13 Haziran 2021

The Thunder Rolls

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It was raining outside and had just started to storm. Marie couldn’t believe how strong the storm had gotten so quickly. She was on her way home from picking up her new camper and the rain was just coming down in buckets. This weekend Marie was finally getting out just her and two of her friends for some camping and they had looked forward to a relaxing weekend. Figures it would have rain in the forecast! Marie’s cell phone rang and she pulled into an empty lot to answer. Her two friends were still at work with a last minute project and Marie would have to set up this evening…and they would be there first thing in the morning. Marie was highly disappointed but understood, especially with the weather. She was grateful that she now had the camper and not a tent or she too would not be going.

The friends had picked out a nice spot in the Adirondacks that was pretty remote. They had gone up the weekend prior to scope it all out. At least Marie knew where she was going. Once she found the secluded spot, she back in the camper. The rain had not hit as hard there at the camp site, not yet anyways. She quickly threw up the pop-up and sealed all shut. Hooked up all the batteries, etc.. and she started to settle in. The cell phone rang again with her friend anxiously telling her that she hooked up with the guy she had pursuing for months…would Marie terribly mind if they managed to come for lunch. Marie was furious! This weekend had been planned for weeks. She finally gave in and told them be there by noon or she was leaving.

Marie couldn’t believe her luck! She is stuck in the middle of no where and nothing to do….no one around for miles. Trying to make the best of a crappy situation, Marie threw on some sweats and a t-shirt, popped in one of the movies she brought and decided to snuggle in tight for the night. She pulled a Sky Blue from the fridge, grabbed herself some Doritos and lay across the queen mattress. She was glad the mattresses where heated since the temperature was dropping.

About 40 minutes into the movie the rain began to pour down. The thunder was drowning out the small TV. Just then lights ricocheted off the camper and a truck motor could be heard. Wow. she thought….they made it!!!!! Just as the first frantic knock was heard she threw open the door only to see a sopping wet man at the door. She was pretty taken back by the surprise but when he asked if her husband would mind if he could use their camper for shelter only until the storm ended, she asked him to come in. Something in his eyes prompted this quick response, although she could not explain it. She told him she was not married as she laughed canlı bahis and told him that he could wait out the rain.

They engaged in small talk, her explaining the crappy camping plans and he explaining that he had a flat and that his buddy couldn’t get there right away to help. “My name is Luke by the way.” His back window wouldn’t shut all the way and he was also having a bad evening. She offered him a sky blue which he accepted thankfully.

Her eyes continued to move downward which she prayed he did not notice. What was wrong with her!???? He was damn good looking with dark hair, and eyes to die for. He had sort of an innocent air about him and she secretly wondered what it would be like to kiss him. She had to get this whole idea out of her head! She does not know him, and she is not like that to begin with…how shallow!

A few minutes passed into an hour or so. They continued to laugh and make the best of the situation. Luke’s phone rang and Marie tried to gather what the conversation was about. He seemed rather disappointed and then hung up. My friend cannot get here, one of the roads is flooded and he will have to wait until morning. Marie’s heart skipped a beat. She didn’t know if she was nervous, scared, or happy about that. She instinctively told him that he was more than welcome to use the other mattress since her friends won’t be here to use it. Luke graciously accepted and told her that he promised to be a “good neighbor”. Something came over Marie at that point. She didn’t want him to be a good neighbor, in fact, she was not thinking about being good at all! She looked him in the eyes, oh those eyes, and asked him is that what he really wanted??? With a confused look on his face he asked her what she meant. Marie walked over to him and tugged on his wet clothes. “These look a little wet….you may be more comfortable if you hung them up to dry.” Marie’s devious smile alerted Luke as to her intentions and a smirk emerged on his lips. Luke wondered how far Marie would be willing to take this and without resistance pulled his shirt over his head. Marie knew at that point that what ever happened this evening… she could not say no. He maintained eye contact while he unbuckled his belt, unzipped his jeans, and slid them down. Sitting on the edge of the mattress he slid off everything else but his boxers. Revealed to Marie was his raging hard on that her eyes managed to gawk at and she could feel the heat radiating within the camper. She walked over to him without saying a word and stood before him.

