13 Haziran 2021

The Turk

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Previously: I had recently slept for the first time with two married women. Carol Ferrer, the woman I had lost my cherry with in a camping tent some twelve years ago, and Rachel my work associate and platonic friend from my schooldays. Over the Christmas holiday we had all got together in an orgy of bisexual lust with my regular fuck-buddy Lisa, a stewardess with Virgin Atlantic. The reader can find out more about these horny events in earlier writings.

Kamile Ferrer, Carol’s Turkish sister-in-law, and previous client of mine, had also recently made clear her desire for me to share her bed, and the new shower room I had designed for her!

February 2007

Over the couple of months since that remarkable New Year’s Day when three women had shared my bed with me, Rachel and I had continued our sexual relationship while her errant husband Kevin continued to fuck his mistress. But good things eventually come to an end when Rachel’s father, my boss, called the three of us into his office.

When we were all seated, he spoke to us sternly.

“Right you guys, what’s going on with you three has got to stop, for the time being anyway.”

“What do you mean, Dad?” asked Rachel with feigned innocence.

“Don’t take me for a fool Rach, I have known about you and Thomas here for some time.”

His attention turned to Kevin, “And that goes for you too young man. You have to stop seeing that barmaid. If your father finds out about this, then we are up shit creek.”

Rachel’s errant husband looked up in shock, “How do you know about her?”

Miles Heathcott smiled grimly, “You forget I have a very efficient receptionist. There’s not much passes Beryl’s ears.”

He continued, “Look, I really don’t mind who sleeps with who around here as long as it doesn’t affect my business, but I’m sorry, you guys need to stop what you’re doing for the time being. At least until the papers are signed. Then, Kevin, and very much against my wishes, you will become a director and you can do what you bloody well like.”

He got out of his chair, “So off you go, young man.”

We all stood, but Miles indicated that his daughter and I should remain. He closed the door and turned back to us, not bothering to hide the look of disgust on his face.

“Rachel, you know I never approved of you marrying that loser and I will be more than happy if you and Thomas here eventually get together, but…” he paused, unable to disguise a tiny smirk, “… I won’t have you guys shagging in my office. This is my space, okay?”

I grinned, knowing that he’d had his fair share of pussy in this very same room, although maybe not over his desk, as Rachel and I had done that memorable rainy evening last November. We had been platonic friends since birth and that evening had taken our relationship up to the utmost intimate level (Read ‘A Desk Job in London’).

Rachel, on the other hand, looked at her father defiantly, “Dad…”

Miles held up his hand and, with the other, opened a drawer. Dangling between his fingers he produced with a flourish a lacy red thong with a purple bow on the front. “These I don’t recognize, and you young lady are the only other person with a key to my office, apart from the burly Beryl, and I hardly think these would fit her, do you?”

Rachel took the underwear from her father’s hand, and looked up him with a puzzled expression, “But Dad, these are…”

“I don’t want any excuses Rach, as far as I am concerned this meeting is over, and so is the current state of your relationship, okay? Unless of course you both want to look for a job elsewhere? And see me bankrupt in the process,” he added.

His question went unanswered and he stormed out of the office, leaving Rachel turning the tiny garment over and over in her hand.

“Nice panties Rach, not seen you in those before. Any chance tonight?”

She stared at me, “Tom, he was serious, much as I love what we’re doing, he’s right, we have to stop. We can’t mess up the merger, not at this late stage. Anyway,” she added, “It’s alright for you, you still have Lisa. And from what she told me her sister Karen has the hots for you too. I have to go back to living with that asshole of a husband.”

I grabbed her arm, “Rach, I still can’t see how you and I having sex has any effect on the merger.”

She shrugged her shoulders, “You still don’t see it do you?”

I shook my head, “No, I fucking don’t.”

“Haven’t your seen the way Kev’s father looks at me every time he comes into this office?”

I sat down at Miles’ desk, Rachel perched herself on the edge, “Can’t say I have.”

“Surely you know that Arthur Allen has the hots for me?”

I shook my head, “No. But I can hardly blame him,” I added with a smirk.

“Well, he has, and Daddy is aware of it too. Mr. Allen is expecting me to become part of the contract, and Daddy is leading him on so that the merger can take place.”

“The bastard. Arthur I mean.”

“Exactly. And he will be jealous if he gets to hear about you and me. That’s the reason we have to cool it.”

