21 Nisan 2021

The Trophy Wives Club

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It started a year ago, one of my best friends in the whole world, Teresa called me up, devastated, when she found out her husband has been having an affair the past two years with some woman named Alisha, a younger woman who had not only great business skills, but the desire to please anyone who might help her advancement. It turns out her husband was able to help get her promoted twice in the past 4 years. He always celebrated her accomplishments by taking her to a fancy hotel and screwing her brains out for the entire weekend.

In addition, he frequently got her involved with some projects that sometimes had them traveling, many times had them “working late” and always gave them lots of time to have sexual encounters. He also admitted to a few more affairs over the past ten years. Teresa had just turned 49, had the most beautiful face, dark brown eyes and dark brown hair. She had an exotic look and a petite, very sexy body. If she couldn’t keep her husband faithful, who among us could?

This is my story. My name is Gwen. I am 5’5″, 132 lbs with medium brown hair styled just short of my shoulders and a great smile. I look best when I wear silky dresses, robes or lingerie because the fabric shows off my natural upturned pair of B cup breasts and my shapely legs. I can clean up great and look great at society parties as I don’t look a day over forty in a group that is mostly in their 50’s and 60’s. My husband Tom, 48, is a year older than me. He kind of reminds me of a Tim Daly type. We met in college but started dating more serious a few years afterwards working together.

We live in an upscale suburb near Dallas, Texas. I worked hard on starting a local IT company while in college. Tom came along and added some much need support so we could launch our company together. Within ten years we sold the company for $1.1 million in cash, paid for our dream home in cash and have raised a son and a daughter. Tom works for an IT security consulting company now, while I have been enjoying helping him in his career and raising our family. We have a great life, but I worry a lot about many of our friends and neighbors. You see the men in our neighborhood are the same, but the wives and girlfriends seem to get much younger every year. I have great anxiety that Tom may someday come home and tell me that he has replaced me with a new trophy girlfriend or future wife.

With this in mind, I told my friend to meet me at a bar near downtown Dallas where we could talk. She walked in, called my name, ‘Gwen,” as she came over to my table. At least 5 different men were checking her out as she approached. I thought to myself damn, how could a woman who still attracts half of the men in this town, not be able to keep her husband interested enough to want to be with only her?

We talked for a few hours. We had something to eat and more than 2 bottles of wine. Activity in the bar picked up as some men started coming over and offering us drinks and dances. I didn’t think we were ready yet until Gwen accepted a dance from a very tall, handsome cowboy that wouldn’t take no for an answer. I tried to object when his friend sat down next to me in the booth and said, “Hey pretty lady, just sit right down here for a while. My friend just wants to dance”.

A few songs later, Teresa and her cowboy were grinding against each other on the dance floor. I knew she was vulnerable, so I tried again to get up when his friend pushed me back down. He motioned to his friend to buy us 2 more rounds before they came back to the table. He said, “Okay, your sexy little friend is going to be coming back here with our drinks, so you have nothing to worry about little mama.”

Teresa and the cowboy went around the other side of the bar, near the restrooms and disappeared. I started to worry when John, his friend told me, “Look my buddy Chuck, he’s got a special way with women if you know what I mean? He probably took her to the men’s room, sat her in a stall and showed her why she would never refuse him.”

I replied, “He has a weapon?”

John laughed back, “Well, you could say that. You see he is so hung, his mares are scared of him. Once a woman gets all worked up, or drunk he offers them a look at something they have never seen before. Ma’am his dick is almost 15 inches long and as wide as a belt buckle. She is probably making every attempt as we speak to ride him over 8 seconds. She won’t last long and they should be back over here with our drinks in 5 minutes.”

He was right. She could barely walk back to the table and it wasn’t because of the alcohol. Her hair and makeup were all messed up. Her head was spinning as she sat back down next to me.

I asked her, “Are you alright?”

She answered, “Oh, so much better than alright. It was incredible.”

Chuck laughed, “She could only have so much fun. I still have a lot of fun left for you, sugar.”

I snapped back, “You guys are all assholes. If you had been more of a gentleman, maybe she and I could have put a show on for you back at your trailer. Maybe gebze escort you would have liked this.” My arm was already around my friend when I pulled her close and started making out with her in from of them. We petting each others’ breasts, as we both were getting more and more into it.

