21 Nisan 2021

The Third Year

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There was this girl her name is Lyn she’s in college she is in her third year she doesn’t have a boyfriend, but she is very pretty and taking videography she was the only girl in the class of about twenty students. One day she walked in to class wearing a cut off shirt with buttons in the front unbuttoned to the third button and a mini skirt with a slit up the side.

Today we are going out to tape stuff the professor said you are also going to be put in a group of six. In the group Lyn was in, was just her and five other guys the students got to pick where they wanted to go all of the other groups went where there was a lot of people, but Lyn’s group went to a deserted apartment. They were suppose to tape what the rooms looked like after the homeless teenagers lived there. When they started taping Lyn was the one looking for the rooms to videotape, the guy holding the small TV was name is Trent and the one videotaping is Nole. The other three didn’t want to work so they just left. After they truly did what they were asked to do by the professor, the young men decided to do something very nasty, they knew Lyn was getting into what she was doing.

Nole gave Trent the camera and while Lyn was standing there thinking what part of the room to videotape next Trent noticed that Lyn’s legs were spread apart enough so Trent placed the video-camera up-right and hit recorded then he and Nole sat back and watched the small TV in total amazement she wasn’t wearing panties, they loved what they did and they wanted to tell her what they did so they started discussing if they should and in the mean time for some reason Lyn started to play with herself in the middle of the men’s conversation one guy took a glance at the TV and was lost for words and nudged the other guy and they both were sitting there in amazement. Trent said to Nole this is to good to be true Trent just nodded his head as they watched her go at it for what felt like an hour, she was getting so into it now her body was gyrating ever so slightly.

Trent couldn’t take it anymore he walked over to Lyn and kissed her and she kissed him back and now it was Nole who was watching the TV and what he saw made his mouth hit the floor Trent was going at ataköy escort it with is hand, it was down Lyn’s skirt and this was all on TV and her hand was on his cock rubbing it, they both were gyrating together while Nole is watching this he is rubbing his cock which is getting harder and harder the next thing he sees is Lyn going down on Trent and kissing him and licking his cock and taking it all in and while she is doing this she is playing with herself her whole hand is going between her legs circling in front of her clit.

Nole is getting like he has never been hard before, he can’t take it anymore he goes over and he goes behind her and puts his hand where hers is and assists her. Trent is pushing Lyn’s head in as close as it can go and she is not with holding, and she is enjoying what Nole is doing. He is rubbing her whole cunt with is whole hand sliding it back and forth pulling back and sticking his finger in all the way rubbing the inner part of her cunt. Making her go even more crazier and that means Trent is enjoying himself even more to the point where he is ready to blow his load. So instead of finishing the fun right there, they switch positions now she is giving Nole head and Trent is playing with Lyn’s wet hot swollen cunt and it is wanting more. So instead of fingering it he lays on his back head between her legs on a couple of pillows so his head reaches her cunt and he licks every crevice she has and that drives her crazy. Then nibbles on her outer lips slipping his tongue in and out and then he grabs it with his teeth and pulls on it a little, while Trent is doing this Nole is taking all of what Lyn is giving him.

He is almost ready to blow his load so he stops and they all agree that they have never been turned on this much ever in their lives. So now Lyn is lying on the floor and Trent goes in to her ramming as hard as he can, While Trent and Lyn are going at it Nole is lying beside Lyn kissing her passionately and jacking himself off. Lyn is going crazy and Nole is a few seconds away from climax as Trent and Lyn are going at it, she is feeling herself up. Trent can feel her doing this and it drives him crazy and Nole sees this and kisses ataşehir escort Lyn harder longer and deeper. While Nole and Lyn are kissing Trent adds some help by putting his hand into assist.

All three are hitting climax, kissing fucking pushing and rubbing as fast and as hard as they ever done before getting right in to the mood all three hit climax together they all stop and take a break lying down, Lyn turns her head and notices the cameras record light is a bright red and she says oh my f%@king god Trent and Nole say what the hell is wrong she turns to them and says you won’t believe what I am about to tell you both, they say what so she tells them that the record light is a bright red and they don’t believe her so they check for themselves and they say to each other holy shit they turn back around and notice Lyn is feeling herself up all over again and Nole walks over and spreads her legs and moves down her leg kissing it , moving closer towards her cunt and while Nole and Lyn are going at it Trent is enjoying himself watching the taping Nole gets to her cunt finally and he takes a hold of her clit and while it is in his mouth he wiggles his tongue she goes wild is jerking all over the place he leaves her clit alone and goes to her wet hot swollen wonderful smelling hole and puts his tongue in and out quickly.

Lyn puts her hand on Noles hand and pushes him in as far as it goes and Nole responds with his tongue wiggling inside her, he moves his head back and puts in his index and middle finger inside Lyn and his thumb on her clit rubbing it as she is moaning and can’t help herself she put her hand down on her cunt and puts it anywhere Noles isn’t. Nole can’t believe what Lyn just did, this drives him crazy so he stops and just watches Lyn go at it on herself, he is so overwhelmed that he taps Trent on the shoulder and says check out what Lyn is doing, they both start jacking themselves off. Lyn sees this and she has a brainstorm she stands up and leaves the room, goes in to another room and finds some other clothes puts them. Then she comes back in and stands in front of the guys and starts dancing seductively and slowly walks closer to the guys. Runs avcılar escort her hands up her breasts and up in to her hair biting her lip opening her mouth licking her lips moaning, undoes her T-shirt one button at a time very slowly and finally it’s all undone and falls off.

She only has on a see through bra and her skirt she now rubs her stomach and finds a leg and comes up between her legs and goes up just a enough to tease the boys, moaning even more she moves up to her half naked breasts, watching what the boys are doing, she notices that they have gone crazy just watching her do all this and that makes her hotter and wetter so she goes on moving her body more seductively. She puts her hand behind her back and undoes her bra, now moving down to her skirt moaning louder and biting her lip and licking her lips more and more.

After dancing her skirt falls off and all she is wearing is her panty hose held up by a garter belt and no panties, then she takes off her bra and she moves up to her breasts and squeezes them and pulls on them ever so romantically. While Lyn is doing this she is going into orgasm. Trent is overcome with an urge to fuck the shit out of Lyn, so he walks over there and gets behind her and grabs her breasts and she goes crazy. She turns around and gives Trent a wild passionate tongue sliding kiss and playing with his balls at the same time.

Nole is fast asleep so this time they are all alone and are going to enjoy themselves to the fullest. So they get the video camera and go into another room they find a shower that still works so they get undressed, get in the shower turn the water on freezing cold so they can warm each other up. So Lyn goes down on Trent he can’t control himself, he picks Lyn up and she straddles him and they fuck like they never fucked before and harder and deeper cause now they are a hell of a lot closer then before, they are moaning scratching and squeezing they drive each other wild and then they get out of the shower and Lyn lies on the counter and Trent blows his load all over Lyn and Lyn swallows what goes in her mouth, so after the best sex each other has had they can’t get enough of each other they fondle and play with each other while trying to get dressed. They go and wake up Nole and head back to school, all three are lost for words they get back and the professor asks where the tape is.

They said they lost it, but Nole, Lyn and Trent each have their own copy. Nole went his own way and Lyn and Trent are thinking of another rendezvous to have again.

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