22 Nisan 2021

Three Guests

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Note: This story contains infidelity. If you don’t like, just don’t read!


The weather people had warned them: the storm would be a nasty one. But, they’d said that two weeks prior and there’d been only about two inches of snow so a lot of people figured this one would also be a non event.

Alyssa had gone to Dan’s office a few times to look out his window, her own office not having a window to the outside. She’d teased him a few times that he’d just have to call his wife and tell her he wouldn’t come home that night. Each time, he’d pointed out that he was carpooling with two others and would have to go with them.

Their factory was situated in an isolated location between two towns, one 45 minutes away to the east and the other only 15 minutes away to the west. However, both required workers to drive winding roads through areas of high wind.

Mid-way through the afternoon, Alyssa once again went to look out Dan’s office window. The storm was so bad that she couldn’t even see the building just 100 yards across the way. The snow was accumulating at a fast rate and there was already what looked like six inches on the ground. Heavy equipment operators were busy trying to clear the snow but looked like they were losing the battle. Alyssa saw them change course and head towards the parking lot. Soon, they were out of her sight.

Then, Jeff and Marco came into Dan’s office. Jeff quickly put his arm around Alyssa’s shoulders and said “You have a guest room, don’t you?”

Indeed, her home was a three bedroom townhouse, one of the bedrooms being used as a home office. She nodded and then asked “Why?”

“Well, Sweetness, these two yahoos are going to sleep in your guest room and I’m going to spend the night with you!”

Alyssa’s jaw dropped. But before she could say anything, Jeff continued. “The road east of here has been closed because of a huge accident and the cops called here and asked the boss to send us all west, asking if those of us who live east can stay with colleagues who live west. So I thought I’d reserve a place with my favourite girl. What do you say? Can you put us up for a night?”

Marco chimed in “More like can you put up with us for a night?”

Alyssa laughed. “I have the spare bed and I have an inflatable mattress we can set up so your wives can all rest easy about you spending the night at my place.”

Just then, they heard an announcement over the paging system, asking them all to meet in the conference room. There, they were told that the factory was closing early, that the road east was closed and that they were to get ready to leave. They were asked to figure out who could take in people, who had friends of family in town that they could go to. Then, they were told that they would all follow each other in a convoy to town leaving in 30 minutes. They were told to take as few vehicles as they could. Then, supervisors were told to go gather their workers and make the same announcement in the cafeteria.

The next 20 minutes were chaotic to say the least. The factory being shut down quickly, things being secured and people getting ready to leave. Alyssa received a text from Dan.

“Darn, I’d rather it be just me spending the night with you.”

Dan and Alyssa had gotten together for quick sex a few times in the past two years. They had been extremely discreet about it. Dan had often wanted Alyssa to fake appointments so they could sneak over to her place but she didn’t feel comfortable with that so encounters had been few and far between, happening mostly when she got extremely horny.

She’d been on her own for a few years now after her last partner had left her for a younger woman. Somehow, she just hadn’t been interested in another long term relationship since then. She figured that some day, she’d want that again but until then, having sex with Dan a few times a year was good enough. He knew very well how to turn her on and make her melt.

She texted him back “It’ll be difficult to keep my hands off you because of these two… Can’t they go somewhere else?”

The response surprised her “Or, we could take advantage of this and make one of your fantasies come true.”

Unbeknownst to her, Jeff and Marco were in Dan’s office. They had started joking about it but the conversation had taken a turn for the serious, with Dan instructing them to be extremely discreet.

“And which fantasy would that be?”


“Did you fail math in school? There will be a total of four people there!”

“Three men pleasuring you? Wouldn’t you like that?”


“I’m serious! Do you trust me?”

“You yes, but them?”

Just then, there was another page that they all had to head to the parking lot within five minutes. Jeff and Marco hurried down to their offices to grab their coats. Alyssa grabbed her coat and bag and locked up her office. Meeting Dan in the hallway, they made their way down to where Jeff and Marco were waiting for them. Marco said “my car has its snow tires and four wheel drive, does yours, izmir escort bayan Alyssa?”

“No, my appointment for tires is next week. What do you drive?”

“I have a Chevy Equinox. It’ll get us there. That is if you don’t mind me driving and leaving your own car here.”

