13 Haziran 2021

The Village is No Place for Girls Ch. 04

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Lakkan had spent the last couple of hours searching for porn clips on his phone. He was desperate to get his hands on the fair city girl and had noticed how she reacted to the movie he had tried to show her earlier. He skipped through almost everything he had collected since he had got the phone, settling on a couple of desi clips. The girls in them seemed to be from well off backgrounds and were shown to be gradually seduced by their boyfriends, relatives or neighbours. These should get her in a good mood, he thought, maybe even enough to let him touch her. “Mujhe pata hai ki tumhe ye achcha lagta hai. Sharmao mat, ab to chacha chale gaye hain” (I know you like this. Don’t be shy, uncle is not here), thrusting the phone under her eyes as he played the first video.

Garima was too surprised and sleepy to push him away before she found herself sitting on the bed next to him, but she brushed away his hand from hers as he pulled out the phone. She blushed at his words, seeing the slice of truth in them. She had never seen porn before, but she had always been curious, and interested in men like girls of her age were. She made a show of avoiding the screen, but her eyes couldn’t stop flicking on to it. Soon, it became obvious to him that her eyes were not leaving the screen, and he could hear her breathing grow louder, her hands fidgeting beside her. His free hand slowly reached towards her, touching her knee. Garima shuddered, instantly pushing it away with her hand, only to find it return a few moments later, this time giving her a little squeeze. She shot a look at him, only to find him leering back at her, making her look away and at the phone again.

He gave himself a smile; he had broken the first sign of resistance she had offered him. His hand grew more comfortable on her knee, tracing circles around it, before tentatively moving to her thigh. Garima groaned silently, unable to believe that she was letting him touch her legs, but Birju’s touches had left her aroused, and now the video was starting to turn her on again. She shivered as he rubbed the smooth skin of her thighs, closing her legs closely together and using her hands to make sure that he couldn’t reach any higher. Suddenly, he placed the phone on her lap, reaching around her shoulder with his now free hand reaching around her to grab her shoulder. The sudden movement made her gasp, as she found herself held in place next to him. “Itna garam ho gyi hai tum” (You are getting so hot) he whispered, leaning into her ear, “Tumhe bhi chahiye na, jo usko mil rahi hai” (You also want what she is getting no), nodding at the video playing on her lap.

She shivered as she felt him lean in close to her, “aisa nahi hai” (It’s not like that) she protested, “Chhoddo na” (let me go). His hand was roaming higher on her thighs despite her efforts to push his hands down and he could feel the goosebumps on her skin. “Aisi thadapti majhli ko koyi chodtha hai kya” (Will anyone let such a catch go), he leered, feeling her shudder at his words. His hand ventured higher up her leg, disappearing under her dress, while the hand on her shoulder started to move down towards her chest. At that moment, a loud call came from outside, beckoning Lakkan. He cursed loudly as he sprang to his feet. “Maalik bula rhaa hai” (My boss is calling) he said panicking, looking down at the girl, shivering from arousal and moments away from submitting to his wishes, or at least so he hoped.

Lakkan looked at her and then he door, reluctant to leave. He bent down in front of her, looking into her eyes as he collected his phone from her lap, his hand caressing her thighs on the way. “Dekh mere heroine, ye toh bas trailer thaa. Mein tujhe jannat dikhaonga”(Look my heroine, this was just a trailer. I’m going to show you what heaven feels like). He groaned, straightening up as another shout echoed through the building. “Maalik ko pata chala toh bahut gadbad hoga. Abhi ke liye chalta hoon” (If my boss finds out, it’ll be trouble. I’ll go for now) he said, hesitantly leaving the room.