They kept watching us then John piped in, “Ladies, we still have time for this and more back at the ranch, care to join us?”

I took control saying, “Look assholes, this is how is going to go from here. First, we are leaving now. Second, you idiots are paying our tab. Third, if you put up any fight, we’re filing charges of rape. I’m taking her home and cleaning her up. I never want to see either of your trailer park trashed faces again.”

I led Teresa out to my car and drove her home. She was a bit out of it when we got back to my place, so I undressed her down to her bra and panties and tucked her in the guest room bed. I went to my bed, but had trouble sleeping just thinking about what assholes men could be. A few hours later, I heard Teresa get up and use the guest bathroom. I could hear her throw up a little when I started to ask, “Are you okay?”

After a few minutes she said, “I think I am okay now, I’m going to get cleaned up.”

I announced, “Okay, let me grab some towels,” as I walked in.

She was having problems even working the knobs on our shower, so I decided to disrobe and jump in to help her clean up. I started shampooing her hair then I started soaping up her back. She turned around and poured the body wash across her chest. She came right up against me and started to spread the soap on both of our bodies. She kept grinding her sexy, soapy body against mine as she started planting kisses down my neck and shoulders.

I tried to slow her down a bit, thinking I didn’t want to take advantage of a close friend when she’s drunk and I hadn’t touched a woman more than a little kissing and fondling my whole life. Teresa looked up at me with her big brown eyes.

She said, “I long to be close to someone who would care for me, and never hurt me. I want someone who knows how I feel and think. She pushed me against the shower wall and started driving me crazy with her touches and kisses. Before I knew it she was fondling my left breast while she sucked my right one into her mouth. While this was having quite an effect on me, she secretly lowered her right hand and started stroking my pussy. I wanted her to stop, but my body wasn’t going to let her. I started moaning and getting very wet from the inside. She knew just how to touch me to get me more excited.

She stopped for a moment only to inform me, “I am going to make you feel as good as I did earlier tonight.” With that she dropped to her knees and started to lick my pussy all over while she inserted two fingers deep into me to message my g spot. I started losing control over my body, waiting for her to take me where my husband never had. In moments, I was yelling her name out and telling her what I wanted her to do to me over and over again. My orgasm left me clinging to her sweet little body as I came again and again. I was squirting my fluids all over her face and hair. I had never known a woman could cum so much until now. She looked up at me smiling. She kissed her way back to my neck as she began her assault on my body again.

I had to tell her, “No, please stop.” I leaned in to kiss her mouth, forgetting the only thing I could taste, was me on her lips. It was so sweet and sensuous. We kissed tenderly for several minutes before I suggested we go back to the bedroom. I took her back to my bed, because I knew my husband wouldn’t be home until tomorrow night.

We lay down together and removed our towels. I don’t remember if I had ever gone to bed with an attractive, naked woman since college. Even then, I hadn’t been pleasured by another woman ever before. It was different, but very nice. We were both wiped out by then and fell asleep in each other’s arms soon after we shared a few more very hot and wet kisses. I was still on fire for my friend, but decided I better find some sleep so we could talk about a lot of things in the morning.

Daylight came early Saturday morning, or at least something or someone did. I woke to find Teresa licking my inner thighs and stroking my clit. I wasn’t sure I would react the same way as I did last night until her tongue found my clit. I was in heaven yet again as she magically played with me. She spent plenty of time licking me, kissing me, while stroking and sucking all of my female parts. She grabbed my vibrator, turned it on high and pounded it right into my pussy. Her tongue started going crazy on my clit as I was about to repeat last night’s performance. She had me moaning so loud I swore the neighbors would hear, (even though the closest house was over 100 yards away).

She then ordered me, “Cum Baby now. I want you to cum all over me now.”

All I could reply with was, “Yes, yes, oh god yes. I will cum for you always. Don’t göztepe escort stop licking me. Pound me harder, baby. Fuck, yes. Fuck, fuck…Oh FUCK.”

I squirted another small bucket of cum all over my new lover. It took minutes to calm me down and get my breathing back enough to ask her, “Teresa, where did you learn how to do that? I have never felt so outside of my own body before.”