I kissed her on the illegal bahis cheek, “Never mind Rach, I will be patient, that’s a promise.”

I did keep that promise, but not before shagging a few willing females en route, particularly one vivacious Susan Marshall, and with whom I first experienced full anal sex. But that’s yet another story.

I took her hand, “Come on, I’ll buy you a coffee.” As we passed the reception desk I gave Beryl a glare. She held up her hand and shook her hand.

“Tom. It wasn’t me, I promise. I think it’s great you two got together, I never did like that awful Kevin.”

I patted her hand, “No worries Burly,” we all called her that, “It’s only a temporary situation.”

“Well, if you want my opinion, I think sex comes before any bloody business matters.”

I laughed, wondering the last time she had experienced anything of a sexual nature. Perhaps she delighted in the cavortings of others.

In a quiet corner of Starbucks, Rachel discreetly extracted the thong from her bag, again examining it closely.

I grinned, “You going to pop into the loo and put them on then? You know how sexy your ass looks in a thong!”

She fixed me with a glare, “Tom, these are not mine!”

“What do you mean, they’re not yours?”

“That night in Dad’s office, after we finished you-know-what I definitely remember picking mine up off the floor, and if you cast your mind back you will remember I was wearing panties when you drove me home.”

The memory of our second fuck in a quiet lane caused a gentle stirring down below.

“So why didn’t you tell your Dad just now?”

“I tried to, but there was no point, you gave the show away. You should have seen your face! It was as good as admitting we’d had sex in his study.”

I reached across the table and took the garment from her, resisting the temptation to take a crafty sniff. “Then whose are they Rach? As your dad said, no way would they fit Beryl, and anyway I can’t see her shagging anyone.”

“I don’t know Tom, all I can think of is that Daddy was in there with someone else and he’s forgotten all about it.”

I fondled the soft material, “I don’t think I could forget shagging someone who wore panties like this!”

For a minute or two we sipped at our coffees in silence.

“Fuck!” I muttered, it was coming back to me now, “I think I have the answer.”

She reached forward and patted my hand, “It really doesn’t matter now, Tom darling, it’s in the past.”

“Yes it does, I think I know who these belong to. Do you remember last summer, those job experience people coming in to work for us?”

“Yes, waste of time all of them, none of them passed a month’s probation.”

“One did. Think back, Rach.”

“Oh yes, you’re right, I can’t remember her name, she was wafer thin and she had long black hair and wore lots of silver bangles.

“But all tits and bum!”

“You would of course remember that!”

“Melissa she was called.”

“Trust you to remember her name.”

“I should do, I brought her in here a couple of times.”

“You never told me.”

“You never asked. If she was going to work with me, I had to be sure she was right for the job.”

“Right for your dick more like!” she laughed. “Anyway, how do you know those are her knickers?”

I remained silent. I realised I had put myself in a corner.

“Tom, you didn’t?” I nodded sheepishly. I remember that one-night stand very well, particularly the way she sucked my rampant cock while driving to her apartment.

Rachel had the grace to laugh, “I did wonder at the time, I remember now you couldn’t keep your eyes off her. Nor your cock it would seem?”

“It was pure business, Rach. She wanted the work, and I thought she would make a good draughtsperson.”

“Bollocks. Shit, you men are all the same, don’t you ever think of anything else but sex?”

“Not offhand, no,” I grinned.

“Well, I think it’s just as well we are taking a rest, particularly since I found out something else about you.”

This had to be to do with other school friend, and I was right.

“I know about your afternoon with Carol, that day you went to Mrs. Ferrer with those drawings.”

“But Rach…” I started to make a lame excuse, but I knew I was totally shafted on this one.

“How could you, Tom? Only hours after our beautiful evening together?”

“It didn’t mean anything Rach, it was just a quick shag for old times.”

“Well, you better go ask her for another one, because you won’t be getting any more from me, merger or no merger.”

I decided to turn defence into attack, “You didn’t mind me fucking her at Christmas.”

“That was different, Tom, we were all together then in a group, and I knew by then you had already been with her. And anyway, it was New Years, not Christmas. Did you fuck her then too?”

“No, I just had the dates mixed, that’s all.”

She looked at her watch, “We better get back to work, we have our lives to get on with.”

As we waited for a gap in the traffic I remarked, “So I guess it really was Melissa illegal bahis siteleri that left those panties in the office?”

