21 Nisan 2021

The Sorority House Ch. 04

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Part 4: Straying


“Dammit, get up here and fuck me!”

I looked up from my perch on the bed, lying facedown with my head buried in Lisa’s crotch. The lower half of my face was coated with her third and latest orgasm of the morning.

A half-hour earlier, I had awoken this Thursday morning with the usual raging hard-on. Taking special care not to wake my sleeping charge, I slipped out of bed, and gently crawled back in underneath the blanket at the foot of the bed. Lisa had been wearing a loose pair of sweatshorts to sleep, and in one quick motion I had dragged both them and her panties off before she could wake up enough to realize what I was doing. And before consciousness flooded her brain, I buried my face and more importantly, my tongue, into her moist pussy.

This woke Lisa up instantly, her eyes popping open and a surprised “wha-?” escaping her mouth which instantly changed into a low moan as the tip of my tongue found her clit. She giggled lightly as she figured out what I was up to, and after a moment merely pressed her hands against my head as my lips went to work. My hands had a firm grip on her now-naked buttcheeks, my tongue darting every which way, keeping her guessing as to what part of her anatomy I was to titillate next.

Once satisfied with her newly formed wetness, I introduced my fingers into the mix, spurring her first orgasm as my tongue vibrated her clit while two fingers plunged into her tight box. I kept up a plunging rhythm with my fingers as more and more juices flowed out of her. I took to tracing my fingers along the happy trail leading from the bottom of her cunt to her rosebud entrance to Lisa’s ass. I had to take special care with this task as her hips kept bouncing off the bed. She kept sliding her butt at me every time my fingertips approached that backdoor, as if trying to capture them. Just when I felt she was approaching another joygasm, I popped a finger in her asshole. She screamed out her release as I felt her muscles clamp down on the finger I had buried back there.

I myself was getting quite hard by this point, the combination smell of sex in the air and on my face coupled with the erotic moans and shrieks spilling out of Lisa’s mouth had my hormones jumping. But I wanted to bring her to one more orgasm. With renewed vigor, I attacked her swollen pussy and introduced my second hand into the mix. I buried the fingers of my left hand into her steaming cunt, stretching her and preparing her for the entrance of my larger appendage. I was soon rewarded as I felt the flooding of her next orgasm coat my face. This third orgasm thus brings us back to the present.

“I said, ‘GET UP HERE AND FUCK ME!'” Lisa screamed at the top of her lungs.

I figured I should get up there before she woke up the whole house. With a stupid grin on my face, I relented and murmured “yes’m.”

I kissed my way up her taut belly, my hands kneading the muscles in her gorgeous long legs. I paused to provide a little extra special attention to her full high-B-cup breasts, still perkily upright even though she was on her back. I’d pushed the hem of her nightshirt up and above that heaving bosom, but left it trapped around her shoulders and neck. And as I positioned my other head at the entrance to Lisa’s portal of glory, I stared down into her sweet face. She possessed the ideal Asian appearance, although her personality had been quite Americanized. An inverted tear-drop with slender cheekbones and dainty chin. Large, luminous eyes with natural double-eyelids. Her irises were an extremely light natural brown, so light that when the light hit them just right they seemed to glow golden. Her long satiny black hair also had been streaked with gold that highlighted her eyes wonderfully.

I aimed myself perfectly from many, many hours of practice in the past week, and slid into the hilt in one go. She was perfectly lubricated and cooed into my ear as she felt my hardness fill her tightness. Once in, she wrapped her lithe legs about my hips and pulled me to her. I leaned my chest down onto her naked bosom, but felt the cloth of her nightshirt rubbing into my pecs. There’s just something so sexy about a woman wearing a shirt but having it pushed out of the way instead of total nakedness.

We pumped at each other with practiced ease; but no matter how many times we had made love recently, I was still amazed at the “perfect” feeling that came with the act itself. In these moments, Lisa and I were one being, one soul. Every sensation of pleasure she felt was transmitted directly into my brain, and vice versa. I knew I could never get enough of this feeling, I was addicted to it like the greatest drug ever created.

No matter how long we spent gazing into each other’s eyes and luxuriating in the pleasure of our lovemaking, it was always over too quickly. Without any warning or buildup, I was suddenly pouring myself out into her willing body, and I could see the tightness in her eyes as Lisa atalar escort bayan too felt the ripples of her fourth orgasm of the morning. Like a continuous waterfall I felt the endless stream rush out of me, and then it was over. Lisa cradled my head as I rested it on her shoulder, my energy spent.

