22 Nisan 2021

The Valentine’s Day Mascara Ch. 06

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Ginny was just finishing her last letter of the day when her phone buzzed. It was a text from Sam which simply said, “Call me when you can.” She smiled, finished typing the letter and took it into Mr Stephen’s office for him to sign with the rest of the day’s post. She leant over his desk as she put the letters down, offering him a view down the front of her blouse which he gladly accepted; she loved to tease the old codger and it made sure her job was safe despite her limited secretarial skills.

She went to get her coat and left the office to catch her bus. As soon as she was seated, she phoned Sam’s number.

“Hi Ginny,” came Sam’s sweet-sounding voice, “I’ve been thinking about what you asked. I’m prepared to go along with it on one proviso.”

“Okay,” said Ginny, “what’s the proviso?”

“Jack can’t touch me, he can look, he can imagine he’s doing to me whatever it is you let him do to you, but he can’t lay a finger on my body.”

“Okay,” said Ginny, “not exactly what I had in mind but I’m sure he’ll enjoy the chance just to see you naked. Can we use your place as, obviously, we can’t do it at my mum’s?”

“Yeah, sure,” replied Sam, “just tell me when.”

“Well, his birthday is this Saturday. Are you free on Friday?” asked Ginny.

“Nothing really planned. In fact, I was hoping to see you so I spose it kills two birds with one stone.”

“Okay, I’ll arrive at about 7 and tell Jack to get there for quarter past. See you Friday,” at which Ginny ended the call.

After arriving home Ginny rushed to her room and wrote Jack’s birthday card, inserting a separate piece of paper with a message asking him to meet her at Sam’s on Friday to collect his present. She then went downstairs to where Jack was preparing dinner in the kitchen and gave him his card.

“Bit early, isn’t it?” said Jack, “My birthday’s Saturday in case you’ve forgotten.”

“Not forgotten no, but you need to open that now and definitely not in front of mum,” responded Ginny.

Puzzled, Jack opened the envelope; the slip of paper fell to the floor and Jack bent to pick it up. He scanned Ginny’s note and looked at her with a bemused look on his face.

“So why is your present at Sam’s place? And why can’t Betty know about it?” asked Jack.

“All will be revealed on the night,” answered Ginny, smiling at the thought of her double entendre.

Ginny returned to her room and sent Sam a text “Everything set – look forward to seeing you Friday xx”

Friday evening arrived, and Ginny made her way to Sam’s house. Once inside the door, Ginny removed her coat to reveal a raspberry coloured sheer baby doll nighty.

“Gorgeous,” said Sam, “do you ever wear proper clothes?” Followed by, “You are staying the night after Jack leaves, aren’t you?”

“I was hoping you’d ask,” said Ginny smiling, “of course I will.”

Sam gave her a kiss on the lips and then said “Wine?”

“Yup, let’s get this party started,” responded Ginny, “by the way, there’s a couple of beers in the bag for Jack.”

Sam entered the living room carrying two glasses of wine and handed one to Ginny. They both took a sip and set their glasses aside as they sat on the settee. Sam kissed Ginny again and ran her hand along her thigh; Ginny responded by stroking Sam’s face with the palm of her hand before lowering her hand and gently cupping Sam’s breast as they locked lips again in a tender kiss. Ginny gradually increased the firmness of her hold on Sam’s breast as her tongue found its way between her lips and began to explore her mouth. Sam had now worked her hand between Ginny’s thighs and was cradling her exposed pussy.

She broke off the kiss and said, “You’re so wet already; I can tell you’re excited about tonight.”

Their next kiss was interrupted by the sound of the doorbell. Sam went to the door and opened it to allow Jack to come in.

Jack was taking in the beauty stood before him; Sam was dressed in a pink halter neck top and matching hot pants. Whilst the clothes left little to the imagination, Jack was doing his best to remove them with his eyes to feast on the sexy young body that lay beneath. Sam smiled somewhat shyly at Jack and led him into the living room where he stopped dead in his tracks staring at what Ginny was, or very nearly wasn’t, wearing.

“Hi Jack,” she said. “bet you’re wondering what your present is huh? Well, you get to fuck me again and you can watch me and Sam get it on but she is out of bounds; feast your eyes on her gorgeous tits as much as you like but no touching her. You okay with the rules, otherwise it’s a no-go?”

Jack was dumbstruck but managed to nod his head in agreement.

“I’ll just get you a beer to loosen your tongue,” said Sam disappearing out of the room.

