22 Nisan 2021

The Sales People

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Authors note: This is the first time I have submitted a story. I would really appreciate any feedback about it, even criticism!

* * * * *

I was sitting in my room just watching TV, wearing only a towel as I had just stepped out of the shower. I heard a knock at the door and answered it. It was a pair of salesmen, dripping wet from the rain; which was coming down heavy. There was a man, dressed in a suit, which was sodden, and a woman whose dress was clinging to her with the weight of the water. They were both in their mid-twenties, a good-looking couple.

They introduced themselves as Penny and Steve. I quickly invited them in and handed them towels with which to dry their hair and faces. They explained that they were selling cleaning products and had some samples to show. I explained that I wasn’t really interested but that they were more than welcome to stay and dry off. I made coffee for us all and then sat as they told me about the day they had had. As they talked and got dry, I noticed that Steve had his hand across the back of the sofa and was absent-mindedly stroking the back of Penny’s neck. I asked if they were married and they replied that they were and had been since they were eighteen years old.

I suddenly became very aware that I was still only wearing a towel. I told the couple that I must go and put some clothes on, as I rose from the sofa, the towel dropped to the floor. Penny must have been sitting partially on it, I quickly bent down to cover myself but before I had a chance to grab the towel, Penny whipped it away from me.

“Don’t cover yourself, it’s ok!” she said, ” I like to see men naked.”

“What about Steve?” I asked, “Doesn’t he object?”

“Good god, no! He encourages me. We both enjoy other people, it keep the fun in a marriage!” she gleefully replied.

I sat back down and listened as they explained all about their sexual adventures with others. Steve and Penny were both Bisexual and never passed up the opportunity for nişantaşı escort sex. As I listened, I kept covering my cock, which was starting to engorge with each sexy story they told. I was asked for my experiences and told them that I had been with two women and in a threesome with another man but never thought of sex with other men, although the idea was not offensive to me. As I sat and talked with them, my cock was now becoming a problem.

I had a view straight down Penny’s blouse and could see her deep cleavage. I tried to look away but as I turned she asked,

“Do you like my tits?”

I could only stammer a response, as all the blood from my brain was busy elsewhere! Without further word, she unbuttoned her blouse and revealed her breasts. They were beautiful, pert and nicely large, encased in a push-up bra fashioned from black lace. She ran her hands over them before cupping them gently and said,

“I am proud of these!”

I could see why! They were magnificent. She reached behind her and slowly removed her bra. Her breasts stood proud against her perfectly flat stomach. The nipples were small and painfully erect as she rolled them between her finger and thumb, her eyes closed and a soft moan escaping her lips. I looked round at Steve, he just nodded as if to say go on. I reached out slowly and cupped one breast. Its warmth in my hand made my cock twitch in my lap. My other hand rose to join with the other. She looked down into my lap and stared at my stiff prick. The glans was angry and purple, the veins throbbing gently along its length. She looked over at Steve and said;

“You should see this, it’s beautiful!”

She grasped my cock gently and studied it. Steve rose from the sofa and looked round at my dick. Almost completely shaved apart from a small tuft above the root and a good size. His eyes widened at the sight of my scrotum and prick, waiting for its release. I noticed that he had a bulge in the front ortaköy escort of his trousers, and it looked like he was nicely endowed. Penny rose from the sofa and stood before me. She lowered her skirt to the floor and revealed her panties, a match to the bra in a thong style, barely covering her mound. She bent to lower them and as she straightened I could see she was shaved also, just a thin line of hair running vertically. She started to stroke her body, running her hands all over the soft flesh of her breasts, down her stomach and over her inner thighs. She moved forward and lay on me, her tongue seeking mine. We kissed deeply as my hands caressed her back and bottom. When I opened my eyes, Steve was stood naked to the side, his cock hard and vertical. There was not a trace of pubic hair to be seen. Penny slowly kissed her way down my chest and stomach. She looked up into my eyes as my cock prodded the underside of her chin, before lowering her head and engulfing the head of my dick. She was certainly experienced at giving head; she swallowed me down to the root, her hand cupping my balls and the other caressing my chest. I looked at Steve and he was stood, legs slightly apart, one hand stroking his cock, the other rubbing his buttocks. For the first time in my life, I felt compelled to watch a man jerking off. Penny pulled me to my feet and laid me down on the floor. She stood above me and started to masturbate. I could see her slender fingers seeking out her clitoris and sliding a finger into her hot pussy. Steve was sat on the chair opposite watching her.

She withdrew her fingers and offered them to him. He started to lick and suck them with relish. She whispered something in his ear and then straddled him. She stuck her backside out so I had a superb view of the head of his cock nudge its way into her. The sight was incredible and as they made love, I sat and watched, stroking my cock gently. She rode him gently, grinding her pelvis onto him pendik escort as she went. Her hand reached behind and started probing her anus. The moisture from her pussy was all around and her finger slipped in with ease. She thrust her finger in and out with some pace as Steve fucked her. She leant back in his lap and as he thrust I could just see her breasts bounce with each one. Steve stared to buck hard into her and before long she leapt off his lap and swallowed his penis with her mouth. His eyes shut tight as he moaned with the orgasm that hit him. She swallowed every drop of his cum. He lay back in the chair and continued stroking his still erect cock. She moved over to me and lowered her pussy onto my face. My god she was wet. Her secretions were flooding my mouth and I just lapped them up! She lowered her head and engulfed my cock once more. Her mouth sucked me hard as I licked away.

Her fingers were rubbing my perineum and occasionally I felt a drop of saliva as she dripped off my cock and it ran down. Her finger pressed gently at my anus and I relaxed as the tip slipped past my tight ring. She worked her finger in time with her mouth and before I knew it she was in up to the hand. Her fingertip sought out my g-spot and when she hit it I could hardly stop myself from cumming. She obviously knew this and stood up and positioned herself over my cock. She felt so tight it was unbelievable. I opened my eyes and saw that I was penetrating her arsehole, and not her pussy. She ground down onto my pelvis and started to rock back and forth. As she rode me, I felt her start to tighten; I looked over her shoulder and saw that Steve was pushing himself into her pussy. I could feel his shaft alongside mine and we started to thrust together. The feel of his shaft on mine, the occasional touch of our scrotums and that was it, my orgasm hit me and I flooded her bowels with my seed. This seemed to set Steve off and he pulsed his second orgasm into her hot pussy. As we all separated, I suggested a shower to clean up and then enquired as to whether they had any more calls to make.

“Not anymore!” she replied gleefully.

I looked over at Steve and he smiled. We all showered separately, (my bathroom is very small) and made our way into the bedroom to dry off.

To be continued…

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