21 Nisan 2021

Towers of Pleasure Ch. 02

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Two hours turned into six and when I opened my eyes Debbie was mashed against me and I could feel that her nipples were still hard getting me horny all over again. This sexy lady was doing things to me I’d never experienced before. I whispered in her ear let’s take a shower together. As I was whispering into her ear I also had my hand in her pussy which was getting hot again. Her juices were beginning to freely flow and I knew she wanted it as bad as I did.

The warm spray from the shower felt so good as I grabbed for the soap that Debbie had already taken and was soaping up my cock which was already at attention, but she made it even harder and longer. Before I realized it she was down on her knees with the shower water splashing on her and she was sucking on my cock like there was no tomorrow. I loved her tits and the titty fucking but this was incredible as she took it down her throat while she was tonguing it. I didn’t want her to stop and she didn’t. Within a couple of minutes the cum was coming, going right down her throat, and she didn’t stop until she had sucked it all out. Debbie was absolutely incredible. When I tried to please her she said to wait until tonight as her and Meg would be a handful.

I showered, shaved, dressed, and headed back to the convention center for a full day of looking and perhaps purchasing some material. Time actually went by fairly quickly but I admit that my mind wasn’t always on business but I kept thinking how I could get my cock positioned to spray all four titties. There was a strong desire so there would be a way. I no sooner got back to my hotel room thinking about taking a nap to be fresh for the ladies when the phone rang.

“This is your new fuck buddy Rob,” she responded. “Meg and I are on the way over. She can’t wait to meet you.”

“She says she is all turned on with all this talk about tittyfucking,” responded Meg

“I can handle both of you or I’ll have a heart attack trying,” Don emphasized.

“We’ll be right over lover boy” and hung up.

In no time Debbie and Meg were there and one look at Meg told me that Debbie wasn’t doing her any justice. Dark hair, pale skin, and some of the tightest cleavage I’ve ever seen on massive titties. The dress a thin slinky black one was tight and you could clearly see the outline of her nipples through the material. She looked like she was ready canlı bahis to go now.

Holding her hand out she politely introduced herself. “I’m Meg and I know your Robert. Debbie has told me all about you and your big cock. I can’t wait to feel it between my tits.”

Meg and Debbie seemed to have this whole situation scripted out as Meg pulled her dress down and Debbie immediately began sucking on her hard swollen nipples making Meg cry out in agony. Meg’s hands were all over Debbie’s beautiful mountains as she too had pulled her dress off, ready for some hot girl to girl action. As Debbie stopped her biting Meg’s mouth went to her own breasts and she lovingly licked the hard nipples so they were even bigger and harder. Debbie faced me and playfully sucked on one of nipples and said “Do you want to bite them?”

“I do,” I replied “But I want to watch you lick the other ones pussy. Make them hot and wet for me so I can properly fuck them. I want to feel the heat of her your pussies and make you cum over and over.”

Two hotter tongues you’ve never seen before as they attacked the clits of each other making each of them cry out in ecstasy. I stood and stared at two of the hottest babes on the planet and they were doing all of this for me. The turn on was working as my hard cock stood at attention just waiting for a chance to get in on the action. Both girls could see how hard I was but they were occupied with clit tonguing and breast massaging. I had never seen two women together except on porn flicks and I assumed I wouldn’t like it but I was 100% wrong. I couldn’t wait any longer and I picked Meg up as she wrapped her legs around me and I slowly inched my hard cock into her hot wet pussy. It was like an inferno that Debbie had primed for me to fuck which I did. The screaming began when that last inch went in touching the back of the vagina. While I was fucking Meg, Debbie was busy behind Meg licking her ass giving more pleasure to the cum machine that I knew was about to cum.

Not only did Meg come but she came again, the juices drowning my hard cock. Her musky smell was a complete turn on and it was hard for me to pull my cock out and give Debbie a taste of my cock as well. Her nipples were red as well as the breast flesh as I held her really close to me. Debbie wasn’t really done until I wrapped my hands around her titties and started fucking bahis siteleri her from behind. As I slid my cock into her I could feel her nipples growing underneath my hands and Debbie pushed closer and closer to me so she could feel the entire rod in her extremely warm pussy. If it were any warmer the skin on my penis would begin to burn.

