22 Nisan 2021

The River

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I was in my first year of Art School and kinda dating this guy Alan. By kinda I mean were seeing one another, but it seemed like he was more into being with his buddies than going out with me. He’d pop over after a night of partying and then leave early the next morning, it just wasn’t clicking real well for me.

One Saturday morning in May, Alan and his two roommates showed up around 10 in the morning to pick up a cooler and a grill that he had left at my house a few days before. A bunch of people were going to a concert later that night and they were planning on partying down by the river for the afternoon before heading to the show. They were all going to see the Grateful Dead, I had hoped Alan would’ve invited me, I love the dead, and I had made it clear I really wanted to go. Well no invitation was forthcoming, so it looked like I was going to just stay home.

While Alan was looking for the cooler, one of his roommates, Steve asked what I was doing for the afternoon. I told him I didn’t have any plans, probably just paint for a while. He looked over at Alan and asked why I couldn’t come and party with them down at the river for the afternoon. They’d all be leaving around 3 for the show, but it would still be better than hanging around here on such a beautiful day. “Yeah if she wants,” Alan replied “I don’t care.” He wasn’t’ keen on me spending too much time with his roommates, they were wicked flirts and always made me laugh. I thought about it while they were digging the cooler out of my closet and figured why not, it’d be fun. I really liked both roommates and so what if Alan didn’t like it, I was done with him anyway. I asked them to give me a moment while I changed into a bikini and a sundress.

It was early and already hot, I didn’t want to be hot and sweaty all day, so I picked a nice light loose dress to wear. When I came back out, I could tell that Alan wasn’t too pleased that I was going to join them for the afternoon. That’s just the way he was… he liked hanging with the guys and having me wait back at the apartment for him when he was done partying. I figured to hell with him, I was going to have some fun whether he liked it or not. I made it a point to thank Steve and Brian for inviting me.

Alan got in his car with Brian and I followed in my jeep, Steve rode with me. As we were driving to the river, he asked why I wasn’t going to the concert with them. I told him I hadn’t been invited. He just shook his head and wondered aloud what was wrong with Alan. I wondered what was wrong with me!

It took about 20 minutes to get to this small dirt road; we followed that for about a mile to a small field. We parked there, packed up our stuff and followed a path through the woods for probably another half a mile to a larger field on the edge of a beautiful river. It was a really pretty place and the water was really clean and cold. It was a great swimming hole on a hot day and it was really private, no one ever came here. It was really the perfect place for a party.

By the time we got there, the party was going in full swing. There were about 15 people. A Grateful Dead tape was playing and the beer was flowing. I was having a lot of fun talking to people and in general partying when I heard someone jump into the river for a swim. I had been waiting for someone else to jump in first. I was roasting, but didn’t want to be the first person in a bathing suit. I walked back to my blanket, pulled my dress over my head, ran riverbank and dove into the river. It was cold, cold, cold, but also refreshing and it wasn’t long before most everyone was in the river swimming around and having fun.

After maybe an hour or so I was pretty chilled and so climbed out to warm up. I decided to change out of the wet bathing suit, I walked off a little ways into the woods and changed into my sundress again, only without the bathing suit on underneath. I didn’t want to wear a soggy bikini all afternoon. I had to be careful though; the dress had large arm scoops and just thin spaghetti straps. If I leaned over or lifted my arms, I’d be putting on quite the show. But I also felt wicked and really sexy wearing only the dress and nothing else, I couldn’t resist it. I hung the wet bathing suit in a tree planning to come back for it when it dried.

As I was walking back to the party, I saw some money passing hands between Steve, Brian and this other guy. I joked about a drug deal going down as I walked by and Steve just laughed. Once they finished what they were doing, Steve came over and told me that this guy really wanted to see the Dead and gave him and Brian a hundred bucks apiece for their tickets. That doesn’t sound like much now, especially since Jerry died, but back then when it seemed like the Dead would tour forever, it seemed like a fortune. I laughed and congratulated them on the deal, but asked about the concert, I thought they really wanted to go. Steve said that they’d already seen the Dead a couple of times halkalı escort and would get another chance. They could really use the extra cash.

