21 Nisan 2021

The Switch Ch. 02

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It is recommended that the reader re-read ‘The Switch’ which will provide greater context before reading the following. The author has taken a respite from writing and the story has been without an ending for too long. This chapter completes the story. The enjoyment is in the writing and the entertainment is in the subject matter.

Switch2-Rod and Sara

It was a cool Friday morning when Sara arose from a night of restless sleep. Now that the four of them, Rod, Snake, Rena and herself, had committed to a weekend of sexual pleasure with their best friends mate, the anticipation had become almost unbearable. She did not get much sleep with the thoughts that played over and over in her mind. She and Snake had abstained from any sexual activity since Monday.

Many thoughts stirred her passion. She knew that Rod’s body looked sexy seeing him often in shorts. But, she wanted to see his cock. How would it feel? Would he want a blow job? Would he eat her pussy? She loved that. Would he do it slow and easy or hard and fast?

Would he spend any time with her breasts? They were very sensitive as well and she loved that in foreplay. Would she experience any guilt feelings with Rod’s first penetration?

She entertained thoughts of a ‘quickie’ with her husband earlier in the week just to get some relief. On the other hand that was not going to happen. Horny was not the word that described her present state…complete lust would be a better description. Once the two couples agreed and committed she could hardly wait.

All during the day she kept inspecting the bedroom making sure that the curtains were drawn and the bed sheets were perfect. The lights were low…just bright enough for them to see the other’s body. She had placed towels and wash clothes strategically within easy reach knowing they would need them in their lovemaking. She placed candles on the nightstand in case they wanted to enhance the atmosphere.

Toys, lubes, dildos were available if needed.

The only thing she ate at lunch was a fruit salad and some cottage cheese. She wasn’t very hungry. Thoughts of sex with Rod had become obsessive.

Rod would be arriving around five o’clock. She could not relax as she kept looking out the front window in anticipation of his arrival.

Over and over she inspected the bedroom. An ample supply of wine and cold beer was in the refrigerator even though she knew it would not be consumed until after their first mating.

The bathrooms were totally clean as odors of fresh soaps and shampoos permeated the confined space. She checked the shower knowing it would be put to use often.

She cleaned the kitchen twice, making sure it was spotless.

She constantly looked in the mirror to make sure her appearance was perfect. Her knit polo shirt accentuated her breast. She chose not to wear a bra as it would only be an extra piece to remove. She looked stunning. She lifted her skirt just to make sure the black lace bikini panties provided the effect she desired.


Rod loosened his arms from around Rena and as he left their sensual embrace. He noticed a large wet spot of pre-cum on the front of his pants. His cock was rock hard. He wasn’t sure if it was from the embrace of his wife or the anticipation of seeing Sara in the next few minutes.

As he stepped out of Rena’s embrace, she said, “You’d better get going; Snake will be here any moment.”

Reluctantly he gave her a sweet kiss on the cheek and said, “Have fun and I’ll see you late Sunday afternoon.”

Rena laughed and responded, “You too and give it to her good.”

As he got into the car, he noticed the erection had not receded at all. In fact, it had become somewhat uncomfortable.

On this late October afternoon, an overcast sky, a light rain and a fall chill created the perfect atmosphere for lovemaking. He was so excited and could hardly wait as thoughts of getting Sara’s nude body in his arms turned him on. His hard-on raged.

As he embarked on the short drive to Sara’s, brief insecurities crept into his thoughts. Would he lose his hard-on? If so, would he be able to get kurtköy escort bayan it back up and perform to Sara’s satisfaction? He had already started to get nervous.

His thoughts briefly returned to his wife, Rena. Would she think of him and Sara? Would she be jealous of him having sex with Sara? How would he feel, once he realized Rena and Snake had sex? Would she enjoy him better than me? He concluded that they all were in this together and all the immediate pleasures outweighed any negatives.

Even with all this fear and worry he glanced down and noticed that ole Hard Harry was still there and the tightness in his balls was more unpleasant than ever. In a way that was reassuring. He had taken a small amount of Viagra to insure that none of those little insecurities occurred. Had he underestimated the effect a small amount of Viagra would have on a young 35 year old male, still in his sexual prime?

As Rod drove into Sara’s driveway his balls had drawn up tightly into his groin. He hoped he would not have to wait too long. He hoped Sara would be a little understanding of his predicament.

As part of their predetermined plan, Rod drove into the garage and closed the garage door behind him.

Sara glanced out the window when Rod’s car drove up. She picked up on his discomfort right away as he approached the entrance from the garage. Her arousal was quite high and she hoped nothing would spoil the pleasure sought this weekend.

Her mood changed instantly as she saw the pain in Rod’s face. She pulled him into her arms and with some true concern, asked, “What’s wrong?”