Luke asked Marie if there is anything she wanted. Marie replied in a needful voice, “There is plenty here bahis siteleri I want.” Without taking their eyes off each other, they kissed forcefully for the first time. Marie’s eyes rolled back into her head as their kiss turned more urgent. Her hands found themselves pulling off the only article of clothing Luke had managed to leave on. She could feel this desire burning so deep, his hands all over her; she just had to have him. She pushed him onto the mattress and started to move her mouth towards his cock. She hesitated slightly and he asked her if she was sure she wanted to do this? Marie’s head immediately engulfed the tip of his cock, then further, further, until her mouth was filled with him. She began to notice the wetness between her legs and the need for more. She moved up and down his shaft stroking with her hand. Luke lay back on the bed and groaned every few strokes, just enough to send Marie a little further and further over the edge. She continued licking and sucking him. She loved to suck cock and he was perfect in every way! Taking his balls into her mouth she continued to stroke him with her hand. He became so rock hard that she could hardly fit him in her mouth.

Luke pulled her up on top of him and told her she was done for now. He then rolled her onto her back and pinned her hands over her head with one of his hands. He began kissing her neck hungrily. Her hips involuntarily began to move and grind on him. He lifted her shirt to expose her breasts. He waited just slightly as the cold air seemed to have more and more of an effect. As her hips swayed, Luke began his assault on Marie’s body. She was on fire and could not stop if she wanted to. His lips were so soft yet strong and his hands kept her right where he wanted her. His mouth moved lower and lower devouring everything in site. He let go of her wrists and moved back up to her face. He said he only had one question for her….”Do you want me?” She melted at the question and couldn’t resist the look in his eyes as she anxiously and hungrily answers ” yes, yes, and yes!” As the smirk appeared on his face, he began to move down again this time pulling off her sweats. As she lay there naked she kind of felt weird. She didn’t really know this guy at all, but he makes her feel so good!!! How can someone you don’t know push all the right buttons? He kissed around her thighs and then all around her careful to tease and get her reacting. Then without any other warning he plunged his tongue into her wetness pulling her closer to him. She tried to move away as the moment was intense and she wasn’t sure if she could handle it but he continued his assault and held bahis şirketleri her closely to him with his hands. It wasn’t long before her bucking eluded him to the fact she was about to cum. Her moans were load and almost surrendering as she cried out. He slowed down the pace in order to let her catch her breath. He kissed her legs, then stomach, then chest, neck. He looked her in the eyes. The need he saw there was unbelievable. She wanted him so badly. She wanted to feel his cock pumping her, commanding her. She wanted to just give in and feel him fucking her very core! She gazed at him wantonly as she asked him to fuck her.

She didn’t have to ask twice. He pulled himself up, and put his cock at the entrance of her pussy and just teased. Watching each other’s expressions as they toyed with each other. Not quite penetrating, Luke kissed her passionately for the first time. Marie didn’t know what she wanted more, that kiss to continue or him to fuck the hell out of her! As their tongues met Luke slammed into Marie hard. She gasped as he attacked not only her body but her mouth. Their kissing became animalistic and his thrusts became harder with each stroke. The thunder was very loud now and when it thundered it almost silenced her moans of passion. She thrust her hips to meet his cock. He pulled her hands back next to her face and held them there with their hands clasped. His strength took over her spirit and he fucked her with everything he had. She was now his at that moment in time. She wanted him and he had his cock taking her over, with no mercy. Anything he would ask of her…she would do. Her control was gone, she couldn’t say no to him and he knew it. Their eyes locked both filled with desire and wants. Both being sucked in by the lustful need in each other’s eyes.

Luke’s moans became louder and his pumping more urgent. He let go of Marie’s hands and grabbed her shoulders. He pumped hard and straight into her as his cock exploded. Marie could feel the intense burning and explosion which sent her over the edge once again. He collapsed on top of her as their bodies adjusted and slowed down from spasm. He lifted up and kissed her on the mouth. They both opened their eyes and gazed in amazement. Still not soft, Luke moved slightly inside Marie which sent tingling sensations through her whole body. She closed her eyes and groaned. Luke smiles at Marie and asks her what her favorite position was? She playfully responds “doggie” as she thrusts upwards on his cock.

Luke tells Marie she is his for the night. She will do it as many times as he wants, do what ever he says, and will not resist. She submissively shakes her head yes. As the thunder subsides, it starts to rain harder. He asks her if she is willing to be his…just for tonight? As his mouth closes in on hers, she faintly says I am already yours, take me.

To be continued…

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