She smirked, “Well I had a lot of practice in college and one night my dick of husband wanted to share me with a professional at a cathouse in Nevada. She taught me a lot.”

I panted back to her, “I don’t think I could ever repay you for making me feel so good.”

She moved up to me and started kissing my lips, my neck, my ears and then the top of my shoulder. Again, all I could taste was me on her luscious lips. I was starting to wonder why I hadn’t enjoyed this experience in my life before now.

I softly whispered, “I was supposed to comfort you and make you feel better last night. Now you have made me feel something wonderful I have never felt before.”

She laughed and said, “That’s okay. I did get something wonderful out of last night and this morning. Something tender and loving from someone who would never hurt me the way that dick did.”

I replied, “Did you mean your husband, or that cowboy’s big dick you took last night?

We both fell over laughing. She said, “You missed out on that monster last night. I could only fuck the tip, it was so huge. I think he fucked my mind more than my pussy with it last night. I bet he’s ruined a lot of ladies with that thing.”

I jested, “And a couple of horses, too, I heard.”

Teresa fell over the top of me as we both kept laughing.

Teresa sighed, “Men, what is with them. We can’t live with them, but can’t get a real cock or dinner paid without them.”

I added, “Don’t forget their little swimmers too.”

“We need to figure them out completely so they aren’t disappointed and straying, while we get all of our needs met if you know what I mean,” said Teresa.

“I know what you mean now,” I happily agreed playing with her nipples.

Teresa came back with, “Let’s put our two minds together and see what we can come up with. There must be some way both sexes can visit utopia without lives and families being torn apart. Until then, let me teach you lesson one on how find my utopia.”

She crawled over me, sucked on both on my breasts. She glided her tongue down past my belly button and into my short landing strip. She told me, “Put another pillow under your head and get ready for lift off.” She then lifted her leg over my head then lowered her sex to my waiting mouth. I could smell her musky scent. I even rubbed my nose into her just to take it all in. I began doing all of the things that she had just done to drive me wild. I was learning in leaps and bounds as she came into my mouth for the third time nearly a half an hour. We spent half the day in bed pleasuring each other.

When we got up in the afternoon, we grabbed a snack and we took another sexy shower together. This time I pinned her against the wall and explored every inch of her body, while we cleaned each other thoroughly. We went back to bed and took a nap holding each other close. Fatigue overwhelmed my sense of wanting her some more, so I did manage to crash for over an hour. I can’t remember spending most of a day in bed, relaxing and enjoying another body like this before. We later ate dinner together in my dining room, without putting any clothes on. We talked about how to conquer the battle of the sexes over the next couple of hours.

Teresa blurted out, “Wait, what time does your husband get home tonight?”

I replied, “Oh my god, he should have been home already.”

Teresa cried out, “Gwen, we better get some clothes on now, don’t you think?”

I thought for a moment and said, “No, I want Tom to see what our future looks like. I want him to come out of his shell, too. I am going to offer you and me to him as a bribe to consider helping us with our plan. Plus he can be our first guinea pig.”

Teresa replied, “Gwen, I wasn’t sure about trying to accomplish rewriting the whole book about love and relationships, but I would be game to a little trial and error to help you get the first chapter written.”

I apologized and said, “Look, you have just been through a lot. You don’t have to be any more than my confidant, ok?”

She said, “Wait, would that be a confidant, with benefits?” We both laughed and nodded.

Suddenly, we heard the door open, Tom had come home.

I fiendishly yelled, “We’re in the dining room finishing dinner.”

Tom’ yelled back, “Okay Hun’, I already ate on the plane. I’m going to run upstairs and take a quick shower.

I replied, “Ok Sweetie, I’ll bring some dessert up in a few minutes, so don’t come back downstairs. “

Tom called out, “Okay, see you in ten minutes.”

Teresa looked at me sheepishly and said, “What are you halkalı escort up to?”

I told her to hear me out, stating, “I am going to offer your naked body to my husband for dessert, with or without whipped cream. I am going to tell him how that your dick of a husband made you feel unloved and unwanted. I will ask him if he would tell you the same thing and not accept my gift to him.”

