14 Haziran 2021

Traveling for Business

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I recently ran across an old picture of a young woman, Lisa, which I spent a night with during a particularly boring work excursion. This was back in the mid to late 80s, when I traveled quite a bit for work. I would try to get with as many women as possible and, if possible, take a photograph as a trophy; most were clothed and done with a Polaroid or a 110 camera that I always carried with me on these trips. She was a very pretty brunette, with lovely green eyes and while not a smoking body, it was sweet with small firm boobs and great legs. She had lovely lips painted with a pale shade of pink lipstick. At the time I was in my mid-30s, single, and in pretty good shape at 6’3″ and 195 lbs.

Back then, my hotels of choice were Hiltons or Marriott’s; however, this time I was in a low budget place in Northern Maine, which thankfully, had a restaurant and a bar. The place was an inn that had originally been an old farmhouse. Over the years, it had been added onto, tacking on wings for more rooms. It was clean but dated, very dated; the decor was an attempt to look like it was from the 1930s, trying to have a charming colonial feel, but failing miserably.

After finishing with my customers for the day, I went back to the inn. I stopped by my room to change. The walls had really bad brown paneling with old red carpeting on the floor. I changed and headed to the restaurant for dinner. The restaurant was down a hallway past the front desk. On the left of the hallway was the entrance to the restaurant while on the right the door to the bar. As I entered the restaurant there was a large stone fireplace that was burning. I remember it giving off more smoke than heat. I had a leisurely dinner and a couple of beers. After finishing dinner, I paid my tab and left the restaurant. Not ready to go back to my room and the poor reception on the TV, I walked across the hall to the bar. It was no different than the rest of the hotel, dated but not colonial, but still dated. The bar was broken into two parts, an upper and lower section. As you walked in, you were on the upper portion in a sitting area with some very used wooden tables and chairs and a worn but not quite threadbare carpet of some indistinguishable dark color. Several stairs led to the lower level, with a large bar and stools on the left side, some high top tables in the middle and booths along the right side of the room. The booths seats were made of black vinyl and torn in places with some poor attempts at repair. Between the seats were Formica covered tables. The combined effect was somewhat depressing.

I took a stool at the bar, ordered a beer and surveyed the room. Quickly, I made eye contact with a young lady; she must have been about 26 or 27, tall and slender with long brown hair and green eyes. She was a very attractive young lady. She was dressed in a nice business suit. The jacket had a large light blue check pattern with a blue skirt that ended just above the knee. Black patent leather high heels, not too high, probably three inches. The skirt had a slit up the side and no nylons with nicely tanned legs. I made a quick mental note; no ring on her finger.

I made my way over to her booth and asked if I could join her. She said sure, “why not” and I slide in next to her. I learned that her name was Lisa. I introduced myself and we exchanged information about one another. She appeared to be the typical young woman new to the business world. She worked as consultant for a software company, company car (Ford Taurus) and enjoying life on the road. She had a boyfriend. She and a married lady co-worker of hers were there on business and had decided to spend the weekend rather than driving 6 hours home and 6 hours back on Sunday.

I bought her another drink and we continue to chat about why we were there, the other patrons in the bar, etc. I leaned in closer, at first telling her how pretty she was, that she was the prettiest girl in the place and she really was. She just smiled and said thank you. I then told what a beautiful and sexy smile she had. At that she beamed. I continued to tell her that I based how sexy a woman was on her smile and her eyes. She was eating this up. Telling her that I preferred a woman with sexy smile to one with big boobs; that the eyes told me more about a woman than her hair or what she wore. I could tell that I had her full attention. I leaned in closer and told her that a sexy smile and eyes like hers made me hard. She smiled and said “Really?” To which I said of course and asked her to check for herself. She declined but I could tell she was thinking about it. Talking low so she had to lean my way, I told her that the emotional connection between two people made sex so much hotter. I bought her another drink. At this point I pulled out a small 110 camera and asked if I could take a picture, that she had model looks. She let me and I snapped off a couple of shots. I continued to talk about how sexy her eyes and smile were. She let out a sound that seemed like a purr and asked if that is what güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri turned me on. I slid closer and pressed my leg next to hers, nursing my drink and telling her to drink up. She did. I leaned even closer, she didn’t lean into me, but she didn’t pull away either. Reaching out, I let my fingers trace a line over her hand and up her wrist to where her jacket cuff started. I locked eyes with her and smiled and she smiled back. I continued to tease her wrist and fingers with mine, looking at her the whole time. Her friend had apparently hooked up with a guy and left the bar. I ordered another round. I dropped my hand between our legs and touched her knee. Again, she didn’t pull away. I let my fingers slide up her thigh, almost tickling her, up to the point where the slit in her skirt ended. She asked me what I was doing. I told her I was just trying to make her feel nice and asked if it was working. She said it felt nice. I continued to trace a line from her knee to that point in her skirt. Up and back. Then I got bolder and slid my hand under the hem of her skirt near where the slit ended.