“You’re not going to believe this, but I’ve got this erection that won’t go down. It’s really hard and is somewhat uncomfortable. But, I guess that’s better than the alternative.”

Sara chuckled and said, “Here don’t worry about it. Let me help. I’ve had experience with hard-on’s before.”

Rod smiled and responded, “And I’ll bet you are very good at it.”

Sara tried to imagine what it would feel like. Rena had told her that Rod would get this way sometimes when he had been away for an extended period of time and suggested that the best cure was a good quick blow job.

Again she was amused at the thought that these poor husbands would do almost anything to get themselves a blow job. They were so transparent. She smiled at the thought; “that’s why they need us.”

Sara took Rod’s hand and led him into the bedroom, then asked, “What can I do to give you some relief. Will it help if I jack it off,” she asked?

Rod took a deep breath and whispered, “It may take a little more than that.”

Again, she looked away amused as she tenderly and compassionately held Rod. Men were just over-grown boys. He would just have to wait a little while. She had to admit that his erection was extremely hard from the pressure he was exerting onto her lower abdomen. It was having an immediate passionate effect on her as well. She felt her pussy getting wet. “Come on,” she said, “let’s get these clothes off.”

Taking the initiative, Sara helped Rod remove his shirt, urged him onto the bed and climbed on with him. She laid him back against some propped up pillows. Pausing briefly, she admired the manly chest bestowed on her good friend’s husband. Her juices were flowing too. “Here, that should make you feel more comfortable…Raise your hips; let’s get these jeans off.” The boxers came off with the Levi’s.

She allowed her open palm to caress his balls, and then she took his shaft in hand and commented, “Gee, that thing is extremely hard. I’ll bet that it is uncomfortable. Are you sure that you don’t want to soak it in something soft, and warm, and wet, and loving?” On second thought, she knew that was a poor attempt at humor for the moment.

“I would love to,” said Rod in a slight sympathetic manner. He finally took some time to admire the beautiful sexy blouse and short skirt. She had allowed the skirt to creep up higher on her thighs.

Sitting on the bed, Sara’s legs splayed, showing her beautifully shaped legs and a pair of lace panties that covered maltepe escort bayan her pussy. Rod’s hand casually rested on the inner half of her upper leg.

Sara only smiled as she accepted Rod’s touch. With her hand still caressing his balls she bent down and gave him a tender kiss on the end of his nose. She presented herself more fully as she opened her thighs for easier access. Lifting slightly allowed his fingers some room to slip onto her panty covered vulva.

Rod immediately felt the wetness and smiled. “It seems like this little pussy is ready to go.”

“Oh yes,” whispered Sara. “But, we don’t have to be in a hurry; we’ve got all weekend.” She then pulled away from Rod and climbed off the bed. Her hands reached her waistline and starting pulling the top out and up over her head. As she tossed the sweater onto the chair she shook her head and let that beautiful blonde hair descend back onto her shoulders.

Sara unbuttoned and unzipped her short skirt and let it fall. She then slowly hooked her thumbs inside the elastic of her panties and slid them off.

Simultaneously their eyes met as each slowly admired the beauty of their unclothed soon-to-be sex partner. “Oh my God, you look gorgeous,” exclaimed Rod. “Your boobs are perfect and how do you keep your stomach so flat.”

“Working-out helps me stay in shape,” replied Sara.

Rod could only stare at the sexy woman with the long legs as she silently exposed herself to him. Her movements seem to be in slow motion.

She lifted her leg and provided Rod a quick glimpse of her exposed pussy, then climbed back onto the bed. Her rainbows dropped to the floor as she snuggled in beside him. Both lay there in a brief state of admiration.

Sara softly placed her fingertips on the head of his cock. His hard-on felt more rigid than ever. She could hardly wait to feel his hardness inside. A flow of pre-cum dripped from his opening. She used his self administered lubricant to start a soft up and down stroking. As she took him orally the pleasure erased the pain and Rod began to absorb the sensual feelings being administered. His hips began a slow involuntary undulation.

She ceased the stroking of Rod’s cock and paused in brief reflection. On one hand she wanted to take it slow and make it last. On the other she wanted to quickly impale herself just to get some quick relief. She kept telling herself ‘be patient’ they had all weekend.

As she placed a soft kiss on his cheek she surprised him with the comment, “I’ll bet Snake has got his cock buried in Rena’s pussy and is slow fucking her right now. How long do you think she’ll last?”

Rod felt a shock in his balls as he imagined the picture that Sara had described. “Yeah, they might have a head start on us. Knowing Rena like I do, it won’t take long to get her off the first time,” replied Rod. “We didn’t touch each other this week. We were looking so forward to this weekend.”

Sara placed her legs astride Rod’s chest and slid back against his cock just enough to recognize his arousal. She lay on his body and performed a slow rocking of her hips. His cock teased her opening. Both of them were lubricating profusely. Sliding back to allow further penetration she asked, “How does that feel?”