Jack watched her cute arse disappear in the tight hot pants and then advanced towards Ginny who was beaming at him.

“Like your pressie, Jack” enquired Ginny.

“I’m gobsmacked Ginny, never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined this,” said Jack, as maltepe escort he sat next to Ginny and reached across to grasp her left breast in his hand as he kissed her on the lips.

She stuck her tongue in his mouth as her hand moved down to the crutch of his jeans and stroked his cock through the material.

“Impressive growth,” she said as Sam returned to the room.

Sam handed Jack an opened bottle from which he took a swig as he stared at her full breasts pushing out the fabric of her top. She sat on the other side of Ginny and took another sip from her glass. Ginny had been watching Jack’s face and following his gaze.

“Wanna see some more?” she enquired as she reached behind Sam and undid the strap to her top. The two strings fell forward and Ginny pulled the material down exposing Sam’s shapely breasts to Jack’s eager eyes. He took another gulp from his bottle and he returned his right hand to Ginny’s boobs imagining that he was fondling Sam.

“Sorry they’re not as big,” said Ginny, “but at least you can play with them.”

Jack grunted and pulled the straps of her baby doll down to expose the cute little boobs. He lowered his mouth and took her right nipple into his mouth and sucked hard causing Ginny to squeal. Sam was playing with Ginny’s other breast with one hand while the other was working its way up her inner thigh towards her sopping pussy.

“I wanna eat you so badly,” said Sam.

“Oh yes, do it,” exclaimed Ginny.

Sam sank to her knees in front of Ginny, who had already spread her legs in readiness. Jack interrupted his suckling of Ginny’s breast to watch Sam as she moved towards the pussy in front of her. He took another swig of his beer, watching as Sam’s mouth and tongue approached the hole he would soon be fucking.

“Oh yeah, get it nice and wet for me,” he said.

Sam had now started licking at Ginny’s sweet tasting pussy and was lost in a world of her own desires. As she licked Ginny she reached down between her legs and rubbed her pussy through her hot pants which had already developed the darkened stain of a wet patch.

“Don’t just sit there, Jack,” said Ginny,” get your cock out.”

Jack stood and undid the belt of his jeans and quickly removed his shoes, socks, jeans and boxers before pulling his t-shirt over his head.

“Now, bring that over here and let me have a suck of it,” said Ginny.

Jack did as Ginny ordered and was rewarded by her engulfing his thick cock in her mouth; she worked her mouth up and down his length taking a bit more in with each forward thrust until his balls were up against her chin.

“Oh God, that’s so good Ginny,” he said, holding her head in place as he tried to push his cock even further in.

He glanced down at Sam, who was now removing her hot pants while continuing to eat Ginny’s pussy. Jack could see the juices flowing out of Ginny and was excited by the sight of Sam lapping the juices up. His cock twitched at the sight and some pre-cum spurted into Ginny’s mouth which she swallowed eagerly.

Sam had succeeded in removing her clothing and was now expending all her effort in lapping at Ginny’s soaked hole.

Ginny extracted her mouth from Jack’s throbbing cock and exclaimed, “Oh God I’m cumming!” as she grabbed Sam’s head and pulled it tight against her. Sam licked furiously, concentrating on Ginny’s clit and was rewarded by a huge gush of cum from Ginny’s pussy; it splattered down her face and onto her chest, leaving her looking like she had just had a cum shower.

Jack was absent-mindedly stroking his cock as he watched this amazing scene unfold in front of him; despite his years of playing the field, this was the first time he had seen first hand two women pleasuring each other and he was mesmerised.

After she had got her breath back, Ginny grabbed Jack by the cock and said, “Follow me.”

She led him into Sam’s bedroom with Sam following behind. Once inside the room Ginny removed her baby doll so all three of them were now stark naked.

“Sam,” she said, “lie on the bed, I’m gonna eat you now.”

Sam quickly got into position with her head up against the headboard to enable her to get a better view of what was happening. With her legs spread wide she was an easy target for Ginny’s mouth as well as Jack’s gaze. He had returned to stroking his very erect member as the scene played out before him; here was an incredibly hot, naked girl he had only met once before about to have her pussy licked by his gorgeous step-daughter.

Ginny started slowly, licking the inside of Sam’s thighs and working her way towards her pussy lips; Sam was groaning and calling Ginny “the biggest tease on earth” and Jack was transfixed at the sight before him. He was taking special care not to work his cock too hard; he didn’t want to waste a load before he got it into Ginny’s sweet pussy.