Garima sat still on the bed for a few moments, trying to calm herself down. She rushed to close the door and bolted it, heaving a sigh as she was finally alone in the room. Her friend’s family wouldn’t be back for a few hours more, and she had lots of time to spend. She bathed herself, going canlı bahis over what had happened to her in the last few hours. Two strangers had got their hands on her, and she hadn’t resisted; she was even enjoying their touches. And she felt so aroused showing off her legs to them. So aroused when she felt she had lost control. She realised she was panting as she thought about it all, stopping to towel herself off and open her bags.

Pratap had been running the lodge for almost a decade. His only customers had been travellers who were passing through; other than that is, the clients of the village whores. That is who he initially thought Garima to be, as Birju had spent many a night at the place. So he was surprised as Birju came back, asking for help with the girl. “Yeh toh bilkul chutiya hai” (This man is a fool) Pratap thought. If he had had her in his hands like that, he wouldn’t have left without the full experience. Birju seemed to be too worried about his image with the family, not wanting to force the girl into doing anything. “Ye sheher ki laundiya na, bilkul randi hoti hai. Ek minute mujhko de do, unke pair khulvaake doonga ” (These city girls are nothing but whores. Give me a minute with her, I’ll make her spread her legs), he told Birju, licking his lips at the thought.

Birju tried talked him out of doing anything rash. “Woh bilkul pataakha hai. Aur hum lenge baari baari, poore din, poori raat” (She is a proper firecracker. And we can take turns with her, all day, all night), he snickered. “Bas tum jaldi mein kuch mat karna. Aur tumhaare woh ladka hai na, usko kahin aur bhej do din keliye. Usko bahut jaldi hai, daraake bhagaenge chhori ko” (Just make sure not to do anything hasty. And send your boy someplace else for a few days. He is always in a hurry, he’ll scare her away). So it was that Lakkan was called down interrupting his moment of bliss and forced to travel to the town to buy supplies, his objections angrily shouted down by Pratap. The two men watched satisfied as he rode his cycle off towards the train station, sipping their chai as they got back to plotting.

“Toh kya hai tera plan” (So what’s your plan) Pratap asked, keeping an eye on the corridor to make sure the girl didn’t come out and hear them. “Tharki toh lagti nai, par utna shareef bhi nai hai. Taangey dikha raha that humko bina koi sharam. Haay, woh bhi kaise taangey” (She doesn’t look thirsty, but she isn’t totally innocent either. She was shamelessly showing off her legs. Mmm, and what legs they were), Birju said, licking his lips at the thought. “Usko apni jism dikhaana hai, toh hum uska madad kareenge na” (If she wants to show off her body, we’ll help her), he winked, “gaav dikhaane ke naam pe khumaayenge” (We’ll roam around with her in the name of showing her the village). Pratap grew frustrated, “Usse kya hoga. Mujhko bas dekhna nai hai” (What will that do. I’m not satisfied with seeing)

“Arey dekh lena. Mujhpe bharosa rakh. Ek baat btaa, jo kapdey woh randiyaan chhodke jaate hain yahaan, woh tum rakh lete hai na” (You just wait and watch. Trust me on this. Just tell me this, the clothes that the whores leave here, you keep them right?), Birju asked. Pratap sighed and nodded, walking towards the back of the building while motioning for Birju to follow.

Garima had picked out a long kameez and matching salwar, draping herself with a shawl in front of the mirror. Enough excitement for one day, she thought, trying to dress as modestly as possible. She heard a knock on the door, Birju’s voice booming from the outside. “Garima betaa, Tayyaar ho jao, hum khoomne jaayenge. Gauri ne tumko kuch kapde bheje the. Ye pehn lo, woh bol rahe the ki teri jaise modden ladki ko gaav log bhi dekh lein” (Get ready Garima, we’ll go to see the village. Gauri has sent some clothes for you; she was saying let the village people also see a modern girl”). Garima walked towards the door hesitantly, worried he would let himself in again, opening the door just a touch. A plastic bag with some clothes was pushed inside, and she quickly closed the door again, taking it from him.