She told me, “I don’t think that is a good idea.”

I told her I thought it was a great idea. She giggled at that but didn’t stop me and I didn’t stop. I ordered her another drink. I now had the fingers of my hand just inside the slit of her skirt, tracing gentle lines with my fingertips, just trying to tickle her skin. I wanted her to feel goose bumps. When I felt that she had relaxed a little more, I move hand to the inside of her thigh. Sliding back and forth, rubbing gently and using my fingertips lightly on the inside of her thigh. Involuntarily, she parted her legs a little. I asked if her if she liked what I was doing.

“Yes,” she said, “but you should stop.” I didn’t and she didn’t move my hand or close her knees.

I started to whisper in her ears, telling her that if she went to my room, she would never regret it.

She answered, “I don’t think that would be a good idea.”

I told her I wore size thirteen shoes and you know what that means. She giggled again but I caught her glancing towards my crotch, seeing if I was telling the truth.

We continued to sit there, me with my hand between her legs. Every time my hand got within a couple inches of her panties, her legs closed a little. I kept my hand on the inside of her thigh, about three quarters of the way up. At this point she probably had had half a dozen drinks and was feeling no pain. Her eyes were showing that she had good buzz on. Boldly, I took her hand and placed it in my crotch and told to feel what she was doing to me. She rubbed for half minute, staring at my crotch, then looked up at me and said, “Did I do that?” and giggled some more.

I stood up and keeping her hand in mine and guided her to her feet. She followed without resisting. I lead her out of the bar and into the hallway, past the desk and towards the stairs. Once we got to the second floor, I turned to her and wrapped my arms around her and kissed, shoving my tongue into her mouth and sliding my hands down to her ass, grabbing her and pulling her into my now very hard cock. She asked me where we were going, I said my room.

“Nooooooo, I can’t,” she said.

I quieted her by kissing her again. My hands continued to play with her ass, my fingers tracing the crack of her ass. I took her hand and lead her down the hallway to my room.

“Nooooo, I really shouldn’t, I have a boyfriend.”

I held her by the wrist and walked her to my room.

“I really shouldn’t,” she protested again.

I pulled her to me again, kissing her on the mouth and the neck. Kissing her neck got her hot, she started to breathe heavy, an almost silent moan escape her lips. I kissed her neck some more and slid my hand up under her jacket and played with her breast over her blouse.

Pulling my key (yes a real) key from my back pocket, I opened the door and pushed her inside. I continued kissing and licking her neck and worked the jacket off her shoulders and tossed it into the room. My hands slid to her chest, again over blouse. I rubbed and squeezed her tits gently, then played with her nipples. It seemed that she had a sheer bra on underneath and I could feel her nipples. I pinched one nipple and a moan escaped her lips. I pinched some more and started to kiss her throat. She was getting hot. I kept kissing her neck and throat and playing with nipples. Her breath was getting quicker. I moved my other hand between her legs, using it to lift her skirt, and then put my hand on her panties. Lisa reached out and pushed my hand away. So I went back to playing with her nipples. She seemed content to let me play with her tits and kiss her. After a few minutes I put my hand under her skirt again, she tried to push my hand away again but I held it firm. After a minute she stopped trying to move it away. Rubbing her pussy through her panties was making her even hornier. I slid my finger under the elastic band of her güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri panties and slid my finger up and down the slit of her pussy; she was wet! Another moan escaped her lips, this one louder than the others.

Then she said, “Please don’t, I should stop.” But at the same time she pushed her pussy into my fingers.

