16 Haziran 2021

The Woman

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The day had been a hard one. One of many that had been plaguing him lately. Usually he didn’t let his friends get a hold of him, but tonight it was all he could not to jump at the chance to get out of his empty place.

“What the fuck, man…” Brian asked him. “What’s been going on with you? You never come out anymore.”

“I just don’t have a reason.” Joe replied. “I mean it’s not like I really have anything really going on, so why bother.”

“Dude, it’s been months. You need to let her go and just find a good fuck and get all this bullshit over with.” With that Joe just tuned out the boy’s for most of the night. He drank and replied when needed in the conversations, but for the most part kept to himself.

After a good part of the night was over, Joe found himself really getting into the fun and beginning to calm down. Nice and buzzed, he listened to his friends talk more and more about a woman watching him from across the bar.

“Just go fucking talk to her,” Drew told him, “maybe this just what you need.” After more than likely too long thinking it through, Joe finally walked over to her.

From afar this woman had nothing really great about güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri her. Just your “run of the mill” woman, but as Joe got closer to her, he really saw her. She was wearing a short black dress that showed off her legs very well and she had something about her face that made Joe awe as he stared in her lavender eyes.

“Can I help you?” she almost cooed. It was only then when Joe realized he has been standing there like a dumbass.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to stair, but I saw you from over there and I couldn’t help but notice how beautiful you are.” Smooth, he thought to himself.

“It’s cool,” her voice was like a drug he was getting hooked to. “What’s your name?”

“Joe,” it took a lot to keep from stuttering, “What’s yours?”

“Are you sure you want to do this…Joe?” he wasn’t too sure what she meant by it and truly didn’t care. He was so trance by her body and voice that he simply nodded. “Good, that’s what I hoped you would say. I’m Victoria.” Even her name intoxicated him. As he stood there gawking at her, she got up, took his hand and said, “Come with me.”

He followed without pause, only stopping güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri in his mind to wonder what the guys were going to say later and then decided not to care. She led him outside to the back parking lot and Joe couldn’t help but continued to stair. They stopped in the ally.

“Do you want me?” she whispered into his ear. The power she had on him was growing. When he didn’t say anything, she took it as a yes and led him further down the alley. When they stopped she began to kiss him. His hands started to move wildly over her body. He suddenly was out of the trance this woman had put him under. He grabbed her and pinned her to the wall. Her eyes were wild with excitement. She reached down with her free hand and rested it on his groin and began to stroke it. He could barely handle the pain of longing. He hadn’t had any real contact in months.

Surprising him she move swiftly and pinned him to the wall and undid his belt. She could feel his cock getting harder as she moved down to her knees. Still watching him, she pulled down his pants just enough to find his swelling member and ran her tongue up the shaft to the güvenilir bahis şirketleri end where she put her lips around the tip. He could hardly breathe, as she moved her wet lips up and down his hard cock. He began to make small noises, which just seemed to make her move his dick further down her throat.

Joe pulled her up in a swift movement once more pinning her to the wall. He slid up her dress, exposing her pussy. While his mouth was nibbling on her neck and top of her breasts, his hand found her clit. As he stroked it she told him to fuck her tight cunt. With his free hand pulled her knee up around his waist and with his other hand griped his penis and slid it into her tight wet pussy. He began to thrust his way into her, deeper with each pump. She began to shake as he pounded her, finding it hard to last much longer.

“Do you like that?” Joe asked, “Do you like to be fucked?” she almost could speak.

“Oh, god, fuck me…fuck me… fuck me.” Was all she could manage to say. He couldn’t handle it as she climaxed, but he continued to penetrate her and her pussy tightened and she moaned with utter satisfaction.

“Cum on me.” She told him. He pulled out his dick and rapped his hand around it, as she got down once again on her knees. With a grunt, he came on her face like she asked…


“Where the fuck have you been?” Brian asked

“Just taking you advice,” was all Joe said. He never did see Victoria, but always remembered her eyes.

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