For a moment there was only silence in the room, and then Lisa broke it. “I’m hungry. Let’s go get breakfast, honey.”


As Lisa and I sauntered down the hallway, I took a moment to watch the rest of the pretty sorority sisters dashing this way and that to get ready for the day, most of them wearing next to nothing. alpha Kappa Delta Phi was the largest Asian-American Sorority in the U.S., and here at University it was also known for having some of the best looking women on campus. Last Friday, almost a week ago, my buddy Tim and I had accidentally wandered into this house and started off a chain-reaction of sex, lust, jealousy, and love that had led to my current relationship with Lisa Park.

Breakfast was a simple affair of bagels and toast, with a little more coffee and tea in the large Sorority kitchen than usual. It was already the Thursday of Finals Week and everyone on campus seemed to need a little more caffeine to get through it. It never ceased to amaze me how clean these sorority girls kept their kitchen when compared to one of the Frat Houses next door. We filled our plates and headed out to the plush couches of aKDPhi’s living room. Already present were a cheerily awake Aika and Daphne, two other sorority sisters I’d become well acquainted with in the last week. After greeting them with hugs and little peck kisses, Lisa and I settled down into a loveseat.

Aika Mei was a petite Japanese fireball. Barely topping five feet tall, she had short hair dyed a light auburn, a cute face, and a penchant for exploring a guy’s Anime fantasies. She had a good-sized chest for a girl her size (I keep thinking of her as a girl as opposed to a woman), and owned several titillating costumes, ranging from Japanese sailor-schoolgirl to Evangelion Rei uniforms. She was also a hyperkinetic nyphomaniac in the sack.

Daphne Chen was quite the opposite. Quite tall for a Chinese girl, she also balanced some of the fullest curves I’ve ever seen on an Asian girl atop the tiniest of waists. Somewhere along the way, she’d gotten C-cup breast implants that were pushing the D-mark. She must have paid quite handsomely for them because she had the best pair of tits I’d ever seen or could possibly imagine, Lisa’s included. Also, nestled in her very curvaceous hips, Daphne had the hottest inferno of a pussy I’d ever felt. As opposed to Aika’s hyper version of fucking, Daphne preferred smoother, longer stroking sex.

We’d all casually known each other from class and various social activities as my circle of guy friends had intermittently dated sorority women. Only in the last week had I ever gotten this close, however. I’d also had a class occasionally with Lisa in years past, so we had been casual acquaintances for our relationship took a turn for the sexual.

This morning, the four of us were commenting on the past few days of Finals Week. Even though he’s my housemate, I hadn’t seen much of Tim since the weekend. I understood that he was studying for Finals to make sure he graduated, but he spent way too much time outside of the house for that to be the only reason.

Daphne coyly informed me that she’d locked him away in her room for the past few days. In fact, he was still snoozing in her bed right now. Tim was going to Carnegie Mellon for graduate school, and the two of them did not expect to maintain a 4000-mile long-distance relationship. So they’d just settled for enjoying what little time they had, and Daphne did not intend to let Tim out of her sight except when absolutely necessary.

“I’m going to miss his big dick too,” Aika whined. “Hey, how about you guys?” she added, looking at Lisa and I. “Tim and Daph have settled on making this a fun fling before he graduates, but what are you going to do when your boy-toy gets his diploma?”

Good question. I’d accepted a good financial consulting job in San Francisco, but Lisa was still only a 3rd-year. She still had to stay at University for one more year. I said honestly that we hadn’t thought much about it nor had we talked about it.

“I know we can make it work,” Lisa spoke up, looking to me hesitantly for confirmation. “It’s only an hour’s flight away or six hours driving from L.A.” Even as she said this, she looked directly at me hopefully as if asking me rather than answering Aika’s question.

I wanted to say “yes, of course.” I really wanted to. Lisa had become so important to me in the past week, and recently I had formally asked her out on a dating basis. We shared a special connection I still could not completely describe. But so far we were just dating. I’d pledged to make her my number one ataşehir escort bayan priority among women. A full blown long-term relationship implied “girlfriend” status, commitment, and all the emotional investment that entails. Was I ready?