She turned and nodded.

“I wonder who had her first? Me or your dad?”

“Tom, you’re disgusting.”

“Tell you what, I bet he knew whose pants they were, he just used them to bluff us.”

“Well, it certainly worked.”

As we reached the building entrance I offered the knickers back to her.

“No thank you Tom, you keep them, you are obviously far better acquainted with them than I am. No doubt you are kinky enough to try them on?”

I laughed, the anger in her voice had diminished.

Pocketing the garment, I idly wondered how it would feel wrapped around my cock next time I masturbated. In the café, I had noted the absence of any pussy stains, perhaps the boss had washed them and kept them in the drawer for posterity!

And so we returned to work, albeit under very strained circumstances. Once her anger eventually cooled we both agreed we still wanted to have sex together but the risk to the firm could not be justified. Once or twice I suggested we could sneak out to a hotel for a quickie but Rachel would have none of it. Over the next few months the nearest we got to fucking was phone sex when her husband was working overtime. My affair with Carol was quickly forgotten.

After the Christmas and New Year activities I had a sexual hangover and was desperately in need of the hair of the dog. Carol had gone to Turkey with her husband and kids, Lisa was on the other side of the planet, and her randy sister Karen was still enjoying the attentions of her new boyfriend. I had on several occasions phoned Kamile to take her up on her promise, but her lesbian maid informed me that for personal reasons her mistress had decided to stay on longer in Beirut. My guess was that it was because her sister-in-law Carol was there too. Their bisexual relationship was no secret!

So it was, somewhere in early April, that I was surprised to get a call from the Essex manor house.

“Tom darling!”

“Kamile, this is a surprise, I thought you were staying in Beirut until the summer?”

“I have some things to attend to in London, and please call me Kamy.”

Anticipating one of those things might involve my cock, I replied boldly, “Anything that needs my personal attention?”

“As a matter of fact there is, Tom, I want an office built at the bottom of the garden and would like Shawfields to draw me up some plans.”

Somewhat disappointed I replied, “You realise that will make you my client again, don’t you?”

A cackle of laughter preceded her own repost, “I know what you’re thinking Mr. Graham you naughty man, so you better come around and see what I need before I sign anything. And I want you to show me how to work the shower, did you know it’s finished?”

Although the implication was obvious, I didn’t want to appear too hasty, “The next few days I am tied to the office, Kamy, so how about next Monday morning?”

“Actually I was thinking this evening, Tom, about seven, say? You might like to stay for dinner?”

And dessert I thought smugly. “I don’t want to put you to any trouble.”

“No trouble darling, it will be just the two of us and a typical Turkish menu.”

It was raining again, but fortunately the electric gates were operating this time, and the maid Lena answered the door. “Hello Mr. Tom, the mistress is in the garden, down by the fountain.”

Kamile was in fact sat on the edge of the fountain, huddled in a black fur coat. I glared at it with mock disapproval.

She smiled, “It’s not real, Tom, it’s faux fur from China.”

I kissed her lightly on each cheek and, without even touching her, I could sense her heat, despite the thick coat. Shortly, I was to find out why.

She took my hand, “Come see where I want this office.”

In the fading light she led me through the pine trees to a small unkempt area close to the rear boundary. I walked away from her, testing the ground with my feet.

“What do you think Tom, will you be able to put something up for me?”

The husky tone in her voice made me turn around.

“Fuck!” She had unbuttoned her coat. And apart from her shoes, she was stark naked! Only a thick dark triangle of pubic hair protected her modesty. Then last time I had seen her this naked was the evening she had intruded upon my intimate session with Carol, and then, as they both masturbated, had allowed me to ejaculate over her breasts (read ‘Essex Girl’).

“This is the real reason you’re here, Tom, But I guess you knew that from the state of your pants.”

I looked down at the swelling in my jeans, I had been hard since I left the office! I moved towards her, suddenly the other women in my life didn’t matter any more, I was at last going to fuck this married Turkish woman. As I took her in my arms I stared at her hard leathery nipples. Against her tanned skin they appeared to be almost black.

We kissed hungrily out there in that chilly garden, and I wrapped her coat around us both. She shivered canlı bahis siteleri as our tongues met and suddenly she let loose, writhing her body against mine. I gripped her ass tightly and fiercely she reached between us to grip the outline of my hard cock.