Laying the clothes out on the bed, she gasped. They didn’t look too modern, not too classy. What they did was show off a lot of skin. Did her friend really ask her to wear this, or was the old pervert up to his tricks, she thought. They all seemed bahis siteleri very much her size, she thought, shivering as she realized that he had measured her perfectly as she lay in bed. I’ll try them on and see, she thought, no one is watching me here anyway. The top was a red sleeveless Indian blouse, with a very deep neck meant to show off some cleavage. It also left her back almost entirely bare save a couple of thread to keep it in place. With it was a red knee length skirt, tight at her waist and rear, flowering out slightly towards the bottom. Looking in the mirror, she could see the outfit clearly define her curves, inviting looks at her back, her belly and the bit of cleavage she was forced to show.

“I definitely cannot go out like this” Garima thought, but at the same time, it excited her. She had heard the villagers were good men; surely they won’t hurt her for teasing them in such a dress. She looked at the mirror for a long time, trying to decide whether to take Birju’s bait, and in the end, the warmth in her loins won out over her brain, though she did drape a shawl around her chest before opening the door. Birju did his best not to stare openly as she came out of the room, though he let her walk in front of him so that he could ogle at her back and the way her ass swayed in the skirt. As they approached the exit, Pratap rushed towards them, “Book mein likhna padega” (You have to mark the exit in the book), saying any excuse to make her linger. He was bolder than Birju, walking up to the girl as she stood near the door and wrapping his hand around her waist.

His fingers caressed the soft skin of her waist as he resisted her attempt to pull away, swiftly guiding her with his hand back towards the reception desk. “Mein likh doonga” (I’ll write it), Birju offered, moving to the back of the reception desk, allowing more time for Pratap to touch her. Garima stood at the desk, both hands resting on it as she felt his hand move around her waist and onto her back, caressing her gently. She didn’t dare to make a scene, not dressed like that, feeling her breath grow louder as Birju took his time with the book. Pratap had to force himself not to grab her ass even as his hands roamed just above her skirt, feeling her squirm at his touches.

“Tum bade mast dikh rahi ho” (you are looking great), he leaned towards her to whisper in her ears. “Ye shawl ki kya zaroorat, dikhaao na teri pake hui aam” (Why do you need a shawl, show off your ripe mangoes) he leered, making Garima flinch. Realizing that the girl was not countering him, he pulled off her shawl, getting one look over her shoulder at her cleavage before moving away with it. Garima gasped as she felt his move, too late in turning around as she saw him move away. Even as she took a step towards him to retrieve her shawl, she felt Birju grab her hand, pulling her towards the door. “Rehne do, kya farak padega.” (Leave it, what difference does it make) as he gently coerced her outside.

There was an old house in the village, probably made for some British officer or another, but the way he told her, it may as well have been an iron fort. He led her towards the back of the hotel away from the main dusty road, convincing her that there was a shortcut through the trees. Garima followed, not too eager herself to be on the road dressed like that, and enjoying the cool breeze as she walked through the trees. Birju had let go of her hand, though he made sure she was following him. Once the forest trail became visible, he let her lead the way, hanging back a step to ogle at her swaying form again.

Once she got used to the lonely path and her clothes, Garima started to feel so free, and so excited. Even in the city, she had never shown so much skin in public. She could feel his eyes boring into her, and it turned her on to know that he desired her so much. She made sure to add some extra sway to her hips, enjoying every step she took in front of him. Soon however, she froze, hearing the voice of men through the trees. She turned around at Birju, eyes wide in fear and surprise.

“Kya hua. Sharmaa kyun rahe ho, unko bhi dekhne do na” (What happened. Why are you getting shy now, let them also see you like this), Birju said, enjoying her squirming. Something like this was exactly what he had in mind, as he watched Garima floundering bahis şirketleri about. “Achcha, toh yeh show sirf mere liye thaa kya?” (So this show was just for me?), he asked with a knowing smile, refusing to move till she answered. “Haan ji, ye sirf aapki aankhon ke liye hai” (Yes, it’s only for your eyes), Garima said in desperation, “ab mein kya karoon” (What do I do now).