All three of the girls looked to me for some form of affirmation or denial of this, but before I could say anything, Trinh entered the room. “Hey, guys! What’s up?”

Trinh Vu was gorgeous. Tall and elegant, with an aristocratic flair. High cheekbones framed a pretty face with wide almond-shaped eyes. Light blue eyeshadow perpetually highlighted her features giving her a wondrous exotic look. She was curvy in all the right places and tight in all the other places, with an excellent sense of the latest fashion styles. Here she entered the room in casual yet trendy morning clothes, with a baggy sky blue top cropped to show off a flat tummy that hung off her protruding C-cup breasts, creating an enticing shadow between the shirt and her skin. Extremely short matching shorts showed off the tanned curves of her long legs, which flexed alluringly whenever she sat down and folded her legs in.

The other girls got up to give her a good morning hug as she gave them each a peck on the cheek. And despite Trinh’s earlier advances on me, Lisa apparently harbored no grudge (seeing as Lisa got me in the end) and got up as well to greet her friend. But when Lisa went to peck her on the cheek, Trinh turned her head slightly to capture Lisa’s lips with her own. My cock involuntarily began to stir at this sight. Breaking the kiss, Trinh gazed into Lisa’s eyes, whispering a “good morning, sweetie” to her.

If that little peck woke me up a bit, Trinh’s next move made sure I was wide awake. I didn’t get up to greet her, so Trinh dropped herself in my lap, wrapping her arms about my neck, and shoved her tongue down my throat. I lost myself for a moment in the kiss before Trinh broke away, Lisa punching her playfully on the shoulder and telling her to “get off my man.”

Trinh apologized by kissing Lisa hotly on the mouth. “He’s just so yummy and you’ve been keeping him all to yourself for the past week!”

We made small talk for a bit, Trinh deciding to perch atop the armrest nearest to me and brush her legs against me. I kept my plate of half-eaten bagel in my lap to conceal myself, Trinh unrelenting in her teasing as I felt her long hair brushing against my back.

Finally, Daphne decided she wanted to go and wake Tim up, and she left with a wicked grin on her face. I silently prayed for Tim’s stamina to hold up this morning because Daphne looked like she was intending a long and very athletic waking this morning.

Trinh excused herself to finish her last final this morning, and Lisa dragged me back to her room to get changed so we could go out. Aika invited herself along as well, and said she’d meet us “upstairs.” I wondered at this for a moment as I remembered that Lisa’s room was on the second floor, but Aika’s was on the first floor. No one from our little sex-circle had a room on the third floor, so what could she mean?

Lisa said nothing as we returned to her room and changed into normal street clothes. I had actually completed all of my finals already (benefits of being a 4th-year), and intended to go casual with shorts and a T-shirt. Lisa disapproved and dressed me a few other clothes she picked out. I’d stored many clothes at Lisa’s place in the past few days. Feeling slightly hen-pecked I submitted and changed. After a few minutes, we exited the Sorority House and went on a quiet walk towards campus. Lisa never told me where we were going today, but frankly, I didn’t care. I had decided that just being in her presence, going on quiet walks like this and holding her hand was all I really wanted in life.

Now one of the landmarks of the University was an impressive bell tower. Perched atop a hill at the north end of campus, its chimes could be heard every hour for miles around. Along the way, Daphne and Tim arrived, Tim with a flushed and sweaty face giving away exactly how Daphne had chosen to get him up. We met a smiling Aika at the side entrance, where she produced a key and opened the lock.

“How did you get that?” I wondered aloud.

Aika turned and gave me an impish grin. “Oh, I gave one of the security guys a blow job.”

Lisa reached over and closed my gaping mouth by lifting up my lower jaw. “She’s kidding.”

“But it is amazing what you can get if you just ask it in the right way!” Aika giggled, cupping her not-exactly tiny breasts. Opening the door, she led the way into the slightly hot stairwell and we silently climbed the steps.

Approximately six floors of stairs later, we were all a little tired and perspiring from the stuffy hot air of the stairwell. However, the reward at the end was well worth it. Standing not too far away from one of the king-sized speakers, we had a breathtaking avcılar escort view of the campus below. It was a beautiful late spring day, not a cloud in the sky, the University filled with singing birds and lush greenery. A cooling breeze was drifting in through the high archways of the tower and lowering the temperature to comfortable levels.