Sliding my hands under her coat from behind I encountered an extremely wet slithery pussy, it was as though some other male had recently unloaded inside her, although I knew that to be untrue. She returned the gesture by reaching for my zip and in her eagerness it met with little resistance.

I kissed her aggressively as she delved inside my pants for my aching prick and she breathed into my mouth, “Five months I have been waiting for this fellow.”

“Then we have a lot of time to make up for, don’t we!” I gasped.

As she tried to hold my length in her tiny hand, I delved a second finger into her pussy, surprisingly tight for a woman who’d had four children. That thought crossed my mind.

“Where are your kids, Kamy?”

“Don’t worry darling,” she smiled into my mouth, “They are all in Ankara.”

“Good, because this time I really am going to fuck you, and not Carol, you know that don’t you?”

“Why else would you be here darling? Outside working hours and all that?

She squeezed a little pre-cum from my cock and placed it on her lips, “I hope you have plenty more than this for me, Tom.” She stroked me furiously.

“You keep doing that and you will get it sooner than you thought!”

But before she could reply, I spotted a movement in the bushes and Lena appeared out of the gloom, holding a mobile phone.

My fingers froze within the Turkish pussy, “Umm, Kamy, we have company.”

Kamile looked around and smiled as if what we were doing out here in the garden was commonplace. And perhaps in this family it was. Her coat was still wide open and my hand-held cock was in full glorious view. Not to mention half of my own hand buried in her soaking wet cunt.

“Master Jamal for you missy,” said Lena, eyeing my cock with a bemused expression. If she wasn’t a lesbian I would have suggested she join in the fun. “He says it’s urgent.”

“Fuck him,” Kamile muttered, then smiled as she put the phone to her mouth. “What is it darling?” she spoke sweetly.

While Kamile listened to her husband, I saw Lena’s eyes glued to my cock, clearly fascinated. I grinned at her while subconsciously Kamile kept stroking. She gasped out loud as my fingers encountered her swollen clitoris.

“No, it’s nothing darling, I am in the garden and I trod on a stone….what? … which bank?….Barclays?…Okay I will do it in the morning…which account?…all right…no, I came out here looking for one of the dogs…no, just me this evening…yes maybe with Lena..okay, bye darling.”

She blew a kiss into the phone and passed it back to her maid. “Put the oven on darling, we will be coming inside in a minute.”

All during that one-sided conversation I had continued a slow finger fuck into her delightfully thin sexy body. I had gleaned that her husband, although he publicly screwed around, preferred her to be at home alone, but accepted the intimate attention of her maid. Carol had earlier revealed she and her sister-in-law were also lovers and that was also acceptable to her own husband.

Before she turned away, I pointed my cock at Lena with my brows raised in invitation, but she laughed, shook her head, and ran off.

Kamile grinned at me, “No chance there darling. I have even tried to tempt her with my toy boys!”

She let go my cock and buttoned up her coat, “Come on, before we go inside there is something I want to show you.” I surreptitiously sniffed my fingers, inhaling the heady scent of her vagina.

She led me through a small thicket into a small corner of the garden hidden from the house by tall bamboos. There, gleaming in polished bronze I was presented with a full size replica of the Three Graces statue, their bum cheeks famous for their roundness.

“They are gorgeous, Kamy, but why is it here?”

She grinned at me in the failing light, “Look around the front darling.”

I rounded the statue and saw to my surprise that one of the figures was in fact a male, also impossibly beautiful. And his gigantic erection was being held by the two goddesses while they softly kissed each other. Their hairless vaginas were depicted as perfect peaches. It was truly a wonderful work of art, and highly erotic.

My hostess fondled the oversized head of the metal phallus, “Isn’t it a gorgeous cock, Tom? I had it modeled on my husband’s, and the girls’ features resemble Lena’s body. It’s my birthday present to him, I plan to have it erected in the fountain, the water cascading over them will reduce the shock to unprepared visitors.”

More likely turn them on, I thought, as we walked hand in hand back to the house. I had to fuck this wanton woman, and soon.

Lena was in the kitchen, clearly unshocked at our earlier exposure, I guess she had seen it all before. To my personal delight some months later, I discovered that she was not a lesbian after all, her pretence was just an act to stop her mistress becoming jealous or, more likely, losing her job. Although she had her own secret boyfriend she proved to me her affinity with cocks one long weekend after Kamile had returned to Turkey.

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