Rod arched his hips, forcing himself deeper. “My goodness that feels sooooo good. It’s hard to hold back.”

“Shhhh,” Sara whispered, “Mama’s gonna take care of you. I love the way you feel…so hard and so different. I hope you like this as much as I.”

Rod’s response was to raise his hips further, then said, “Your pussy is soft, and hot, and wet and tight …you want some more.”

“Oh yes…give me a little more…make it slow. It’s filling me up. Here… let me give you a squeeze?”

As Sara crunched her pussy, Rod’s eyes flared. He gasped for air as the exquisite pleasure overwhelmed his senses. Slowly, she took him completely inside and forced her clit and labial lips hard against his pubic bone.

Rod reached up and embraced Sara in his arms and bear-hugged her to his chest. “You feel great. I love feeling you in mecidiyeköy escort bayan my arms. That pussy feels so good…go easy…just like that.”

Sara returned the passion, locking their tongues together. She held on firmly, grinding their joined bodies together. Their tongues danced and the passion in their loins intensified.

Rod repeatedly pushed his cock hard into her vagina. He would slowly pull out only to reverse himself and plunge into her depths again and again and again. Playfully, he looked into Sara eyes and said, “I sure do like fucking you beautiful lady.”

Sara coyly responded, “Well thank you sir, I kind of like it too. Don’t stop until you finish me.”

Slowly Sara lifted her lips from Rod and asked, “Close your eyes and play a little game with me.”

“Anything…Anything…I’m yours…do anything you wish”

Sara lowered her boobs to where her nipples barely touched his chest. “Describe that touch to me.”

Rod closed his eyes and said, “They feel hard. I like it when they touch my nipples.”

Sara smiled and continued the slow stroking. “When my nipples touch yours, I can feel it deep in my womb and it feels so great.” She stuck her tongue out and licked the end of his nose.

“Now that is cute…and sexy. You know, you’re good at this. I can feel your cervix when I slide in deep.”

“Yeah, you feel a little different. You’re really hard and feel big on the end and that little curve in your dick rubs me a little different inside and it feels so goooooo…damn that feels good.”

Rod closed his eyes and concentrated on all the different sensitive feelings that Sara was imparting onto his cock. He gazed into her zombie-like eyes. Heavy breathing, low level moans were heard as their two passionate bodies rocked as one.

Her body transcended into that final-stage; driving toward her first orgasm. Her hips glided as she kept her pussy lips spread wide and her clit pressed firmly in his wet matted hair. His embedded cock benefited from her free flowing pussy.

Rod was now plowing her depths with ease. That pre-coital ache had been replaced by the soft caressing of Sara’s pussy. He concentrated on his control to make sure that she would come first.

Sara’s passion increased as sounds of ecstasy spewed from deep in her throat. She pleaded, “Just like that, Ummmm…umph..that is sooo…good…oh yes, oh yes…keep doing that…I’m almost there.” She dropped on Rod’s chest and nuzzled into the nap of his neck and whispered, “Quick, put your finger in my pussy and get it real wet…don’t take your cock out.”

Rod reached behind her ass and slowly slid his finger inside her pussy. Her juices poured. “Like this” he asked?

“Oh yes, that’s good. Now wet my ass real good.” Rod did as he was told.

Sara’s breathing became deeper and more rapid. Gasping for breath she muttered, “When I come shove your finger in my butt as far as you can. I’m really close.”

Instinctively, he knew what Sara wanted. He lubed her up real good with her pussy juices and tested her one-knuckle deep.

“Oh yeah…just like that.” The change in Sara’s position placed the head of his dick just inside the entrance of her pussy. Her lips rapidly clutched and rotated on and around his glans. Both were right at the edge of explosion. “I’m close…right there…right…there…keep it going,” she cried.

Rod’s face grimaced as he struggled to delay his impending orgasm.

Sara flailed as her body went into uncontrolled spasms. “Please, I want you to come in me. It feels so warm inside…just let it go…let it go. Now, now,” she screamed, “do it now.”

With that plea Rod shoved his finger into her ass triggering their simultaneous spasms. He felt her begin that spontaneous clutching. His cock began to pulse as he shot repeating loads of cum deep inside her pussy. Both clutched the other in a full body embrace. Their mutual expression of passion slowly played out as they finally settled in the other’s arms.

As Rod started to move, he was restrained by Sara, “No, No, don’t move. I want you to leave it in. I want to feel you in me as long as I can. We’ve got all weekend.”

They lay still, joined together, basking in that complete sleep sensation that an intense orgasm brings.

After a several minutes of enjoying the afterglow of mating, Sara arose and asked, “Did you like that?”

“Oh yes,” was Rod’s reply, “I hope we can do this again.”

Sara laughed and said, “What do you mean. The weekend just started.”

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