I pushed two fingers into her pussy and started to slide them in and out. In a minute, I was finger fucking with one hand, another playing with her erect nipple, and my tongue was down her throat. We kept that up for a little while when I moved both hands behind her and undid her skirt and let it fall to the ground. She kicked it to the side. I went back to what I was doing, finger fucking her with one hand, pinching her nipple, and using my tongue to explore her mouth. She was kissing me back, shoving her tongue back into my mouth. I was thinking to myself, what a lucky boyfriend she had.

I undid my pants and slid them and my boxers down my thighs exposing my erect member. Reaching over, I moved her hand to my cock and guided it up and down the shaft.

“I shouldn’t be here,” she whispered.

I continued to move her hand up and down my cock. She didn’t resist but she wasn’t actively involved in it. When I took my hand away, her just hand dropped to her side.

She was standing there in her black heels, black bikini styled panties, and a blouse; she looked extremely hot. Her legs were amazing. I rethought my earlier decision, she did have a smoking body and she really could have been a model. Right now she looked like something out of a porn magazine. I stopped fingering her and started to undo the buttons on her blouse, kissing down from her throat to just above her bra, running my tongue just under the bra line. I slid the blouse off and slid it down her arms. Unfortunately, or fortunately, I had not undone the buttons at the cuffs and the sleeves wouldn’t slide past her wrists. However this had the effect of turning her shirt into a pair of handcuffs. I twisted the blouse to shorten it and her hands moved behind her back, trapped. I now had unrestricted access to her body. I leaned her back against the wall. I pushed her bra up over her tits. She had nice firm little tits, probably a 34b. My mouth went to her tits; I alternated between her boobs, kissing, licking, sucking and gently biting her nipples, all the while holding her blouse tight behind her, keeping her hands locked behind her. The biting of her nipples always elicited a moan from her. My fingers were back in her pussy, working their way in an out. I now had three fingers in her. She pushed her pussy back into my hand. Her eyes were closed, she was breathing hard. Her panties pushed to the side exposing her neatly trimmed pussy hair.

Placing both hands on her shoulders, I pushed her to her knees. She looked up at me and knew what I wanted, what I expected. Her lips were exquisite, that pink lipstick looked so hot. She licked the tip of my cock and then ran her tongue up and down the base. She opened her mouth but couldn’t use her hands because of the blouse. I pushed my cock into her mouth and she closed her lips around it and started sucking. I told her to look at me. She opened her eyes and looked up again, sucking as she looked into my eyes. She had a look that alternated between lust and regret. I reached down and put my hands on either side of her head and slid my fingers into her hair and started to fuck her mouth. I pushed my cock deep down her throat, in and out. She gagged some but continued to look at me; it seemed that her eyes were tearing up a little. I felt myself starting to cum but didn’t want to just yet. So I pulled out of her mouth and grabbed her under the arms and lifted her up and moved her to the bed. I laid her on her back, her hips on the edge of the bed, her arms and hands under her, eyes closed. I slid her panties down to ankles and then off and tossed them to the side.

I placed my head between her legs and started to lick her pussy, teasing the outside of her lips. She had been quiet for a while but was now whimpering. Her breath got deep again and I heard an occasional moan. I continued to tease her pussy with my tongue. I could feel her pelvic bone pushing hard into my lip. I alternated between my tongue playing with her pussy and sucking on her clit. I reached up and slid a couple of fingers into her pussy, fucking her gently with them. I heard another moan. I put a third finger into her and slid my fingers in and out slowly at first. She gasped rather loudly. Now I wanted to see how far she would let me go. I added a fourth finder and started to fuck her pussy with my hand. She was really getting into it. I sucked on her clit and fucked her pussy with my hand. I tried to get my thumb in as well; I was going to see if she would let me fist her. It was proving almost impossible to get any more of my hand into her, so I stopped trying.

I moved up onto the bed and she turned toward me with a questioning look güvenilir bahis şirketleri that begged what are you going to do, but at the same time she knew what was going to happen.

“Please use a rubber,” she pleaded softly.

I dragged her up to the middle of the bed, her blouse still behind her on her wrists, locking her hands. Her bra pushed up, I reached under her and unsnapped it, freeing her boobs, the bra was still held on by her bra straps, naked from the waist down except for her heels. The heels had gotten hotter looking as the night wore on.

