14 Nisan 2021

The Silver-Haired Sex Gang Ch. 03

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Penny and I had a very strained couple of days. She was horrified and hurt that I had had sex with other women much less her friends but she completely ignored the fact that she had been actively fucking out of wedlock with my friends and was trying to hide it. It was arguing with a brick wall. I finally got so frustrated with her bullshit that I started calling her a fucking slut and that we had better get an attorney to sort out the divorce paperwork. I also reminded her that she was the first to commit adultery.

Halfway regaining her senses, she reckoned that her position was beyond ridiculous. She also liked being married and she actually loved me especially after all the water under the bridge with 35 years of life crises etc. We started having a dialogue that seemed productive except that she wanted to go back to the austere life we had before the magic brownies.

She would say stupid things rationalizing her position to go back by saying,

“I really hate sex. It’s messy and degrading.”

I knew she really didn’t believe this. I saw her in action and I had shot a large load of cum in her ass and she had LOVED it. She was a real hot slut but was denying those feelings or so I thought.

I was going along with her official position for a while until I heard from Jim that Penny had contacted him about meeting him at a local motel. I came at her with both barrels,

“How dare you, you fucking whore. You’re trying to trap me in this bullshit relationship and then sneak around my fucking back! I’ve got some news for your fat ass. If you fuck other people, I will too! If you want sexual satisfaction at home, you might try putting out for your goddamn husband, you slut. If you don’t, I’m walking out and never coming back and you can live with the rest of these manless crones in this bullshit village. I’ve had enough of your brain-damaged self serving logic.”

I then stormed out of the house. I ran into Carol who was walking their dog. She could she that I was one penny short of becoming a blithering madman. She asked me what was wrong and I related the goings on for the last few days.

“Penny is really fucked in the head if she thinks I’m going to fall for that bullshit,” I said.

“I think Penny has some real issues and not just with sex.” Carol lamented.

“What do you mean?”

She continued, ” From my experience, I think she loves you and depends upon you for everything.”

“She sure has a helluva way of showing it.”

“She doesn’t want to lose you and her sexual relationship with you, at least in her opinion, is a way to control you. This whole group thing kartal escort has really thrown her into an internal conflict and she can’t deal with it right now,” Carol counseled.

“What do you suggest?”

“Don’t cut off the lines of communication. Let her talk, let her work through this conflict of control and sexual gratification. Let her know that she doesn’t need to control you. You aren’t going anywhere and maybe things will move in the right direction. However I do agree that both people need to be completely consistent in their behavior. Sneaking around isn’t acceptable.”

I took Carol’s advice and when I got home after a 2 hour hike. The discussions began and lasted for two weeks. We got all our frustrations out on the table and we came to an initial compromise that would involve her swallowing her inhibitions in our marital bed and stop her pillow criticisms and refusals to do certain things. I would agree to listen to her concerns and treat her with kindness, respect and love. Surprisingly we also agreed to continue to participate in our friends’ group activities provided each person would allow the other independence within the group.

Penny and I called Carol and Alan and they seemed genuinely pleased that we had come to some resolution. They had not had the group together since that fateful Wednesday but with the change in the atmosphere, they immediately called for session. In fact, we were all together again swapping cum, saliva and pussy juice. Cocks were pumping pussies and everyone seemed happy. I made a point of fucking my girl friends out the sight of Penny as to ease her discomfort.

That night Penny and I fucked and it was great. For the first time in years, I dicked her from behind and she actually enjoyed it. I didn’t have a lot of cum left after the activities but the pumping lasted for a long time. Her pussy farts lasted for a good five minutes. It was enough to let her know I still loved her.

A few days later, Carol called Penny about organizing a Village Woman’s Bake Sale. I answered the phone and before I handed over to Penny, Carol asked,

“Alan’s out of town for a couple of days fishing. I’ve got to move this piece of furniture to allow a repairman to get at a wall. It’s too heavy for me can you come over and help move it.”

I said, “Sure, when?”

“20 minutes OK?” She chirped


“Penny, I’m headed over to Alan and Carol’s to move a piece of furniture.”


I got to Carol’s and she answered the door wearing a t-shirt, short shorts and flip flops.

“Hi Jack,” She laughed, “How’s kurtköy escort it hanging?”

“It’s hanging all right, after you girls drained my balls the other day.”

She laughed again, “We aims to please.”

“You can say that again.”