Teresa was blown away, then said, “What if he freaks out or sends us both away?”

I reasoned with her stating, “Tom has always said what a lucky guy your husband is. But I have time and time again asked him if he had any fantasies he would like to share. He barely came up with any except adding a woman to our lovemaking. You were one of the few he felt comfortable enough with putting on his list of who he would like to see in our bed. With this new approach, I want Tom to be comfortable telling me his top 20 or thirty fantasies, so we can have fun making many of them happen. In return, he will have to attempt to make nearly all of my fantasies come true if he wishes to continue a journey with me finding complete love and sexual bliss. I do not want you to leave my house without us sharing your lovely body with both of us. I am not going to go another 40 years before you and I share more lovemaking with you in my bed again.”

Teresa was blown away, asking, “What did you have in mind?”

I took her by the hand and led her to the kitchen. We grabbed the can of whipped cream and some cherries and ran upstairs to my bedroom. We could hear Tom in the shower, so I cracked the door open a bit se we could see him lather up. He must’ve been thinking naughty thoughts like we were because his cock was sticking almost straight up. Our shower door is clear and Teresa joked, “Yes, I think I could stay for this.”

I told her to get in the bed under the covers of our king sized bed. I shut the bathroom door and yelled through it to Tom, “Baby, dessert is ready for you in our bed. It’s a big surprise. I hope you like it.”

He playfully yelled back, “Does it include any whipped cream?”

I yelled back, “Oh honey, I don’t want to spoil your surprise.”

He said, “Give me two more minutes so I can get extra clean.”

I got in bed, laid on my side in a seductive pose. I sprayed about just enough whipped cream to cover up my pussy, since I wanted him to ask for extra cream as always.

Tom dried off and came into the bedroom. He saw the messy bed and asked, “Have you been really busy today?” since the bed wasn’t made.

I told him, Yes, Honey, now are you coming over here for dessert?”

He smiled and jumped into bed naked and still little wet from the shower. He didn’t even notice the large bump in the covers behind me. He kissed me. He proceeded to lick down my body until he reached the whipped cream. He said, “Honey, there isn’t much cream on you this time. May I have some more?”

I replied, “Finish what you have my darling then lick the dish as best you can.”

He eagerly followed my orders as the whipped cream lasted only about ten seconds. His tongue felt wonderful as his was just a little more rough than the last one that licked me today. After licking the dish clean, he asked, “Do have any more whipped cream and cherries?”

I said, “Yes baby, since you did so well I want you to put these blinders on and lick even more whipped cream and there a few hidden cherries that I want you to find.”

He grabbed the blinders and hopped off the bed. I quickly and quietly changed places with Teresa, hanging her legs over the outside of the bed so Tom could easily reach her from his knees.

I asked Tom if he was ready. He said, “Baby, I flew over a 1,000 miles just for this.”

I had put three cherries inside Teresa’s vagina, one in her butt, and one buried in the mound of cream and one cherry on top. I told Tom, “Find all six cherries Baby and I will make all of your fantasies come true tonight.”

Tom flashed a big smile and then he licked the cherry on top into his mouth moaning, “Mmm, delightful.”

He continued licking the generous portion of whipped cream until he found cherry number two. As he eagerly devoured most of the whipped cream, he started licking Teresa’s swollen lips, bringing a moan from her mouth. I quickly lowered my pussy on to her face to muffle any of her moans. Tom was doing well as he licked three more cherries out of Teresa. He said, “Honey, only one more,” as he started to ravage my close friend and new sex partner with his tongue.

A small tidal wave was starting to build in Teresa as Tom kept going deeper into her pussy desperately attempting to find the last one. He then lifted her legs up so he could penetrate her further. Coming up empty, he held her legs up further and licked the last cherry I had put in her ass. I complimented him with, “Oh, baby. You did a wonderful job. You found them all and made me feel so good.”

Tom said, “Thank you for the compliment my love. Now who is this lovely, sweet smelling lady that I just had foreplay with?”

Teresa and I gave each other a look of panic. I said, “Her name is Gwen.”

He smiled and said, “Baby, I know what Gwen tastes and feels like. I also know you don’t shave all of your hair down there. Honey, this a great surprise, but I think it is time to reveal your big secret.”

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