19 Nisan 2021

The Slug

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Hi my name is Davo, and here is my story. It all started at a party when I was about twenty. We were at a mate’s house whose parents were away for his own dirty long weekend, in our crash pad in his basement. It was a big room, in the middle were two big old couches, and one against the wall and the other in the center with a coffee table between them, on each couch there was a couple making out. At one end, next to a small bathroom, were a guy and four teenage girls sitting on a huge pile of pillows, cushions, and beanbags. At our end there were six guys standing around watching an old T.V and Video player with a new American wrestling tape on. Next to drinking and sex, our favorite Saturday night sport.

The story really started when one of the couples started to fight. Kelly was a big girl but her boyfriend was bigger, a huge fat slob whom we had nicked named “the slug”. The two of them took up all of a three-sealer couch. Any way Kelly stormed over to us and grabbed a beer from one of the group. When we asked what the matter was she told us that her boyfriend had called her a frigid cow. When another guy asked why she had been pointing at the group she said that we had all fucked her sometimes over the last years and she had no complaints. Her boyfriend said that she could not get a fuck even if she paid a guy to do it, so she was here to offer any of us a free fuck just to show the slug a thing or two.

I still remember the first time we fucked. I had met her at a school dance, we had talked, danced, had a kiss on the dance floor, and a quick feel up in a dark hallway. After missing for about ten minutes Kelly appeared out of the ladies bathroom and pressed something into my hands. They were her knickers. She whispered that Jenny had told her that I liked to collect a pair off every girl I had sex with. After taking her home and meeting the parents, they were having a card night with their friends in a front room, I made to leave but Kelly after pretending to give me a kiss on the cheek for a good-niter, told me to go down the side way and climb in her window As I climbed through she entered her room through the door in a big pink dressing gown and fluffy slippers. She dropped the gown and climbed into bed naked I stripped and crawled in next to her. Without a word she sat on my dick and started to bounce away. When I gurgled that I was close to coming she jumped off and took my come in her mouth. The last thing I saw as I climbed out was Kelly on her back, one hand pushing a long thick brush handle deep in and out of her pussy, and a finger teasing her clit, or hand playing with her big hard nipples. When I was half way down the side way I heard a muffled moan. I hoped she was a happy girl.

Back to the story, well we all mumbled something about her boyfriend and our girlfriends and other people and the video and how we would like to but…. As Kelly turned away with a tear in her eye, Jimmy the youngest in the group, said that she could suck his dick if she wanted to. Kelly shrugged and dropped to her knees, she opened his fly and pulled down his shorts and kissed his tiny wiener. As she took his hardening prick in her mouth she started to bob her head up and down. With a big smile on his face Jimmy asked if he could taste her pussy as she sucked him off.

In one motion Kelly picked him up, carried him to the coffee table, threw him on his back, still with his shorts and jeans around his ankles, dropped her dress and huge white panties to the floor, walked around the table dressed in only an enormous white bra till Jimmy’s head was resting in front of her. She ripped off his T-shirt, and squatted over his face, she started to rub her pussy over his face till he started to tongue her pussy, and then she lent forward to continue her blow job.

After Jimmy came in her mouth without warning Kelly still sat on his face as he ate her out. Marty stepped forward and asked if she would like something bigger. She smiled, he unzipped and took out his much bigger prick, as she lent forward to take it in her mouth he told Jimmy to spit on her arse, then slip a finger in her bum and two in her cunt and to lick her clit. As jimmy worked from under her Marty fucked her face from the front. As this was going on the kids on the pillows had start to leave with some of the girls calling Kelly disgusting and a slut and a cock happy whore. The couple on the other couch started to cheer her on with the girl challenging us to join in and fuck Kelly stupid

The rest of us were soon standing around the table, some watching Kelly, some watching the couple on the couch. Trudy (the girl on the couch) was stretched out, with her dress hanging open, her boyfriend playing with her tiny tits, Trudy sucking on his monster stick, while rubbing her own mound through her soaked panties both of them watching Kelly and partners in action. After taking Marty’s cock out of her mouth Kelly started to moan as she forced her cunt onto Jimmy’s face. With a shudder Kelly told us all that she was coming Marty pushed Kelly off Jimmy till she was lying on her back, he then grabbed her legs, throwing them over kartal escort his shoulders, and entered her still spazaming pussy. As he started to fuck her Terry offered Kelly his cock to suck, and I pulled up her bra and wrapped her melons around my own hard on. By now Trudy was spread eagle on the couch, her panties and dress on the floor, and her boyfriends face in her cunt. Trudy pulled on the guys hair and told him she wanted to try a finger like Jimmy had done to Kelly Soon Trudy was sitting there, eyes wide open watching us attack an eager Kelly as we watched her tiny body respond to the tongue on her clit, the fingers in her pussy, and first one then two fingers in her tiny arse.