Ginny turned her head to look Jack in the eye and said, “Okay Jack, now for your main present, put that cock of yours mecidiyeköy escort in my arse; just be gentle though, you’re getting my cherry.”

Jack just gaped at her; never in his wildest dreams had he imagined that Ginny was going to offer him her arse, not just her arse but her virgin arse. He looked longingly at his target as Ginny reached behind her and pulled her cheeks apart to expose her butt hole to him. Jack looked around the room, searching anxiously for something until his eyes rested on a bottle of baby oil on Sam’s dressing table. He picked it up, poured a little into his hands and began rubbing it over his cock.

Ginny had re-commenced eating Sam’s heavenly-tasting pussy and Sam was lying back with her eyes closed delighting in the feeling of Ginny’s tongue probing her pussy. Ginny turned her head again to see what was taking Jack so long and realised he was lubricating his cock to ease its passage into her butt. “Good,” she thought to herself, “I’m sure this is gonna hurt so anything to make it easier is a bonus.” She returned again to Sam’s inviting pussy, the aroma alone was intoxicating but Ginny loved the taste of Sam even more and returned eagerly to pleasuring her lover.

Ginny’s position between Sam’s legs meant her butt was at the foot of the bed and easily accessible to Jack from a standing position. She sensed him approaching her and was expecting to feel his hands rubbing baby oil over her little hole as he had done with his prick; the feel of his tongue licking at her butt took her by surprise and she shivered a little, remembering the first time Angie had licked her arsehole. She moaned and thrust her tongue as far as she could inside Sam’s snatch which, in turn, produced a loud moan from Sam. Jack was now getting into lubricating the little hole he would soon be piercing with the throbbing meat between his thighs; he spat some saliva onto his target and began pressing his index finger against the entrance.

Feeling resistance, he said “Relax, Ginny. It’ll make it easier.”

Ginny tried to relax but despite wanting his cock inside her, she was still a little nervous about how much it would hurt. Jack removed his finger and coated it in baby oil and then tried again, while pulling on one of her cheeks with his free hand. Ginny reached behind her and pulled her other cheek, offering the finger the tiniest of openings which Jack eagerly accepted, inserting the tip of the finger into the little hole. He paused to allow Ginny time to get used to the invader and then slowly began working the finger in and out, pushing a little deeper each time until it was buried up to the hilt. He let it rest while it was fully inside her; it felt to him like her butt was trying to push the invader out, but he kept it fully inserted, letting her get used to the intruder in her rear.

He started to slowly and gently rotate the finger in her butt, encouraging it to expand slightly; satisfied that he had done all he could with one finger he extracted it, licked another finger and placed the two of them up against Ginny’s little rose bud.

Ginny had stopped pleasuring Sam; she looked up at her and said, “Sorry Sam, I need to concentrate on this right now, but I promise you a night to remember later.”

Sam smiled and got off the bed, sitting herself on her dressing table stool from where she could get a good view of what was going on. She watched in awe as Jack began to insert two fingers into Ginny’s butt; she glanced at his thick cock hanging between his legs and thought to herself, “There is no way on earth that will fit into that tiny hole.”

Jack now had two fingers halfway into Ginny’s back-door and was easing them in gradually; he spat on Ginny’s butt hole to provide additional lubrication.

“You okay, Ginny?” he asked.

“Just keep going,” she said, “it hurts a bit but not too much.”

Sam got up and walked over to the side of the bed; she slid her hand under Ginny’s body and started to caress her pussy, instantly feeling her juices begin to flow.

“My, you are turned on, aren’t you?” said Sam.

“Oh yeah, that’s helping Sam. Thank you,” said Ginny.

Jack was staring at Sam’s tits which were within his grasp. He almost went to grab the nearest one but just in time remembered the rule; there was no way he wanted this night to come to an abrupt end. He turned his attention back to the job in hand, or rather that part of his hand was in, and continued the passage of his two fingers into Ginny’s delightfully tight arse. Once they were fully inserted he repeated the gentle movements of rotating the fingers inside her, readying the hole for a larger intruder.

Satisfied that he had done all he could with two fingers, he slowly removed them and wet yet another finger. “Three fingers together, while not as thick as my cock, should make the hole big enough to stretch,” he thought as he began to insert the fingers into Ginny. This time the passage seemed easier as if the hole knew pendik escort it needed to expand and Jack was soon pumping his three fingers in and out of Ginny’s butt. Ginny was panting but Jack was unsure whether his was from the arse action or from Sam’s continued loving of Ginny’s pussy.