I stripped off my shirt and shoes and completely removed my pants and boxers completely.

I spun her 90 degrees so her head was hanging off the edge of the bed. Standing next to the bed in front of her, I presented her with my hard cock. She opened her mouth and I slid my cock into her sweet mouth. That lipstick was driving me wild. It looked so hot and innocent at the same time. She began to suck; I told her she was a very good cock sucker. This must have hit home, since she began to suck for all she was worth. I shoved my cock deep down her throat, making her gag again. I continued to fuck her mouth and throat for several minutes. I would push as deep as I could down her throat, all the way to my balls. I’m not sure if she was enjoying this as much as I was; but I didn’t care.

Pulling my cock from her mouth and throat, I spun her back on the bed. Grabbing a condom from my pants on the floor, I opened the packet and slid it on. I jumped on the bed in front of her, grabbed her knees and pushed her legs apart. At this point the alcohol really kicked in and she was very drunk and just going with it. I slid between her legs. I moved my cock to the entrance of her pussy. I rubbed the head of my dick up and down her pussy lips. She looked at me with half closed eyes. I asked her, “you want me to fuck you, don’t you?”

Silently she mouthed, “Yessss.”

I demanded she say it louder.

“Yessss!” she replied.

Knowing I was about to fuck her, she parted her legs even more. I slowly slid my cock into her. Now I am lucky guy, not gifted with a 10 inch dick the width of a coke can, but a good 7 1/2 inches that she would not have been able to wrap her fingers completely around even if she had the use of her hands at this moment.

She let out another moan and said “fuck yeah”. I continued to push my cock into her. Slowly at first, I then quickened the pace.

“Yeah, fuck me, fuck my pussy!”

I asked if she liked getting fucked.

“Fuck yeah!!”

I picked up the pace. Fucking her a bit harder I asked, “do you like my thick cock?”


“Better than your boyfriends?”

A pause…

“Uh huh…”

“Is that a yes?”

A somewhat silent, “yessss.”

I was fucking her hard now, watching my cock plunge in and out of her pussy, stretching her wide. I slid my arms under her legs and moved her ankles onto my shoulders, thrusting in deep. She cried out, “oooohhhh easy killer!”

So I fucked her even harder.

“Oh fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!”

I continued to pound her even harder.

“You like cock, not just my cock but all cock, don’t you?”

No answer.

I pushed as hard and deep as I could.

“Don’t you love cock?”

“Yes, I love cock. All cock, as much cock as I can get!”

“Are you a cock slut?”

“Oh yeah, I’m a cock loving slut.”

We continue to fuck for a few more minutes then I pulled out and flipped her over and raised her ass up so she was on her knees and her face and shoulders were buried on the bed.

I took the rubber off and tossed it on the ground. I rubbed my cock up and down her pussy wetting it with her ample juices. Grabbing her hips I pushed my cock into her pussy. Her pussy felt so hot. The alcohol had really taken affect and she just lay there, letting me fuck her, moaning constantly but not saying much. I fucked her hard for several minutes, calling her slut, a cock loving slut. Telling her I was going out after I finished with her and get some more cocks to fuck her. I would set up a line of cocks for her.

She shouted, “Yeah, lots of cocks!”

I came hard in her and filled her pussy with my cum.

I rolled off the bed and looked down on her. She was close to being passed out but not quite laying there on her back. She was conscious and awake but close to being out of it. I reached over and undid the buttons on her sleeves, taking her blouse completely off. Next I took her bra off. Completely nude now except for her heels, which somehow she managed to keep on, I then flipped her over, shoved some pillows under her hips raising her ass in the air.

After a few minutes break, I sat back on the bed. Looking at her sweet face, knowing I had just used her body for my pleasure. I had turned this girl into my cock slut, even though she had a boyfriend. Staring at her ass and pussy, I thought about how sweet and naïve she had been earlier in the evening. Letting me buy her drinks and seduce her and now here she is with my cum starting to trickle from her well fucked pussy.

I started to finger her well lubricated pussy again. Then I started playing with her asshole, sliding my finger in. I began to finger fuck her ass. Looking at her ass with my finger sliding in and out, I got hard again.

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