We continued to party during the afternoon and around 2:30, everyone started packing up to go. Steve went over and grabbed a case of beer and one of the coolers. Since it was just the 3 of us not going, Steve wanted to know if I wanted to stay and party for a while and maybe give them a ride home later. It sounded ok to me, it was a lot better than what I had planned, but the fact that I was staying really pissed off Alan. He didn’t want me partying with his roommates, but didn’t have the balls to say so in front of them. In particular he didn’t like that I would be with them while he was off partying at the concert. But hey, I was pissed as well and I told him that he probably should’ve considered inviting me to go to the concert with the rest of them when he had the chance. I told him he could drop off his roommates if he wanted to. But if they wanted to stay, then I would too and give them a ride home later.

His face got really, really red, he was really pissed, more so than I had ever seen him. He told me that I was just a dumb bitch and that if I wanted to stay and spend the rest of the day fucking these guys like the slut I was, then go at it and he stormed off. What a friggin idiot I thought, it was his own goddamn fault whatever happened.

I think Steve and Brian knew he was upset but they didn’t say anything. When everyone was gone, Steve asked if I could give him a ride to the package store to pick up some tequila and margarita mix, my favorite drink. We went on our mission and when we got back, we mixed up a big batch of margaritas. I sat back to enjoy the drinks and what remained of a beautiful day. In no time at all we had knocked off 2 big bottles of the stuff and I had quite the buzz going on top of the beers I had earlier.

I felt great.

We were just sitting in the grass talking and listening to the music when I realized Brian had moved and that the way he was positioned; he could see right up my dress. I was leaning back on my elbows with my knees up in front of me, I hadn’t paid attention, but the sun had moved so it was behind him and was spotlighting me so that he could look up my dress and I knew he could see every detail of my pussy.

I don’t think he knew that I had seen him looking and I decided not to say anything. It kinda made me hot to have him peeping me like that. I got up a couple of minutes later and went over to the cooler to get another beer. As I was bent over I looked up to see if they wanted another beer as well and both guys were looking right down my dress. I laughed and said, “Hey! Are you guys looking down my dress”? They both laughed and Steve said “Damn, busted.”

I brought them their beers and sat back down. I sat with my arms wrapped around my knees facing them. My dress ended just below my knees so I knew that I was giving them a great show, but I acted as if I didn’t know it. I could see the guys were having a hard time keeping their eyes away from what I was showing and that they were getting excited. I was as well, they must’ve seen my wet lips start to open up as the blood rushed into my pussy.

When Steve finished his beer, he got up and said that he was going to go swimming to cool down. Brian laughed and said “Yeah me too, it’s too damn hot sitting here like this. When he stood up he said “hey no one’s around we all should just go skinny dipping.” I just laughed it off, but Steve said, “now that’s a great idea” and without another word, he slipped his shorts off, revealing a tight body sporting nice semi stiff dick. He walked down to the banking and dove into the river. Brian stood up slid his shorts off as well and looked down at me holding out his hand to pull me up. “Come on Jenn, let’s go, you’ll love it!” I don’t know, I hesitated, checking out his body as I looked up at shielding my eyes from the sun. Oh come on Jenn, he coaxed pulling me up. We’ve already seen what you look like and you’re goddamn gorgeous. He reached for the hem of my dress teasingly starting to lift it slowly while looking at me. Oh I don’t know if I should, I said again. Trust me, you’ll love it and he pulled my sundress up and over my head. As I felt the dress go up and over my head, I raised my arms allowing him to lift it off. I stood there naked in the full sunlight while they both ate me up with their eyes. Brain whispered, “my god Jenn you’re more than goddamned gorgeous, you’re fucking gorgeous.” I smiled at him, then turned and ran to dive into the water.

The water was refreshingly cool and it seemed to take the alcohol dullness out of my brain. I was still high as hell, just not feeling quite so stupid. I swam with the guys for maybe 15 or 20 minutes. When I started to get cold, I climbed out of the water and went to lie on the blanket. The sun was still hot and it felt delicious lying ikitelli escort out in it naked. The guys got out a couple of minutes later. Steve went to the cooler mixed up the last batch of margaritas. I rolled over onto my belly, so I could enjoy my drink and chat with them. This was so erotic lying here naked with my boyfriend’s roommates. I couldn’t believe it and my hands were shaking a little. I wondered what Alan would think if he were walk up on us! In a way, I almost wanted him to.

