look at what we have here, two women. So your point is?” The look on her face suggested Kate was being honest with serge. He turned again to the mirror and he stepped closer, to study the person he saw. Kate moved closer as well.

“I recall Hannah telling me you were a looker, but this is a different level, I mean, serge, you look, well sweetie, so feminine.” Kate now touch serge’s arm.

“I want you!” she said. He turned when she said this and Kate bent slightly to kiss serge. He was surprised how gentle this kiss was, as he had seen Kate’s acting aggressive more than once.

Kate’s hands came to the side of his face, “The hair, is helping serge, but there is something else. Maybe something that Maris has known is there, in your spirit, for this is quite surprising. I know you’re a guy, and I haven’t been with a man in years, but my head is twisted by how you present now serge.” Kate stood tall again.

“I want to, well, kiss you serge.”

The next kiss was amazing, as Kate’s passion was deep and her tongue now urgent. She moved to rest her hip on the bed, and serge did so as well. Their lips again opened and Kate’s tongue was insistent, as her hand caressed serge. He was shocked as this was almost romantic. Her passionate touch again rubbed across his girdle-restrained mons.

“So flat and yet we both know how you can enter me serge,” Kate moaned.

Now she paused and smiled, for serge had found the feeldoe and now held it for her.

“This first serge? You want me to enter you?” and she again kissed him, as he nodded. Her soft smooth lips had aroused serge.

“Yes Kate, please. I need this more than I could have known, please,” and Kate turned to allow serge to open her dress.

“Now let me help unzip yours serge,” and Kate helped serge remove the sexy white dress, revealing the silky undergarments that covered serge’s maleness. Kate reached to serge’s brassiere and she held the breast forms, “You like having these don’t you serge?”

– – – – – – – – – –

Maris güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri awoke with a start, alone and far away. She looked about; it was four-thirty and quite dark. She resisted turning on the light. The memories of this dream seemed too real. She laid still and closed her eyes; again she fell back into the trance.

– – – – – – – – – –

Once a sleep again Maris’s dream . . . Kate bent slightly trying to ease the bulbous end of the toy into her vagina, “Help me serge, lick my cunt for me,” he moved quickly and bent down, seemed to enjoy the act.

“Ahh, ah oh god, there” as serge continued to kiss and lick Kate’s pussy, “Oh, there it goes serge.” The feeldoe slid into her body. He was near and the shaft rubbed his nose. The black dong now stood lewdly from Kate’s pelvis.

“I love this serge,” she said as she spread the lube along the shaft. “If Hannah was here, she would have licked your cleft and hole for me, but the lube will do though.” Kate saw the unusual girdle that serge wore, as the back panel scooped high, to allow full access to his bottom.

“Maris had shown me this girdle design weeks ago; I like this nude one best. Here, for you should enjoy this with me,” Kate’s fingers spread the lube across his exposed butt.

“Remember how I had Hannah fucked Maris? I had her standing atop her heels serge, with a loose rope holding her upright. Should we re-arrange the room, so that you can mimic her delightful night serge?”

He looked at her, as Kate took from her small purse, the white lace garment.

“I want you to keep quiet now serge,” and she pushed the moist thong-panty into his mouth, “Remember, not a word serge.”

– – – – – – – – – –

Maris awoke again and screamed, though she was alone, and still in Chicago. She noticed the light, as it was now six-thirty and the morning light was evident. She immediately pulled the cord for her phone and dialed the apartment.

“Hello, serge? I know it’s early, yes, and I am okay. I just needed to ask, are you with anyone right now?”

Maris listened, it sounded as if serge was in the kitchen; it was an hour earlier in New York.

“I just needed to hear you, I guess. I miss you,” Maris said softly.

Again he asked if she was all right, “I had a dream, that’s all serge. I’m glad you were there to talk with me,” serge said something and Maris missed it, “What was that? You had a wild dream, and who?” Maris listened as serge explained his nightmare.

“It involved Kate, and Hannah, but you were not there Domina,” serge did not describe the dream.

Now Maris decided to withhold her own night, though she was uncertain why, “Well, I had better get off the phone, as there is a meeting in ninety-minutes serge.”

Later that evening, on the taxi ride back from LaGuardia, Maris opened her phone and clicked on the file. The dark video began. She hadn’t watched it in over a month, but Mistress Kate had sent her a screen shot, with a text sometime before Maris’s plane had landed. She didn’t received the image until the jet was on the ground:

‘just a subtle reminder, I miss you’

The image Kate had attached showed Maris from behind, and Hannah was preparing to push her strap-on into Maris. The image aroused her, but she resisted sending a follow-up.

