16 Haziran 2021

The Temp

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Abella Anderson

I arrive at my office and find my assistant has not arrived. And, of course, I’m running late today. After checking my messages and finding my assistant’s sick call, I toss my briefcase in a chair, pick up the phone, and call the HR department.

“This is Jamison in Ops. My assistant is sick today and I’ll need someone.”

“Ok, Mr. Jamison, we’ll have someone there shortly. Any special skills?”

“Quick typist, and not easily flustered. Lot going on today.”

After thanking HR and being assured of a quality replacement (yeah, right), I start the day, already an hour behind. I am knee deep in emails, phone calls, and contracts, when there is a knock on the door. I shout for the person to enter, and don’t look up, juggling the phone, the computer and the forest on my desk. I finish the phone call, hang up and realize someone is standing in front of my desk. I look up and see her face, followed by a quick body check. She smiles at me and extends her hand.

“Mr. Jamison, I’m Peggy. I’m to be your assistant today.”

I nod and shake her extended hand. “Call me Roger, Peggy.” I hand a sheet of paper. “I need you to type these responses, and make sure the emails from the Radar Company are routed to the proper departments. Coffee is in the outer office, help yourself.” She nods and smiles again, heading out briskly. I watch her go, her ass swaying nicely inside her short skirt, her bare legs calling for my attention.

It is a very busy day, more than the usual number of calls, requests for meetings, contracts. Through it all, Peggy handles everything, with no complaints and always with a nod and a smile. Considering we had not met ’til 9:30 that morning, we worked very well together.

As 5:00 came and went, I called Peggy into my office.

“I know it’s after 5, but are you available to work longer? I’ll make sure you get the overtime,” I said, knowing there was at least 2 hours work left.

“I’ll be glad to stay, Roger. Is there a take out or delivery place you usually call?”

“Yes, there should be some menus in the break room. Go find one you like and order, my treat,” I said. Peggy nodded and smiled, and as she is heading out the door, I had a thought. “Oh, Peggy, make sure you call your husband or boy friend. Let him know Simon Legree is keeping you late.”

With another smile, she did a slow turn back to me, ending in profile by the door. “No one to call, Roger, except the dog and he won’t answer the phone.” She smiles and lets güvenilir bahis my eyes wander over her body. I think she pushes her nice tits out slightly, but it is probably my imagination. She slowly turns to leave again, letting me look at her ass as she swishes out. I look after her, my slightly stiffening prick taking over. I imagine that ass bent over my desk, feeling my cock pounding hard inside her.

I shake my head and return to my work. We just met, for crying out loud! She’s my replacement help for the day! Get those thoughts out of your mind!

We work like demons, getting the work done quickly and efficiently. Peggy ordered Italian, and we ate as we finish up.

It is 7:30 and we are done. I sit back in my chair and sigh, rubbing my eyes. I yawn loudly. Peggy comes in and sits in the chair opposite my desk. She starts citing the list of things to be done tomorrow. I hold up my hand.

“Forget that. Leave the list on the outer desk, email me a copy, and let’s call it a day.” Peggy nods and smiles again. She sets the paper on the edge of my desk and rubs her neck.

“Long day and you did an outstanding job. I would love to have you permanently, but Cheryl and I have been together for 10 years. I’ll make sure to give you a strong recommendation with HR, if you want.”

Peggy smiled that dazzling smile again and kicked off her shoes. “Thank you, that’s very kind.” She undoes the top button on her blouse, letting her fingers linger over her exposed skin. “But what I want is to feel you buried deep inside me.” She keeps unbuttoning her blouse, letting it slip from her shoulders. “I noticed you looking at me all day. I looked, too, but was a little more subtle than you were, I think. I can’t wait to see if that cock is as nice as I imagined…” I was in shock, surprised by her wantonness. I could not move, but stared in pleasure at her enticing striptease.

Peggy ran her hand over her bra, rubbing her nipples through the thin material, and slid her hands down her body, resting them at the top of her skirt. She bent slightly, showing me her cleavage, and slowly slid the skirt down. She stood back up, kicking her skirt away, and ran her hands up her sides. She reached behind and undid her bra. She cupped her clad tits, shrugging the straps down, holding her bra in place with her hands. She moved one hand, hiding her full tits, and lets her bra drop, covering her nipples. She smiled broadly, bending down again, pushing her tits together, while türkçe bahis making sure her nipples were covered. I moan slightly, my cock raging in my pants. Peggy smiled the dirtiest smile I’ve ever seen and stands up, one hand still covering her nipples, the other at the band of her panties. She teasingly played with the waist, slipping it down, then pulling it up. She slowly slid it over her hips, showing me the top of her trimmed bush,

then inched it down. She let her panties drop, pulling one foot out, kicking them off. She was completely naked, and sexily walked around my desk. She put one foot on my chair, dangerously close to my crotch, and pushed it away. She sat on my desk and spread her legs, finally letting her tits free. Her nipples were pink and hard, her pussy gorgeous.