“Fuck my pussy hard Rob,” she cried out. “Squeeze my titties harder.”

My hands were replaced with Meg’s titties and she rubbed them back and forth. To watch the jiggling action going on was another turn on. Debbie was so turned on she began to cum over and over. Whatever I had stumbled onto I didn’t want to let this go. I had never been turned on like this ever.

Debbie finally had had enough and she pulled the cock out but the girls weren’t done because there was more to the script. They motioned me to lay on the couch as they both got down on their knees and completely covered my throbbing tool with tits. Meg had some oil which she had gotten from the coffee table and proceeded to soak Debbie’s tits with lots of oil along with my cock. When she finished she joined in on the mini oil orgy and began rubbing her titties on Debbie’s along with my cock. What an incredible sight to see my cock surrounded by four of the nicest titties you’ve ever seen. I knew I was going to cum but I really wanted to extend the feeling for a little bit longer. I knew that when I came my white cum would shoot straight up in the air like a little geyser and come back down on the tops of their titties. This would be a photo that would be ingrained in my brain forever. As the girls continued their jiggling, another turn on

Meg commented “Who has the better titties her or me?”

“I can’t tell you because yours are bigger but Debbie’s are a lot firmer so I can’t choose.”

“Enjoy your tittie fucking,” replied Debbie. “Cum all over them and we’ll lick the cum off of our titties.”

The dirty talk was too much for me and I exploded like I’ve never ever done before. Burst after burst of the hot semen covered four of the most beautiful titties I’d ever had the pleasure of fucking. Both girls smiled and each one licked the man cum off the others titties while I lay in ecstasy watching yet another turn on. I couldn’t believe I was still so horny for both of them. As Meg began stroking my cock I began to feel it begin to recover bahis şirketleri and she wasted no time in putting her pouty lips over my shaft and tried to get it stiff again. I always thought that once you came that was it for awhile. Perhaps the Viagra was still lingering? When you’re around Meg and Debbie, both towers of pleasure, anything was possible. While she was slurping me down Debbie had one hand around Meg’s pillows and one in her pussy holding her doggie style.

With her eyes Debbie made a motion and Meg stopped her glorious blow job to be replaced by an equally fantastic one from Debbie who really deep throated me. I couldn’t believe that I was going to cum in her mouth again or so I thought until Debbie stopped and began giving me a handjob to my delight. Both girls had their faces next to my cock and when I came again there was still more of the cum in me which promptly was plopped on their hot lips. They both licked their lips eating more cum and acting like this was the potion for long life.

Now I was through and I looked at the cum on their faces and all over their beautiful titties. I could also see the complete look of satisfaction each of them had in their eyes which made me feel good as everyone was happy.

Debbie spoke first saying “Meg and I have more friends including Ginger who is even hotter than the two of us plus Kathy and Rhonda. Do you have any friends you can invite and we’ll have an orgy? We’ll play strip poker and the winner gets whoever they want and that person has to fulfill their every wish.

“I do have a couple male friends I can call as well as a lady friend who’d love some action too.”

Meg said “We really like your tool Rob. I’ve not felt so satisfied in a long time. You really aimed to please.”

“The same goes for me,” I said, “this is the best fucking I’ve ever had in my life. Just looking at your titties gives me ideas again but believe me when I say anymore fucking and I’ll have to go to emergency. You fucked me out.”

Debbie replied “You got two blowjobs from me in the same day plus you got to fuck Meg and you came on our faces and our titties.”

“I’m happy girls. Believe me I’m happy but I can’t wait for more. I can’t wait for the orgy, I can’t wait.”

“We’ll tell the girls before we go to bed tonight,” responded Meg. “I can’t wait to get a little one on one from Ginger.”

“What did I do to deserve all of this,” I said.

“It’s called having an insatiable appetite for sex and a big stiff cock. Just go to sleep with nice dreams and expect even more down the road,” said Debbie.

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