As Marty fucked Kelly with a mixture of youthful gusto and mature reserve, swapping from deep thrusting to gentle stroking, Terry held Kelly’s head in one hand the other gently stroking her face, their eyes locked as he stuffed his cock in and out of her mouth, it almost looked as if she was smiling around that cock, and into her gagging throat. Kelly took the weight of her breasts in her own hands, forcing the luscious mounds to encompass my throbbing prick, in doing this she left my hands free so I lent back and found the bud of her clit and started to tease it. Marty yelled at me to swap, as he wanted to come over her tits. In a flash we swapped, me entering her cunt and Marty with his wet cock between those melons. Kelly let go of Terry’s prick and lent forward, using her tongue to tease Martyr’s purple head.

With a groan Marty let go a gallon of thick come not only over her breasts but covering her neck and face, Kelly rubbing the sweet goo across her nipples and into her skin, she scooped up some and licked the left over off her fingers with a wide smile on her face. I rolled Kelly over so she knelt on the floor with her tits pressed onto the tabletop. Terry sat on the table and put his prick back into her mouth.

I opened her massive thighs and found her gaping cunt, taking my cock in my hand; I thrust deep into her warm love funnel. As I continued to fuck her, with Terry back in her mouth, I looked over to see Tom (Trudy’s boyfriend) crawl up and while kissing her; he slid his throbbing cock into Trudy’s pussy. Trudy lifted her legs high into the air as Tom climbed up to get a deeper penetration.

He started to thrust into her eager cunt, giving me a perfect view of her tiny lips of her pussy wrapped around the large invader, plus snapshot of her cute arse hole. As all of this was going on “The Slug” started to pull himself off the couch but was pushed back by three of the boys and was told he was going to watch “his girl” get a real fucking before he slid out of there tonight. I continued to fuck her big cunt as Kelly sucked on Terry’s throbbing prick. While she was a big girl, she new how to use her muscles in her cunt to excite a guy. It was a delicious sensation, changing from deep hard thrusts to long slow stokes, almost pulling out and then sliding back in, all the time with an eye on Trudy’s hot little body. For what seemed liked ages the three of us enjoyed the pleasures of the sex all the time watching our own live porno show on the couch.

In true porno fashion and the spirit of the evening, Tom pulled out of Trudy’s cunt and held his cock inches from Trudy’s mouth and masturbated quickly. As Trudy opened her lips to wait for the spray of come like a pro, she was also spreading her pussy lips and fingering her self, to the pleasure of the rest of us voyeurs. Together they came, her fingers like a whirlwind in her pussy and around her clit, her mouth open to take the stream of come without missing a drop and then taking Tom’s prick deep into her mouth washing and cleaning his cock of all remains of their mixed juices. The sight brought the three of us to a similar climax, Terry pumping his seed into Kelly’s responsive mouth, Kelly squirming on the table with a finger on her own clit, me hanging on to her still fastened bra strap with one hand, my thumb of my other hand buried deep in her arse, my cock buried deep in her climaxing cunt. I filled her for the first time that night.

After the three of us stood up Kelly lent forward and started to slap ‘the slug’ across his face with her massive come covered tits. ‘The slug’ realizing he had no where to turn to opened his mouth to take in a breast as it slapped across his face, but before he could reach the target Kelly clamped her mouth over his mouth and forced the remains of Terry’s come into his mouth. Again before letting him respond Kelly pulled away and in a vicious voice told him that he now new how a real man tasted, she then slapped his face with the hard palm of her hand, leaving him with a shamed red face.

Mean while Trudy and Tom had a bad case of the whispers, first Trudy, then Tom who had nodded and then whispered back into Trudy’s ear while nodding at ‘the slug’. I later found out that the whispers went something like – if Tom let her perform his fantasy, to watch another guy fuck her, that she wanted to sit on Kelly’s face, so Kelly could eat her out, while he fucked Kelly. kurtköy escort Then she not only go down on Kelly until Kelly had come and Trudy had swallowed all of Tom’s, my, and Kelly’s juices plus when Tom had recovered that he could take her cherry of her virgin arsehole. Tom’s only condition was the guy had to be ‘the slug’.