“Like what you see?” she asked lewdly, using her fingers to spread her pussy open for me. “I’m very wet, Roger, and have been for hours. I kept thinking of your cock, hard, in my hands, in my mouth, buried deep inside my hot tight kitty.” She bent down, those nice tits swaying, and gently caressed the hard bulge between my legs. “Oh, Roger, so nice and stiff! Don’t tell me I did that?” she asked teasingly.

I was speechless, breathless. I nodded and pushed her back. I dove between her legs, desperate to eat her pussy, to have that hard clit on my lips, to taste her womanly juices. I ate her with abandon, rapidly working over her pussy lips, lapping furiously at her hard clit. I usually take my time licking a woman, starting slow and getting faster and harder, but not today. I worked Peggy’s cunt like a man possessed, frenetically licking her cunt, up and down, fucking her hole with my tongue, undulating my lips and tongue over that stiff clitty. Peggy tossed her head back, and pushed my face deeper into her juicy gash. I sped up my licking, and stuck two fingers deep inside her. She pushed her hips upwards and wrapped her thighs around my neck.

“Oh god, Roger, yes, baby, lick my hot wet pussy, that is nice, yeah, baby like that, oh god, don’t stop baby, eat my cunt, yeah, oh, Roger, I’m gonna cum, oh yeah baby, yeah, oh god I’m cumming,” Peggy screamed, as her hips bucked hard against my face, her thighs griped harder around my neck. Her pussy convulsed hard on my fingers and tongue.

Peggy relaxed and sat up, gently tickling her swollen pussy.

“Oh, Roger, that was very nice,” she said, smiling coyly at me. She slid off my desk, leaving a nice puddle, and kissed güvenilir bahis siteleri me, licking her juices off my face. I stripped off my tie, and started to unbutton my shirt as we kissed. Peggy’s hands got busy, undoing my belt, pulling down my zipper, pushing my underpants away. I kicked off my shoes and raised my hips. Peggy grabbed my clothes and pushed them down, helping me to get out of my undies and slacks. My cock was pulsing and purple, the head three times it’s normal size and Peggy buried her face in the crook between my legs, taking my cock deep into her hot wet mouth. She worked rapidly up and down my cock shaft, her tongue swirling madly around my dick head. I pumped into her mouth, holding her face in my hands, and fucking her mouth. She gurgled happily as I rammed into her face, my balls slapping her chin. She reached one hand up and played with my nipple, while the other worked on her over heated pussy.

I pulled out of her mouth with a loud slurp.

“Bend over the desk,” I growled. Peggy quickly jumped up and bent over, spreading her pussy as she did. I moaned at the sight, and Peggy smiled that slutty smile again. She swayed her hips back and forth and said, “You like it, don’t you, Roger. You love to see me like this, open wide, wanting that nice fat prick inside me, don’t you?”

I stood up and rubbed my cockhead over the opening to her cunt, getting her wetness on me, and placed the head just at the entrance. Peggy pushed back, and I pushed in, filling her tight pussy. She moaned and bent her head down. I grabbed her hips and fucked her hard, furiously battering her dripping snatch. Peggy pushed back against me, trying to get me deeper inside. We fucked hard, our bodies slamming together noisily, our moans getting louder as we both approached our climax.

I unexpectedly pulled out of her. “Roll over. I want to see your face as you cum,” I said. She quickly spun around and grabbed my cock, pulling him back inside her wanton gash.

We kissed, our tongues plunging deeply into the other’s mouth, as our bodies continued crashed hard together. Peggy reached down and rubbed her swollen clit and moaned in my mouth. She pulled her head away.

“Roger, I’m close, so fucking close, don’t stop, please, Roger, yeah that’s it, fuck me, god Roger fuck me hard, yes, lover, yes, I’m cumming, Roger,” she screamed. Her erupting pussy pounded on my cock, drawing my cum out.

I grunted, exploding, filling her seizing slit with my huge hot load.

We slowly fucked down, lazily letting our bodies cool, kissing sexily. My cock finally slipped out, drained.

We dressed slowly, eyeing and touching each other, kissing and caressing. We ended the night at my place…

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