“No problem. And it’ll even fit in my garage so let’s get as much snow off it as we can.”

Then, everyone was in the parking lot, clearing out cars and trucks. Alyssa took the snow broom from her car and helped clear Marco’s vehicle. She also brought the garage door opener. The plant manager gave the signal and everyone got into vehicles and lined up. The drive to town which normally took 15 minutes took then 40 and visibility was all but nil along the way. The convoy had been a great idea as everyone made it safely into town.

During the drive, Jeff had asked “Should we go to a grocery store for supplies before going to your place?”

Alyssa had reassured them that her kitchen and pantry were very well stocked and that there was no need to detour to a grocery store. They’d mostly talked about food and the condition to the road. When they’d gotten to her place, Alyssa had opened up the garage door and Marco had backed in. As soon as he’d cut the ignition, she’d closed the door. They’d gotten out of the car and made their way to the door.

Alyssa let them into her home. They hung their coats in the closet and took off their boots. Then, before they went up to the next level, Alyssa showed them her home office at the back of her townhome as well as the lower washroom. She turned on the power to her modem and wireless network.

When she turned around, all three guys were looking at her. “What?”

Dan looked at Jeff and said “Do it.”

Jeff asked “You’re sure?”

Dan smiled and said “Absolutely. Just do it.”

Before Alyssa could ask anything else, Jeff walked up to her and, grabbing her face, kissed her. With the shock of his actions, Alyssa’s mouth was wide open and he took advantage of that to seek her tongue with his own. Being kissed like that was a big turn on for her and instinctively, she kissed him back. Yet, he broke the kiss and pulled away, only to be replaced by Marco who kissed her the same way. When Marco was done, it was Dan’s turn to kiss her.

Then, Dan said “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. What happens here tonight stays here and strictly among the four of us. Agreed?”

While the two others nodded, Alyssa hesitated. “What exactly is it that you have in mind here?”

Dan moved behind her and put his arms around her and said “Anything you want baby, the three of us will do anything you want. We all want to pleasure you, don’t we guys?”

Both nodded. Dan continued “Now, why don’t you go up to your room, wash up like you usually do and then change into a skirt and cami.”

Marco spoke up “If you have nylons and garters, that would be my request.”

Then, it was Jeff’s turn “And I’d like to see your hair down. You okay with this Alyssa? Dan told us this was a fantasy of yours and all want to participate.”

“Do you all promise absolute discretion?”

“Of course! We’re all married, we don’t want to mess that up, we just want to have a little fun off the record.”

“Just to be clear, if this ever gets out and I end up branded a slut, you’re all going to feel the same heat, understood?”

All three men agreed and Alyssa lead them up the stairs to the first floor where the kitchen, dining area and living room were. She pointed to the television and said “There you go, watch something while I go get changed.”

Alyssa went up to her bedroom on the second floor and quickly got undressed. She washed up, shaved, and applied a lightly scented lotion all over. She took a few minutes to touch up the large washroom and put away all her girly stuff. She then dressed as requested and, as she put on her heels, started feeling shaky. Was she really going to have sex with three guys?

She went to the guest bedroom and turned down the bed. If they were going to do it, it would be on this bed which only had the bottom frame, unlike her bed which had a big foot board that would certainly get in the way.

She made her way down the steps and stopped when she reached the second to last step. The guys whistled appreciatively.

“Guys, I’m feeling a bit self conscious here. My feet are a bit cold, you know?”

Marco asked “I see you have Big Bang Theory DVDs, you a fan?”

Surprised by the change in subject, she made it down the last few steps and went to sit next to him. “Yes, I adore that show! Why?”

“Have you seen that episode where Sheldon gets a female visitor and she ends up having sex with Leonard and then with Raj?”

“Yes I have seen that one. Why?”

“Do you remember how when Leonard and Wallowitz get to Raj’s and the girl suggests a joint encounter, the guys get uncomfortable with the thought of seeing each other naked?”

“Yes, I remember that.”

Jeff took over “Well, we’re kind of having a similar reaction escort izmir here. So I guess our feet are a bit cold too.”

Alyssa couldn’t help but feel relieved that hers weren’t the only jitters. “We don’t have to do anything we don’t want to, guys. Why don’t we go fix dinner? That will take some pressure off.”