Jack asked Sam to pass him the baby oil and he squirted some more over his cock, using his free hand to spread it over the length and ensuring that the knob was well coated. Extracting his fingers, Jack positioned his knob at the little hole and pressed. Ginny moaned and reached behind with both hands pulling her cheeks apart, causing her to fall forward on her face.

After passing Jack the baby oil, Sam had picked up her phone and started to take pictures of Jack as he began to penetrate Ginny’s arse. She zoomed in so that she had a real good close up of Jack’s glistening knob head pressed against Ginny’s little hole.

“She might as well have some evidence of the night other than just a sore arse,” she thought to herself as she continued snapping away.

Jack was now pressing slowly but firmly against Ginny’s butt which had started to stretch to accept the thick length of meat being fed into it. The tip was in and he rested for a moment, letting Ginny get used to the feeling before he exerted a bit more pressure and got the first of his six inches into her.

Ginny screamed out and a couple of tears rolled down her cheeks; “I said take it easy Jack,” she shouted.

“Sorry, Ginny love,” he said, “got a bit carried away; it seemed like you were ready for it.”

“Okay Jack, just take it a bit easier from now on,” replied Ginny as she wiped the tears from her eyes.

Jack slowed down his progress, easing his thick cock gradually into Ginny’s butt and resting every now and then to give her time to get used to it. Sam had gone back to her seat and had switched her phone to video mode, filming the progress of his monster of a cock into Ginny’s tiny butt. Despite herself, Sam was getting aroused by what she was watching and was using her free hand to stimulate her clit; drops of her juice were sliding down the inside of her thighs and staining the beige cushioned stool on which she sat.

Jack now had about three inches inside Ginny and the passage seemed to be getting easier.

“Are you okay if I pick it up a bit, Ginny?” he asked.

“Give it a go,” said Ginny, “if I need you to slow down I’ll soon let you know.”

So Jack now pressed his cock firmly into Ginny and the remaining three inches slid straight in so that his balls were pushed up against her arse.

“Oh God, yes” exclaimed Ginny, “that feels so good. It’s better than I ever imagined. Start gently pumping Jack, slowly at first and let’s see how we go.”

Jack began pulling slightly out and then pushing back in; with each stroke he pulled back slightly further. Ginny didn’t seem to be having any problems any longer accommodating him and was soon pushing her rear back towards Jack on his forward stroke to speed up the penetration. She was grunting and squealing in equal measure, but the sounds were of sheer lust and Jack knew he could now totally enjoy his step-daughter’s arse without fear of her calling the idea off.

Jack’s hands were now resting on Ginny’s butt cheeks and he was fondling and squeezing them while building up the pace of movement of his cock. He was now virtually pulling it all the way out before driving it home again. He gazed in amazement at the hole where his cock disappeared into Ginny; he had really felt some doubt about whether her little butt could take him and the reality was more arousing than he could have imagined.

As he pumped in and out of her faster and faster, Ginny called out “I want you to come in my butt Jack, fill it with your cream. I want to know what it feels like to have you erupt in my arse.”

Jack grunted; dirty talk always made him hornier and he could feel his cock throbbing as it built up towards orgasm. He grabbed Ginny’s hips and pulled her towards him as he thrust forward. Once, twice, three more thrusts and his cock swelled and his seed flooded into it and spurted out into Ginny’s arse. He kept pumping into her until his balls were drained and then eased out of her gaping butt, wiping his cock on her arse cheeks to remove the last of his cum.

“That was amazing,” said Ginny, “I could feel your cock get bigger just as you were about to come. It felt out of this world good.”

Sam turned off the video, put her phone down and sat next to where Ginny was now sitting on the side of the bed. As she put her arm around her, she asked, “You ready for some girl on girl action now, lover, or do you need some time to recover?”

Ginny gazed into Sam’s eyes and gave her a kiss, pressing her tongue into Sam’s mouth and exploring every inch of the wet cave that opened invitingly for her. Sam cupped one of Ginny’s breasts in her hand as she enjoyed the sensual kiss that Ginny was giving her, pulling on the nipple and gently squeezing the small, pert tit in her hand.

“Can you tell me where the bathroom is?” asked Jack, “I need a pee.”

After Sam had given Jack directions, Ginny said, “And give that thing a good wash while you’re in there, if you wanna see any more action tonight. I don’t want it anywhere near my other holes after it’s been in my poop chute!”

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