Brian looked at my bum and said “Jenn, You’re starting to burn, where’s your suntan lotion?” I pointed to my bag and he went over to get it. When he returned, he squirted some lotion onto his hands and started to slowly rub it on my back. Steve didn’t want to be left out and sat up, grabbed the lotion and he started to rub it onto the backs of my legs. The guys were really into it, giving me a long, slow, sensuous massage and I was melting inside from the attention! It felt fantastic when both of them were rubbing lotion on each cheek of my bum.

When they finished with my backside, Brian told me it was time to roll over so they could do the other side. I laughed nervously but rolled onto my back. I noticed both guys were hard as rocks. I closed my eyes to enjoy the feel of the guy’s hands. They started on my arms each one to a side and they worked the lotion into my shoulders and down my sides to my belly. Then they moved back up started to rub the lotion into my soft breasts. My nipples were hard and puffy. Brian started rolling one of my nipples between his fingers while squeezing the breast with his other hand. Steve was holding my other breast in both hands and kneading it like a loaf of bread. The oil made it feel exquisite and my breathing was getting heavy, I knew I was out of control. They could do whatever they wanted and I wouldn’t stop them.

I I just lay back and enjoyed the attention. I was curious how far they would take this, although I already had a pretty good idea where this was going. I arched my back as Steve pulled on my nipple, stretching it away from my breast. I felt the warm wet sensation as he sucked my nipple into his mouth and began to suckle my breast. I moaned and moved my hand to the back of his head to hold him to me. Brian must’ve been watching because a second later, he took my other breast into his mouth …I was in heaven! I moved my other hand up and began to run it through his hair as well. It was heaven to be with 2 men at the same time like this and 4 hands and 2 mouths felt absolutely delicious. Their hands were both caressing my breasts and rubbing my body. I’m one of those women who are able to orgasm just from having my nipples stimulated and with 2 guys giving them the attention they were, I was quickly building up to a whopper. Steve was milking me, trying to suck my whole breast into his mouth and he was getting pretty excited.

Brian was caressing my breast and pinching my nipple then would suck it back into his mouth. He seemed to enjoy watching my nipple react to his manipulations, I could feel it tighten up every time he did this. As I was lying back enjoying it all, Brian’s hand finally slid down to my pussy. He just starting to probe me and had barely touched my clit when I had my first orgasm. I screamed out as it hit me. The guys continued to suck my nipples throughout my orgasm as I squirmed and cried out.

Brian still had his fingers inside of me, I’m sure he could feel the contractions as the waves of my orgasm swept through me. When the last waves finally passed, the guys pulled away from my breasts and Steve told Brian that they should get the rest of the lotion on me before I burned up. I just smiled up at him as he reached for the lotion, moved down to my feet and started to rub it in. Brian took the bottle from him squirted lotion all the way up my other leg and then started to rub it in. I lay back to enjoy whatever was next. They took their time moving up my legs until they finally had my legs spread open and began to rub lotion around and over my sex. They pushed my legs a little further apart and both lay down with their faces just inches away from my quivering pussy. Their fingers gently spread my lips apart as they began their exploration of my folds.

I wish I could convey to you how exciting this all was for me. It was like a fantasy come to life, lying outside on a hot, beautiful, sunny day; naked, with 2 good looking guys making love to me and telling me how beautiful I was. God I felt like the most beautiful, most desirable woman in the world at that moment. There is something special about the first time with any guy when everything is new and unknown, but with 2 guys… oh God! I can’t even describe how intense it felt, I think partly because how naughty it all was too.

I felt like a Christmas present being unwrapped as the guys slowly pulled my folds open to reveal the pink inner lips and my clitoris. I knew istanbul escort it was swollen and bright red. The guys were really enjoying themselves, I knew that this had to be a fantasy for them too, we had flirted with each other for months and I guess on some level, I had encouraged what was happening today.