As Tom joined the rest of us six guys and Kelly for a beer, he said with a smirk, for us to watch as Trudy did her show. Tom pulled Kelly close to him, standing with her back to him, one hand lifting the beer to his lips and the other playing with one of Kelly’s already excited nipple.

We all watched as the naked nymph stood in front of ‘the slug’ and started to play with her own body, teasing her nipples, opening her sex to his eyes, exposing her tiny clit and sliding a finger into first her wet pussy and then between her rich full lips of her mouth, and finally turning her back to him she slid the same finger into the tiny pucker ring of her butt. The ‘slug; looked at us for a sign of a threat, and when realizing it was okay, he lent forward and ran his fat hands over her tiny twin peaches. He lent forward and buried his face in her arse crack and swished his tongue around the sweet ring, as with one hand he tweaked a nipple and the other started to play with her puffy lips of her tender cunt.

As she felt her body start to respond to the slug’s actions, his tongue in her butt and his hands running over her body, she pulled away, turned around and dropped to her knees. With a struggle she pulled down his track pants and plain cotton boxer shorts to expose his hardening prick. Pushing her long dark hair away from her face so Tom, and the rest of us, could see her red lips in action, she took the slug’s cock in her mouth and started to give the blow job of her life. Doing this in front of Tom and the group seemed to excite her as much as it was turning us on. When the slug started to lift his groin to her bobbing head, she lifted her mouth off his cock, and started to lick his full balls, taking one, then the other in her petite mouth, sucking and pulling each testicle and filling his brain with a mix of pain and pleasure.

Again as it seemed to get to much for the slug, she changed, this time first reaching up she told him to lick her long index finger and then with her free hand slowly wanking his cock she slid the wet finger deep into his arse hole, fucking his bum with her finger to match the hand masturbating his cock. For the fourth time before he could climax she stopped, stood up and looked at him. As he reached for her body she slapped him his face and said to him “ this is for my pleasure and theirs, all I want from you is your cock and come so keep your hands off the goods”. She pushed him back on the couch and while facing us watchers she squatted over his lap and held his cock to her pussy lips, with a wiggle of her hips his cock slipped into her.

Like a true porno tart, as Trudy bounced on the cock in her cunt, she swapped from blowing baby kisses to the group to running her wet tongue around her full red lips while teasing her tiny tit’s and pulling on her hard nipples, or using the slug as a pillow she opened her legs, and her pussy lips to expose and tease her engorged clit plus the view of the fat cock working away in her cunt. After an incredible show from Trudy the slug thrusting deep into her, came with a groan. With another slap to the face Trudy said to him “ if you always come that fast no wonder Kelly is walking around like a frustrated old maid”

Trudy waked over to us and without a word kissed passionately first Tom on the lips, then did the same to a surprised Kelly. When the girls broke their kiss Trudy lifted Kelly’s full breast to her mouth and took one, then the other nipple, licking, sucking, and then using her teeth till each breast glowed with a redness of excitement. Then Trudy dropped to her knees and buried her face in Kelly’s pussy. All Kelly could do was lift a leg over Trudy’s shoulder to allow Trudy better access. All this time not one word had been said. All we could see was Kelly leaning against Tom, holding onto Trudy’s long black hair with both hands as Trudy nuzzled between Kelly’s full thighs.

After a minutes Trudy lent back on her knees and told Kelly to lie down on the carpet as Tom and her were going to help Kelly get her rocks off before she let us boys get our jolly`s again As Kelly laid down Trudy sat beside her and started to run her hand over Kelly’s already excited body. First her neck and face, then her tits and nipples, and down to her inner thighs and puffy pussy. As Kelly opened her legs to give Trudy better access Tom knelt between them, Trudy took one of Kelly’s hands and together placed their hands interlocked around Tom’s long, hard cock. Locked together the two girls slapped Tom’s cock against Kelly’s exposed clit, the two hands rubbed the cock between Kelly’s wet and swollen pussy lips, the two girls held the rock hard cock at the opening of Kelly’s awaiting cunt until Kelly could stand it no longer and begged to be filled and fucked hard, pendik escort and finally they held their hands together around his cock feeling the wetness and excitement as Tom fucked Kelly for the first few strokes.

