19 Nisan 2021

Triple Sexcitation

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I had turned 19 the day when I had an experience which changed my life forever. I’m Ria: curly red hair, green eyes, 38D breasts, with dark aureoles and long nipples which sent my boyfriend in a frenzy; a nipped-in waist, and an ass which jutted out at the back just enough to have every eye riveted on it. I loved sex with Chas, but even so, I wasn’t promiscuous or adventurous by a long shot. Nor was Chas. I guess there was something in me waiting to be discovered and nurtured but Chas didn’t know what or how.

My best friend Mary and I had grown up together, all through school. She’s about 4″ taller than me, slim, with long blonde hair and blue eyes. We are physically poles apart. But the one item of clothing we could always share was a bra — she had jugs just as big as mine, but somehow, they looked bigger on her. Mary and I knew everything there was to know about each other, though there wasn’t much to know about me. She was a wild one, and somewhere deep inside I envied her uninhibited spirit. I wanted to do all the things she did, but always got cold feet at the last instant.

My birthday fell on a Sunday that year. And as luck would have it, Chas was out of town for his soccer game and so I decided to spend the day with Mary. We went for a pizza and then shopping. By 3 pm, we were maxed out and returned to flop out in Mary’s room. But I was restless — I had this notion that today would be special, and said as much to Mary.

“Ria, for starters, get rid of your bra. Something will surely happen then,” she giggled.

I coolly removed my white Tee, unhooked my bra, flung it away, and donned the Tee again. Mary gaped at me in surprise.

“Girl, you’re really hot today! Now let’s see if you can step out like that.”

“You’re on, sweets. Today, I ain’t backing away, and that’s a promise.”

We giggled a bit and then pounced on a stack of mags, dissecting fashion and stuff. Suddenly we heard the strains of some glorious 70’s Rock.

“Ah! Jim’s back and probably has nothing to do,” Mary said.

“Who’s he?”

“My new neighbour. He’s a dish, about 36 — happily married, and expecting a baby any day now. So it’s hands off.”

“When did that ever stop you?” I sniggered.

“Naah, he’s a straight sort. I like both of them,” she said. “I know! why don’t we hang loose with him?! And you promised — you can’t wear your bra, nyah, nyah, nyah…”

I was stuck. My T-shirt was stretched tight over my big boobs, and combined with my white lycra mini and wild red hair, made me look like a whore. Mary, on canlı bahis the other hand, looked demure in a floral halter-necked summer dress, though I knew from her jiggle that she wasn’t wearing a bra either. Oh well, I thought, what the hell…

We rang the bell and when Jim opened the door, I was taken aback: What a babe-magnet! He was surprised to see us but invited us in anyway. We settled in his den. He was having beer and opened a bottle of wine for us.

“My wife’s gone to her mother’s and won’t be back till Tuesday. So I’m glad you girls came to keep me company”.

Jim had a great sense of humour and plied us with wine, and soon we were chatting away like old friends. An hour passed in no time at all! However, I soon realised that whenever Jim spoke to me, his gaze was riveted on my tits. It thrilled me so much that my nipples hardened and stuck out, which got him to talk to me even more. Finally, I got up and said, “Mary, I think I should be leaving now.” Mary, who had no clue what was going on, also rose to leave.

But Jim said, “Nooo! Don’t go so soon.” And he stood up, holding us by his arms around our waist. “Stay… Let’s play some game if you’re bored.”

And I felt his hand slowwwly slide up my waist to the side of my breast. And there, while he was facing and talking to Mary, his fingers began making lazy circles, inching forward and upward, nipping at my flesh and pleasuring my boobies. I stood transfixed, not knowing how to react. Slowly, his fingers moved forward and drew circles around my nipple. Suddenly he pinched my nipple hard between his forefinger and thumb and a shock traveled down right to my pussy, wetting it. I knew I wanted more…

“Girls, girls, girls…” he said and drew us close to him, his left hand cupping my left breast, squeezing it hard… I turned to him and saw that his right hand was around Mary, squeezing her swollen breast. Her eyes had that sex-glazed look and her breast was straining at his hand… I felt the wetness seep out into my thongs.

“Come onnn… give lonely Jim a kiss,” he said and drew us closer to him, our boobs squashed against his hard chest as his hands slid down and gripped my ass — and hers. He kissed me lightly on my lips, then kissed her. Then he French-kissed me, his tongue probing my mouth while his hand pulled up my mini and squeezed my bare buns. I could see that Mary was rubbing her pussy against his thigh, her skirt bunched around her waist and his hand inside her lace panties on her ass.