I proceeded to move her furniture which took about 3 minutes. She asked me if I wanted something to drink and I sat down for a glass of iced tea. She sat down at the table next to me and had a relatively innocent conversation. Then she said,

“Do you like fucking me, Jack?”

“Carol, please, you’re embarrassing me.”

“Seriously, Jack, do you like fucking me?

“Carol” looking at the floor, I said, “Can’t you tell that I crave your touch and body.”

“I really love fucking you, Jack. You leave nothing on the table, no power or head games just uninhibited fucking pleasure. I love to feel the tension and intensity rising in your body. The energy is just so massive and when you explode and shoot all that energy and cum into my pussy.

I can’t describe the feeling.”

At this point, her hand was on my rock hard cock.

“Carol, We shouldn’t especially after what Penny and I…..”

She cut me off, “It’s ok. Penny and I discussed it after sex the other night. It’s amazing how persuasive I can be after licking clit. She knows that you need more sex. She is alright as long as it stays in the group.”

“Are you kidding me?”

“No” She said as she kissed me hard and stuck her tongue down my throat.

Carol had never once lied to me about anything so….

My clothes were off in a microsecond and in a heap on the kitchen floor. I took her t-shirt off. There was no bra and her nipples were erect and super hard. I dropped her shorts too. Again no underwear, her shaved glistening pussy was gorgeous.

She straddled me while I sat in the kitchen chair. We sucked on each other’s tongues for a long time and I really started licking and sucking on her massive tits.

“Oooooh, baby, harder, harder,” she begged and I obliged.

I felt like I was going to blow my nut so we separated and I picked her up and took her to the bedroom. Just before she laid down on her back, she sucked on my huge painful boner. I pushed her back onto the bed and started mouth magic on her pussy.

I nibbled her labia and inner thighs.

“Mmmmmmmm, I love it, I love it,” She moaned’ “My clit, My clit”

I started lightly licking her swollen clit up and down, then side to side and then in circles. When she wanted it harder, I did it harder. I followed her directions for her greatest pleasure. maltepe escort I could feel her body tension really getting high. Then I started sucking on her clit hard while simultaneously licking it. Just as she got to the edge, I jabbed my tongue into her cunt. She broke hard and came. Her back arched, hips bucked and she squirted a ton of her juices into me. I was going to keep tongue fucking her until she passed out. When she couldn’t take any more, she lifted my head from her groin and kissed me hard.

Even though she was out of breath and struggling for oxygen she was laughing.

“You’re a mess,” she said as she wiped my face with a sheet and she kissed me hard.

I whispered, “I’m not finished, yet.”

I then mounted her, positioned my cock at her pussy lips and thrust it in. She bucked as she was still sensitive from her orgasms. I wasn’t going to let up now and I started moving my cock in and out from tip to balls. Occasionally I would stop to grind my balls in her snatch. She loved it all,

“Gimme that cock, fuck it, fuck my pussy,” She’d begged

“You wondered whether or not I liked fucking you, any doubts now, Baby? I cooed.

“Nooooooo Baby, Fuck me, Jack,” She growled back.

I was pumping faster and harder now and since I had been spewing my seed for awhile. I could keep going and going. She had her legs wrapped around my ass but as I pounded her cunt harder and harder, I moved her legs into the air initially by holding her ankles but then pushed them back and held her in position with my arms locked on the bed. I wanted that sopping pussy completely open to my driving cock.

I was semiconscious at this point, all I felt was my cock in her pussy pumping in and out, then I felt this enormous white hot liquid swelling in me. It was getting bigger and bigger and it started moving down my cock towards that begging pussy.


“SHOOT DEEP, DRENCH ME,” She screamed back

I remember the white hot blobs of cum blowing out my cock tip with incredible force. I flooded her snatch with an incredible amount of semen. She came again just as the first rope of seed hit her cervix.

We collapsed in a tangled heap on the soaked bed. My softening cock eventually slid out of her pussy and my cum started pouring out,

“I’m glad Alan isn’t getting home until tomorrow. I need to change these soaked sheets.” She laughed, “Besides, I’m not through with you yet.”


“You haven’t fucked me in the ass yet.” She said matter-of-factory, “I want to feel your cock in my ass. You are going to fuck me in the ass as soon as I can you hard again.”

She got me hard pretty quickly and I gave her a good long ass fuck.

I got cleaned up to go home and she came up to me, still naked and dripping cum. We embraced and French kissed.

“I really love fucking you,” was all she said.

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