After they let go of each others hands Trudy again kissed Kelly, then whispered into her ear that she was still full of the Slug’s and Tom’s come and would she like to taste the mixed juices, and if she did, when Tom had finished she would like to eat out Kelly – full of all the guys come and Kelly’s juices. With a smile Kelly nodded in agreement while Tom was filling her cunt so well. Without any signs Tom got to his haunches and pulled Kelly up his thighs and held open her well fucked cunt and edged his slick cock to the opening as Trudy crawled around climbed over Kelly’s face till her pussy was just inches above her. As Trudy lent forward to once again hold Tom’s slime covered cock as he entered Kelly, she felt Kelly’s tongue start to lick her crutch. First the inside her thighs, then her lips, onto her already sensitive clit – staying there for minutes as Trudy teased Kelly’s clit with her finger as Tom fucked her, then Trudy felt Kelly’s tongue start to lap at her excited hole.

Trudy kept changing positions, from kissing Tom hotly on the mouth as he fucked Kelly, to teasing Kelly’s clit with her long red finger nail, to pulling and twisting on Kelly’s excited nipples, to cupping Kelly’s full breasts as Tom took them in his mouth, to taking Kelly’s hands and rubbing them over Trudy’s own excited body – her tits, her face, her nipples, all the time as Kelly licked, and sucked, and lapped on Trudy’s hot pussy. For the second time that night Tom and Trudy came in unison, Trudy screaming in pleasure as she rubbed her creaming cunt over Kelly’s already wet face, Tom groaning as he came deep inside of Kelly.

Without missing a beat Kelly rolled Trudy over and squatted over Trudy’s petite face, and then started to rub her cunt over Trudy, pinning her to the floor. In a flash young Jimmy slipped a condom onto his pecker and climed between Trudy’s wobbly legs and entered her hot cunt. He started to pump away as Kelly returned the pleasures Trudy had done to her. Quickly Trudy brought Kelly to a screaming orgasm with her tongue, while Jimmy sucked on Kelly’s tits, he came into the condom, deep inside Trudy. Then it was refresher time. Beers, joints, and cigarettes were handed round, nine sexually turned-on, naked people, all us almost forgetting the slug was still sitting on the couch – with his shorts and pants still around his ankles, looking across between confused and pissed-off.

Tom and Trudy were leaning against the pool table with their fingers trailing over each others happy naked bodies, the four of us who had already fucked Kelly enjoying the after glow, the last two guys playing with Kelly’s body, as Kelly stood and played with their bodies – from their hard chest, to their throbbing cocks, down to their full balls, one hand enjoying the feel of each guy, wondering what they were going to be doing with her. I was watching Kelly from behind and saw her bum cheeks start to shake as Tony attacked her tits with his mouth, as Pete with one hand fingered her pussy and arse from behind and teased her already ravished clit with his other hand from the front. Soon Kelly’s knees began to buckle with the growing need to be fucked again.

Tony pulled Kelly onto the floor and laid next to her, he started to run his hands over her eye-popping mammoth tits and down to well-used cunt. Kelly climbed up and sat over his trim waist and held his hardness to the opening of her pussy. She lowered herself and rested there with him deep inside her enjoying the sensation of another cock, with her hands resting on his athletic chest, teasing his man nipples. Soon she started to rock on that cock, rubbing herself against his bony crutch, adding another commotion to her own body. Tony put his hands on her face and pulled her to him so their mouths touched. They opened their mouth and let their tongues snake around in each other’s mouths adding to the passion. As they broke Tony pulled her up so that not only he slipped out of her, but also in return her breasts swung free over his ready mouth. Like an earth mother she fed each breast to his mouth for him to suckle.

At the same time as she was enjoying the sensation of his mouth on her tits she realized that Peter was entering from behind. While Tony suckled on her Peter slowly pumped in and out of her and played with her ripe arse. Almost as soon as he started Peter stopped, pulled out, and pulled her waist back on to Tony again. Sitting up on his cock she started to play with her body, as she knew not only the boys liked but also pleased herself. After enjoying a small climax, she felt Tony pull her face to him again to lock mouths and wondered if Pete was going to do her again from behind as they had done before. But this time as Tony held her mouth to his with his strong hands his cock still deep in her pussy she felt Pete position himself behind them. As their tongues locked in passion her mind went into panic because she realized that Pete was not at the opening to an empty pussy but pressing against her also virgin arse hole. As she twisted to free her mouth from Tony to protests she felt Pete’s cock start to slide through the tight ring that had never been invaded anything bigger than a finger.

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