“Kiss me, both of you,” Jim said as he drew our mouths bahis siteleri to his, crushing our lips against his nibbling and licking mouth. I felt the flick of Mary’s tongue against my lip and my tongue graze her teeth… and suddenly I was locked in a kiss with Mary while Jim was licking around our lips. Her sweet breath and soft lips felt as sexy to me as Jim’s male intrusion. I realised, I wanted to kiss her and lick her and feel her too… But Jim had other plans. He broke us apart, “Would you girls strip for me? I want to feast my eyes on those boobs.”

But as I began to pull up my Tee, Jim held my hand and said, “Baby-doll, wouldn’t it be better if Mary did that for you?” Mary lifted my shirt, her hands brushing over my boobs as her eyes held mine. At her touch, I felt electricity pass through me. I put my hands around her neck, drawing her closer while I untied her halter string. The front fell off her torso and I feasted my eyes on her beautiful boobies, standing erect and aroused. I leaned into her, crushing my hard nipples against hers. She let out a moan and hugged me tight. We clutched each other, kissing and licking, our pussies grinding into each other. I saw that Jim was standing a little away, his hand furiously rubbing the front of his trousers.

I leaned down and took Mary’s nipple in my mouth as I tugged at her dress with my hands, pulling down her panties as well. She moaned as her hands went under my pendant breasts, squeezing and jiggling them. Suddenly, I felt Jim’s hands on my bare ass as he pulled down the mini and my thongs. His hands gripped my buns, separating them, and I felt his moist tongue flick at my bung hole. I nearly came from the shock. Chas had never done this to me…

Jim stood up and led us to the sofa. He removed his trousers and his cock stood erect, glistening, mesmerizing. He sat on the sofa and pulled us down to him, seating us on each lap. Mary and I faced each other, our nipples nearly touching, and Jim’s cock twitching against the sides of our thighs. Mary and I rubbed our tits together while we locked our lips in a kiss. Jim’s hand roamed over my back, probing the top of my crack and then circling forward towards my pussy. Mary moaned as his other hand got to her pleasure triangle and reached for her clittie. We ground against his hand, and Jim began sucking our breasts, burying his face between them, nipping them, biting them, even as he manipulated our clits with his fingers. We came violently, our juices spilling out on Jim’s thighs. He hugged us close and said, “Now your turn to please bahis şirketleri Daddy,” and gently prodded us downward …

And there it was, his monster cock, erect like a tower. It surely need two tongues! He held his cock in his hand and whipped it lightly on my mouth, my eyes, my face… I lunged to take it in just as Mary did. We licked his balls and his shaft from the base to the tip. Unable to hold back, I started to suck it. Jim held Mary’s head and guided her to his balls. We licked and sucked till a sigh escaped from him, and he said, “I want to cum watching you eat pussy.”

Mary and I stretched out on the floor in a 69, with me on top and my pussy hovering over her face while I took tentative licks at her golden triangle. The aroma was so heady, and the sensation of her delicate flicks on my clit were so maddening that I forgot Jim’s presence and dove into her cunt, my tongue exploring her labia and cunt hole. I was floating away with the twin sensations when a hard rod jabbed into my cunt in one sharp and rough motion. Jim’s cock tore through me and began ramming my poor pussy. I buried my face in Mary’s cunt hard — and that set off her orgasm, her pelvis bucking and falling in sharp, quick pushes. I felt her tongue trace its way from my clit to my hole and beyond, till it slid to the spot where Jim’s cock entered me. She licked furiously and began manipulating my clit with her hand. I couldn’t help it — I fell down flat from the orgasm.

Jim quickly removed his cock from my cunt and impaled Mary with it. He pushed his finger into my cunt as I hunched over Mary. In and out, in and out, he finger-fucked me while his cock rammed into Mary’s cunt. Mary lunged up to my tits and took my nipple in her mouth and began sucking. Her hands reached down to my pussy and her fingers flicked my clittie from side to side. There was nothing but sex, in and around and on me. Suddenly Mary froze and then went into bursts of orgasms, one after another. Jim immediately withdrew his cock from her cunny and roughly rammed it into mine in one hard motion, all the way in. The shock tipped me over and I began to shake. Seeing his two fucks in orgasm, Jim could hold back no longer: He took out his cock from my slit and sprayed bursts of jism all over our pussies. I think that’s when I fainted. For the next thing I remember is Mary’s tongue licking Jim’s cum from my pussy…

But I had had enough — for that day. However, the whole week that Jim’s wife was away, the 3 of us spent every afternoon and night together, licking, sucking and fucking away for hours at a time. It changed me forever: I dropped Chas and took on a string of lovers, male and fem. I stopped wearing a bra. And I always sit with my legs slightly apart, inviting others to see what I want them to take…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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