I heard Steve tell Brian that it was time for a taste and I felt his tongue on me a moment later. OH GOD! That felt too good! It was just a quick couple of moments, but ohhhh it was good. Brian wanted his chance as well. Brian started at my back opening and ran his tongue slowly all the way up over my folds to my clit, opening me up and forcing it out so he could flick it with his tongue a few times.

Brian sat up and looked at me, “Jenn.” I opened my eyes and he said “this is so cool, I can’t we’re doing this.” I just smiled and asked, “Is this why you sold your tickets? So you could have your way with me!” They both laughed at that. I wondered again what Alan would think if he could see me right now lying naked with the faces of his roommates nuzzled up against my hot, wet pussy. I moved my arms back and began to get comfortable when Steve asked me get up on elbows and watch as they both went down on me at the same time. I did as he asked and they gently spread my lips open, forcing my clit out of its hiding place. They lowered their heads to my pussy at the same time. When their tongues touched me, it was like an explosion went off in my body; I went from being really turned on and hot to orgasm in a second. I hadn’t felt nearly that close to an orgasm and the next thing I knew I was in the middle of it. They held my legs and continued to lick and suck as I screamed and thrashed through it.

Thank god, they knew enough to stay away from my clit. I couldn’t have taken the pressure; it was so sensitive during the orgasm. My pussy was quivering so hard that it felt like it was vibrating. Once the most intense waves passed, I was able to get back up on my elbows again to watch them go down me. It was amazing to see 2 guys with their tongues sometimes touching as they both licked and sucked on me, fingers probing inside of me, other fingers pulling back the folds protecting my clitoris. They were licking either side of my clit and again… that was it. I came for the third time in the afternoon. I leaned back and pushed their heads away and squeezed my legs closed rolling over on the blanket squeezing my legs together as this most intense orgasm yet passed through me. I must’ve been quite a site lying there on the blanket all caught up in the throes of the orgasm while the 2 guys watched.

Each orgasm was stronger than the one before, I had no idea how long I could keep this up. As I was lying there with my eyes closed and finally starting to calm down and get my breath back a little, one of the guys pushed my legs open and I felt something at my opening. When I opened my eyes, Steve was leaning over me and slowly sliding his dick into my hungry pussy. Brian was staring at my opening as Steve slowly slid into me and I arched my hips to help push myself onto his dick. Steve moved back so that he was on his knees and was watching his dick as he slid it slowly in and out of my swollen pussy. I’m very small and I know that my pussy really holds on to a man once he’s in me. Boyfriends have commented on how far my lips stretch as they slide their dicks out of my pussy, almost as if it’s holding on to it. I reached down and touched Steve’s hand. He stopped and looked up at me and said, “never in my wildest dreams Jenn, never! This is the most incredible experience of my life.” Me too, I moaned. Brian was just sitting there watching as Steve made love to me. I reached down and put my hand on Brian’s erection and gently pulled him toward me.

He seemed surprised as I pulled him up to my waiting mouth, I smiled then sucked him in hungrily. He was so excited that almost immediately I had to stop and let him calm down. He was really loud and into it, rubbing my face and saying sweet things. He began to really breathe hard and started moaning as he started to lose control and began pumping into my mouth holding the back of my head. In no time at all he was ready to blow his top. He tried to pull out of my mouth telling me he couldn’t hold it, he was going to come, but I held onto his hips and felt the head of his dick swell just as he let go, shooting his load down my throat. He was a madman when he came, and I was like a madwoman sucking on him. I loved that I was having that kind of effect on him. As his orgasm subsided, I continued to suck on him gently feeling his post orgasm convulsions. As he recovered, he stayed hard and he started to slowly pump into my mouth again, while I continued to lick and suck on it.

I was so turned on by what was going on with Brian that it took a moment for me to remember where I was and what was happening. My body knew though, as I came back to myself, I realized that my hips were rocking in time to Steve’s movements. He kept commenting on how tight I was. He was getting pretty loud as well and I watched him as he continued to watch himself slide in and out of me. I looked up at Brian and he was mesmerized, watching Steve fuck me as I sucked his dick and he played with my breasts.

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