After some quiet moments staring out at the view and holding Lisa in my arms while she lay back against me, I checked my watch. It was almost eleven in the morning, and the hourly chime would be ringing soon. Seeing as we were about two feet from the speakers, I figured now would be a good time to get some distance from them or suffer temporary, and maybe even permanent hearing loss.

We quickly shuffled down the stairs a couple levels when the familiar “ding- dong” of the tower went off, but we had enough insulation from the sound that it wasn’t deafening. We all stopped for a moment to listen, but when the bells stopped, the girls didn’t head down the stairs, but instead headed back up. Lisa tugged my hand as I gave her a questioning look. We got back up to the bells level, and Lisa turned to me with a wide, smile that showed off her pearly whites. “Have you ever done it in a bell tower?”

“What?” It was at this point I noticed Aika pulling out a self-inflating queen- size mattress, complete with cloth cover. She’d apparently stashed it up here earlier. Without further ado, Lisa tripped me where I landed on my back atop the mattress, and before I could question any further, she’d undone the clasp of my khaki’s and yanked both them and my boxers to my knees. “Just returning the favor from this morning.” And then she fed on me.

All coherent thought fled my mind as I felt the warm wetness of her lips encase my rapidly rising rod. One hand went to my sweaty balls, caressing them as her other hand formed a tight ring about my shaft, pumping me to fuller hardness. Lisa loved going down on me, and her skill at pleasuring me showed off how often she had practiced.

My mind was racing at the notion of what we were doing. If security caught us we’d be in big trouble. And I had no idea how well sound carried through the echoing cavern of the bell tower. I already noticed that Aika had pinned Tim against a wall, her hand buried down his shorts and her arm tugging his face down to kiss her. If people could hear the bell chime for miles around due to the acoustics, how well could they hear Aika’s famous orgasmic shriek?

As I lay my head back against the mattress Daphne leaned over to capture my lips with her own. We frenched passionately, tongues darting in and out in a contest of territory. She lifted her head away for a moment to lift her top off in one quick motion, exposing her heaving chest to the world, encased in its sheer bra. Daphne then returned her mouth to mine. My hands let go of Lisa’s streaked hair, and went to Daphne’s waist, tugging her skirt down her legs.

Coming up for air, Daphne slid her skirt and panties off her feet, then straddled my head, lowering her steaming pussy to my waiting mouth. She had a sweet and musky taste, and her energetic humping of my face was sure to give my tongue a workout.

“Ooh, you always did say he was really good at this,” Daphne panted to Lisa as she unclasped her bra, baring that fabulous bust to my hungry gaze. Lisa didn’t respond as her mouth was still stuffed with my cock.

By now, Aika had stripped herself and Tim completely below the waist, and leapt up into his strong arms. Tim had turned her about and pinned her up against the wall, the cool cement causing a small scream to emanate from Aika’s mouth. Apparently only supported by her legs wrapped around Tim’s hips and Tim’s hands on her ass, Aika was sliding up and down the smooth surface of the wall as Tim repeatedly drove upwards into her tight snatch.

Lisa was still bobbing away at me, alternately licking and sucking my entire length down her throat. As my hips began to jerk of their own accord, she sped up her pace, her hand fisting me ever more tightly as she brought me to a groaning orgasm. At least, I would have groaned out my release if my mouth weren’t stuffed full of Daphne cunt. Like a geyser I erupted, shooting several shots into Lisa’s waiting mouth where she swallowed every drop like a pro.

Once I’d released that much tension, I turned my focus to getting Daphne off. I introduced a finger into her hot dripping snatch, and was rewarded with increasingly energetic bucking on Daphne’s part. I had to watch for opportunities to catch a breath as Daphne now smothered me with her cunt, blocking me also from getting any further looks as to what her boyfriend and Aika were doing. My tongue slurped the length of her slit and wrapped itself about her clit, sending out a loud moan of ecstasy I know had to be heard in the courtyard below.

I was just working in a second finger into Daphne’s inferno when a recognizable high-pitched moan filled the cavernous room, ending in Aika’s signature orgasmic shriek. Only a moment later, Daphne moaned out her own climax and dumped her load of liquid honey into my waiting mouth. My head was ringing from the reverberations of the girls’ dual screams bouncing around the room, and when they came down from their highs, I could hear the resonance still echoing through the tower.

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