So they all went to the kitchen and, after agreeing on a meal, set about preparing it. Despite the fact that it was rather crowded in her little kitchen, Alyssa and the guys managed to make dinner without too many toes being stepped on. They ate dinner, had some wine and talked about this and that, having a lot of fun. Then, they went back into the kitchen to do the dishes. While they were working, Alyssa spoke.

“You know how the media leads us all to believe that only really thin women with perfect figures and perfect complexion are beautiful?”

“You’re beautiful just the way you are, Alyssa.”

“Oh, this isn’t about me. I know I have quite a few extra pounds but there’s no way I’m going to starve myself to be as thin as the media says is good. I’m healthy and active and that’s what matters. No, what I was getting to is that there are similar pressures on men too. With all the available porn out there, seems that men are led to believe that unless they’re at least 8 inches long, they’re not well endowed. And in my experience, it seems that only men who are huge feel confident about their manhood. The fact that all three of you feel a little shy about getting naked tells me that you’re probably all very normal sized.”

The guys looked a little sheepish so Alyssa continued.

“Guys, that you have normal sized penises is a relief to me! I’m kind of short and tight down there so big dicks only mean pain for me. I’d be scared if any of you had a monster dick!”

Dan asked “Does that mean your feet aren’t so cold anymore?”

Alyssa blushed “Well, it would be a shame to pass up such an opportunity but I don’t want to pressure you guys.”

Dan said “I’m in!”

Alyssa looked at him “Dan, it’s all or nothing. To ensure total discretion, we need everyone to be in agreement, we can’t have a hold out.”

Jeff then said “It’s a bit early to go to bed, why don’t we open up a second bottle of wine and play cards? You got playing cards, don’t you? Two decks?”


Alyssa went to get the cards while the guys cleared the table and opened the second bottle of wine. They then grabbed one of her pens and some paper and set up to keep score.

“Alyssa, you know that all three of us love to golf. Well, we have a card game called golf, it’s really easy.”

And so they explained the rules and played one mock round. It was indeed easy and Alyssa took to it right away.

Marco said “How about we make it a little more interesting?”


“The winner of each round gets to tell the worst player of the round which piece of clothing to take off.”

Dan said “Okay, but I kind of really like what Alyssa’s wearing and find it more tantalizing than if she were naked. Can we do something different if she’s the worst?”

“Like what?”

“Like 30 seconds of whatever the winner wants.”

“Like kissing or dancing?”

“Sure, something like that.”

Alyssa could see the twinkle in his eye and figured he’d most likely want 30 seconds of her going down on him if he were the winner and she was the worst for a given round. She nonetheless agreed.

First round, Dan was told by Jeff to lose his shirt. Second round, Alyssa got to ask Marco to take off his shirt. To her dismay, he had a t-shirt under it so she wasn’t going to see his torso yet. Third round, Marco won and Alyssa was the loser. He got up and stood behind her and said “I want to play with your twins for my 30 seconds.”

He started by gently caressing her through the fabric of the cami and the bra and then pulled the straps of the cami off her shoulders and let out a whistle when he saw her lacy bra. After caressing her through the bra, he then pushed the straps of the bra off her shoulders too and gently reached inside the bra to cup her breasts and with his finger and thumb gently tweaked her hardening nipples. “Time’s up.” Marco quickly let go, straightened the bra and its straps as well as the cami. Alyssa was very turned on by how he’d fondled her and was sure all three of them could smell her arousal.

The fourth round, Jeff told Dan to take off his shirt. Fifth round, Alyssa finally got to tell Marco to take his t-shirt off. She then said “Can we take a short pause?”

“What for?”

“I want to touch and I want to kiss.”

Alyssa, not waiting for an answer, went around the table, touched each man’s chest and kissed him deeply. Then, she sat back on her chair and said “Okay, now we can continue”

Round six presented an unusual challenge. Alyssa had won but all three guys had similar scores. So she said “you all take off your socks” Which they didn’t argue with.

Round seven, Dan won and Alyssa lost so he went to her, pulled out his hard cock and izmir escort said “I’m sure you know what I want.”

Alyssa didn’t hesitate at all and took him into her mouth. She loved his cock. It was a perfect fit in her mouth and she could take most of him. The 30 seconds were over way too quickly for both of them.

