14 Haziran 2021

The Workout

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This story was written to be narrated by another Literotica member, SomeAussieGuy. Here, is the manuscript.


Introduction: Another day at the gym. I’ve been working out for about 20 minutes, now. Not too long. I’m walking on the treadmill at a pretty steady pace. Not too fast, not too slow. Even though it hasn’t been that long, I am starting to break a light sweat. I’m dressed in navy blue, nylon Adidas® track pants and a black wifebeater. After a bit, I notice an incredibly, beautiful young lady walk in with a gorgeous figure. She walks across the room to get to the equipment that she’s going to use, so I get a perfect view of her backside. She is wearing tight, dark grey sweatpants and a very cute, little hot pink sports bra. Her butt is squeezed so tight in those pants, and it switches lovely from side to side as she walks. I try to look away quickly so that I don’t get too excited, because if I do it will be easily seen through these thin, loose, track pants.

Warm up: So, I continue minding my own business. My walking has now accelerated to a jog and I’m watching the news over the sound of the treadmill. Sweat is starting to run down my face and neck. I take the towel around my neck and quickly wipe the sweat from my eyes. I’m breathing and panting hardly. I glance over at you on the elliptical. Gosh, I can’t help myself. I’m savoring the sight of you. Those tight, soft buns moving up and down rhythmically as you pedal. Your delicate hips are swaying graciously from side to side. You haven’t broken a sweat, yet; but I anticipate seeing it when it begins to drip down your hot skin that showing on your back. Your sports bra is hugging you nicely. As I continue gazing at you, I start to become aroused again. My body is already heated, and you make me even hotter. I can feel my heart rate going up, and I feel the blood rushing to every part of my body, including one part in particular. I’m starting to take notice to the moistness inside my pants from the sweating. The soft, silky, smooth nylon feels good moving against my member as it starts to grow. Mmm…I sort of make a quiet, low grunt. Luckily, no one can hear me over the noise of the machines and the t.v. Finally, I’ve come to the end of my jogging routine and I decide to move over to the elliptical area of the gym. I take a few minutes to cool down, wiping the excess moisture from my face and neck. I take a little time to let my erection go down, then after resting for a minute, I walk over and get on the elliptical next to you. As I start up the machine, I look over at you and smile.

You smile back and say, “Hi.” “Hi, how are you?” I reply.

You say, “Fine, thanks.”

“Great.” (I say).

We get back to working out, and I can’t help but to look over. I was enjoying the view from afar just a few minutes ago, and it’s even better up close. You notice casino şirketleri me out the corner of your eye, staring at you. You turn your head over quickly and catch me. I turn my head quickly, a little blushed with embarrassment. I know I can’t deny it though, so I turn my head back over at you again and sort of give you a goofy smile. I turn my head back, looking straight forward for a few minutes. Then I notice you out the corner of my eye glaring at me. Your eyes are focused toward the middle of my body. I catch you take a glance at my crotch. I’m a little embarrassed at my excitement showing. You have a mischievous smirk on your face. I look back over at you, and give you a wink. Surprisingly, you wink back at me. After about ten more minutes, you turn off your machine. Suddenly, you sneak up behind me and grab my butt as I’m moving up and down on the elliptical. You rub it and squeeze it through my pants. I wonder if anyone sees you, but I don’t care. Mmm…damn it feels so good. I grunt when you take me by surprise and dig a little into my crack, through the soft, damp nylon fabric of my track pants. Then, you leave and walk off into the sauna room. I cut my elliptical off and follow you.

The Sauna: When I enter the sauna room, I find you bent over digging through your gym bag that you sat on the bench. I walk up behind you, wrap my hands around your waist and pull your butt up against my crotch. You must be excited already, because I feel your buttocks twitch immediately. Mmm…that got me so hard. My erection is raging, throbbing and jumping. I grunt and groan as I feel pre-cum starting to ooze out of the head of my very hard penis. I turn you around by your waist, so that you’re facing me. I pull you closer, one hand in your hair and start to kiss you. I force my hot tongue into your wet mouth, moving it in and out as if I’m fucking your mouth with my tongue. Then, I pull out and move my tongue down, licking the perspiration off of your hot neck. Your skin is so wet, slippery and smooth. You’re so beautiful and delicate. Mmm…your scent is so sweet. You whimper and moan as I lick you, then I move up your neck and begin to lick and nibble on your earlobes…

“We better get out of here!” you exclaim.

“I have a better idea,” I said. Then, I walked over to the door and locked it. I assure you that the door is locked, and that no one will come in. I tell you that, “they’ll think someone is cleaning.”

The Passion: …after nibbling on your earlobes, I stick the tip of my tongue inside your ear and it drives you crazy. Your moaning is starting to get loud and your breathing has gotten heavy. As I’m fondling inside your ear with my tongue, I slowly start to undo your sports bra from behind, then I squeeze your supple, creamy white breasts. I move my thumbs across your firm, taut nipples. You have casino firmalari your arms around my waist, and you start to lift up my black, soaking wet wifebeater. I help you out, and lift it up over my head. Sweat is dripping down my chest, both from working out and from being in the steamy sauna.