Birju nodded, satisfied with her confession. He wanted her in his arms willingly and she was on that path. Grabbing her hand again, he quickly pulled her into the trees, finding a wide banyon tree they could both hide behind. Pushing her against it with his hands on her shoulders, he leaned into to whisper to her, “Ab toh hume koi nahi dekhega. Bas, tum aawaz mat karna. Koi sun liya toh aa jaayenge” (Now they won’t see us. Just don’t make any noise. If they hear us, they’ll come to look)

Garima nodded, realizing how loud her breath had become. His hands held her firmly, her face was inches away from hers, and his torso almost touching her breasts. It slowly sunk into her what he meant, as he stood drinking in her scent. She couldn’t resist anything he wanted to do to her, without alerting the passersby. She whimpered gently as she felt his arms trace down her hands and down to her waist.

“Meine tumko bacha liya. Kuch toh labh milni chahiye na”(I’ve saved you from them, now you have to reward me), he whispered before burying his face into the side of her neck. He held her waist firmly with both hands as he felt her shudder, placing gentle kisses on her neck, his tongue flicking out to get a lick. As he felt her breathing grow louder, he pulled back, looking into her eyes. There was no anger there. He smiled, leaning in again, aiming for her juicy lips.

Garima struggled to push him away from her in panic, but he held her strong, his mouth trying to suck on her lips. After a few moments, she felt herself pushed firmly up against the tree as his mouth refused to leave her lips, licking and sucking at them. As she finally pushed him away a bit, he leaned over closer to her ear. “Maine angrezi movie dekhe ye sab seekha hai. Tum itna mat bechain ho” (I’ve learned all this from the English movies. You don’t worry) he said, trying to calm her as he leaned in to kiss her again. This time, she felt his lips to be more controlled, calmly kissing and licking at her lips, making her shudder at the tenderness and forcing her to drop her guard. In a moment, she felt her lower lip sucked into his mouth, a quiet moan passing through her throat, as her hands grabbed his shirt.

Birju let out a loud groan as he tasted her lips. They were so delicious, he had almost forgotten about the people passing by them. His hands were grabbing tightly at her waist, squeezing her soft flesh. He pulled himself away from her lips, panting as he looked around, making sure no one had noticed. “Tujhme itna majaa hai ki maine apne aap ko hi bhool gaya.” (There is so much fun in you that I forgot myself), making her blush. He looked down at her shuddering form. He wanted to tear open her blouse and taste those nubs. But he resisted, looking back up as she spoke. “Koi suna toh nahi” (Did anyone hear?). He shook his head, wondering what he could get away with, without her feeling he was taking advantage of her situation.

“Yahan koi sun lega, toh mein apna inaam baad mein leta hoon” (They’ll hear us here, so I’ll take my reward later) he whispered, placing a kiss on her ear as he did so, “Par tumhe vaada karna hoga. Jab hum pahunch jayenge, tum chumma dene mein mana nahin karegi” (But you have to promise. When we get there, you won’t resist my kisses), he said, hands squeezing her hips hard in excitement. She squirmed at his touches, having no choice but to nod at his words. She didn’t mind the kisses, in fact, they had made her feel warm, and she was almost sad that he had stopped. She gasped as he drew a finger towards her belly and traced around her navel, tickling her.

He drew his hand back with a chuckle, happy at her words. He praised his own cleverness at not mentioning where he wanted to kiss her. Now he had her just where he wanted. He had sent Pratap ahead to an empty house on the edge of the woods, to dust off the bedroom and get it ready for her. The house was old and small, having just one room and a small kitchen. Pratap laid out a few thick blankets on the floor, making a makeshift bed, pulling sheets over the windows to make sure no one could see inside. As he heard footsteps approach, he slid into the dark kitchen awaiting their arrival.

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