Maris lowered the volume, as she heard herself moan, from the small speaker, as she saw Mistress Kate pinching her nipples. The quality of the film was quite good, and she now lifted her dress hem to get into her panties, first adjusting her position, and then shifting the garters. She watched as Mistress Hannah brought her cocktoy to Maris’s bottom.

“Kate, drop the sling so that she can get this dick really wet,” Hannah said and now Maris, bit her lip as she watched the video of herself, now kissing the tip of the dildo. Mistress Kate was now in the video kissing her lover.

“Hannah, the pet wants the stick in her ass. Enough of this foreplay,” and Kate moved to raise the sling forcing Maris to stand in her black heels. Then Kate stuffed her moist panty into Maris open mouth.

Maris heard the question, “One more time pet, ask Mistress Hannah for her dick. Ask her to fuck your tight hole.”

Maris güvenilir bahis şirketleri closed her eyes as the taxi hit a rough spot, and she recalled the moment, when she asked to have her ass fucked by Hannah. Her fingers were rapidly bringing on her release.

A few moments later, she heard the muffled cry from the small screen, and she opened her eyes to see on Hannah’s cock entering her bottom. Maris was bounced about in the rear of the cab, and she moaned as she climaxed in the dark. The driver didn’t seem aware of her at all. Maris slipped back and adjusted her thong, and settled her hose’ and dress. As she considered the joy the small clip had given her, she wondered, why hadn’t she made a clip of taking serge’s ass, that first time, nearly three months ago. Then she remembered her night’s dream, of Kate with serge. Maris was anxious, and wondered how she could prevent Kate from doing something like that with serge? She would insist, of course, that Kate not interfere, but Maris knew that when she was near Kate, with Hannah, and the sex would start, Kate could push her in any direction she desired.

She recalled the small tattoo that she had made high up on her left inner thigh, at Kate’s request. That wasn’t even a demand. Maris remember Kate’s the statement from the dream, ‘maybe she was correct, a sissy does not exist in your head, but Maris fucks you’.

Though Maris enjoyed each day with serge, she knew that her overview of his sexuality was not resolved. He wasn’t a normal cuckold, as serge had released her and selected her as his partner. Maris planned to lead serge, and within two years have a child. She had explained this to both of her mistresses. The pegging she had initiated was now quite enjoyable for her, and serge had begun requesting this special attention. Kate’s earlier suggestions were nearly all incorporated in her and serge’s lovemaking, especially the anal activities. Even the hooks on the bedroom ceiling, were due to Kate’s recommendations. Maris was not certain she could allow serge to slip further away from his maleness though.

Maris knew that she alone had the responsibility to guide, and train serge, so that he could continue to fulfill her desires and satisfy her needs. Kate had conditioned her, and she was certain if Kate were allowed, she would focus serge to her own requirements, and away from Maris. Maris was comfortable with serge’s new grooming and he was following her lead on style, but most of all, serge had developed a good attitude. In serge’s head, Maris was the fundamental authority, and she was supreme. She knew she had to use that authority. This meant with Mistress Kate as well as serge.

When she arrived home, serge was asleep. She considered calling Mistress Kate. Then she walked into the darken room and saw that serge had worn her long cotton nightie. The coverlet was on serge’s hip, exposing his cute bottom. Maris allowed serge to sleep without a devise in his bottom, for she knew how distracting it was. Kate had required Maris to use an anal plug, in her bottom at night, for several weeks earlier in her training, and the near constant arousal was too much. Now she reached to caress serge. His bottom and legs were smooth. He had shaved tonight before bed, as he had been instructed.

After showering Maris went to the main room, as she was still too awake. Her computer battery was dead, so she used serge’s CPU. Opening the Mac she was surprised to find a website dedicated to women pegging their lovers. She spent almost two hours reading and considering the alternatives serge had been reviewing. The dream had caused her to re-consider Mistress Kate suggestion. Maybe she could allow Kate, and Hannah some time with serge. She needed rest, and she lay on the sofa, and was asleep in seconds.

Serge took all of the new plans of Maris to be his. He had not lost his lover, yet Maris continued to grow as she led serge to their new life. Hannah had been to the apartment several times so that serge could better understand how her Mistress maintained Maris. The two women clearly loved one another and yet Hannah resisted directing serge. After a simple meal, he watched them, as the two kissed when Hannah had determined to leave.

At the door Hannah held Maris as she kissed her, and serge watched from the kitchen as Hannah lifted the hem of Maris’s dress, exposing the nakedness of her lover. Hannah watched serge carefully as she pulled Maris’s bottom flesh with her fingers, and he saw the red stone of the anal probe, tightly held in Maris’s bottom.

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