I take my tongue out of your hear and onto your hot, wet, erect nipples. Mmm…your squirming with pleasure and you murmur, “I can’t believe I’m doing this.”

I ignore you, flicking my tongue quickly over your nipples as you gasp in ecstasy. While I pleasure you, you move your hands down my waist and onto my backside. You squeeze my rub and squeeze my buttocks, driving me crazy. Then, you move around to my crotch, and begin to rub, squeeze and tug on my erection through my track pants. You can hear the material of the baggy, nylon windpants making noise. My dick is throbbing and jumping inside, and I feel a puddle of wet, slippery, sticky hot pre-cum on the head of my penis, running down my scrotum. “Ahhh… baby,” I grunt out loud, with your tit in my mouth. My saliva is dripping and running down your breast onto your stomach and into your navel. I lick all the way down, and suck it out your navel and you moan in pleasure. As I drive you wild, tonguing your navel, I have my hands on your buttocks and give you a good spank. You shutter with excitement.

I look down and find your tight sweatpants are wet at the crotch. I move my hand down and start to gently massage it. Your moaning increases. Your hot body is shivering with anticipation. Feeling the wetness through the cotton of your sweatpants is driving me crazy. My hardon is raging and my balls are burning, ready to explode, as I’m bowing down with my knees bent, licking your wet, hot, camel tow through your sweatpants. I get more and more excited, so I pick you up and sit you on the bench.

“Spread those legs baby, so I can get in between them.”

I remove your tennis shoes, and then pull your pants down gently. My hot tongue is glistening with saliva as it enters that pretty, pink, supple, hot, moist anticipating vagina. It’s so sticky and sweet. I rub your thighs as I give you head. I can feel your whole body tingling; your chest is moving up and down, breathing so heavily. You’re panting so hard and moaning. Your juices are running down the inside of your thighs and dripping onto your legs. Your body is so wet from the condensation in the sauna room. So is mine, but I still have my pants on. My shirt is off. I pull my tongue out your pussy, and stand up in front of you. My crotch is in front of your face, and you grab me by my butt and push me toward you. You start sucking on my tent through my pants, wetting the front of them. The nylon material is glistening with your spit. I’m about to bust, so I pull back from you so I won’t cum in my pants. As you pull güvenilir casino my pants down, a string of clear, sticky pre-cum is attached from my hard cock to the waistband of my trackies.

You wrap your soft, pretty lips around this dick. Right at that moment, I grunt and my dick jumps inside of your mouth. “Mmm…yeah girl! Suck this dick,” I say excitedly in a commanding voice. Your head is moving back and forward on my cock, as I stand in front of you with my hands on your shoulders and yours on my bare, sweaty buttocks. I start pumping into your mouth, and you begin to gag as I’m hitting the back of your throat. When I pull out of your mouth, my dick jumps. A thick, sticky, nasty mixture of pre-cum and your saliva drips from my throbbing cock. My pants are wrapped around my ankles, and I still have my sneakers on. I pull my sneakers off and pull my pants from around my ankles. Now, we’re both completely naked. I pull out my yoga mat from my gym bag, and lay it on the floor. I pick you up and carry you over and then lie you down gently on the mat. I climb in between your thighs, and hover over you as I kiss you gently on the lips and run my hands through your wet hair. I kiss your forehead, your nose, your cheeks, and then I crack open your pretty, pink, supple lips with my firm, hot, wet tongue and start fucking your mouth again with it. As I’m hovering over you, with my tongue in your mouth, you reach down beneath my abs and grab my hard, thick, meaty dick and start rubbing it on your split. “Mmm…baby, yeah. Your coochie is so slippery and wet,” I murmur as I’m still tonguing you deep.

I move my pelvis forward, trying to reach you. Feeling the tip of your dripping slit against the head of my swollen, throbbing cock. Pre-cum is steadily excreting out of the head of my penis, trembling down onto your pussy. There’s a puddle of your pussy juice and my pre-nut beneath you, on the plastic mat.

“Mmm…girl let me get that “wet wet.”

I look into your eyes and ask if you if you’re ready for it. You look into my eyes and shake your head, “Yes.” I tell you that I’m going to beat that pussy up.

We remain in the missionary position. You’re on your back, snuggled beneath me while I’m on top with my sweaty butt in the air. My cock is pointed toward your centerfold, ready to enter. You being to rub my dick against your entrance faster, and finally I push in. “Ughhh….!” It’s so good, I can’t help but holler out like a lion. My head drops on your shoulder. Your wet, hot, slippery, juicy, sticky poontang makes my knees shake. I’m pumping in and out slowly, my ass in the air, my butthole twitching as I beat your pussy. As I thrust in and out, our juices mix together and produce a cream that oozes out of your pussy while I’m inside you. We can hear the wetness. The excess moisture sounds smooth and sticky, like mayonnaise when you’re stirring it. You slip your finger into my hot, twitching, sweaty butthole, and I let out a manly moan. You have no idea how good this feels to me, having my hole fingered while I beat your pussy. Grunting and groaning.

To be continued…

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