Round eight, Marco told Dan to lose his pants so Dan sat through the last round in his underwear.

For the ninth and final round, there was a twist. Although Alyssa finished first, Jeff had a lower score meaning her score doubled so he said “Considering that not only did I win the round but I did so having her double her score, I think I deserve a full minute.”

Alyssa figured he wanted her to blow him like she’d done for Dan so she got up and agreed. But no, he said “You get to lie down on the table, I want to taste you for a whole minute.”

Dan protested “Hey! I though SHE had to do something!”

Jeff laughed and said “Sure she does! She gets to lie there and allow me access! That’s doing something!”

Alyssa bent down and kissed him first, then she turned around to recline on the table.

“Don’t you have to take off your underwear first?”

“I’m not wearing any.”

The looks on their faces was priceless. All three jaws dropped and then lips got licked as their arousal strained their bottoms.

She laid down on the table and opened up her legs. Jeff pulled his chair back up to the table and kissed her thigh before kissing her freshly shaved mound. Then, he ran his tongue up her valley. Alyssa’s back arched on the table. For a whole minute, Jeff licked and teased her pussy lips. Then, he said “Well, considering the game’s done, I’m just going to keep going ’cause this is too yummy to stop.”

He resumed licking her slit and her clit, causing her to moan. The two others looked at each other and then down at her. Dan was the first to move. He bent down to kiss her, pulled the straps off her shoulder and exposed her breast. He then went to kiss and tease her hard nipple. Seeing that, Marco joined in and did the same on the other side. They took turns kissing her on the lips and teasing her nipples.

Alyssa reached down their torsos and rubbed their cocks through their clothes. Dan was only wearing his underwear to she could clearly feel his. She struggled to make her way inside and he helped her. On the other side, Marco realized that his jeans were in her way so he also helped her gain access. Once she felt his cock, Alyssa had to look. Marco’s cock may have been on the lower side of the length scale but it certainly made up for it in girth. She thought to herself that he’d likely have to be the last one in and was looking forward to being stretched by such an amazing cock.

Dan asked Jeff to switch which Jeff obliged. Jeff helped Alyssa find his cock and stroke it while he played with her nipple, as Dan had done before. Dan, meanwhile, was licking and sucking on her clit, the way he knew she liked.

She started feeling her body tensing up and knew she was going to come. Dan was pushing her slowly but very surely over the edge. He then decided to insert first one then two fingers inside her and quickly found a rhythm that had her rocking her hips and moaning loudly. She exploded in a loud groan that got all three guys cheering. That made her laugh. “Nobody’s ever cheered my orgasm before!”

Then, she said “Why don’t we go up to the bedroom, we’ll be more comfortable.”

They made their way up to the guest bedroom quickly and all three men shed what was left of their clothes. Alyssa knelt onto the thick carpet and reached for the three beautiful cocks around her. She pulled Dan’s cock into her mouth while she caressed the other two. Jeff’s cock was only slightly bigger than Dan’s which was perfect. She could hardly believe her luck: three wonderful cocks, hers to play with all night.

She took her time, sucking on one and using her hands on the other two. When one guy tried to switch things up, she stopped him and said “Not yet, I want to enjoy this a little longer. You don’t mind, do you?”

The guys all indicated that she could blow them for as long as she wanted, that their wives rarely did this for them. That stopped Alyssa “Hey, you’re with ME tonight. I don’t want to hear about any of them again tonight, okay?”

“Sorry Alyssa!”

She resumed playing with the three cocks but then, she felt the need to have one in her pussy. She got up and laid back on the bed, saying “Dan, I want you. You two, come up here.”

Dan teased her slit with his cock until he heard her say “Please Dan!”

She felt him enter her and she moaned loudly. As Dan slid in and out of her, Jeff decided to straddle her stomach and fuck her tits slowly. That left Marco for her to play with which she did with enthusiasm.

Dan called out “I’m gonna come!” and he plunged into her as deep as he could and pressed against her, groaning his release. He then pulled out and Alyssa said “Switch!”

The guys, not sure what she meant, stopped what they were doing. She pushed Jeff off her and got Dan to lay down on his back. Then, she straddled him and positioned her pussy lips over his still half hard cock. “Jeff, take me from behind and you, I’m not done feasting on you yet.”

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